Saturday, 4 February 2017

Water of Life

Drinking too much water is said to be harmful says this article
to which I commented in passing:

The term 'water' is used for a variety of conditions. Look up structured or EZ water, find out about water 'memory' as well as its often cumulatively toxic additions as a result of flouride, chlorine etc - but also pharmaceuticals leaching through sewage treatments.
Water is life - but what have we done - and are still doing to life?

Hydration is a vital part of our being - but just putting 'water' in does not give us vitality or being.
Feeling our emotional and sensory body, watching our thought, as an aligned awareness of balanced response to the inner and the outer, as one, is the natural state of aligning in unified purpose.

The fragmentation of 'problem-defined self, separates out and loses the awareness of the wholeness - which is a unifying field. Reducing the extension of Meaning to a jumble of shifting and conflicting 'meanings' is a condition of 'darkness' or lack of conscious awareness in which all sorts of fears take on disproportionate effect - and result in wishful or disconnected responses such as big pharma or overdosing a 'health' advice. However, any comparison on deaths by water - even including drowning - will be minute relative to 'official' and even mandated 'health-care' procedures.

Social control operates through our fears - and fear of disease is one of the prime points of leverage. But open and clear purpose, freely held and shared, aligns societies in a politics of education and consent - with freedom in which to live and share a sense of worth. The aligning of our media with 'official' reality of purported 'scientific' consensus, operates a kind of mesmerism. Journalism was a sceptical work of uncovering and checking the veracity of news. But when the supply can be choked off, behaviour can be controlled. So too with the privatisation and control of water. If you need it, a fear-agenda wants to control it - perhaps under the idea of protecting it. Fear-agenda is a subscription service.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Problem based illusions

Mainstream medical journalism is an illusion
by Jon Rappoport   

My comment into the above linked page is not focussing in the fraud, corruption and misery around the globalist monopolised 'medical' establishment - but seeing that also as a symptom of a deeper misalignment.

The false foundations built upon as if solid, are not just their problem, they are part of a problem-based identity that perhaps everyone shares in to some extent.
The wish that something be true coupled with intense emotional force, is mis-creative - that is it 'creates' effects that are a reversal of the truth. So no wonder "everything is backwards. everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". ~ Michael Ellner.
The attempt to fix the problem by force or by guile IS the problem in disguise - but while you WISH for the power to regain or be restored to power for YOU and take it from those who you believe are taking it from YOU - or fighting for the diminishing resource. You are accepting disconnection from Life and loss or lack of support as IF it is being done TO you.

"But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
~ (Lewis Carrol - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

Where EXACTLY is "here" - is it a world done to you within which to be the 'Doer' or is is a specific focus in consciousness through mutually reinforced definitions that limit, filter and distort the direct feeling and knowing of Existence? Habit  - or autonomous routine - is set by persistent and repetitive choices. But we are not a creature of habit but a creator of choice in which habits can serve a useful purpose.

If one looks on the horror of the symptoms as causes - they sprout more symptoms - because that is the meaning assigned them. Fear of symptoms is fear denied, externalized and projected away as if to get rid of it and wall it out in belief one's life depends on it! ALL else must be sacrificed to meet the emergency! Health is sought as absence and control of symptoms called 'disease' from a defended or threat-driven sense of self.

Any movement toward health as a balance within wholeness of being meets this 'denial' as an evil - because it is predicated on the definition of evil as the fear that must be hidden, cast out and stamped out. No matter how 'effective' the war - the fear never really left the mind that thinks it. Fear and division within rise up. A sense of control breaks down - ramps up the sacrifice to 'defence' of a fear grown insatiable and uncontrollable because the true creator of the nightmare sacrifices their energy and attention as identify in character.

The entanglement arises from the belief one must struggle to escape. Struggle is the conflicted blindness that set up the 'trap' and makes it real in belief. Giving up struggle seems like giving up life, power and all the investments in struggle by which to become an 'Independent Authority' - unknowingly usurping the true Authorship of your Source. And so releasing the coercive sense of fight is not fatalistic or passive or surrender - but an active desire of receptivity that yields to the true movement of your being - and it FEELS the recognition of You! - Unmistakeably and uniquely You!

Your mind may think it has its power back to run off and fight another round, make a better wall, show others your inspiration. But from the true vibration of the recognition of You - which resonates all of you as an honesty of being - is a perspective to watch the mind. Because when you can see insanity in act - you are no longer insane. You are the living Choice and don't need to get power against or at expense of. You don't need to get from anyone else and now you are not in the range to be Gotten from.

You're waiting for how this solves the problem of life in the world?
The point of recognition, connection, willing choice, that is characterized by enlivening, joy, inspiration a true sense of happy purpose and peace of your own being - is your response-ability and if the mind 'hijacks' your awareness it is not a guilt or blame call - but a call to look at the active definitions and beliefs, so as to refresh or align in freedom of being.

This is the uncovering of the 'more of who You are and what Everything is' as a journey of your own acceptance and understanding. Creativity is not problem solving - but it is the uncovering of perspective in which everything is seen in new light and the problems either do not exist there or are resolved to a practical and relational responsibility - step by step.

You cant say "the problem is not real" - at the level of the belief and experience of the problem - so that reality-belief has to be honoured because You made it - but has to be NOT joined with at the creative level. Self honesty cant be by-passed with good intentions forcibly imposed as if to make you good and deserving of health - or any other saving grace. You are already worthy - but out of the feeling of the experience of the being of You it doesn't feel Good - and blame and fear persist the dissonance as if opening a new kind of power.

So in a sense you can forcibly short-circuit native awareness of being in a forced intention as a sense of self separation - and grow a consciousness in the dark - so to speak - whose self-consciousness inhibits and fragments and limits to 'control'.... until the tide turns - and the structural 'integrity' of the illusion, disintegrates, dissolves, fades to what seems a 'rising' awareness within which to re-align, rebalance and re- dedicate as the re-opening of channels of communication within being that are you.

What is implicit here is that ideas don't do it - living from who you are uncovered to be is in a sense allowing to be done through - like a dancer, a singer, and artist. You don't want to be independent at odds and isolated from Life - and your uniqueness is NOT threatened by that of others - and in acceptance of yourself - you get past the personality mask - and so you can appreciate people and the world from an undemanding sense of discovery - as you are moved.

#2 (In response to Vaclov's cryptic rejoinder)

“from the geoethical point of view
a new working contact
of mentors in medical hypnosis
with specialists involved in research
of effects of the Sun storms
should be recommended.”

Hi Vaclav Nemec
Do You understand what you are saying?
Or is it but your way to signify what you mean
in coded message?
Within a concept-captured mind
what I write must be meaningless.
It doesn’t refer back to the same presumption of self and world.
The bridegroom comes when ye thinketh not
or to put this in reverse:
Thinking blocks communication
as a successful illusion of communication.
My words are chosen to sketch reflections
of pre-verbal meanings,
within life.
Felt meaning
Of a movement of relationship.
They are not encrypted,
but cant be read in encrypted minds,
of the successful evasion of relationship,
investment of identity
in derivatives of derivatives
that conceptualize
an absence of Meaning
within the illusion
of stealing the power
to determine it.
All by yourself.

To Vaclov's response: Here

I wrote:

Thankyou for further engaging. Some reference to the ‘electro-magnetic’ nature of the manifest Universe is the closest I got when tuning to what you may have meant.
Galactic and micro cellular influence don’t weigh in much in the arena of conflicting narrative identities. The informational nature of energy exchange is hardly recognized. Perhaps you sense our Sun is not just a radiant light bulb.
Billiard ball physics reflects billiard ball mind – of the force upon bodies as the universe of reactive result. This assertion of separate actions and reactions suits the mind of the actor in role of hero and indeed the allopathic approach was called the heroic interventionist approach when empiric medicine was what was found or believed to help the body heal itself.
The idea of malign influence from without is the idea of applying a like poison or a knife or the withdrawal of life function to the ‘evil’ symptoms – as a kind of witchhunt where poisoning the patient to eliminate the disease is simply collateral damage, and has grown to become a kind of inquisition where ‘medical’ sentence can be laid as a charge against the life of the being where life itself is redefined as a syndrome to medicalize and toxify, and the life itself sacrificed to illusions of protection that themselves toxify and thus rob us of life.
Abundance of Life energy flow is the condition in which disease does not develop – so disease begins with the idea of denial and deprivation as a result of an outcome of self-conflict in which guilt and fear lock a dissociated personality complex in a struggle to regain or maintain an assertion of wholeness. The very assertion re-states the sense of lack. The past repeats itself.
Life energy thus becomes a source of fear and threat to the survival of a sense of self-lack in struggle – excepting it can be ‘harnessed’ to a pre-set agenda of power and protection.
The Sun is a radiant source of life and health – but notice the demonisation of all that is healthful in the mind of reversal. Relationship is a balanced communication – not a resource to control and plunder. Our relationship with the Sun is literal and symbolic. Receiving energy is not ‘getting’ but transformational exchange – that is to say it moves through you to create within a larger dance of relationship.

and to John's comment I added:

Germ theory remains germ theory – but a global empire has grown from its belief.
Pasteur lied. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a story that can be used to dupe the unwary.
I haven’t read that particular book but the significance of the microbiome is paradigm shifting.

A further comment into the theme...

I read that the energy cartels (monopoly control of market) - with its enormous financial resources subverted the primary educational establishments with 'philanthropic' gifts and grants with ample research and study grants and the career opportunities.
Corporate capture of the law brought this about - lawyers who work to usurp the law to serve private agenda. The same with Banking. All arenas of influence are effectively captured.
The 'medical' cartel may be larger and more influential and destructive than the military industrial complex - but are they not part of the consolidation of wealth and power in the very very few?

My primary sense of value is in needs met.
Whatever system - if needs are not met - miser-y.
I don't mean abstracted schemata of classified 'needs' - but the core needs through which the worth of living appreciates by appreciation. Need is not neediness - for the former is a point of fulfilment and the latter a manipulative leverage.

'Capitalism' is an ism. I just wrote here about isms:

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Holding to an honest account

Comments into themes arising within:
Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.”


Yes – what is needed is an honest accounting. False account distorts the record and masks or projects the distortion as threat – and regulates against the true to protect investment in false – and then outsources the pain.

While ‘power and protection’ to evade and outsource (dump) blame and pain are given priority, all else is deferred, kicked to long grass, kept from conscious awareness or falsely associated so as to not connect true cause and effect or logical coherency.
Blame always hides (and dumps) to evade pain. Honest responsibility is a CHANGED ACT and not an account in the ‘economy of the distribution of blame’.

There is a basis on which to accept pain as a truly positive outcome – and that is as the releasing of pain-evasion to the desire for honesty of being and the peace of no longer struggling to live a lie. In this willingness pain is undone rather than suppressed masked or manipulated. Symptoms remain feedback we can use like a breadcrumb trail. Such as “what would I have to believe true of me to generate this particular experience?”.

I watched RK Jr on episode3 of ‘Vaccines revealed’ recently – and salute his willingness to sanely address and articulate the corrupted and destructive nature of the system in place. Building on false foundations works to attack and deny the true. If you have to FORCE the Good on people be sure it is attempt to false the Good of yourself. Vigilance from true foundation is not already wrong-footed. True-founded is not assertion upon others but a willingness to meet in honesty of being – for no other meeting is real or worthy of sharing, reinforcing and trading as real. Look to the same pattern of denial, projection and dumping in our own trained or conditioned set of mind.

Real change is from the ground up – because the ground of our being is where true communication arises – and is then reflected in our relationships – and in a capacity of leadership that CAN step forth because there IS an energetic support for it.
The liability of Trump is the energetic of anger and hate. If the breaking of the mind-set of denials masking the true, opens to the willingness for truly practical outcomes – then the ‘power’ of vengeance’ is released from its cycle of propagation. But such illusion of power is extremely seductive to triggered rage – as a sense of righteousness of a total dump.
The acceptance of hate as true foundation is the ‘en-trance’ to the matrix. It’s relinquishment is thus the ‘exit’ of captive identity and the opening of creative freedom to explore and experience and expand the structures within a new purpose – that false accounting perverted – but only in expression – and not truly at Cause.


... my thought goes then to embodying the better way and withdrawing support for what doesn't work and cannot work - in terms of true fulfilment.

Systems run on inputs of energy and indeed of life energy, But life is not really a system nor can be substituted for by a system. Organic relationships unfold out of life. But the interposing and imposing of systems of thought onto life, denies and sacrifices our wholeness of being - that we feel and know as relational communication and exchange, and does so in exchange for a rule-bound mode of control over a fragmented and substituted form of life, which usurps our true will and is accepted and given allegiance as our power and protection.
Mind-capture through fragmentation, polarisation and conflicted self. A bot through which someone else's ideas run as your mind - in place of you and using your life.

The cause of the symptoms of error is reflected in in all its symptoms but hidden by their framing or presentation. While the framing is invisible, we live the 'reality' it dictates and presume the identity it confers.
Private agenda ignores, discards and overrides relational being - excepting as it enters the balance sheet. If we fit ourselves to a mask of deceit we unfit ourselves of our humanity, and mask our choice by layers of justifications, and blame - so as to define the error as reality - or the human condition - which makes truth threatening and dangerous and a call for defence against it - to disrupt and divert attention so as to present a self-justified assertion rather than be exposed 'unfit'.
The people of the lie associate 'salvation' with separation, conflict and private gratification. For the wish that inputs life energy to a loveless system is active and defended against change.
And as the lie is seen as power and protection at the very foundations of our 'reality' or self - it is not only 'too big to fail!' - but necessary to continue to sacrifice to - to sacrifice our children, our people, our minds and our lives to. For a sense of power and protection, within the cage.

Honest account is the basis for honesty of being - in act, word and witness. "Let the dead bury the dead", makes sense to me. Walk out from the cage of a false mind - without persisting in it. Instead of 'rules' you now have to truly listen, feel and discern what is truly relevant instead of sleepwalking within the jamming signal.


There are innumerable organic and biodegradable or recyclable ways to package goods but while pollution is paid by others pain and money – these not only wont be developed - they’ll be suppressed.

If we import crap – we are accepting crap. Regulations of corporate contrivance open the door to crapping everyone while sucking up the energy of power and privilege.
But regulations on behalf of wholeness can refuse crap. If globalism operated for a true wholeness of being instead of corporate-led takeover – then life on Earth can be facilitated rather than captured and pharmed under mind-control. (The corporates are only a tool of global domination – once they’ve broken the capacity to oppose or resist or challenge – they’ll be fragmented and controlled by the same power they took as their own).
True needs are relational communications allowed to happen and coming to fruit. The power-seeker gets between the need and the need met to own and control the channel of supply – and once leveraging influence to generate false needs to supply and set up dependencies.

It is the same old deceiver it ever was.

I hope Kennedy starts with the CDC and its drive for mandatory vaccines. Fake science is a kingpin in the whole system. Captured regulation is the absence of true governance.
It always starts with a Trojan Horse – some idol imported or injected into our mind that carries a deadly payload. Perhaps we need concrete un-hideable examples of how we are deceived and the cost it exacts – and not a token sacrificial ‘damage control’ operation to seem to change when nothing really does.


A future that may already be here in proto is that of biomass. So your pig meat cells multiply as biomass cultured in conditions of no mobility, relationship or indeed “life as we know it, Jim”. And that loss of true consciousness is what I see as the negative harvest of those whose static identity seeks private gratification uninterrupted by complex and upsetting emotional confusions.
I observe that as we do unto others so is it done to ourselves. The notion that humans are predated upon, experimented on and pharmed for sacrifice or sucking out of their life energy is not a fantasy plot for a novel or movie.
A managed existence is a mere existence or a hollow ritual enactment of a life. If you want better plants – and pigs – nurture the true health of the soil – which – like our gut biotica – is a highly complex symbiosis of interrelationship at the micro-level. I hold this a true metaphor for society. A top down corporate canopy that sucks all the life up and blocks out growth for what would become a biodiverse and rich economy – is asking for a breakdown because it is killing its own support network.
As it stands seed beds of creativity are allowed only to be marketized and weaponized or squelched. Control and inventiveness yes – but creativity is associated with freedom to be – that monocultural state religion is predicated on denying and substituting in place of.


Why wouldn't honest accounting 'work'? And in the same honesty brought to science - free it from it's 'ape-like' status of 'corporate capture' to explore and discover and share in the true 'nature' of the miraculous?
Atlantis is being re-enacted in the current timing. When technology is harnessed to serve hubris - downfall is self-invoked.
Capitalism is a degraded term - like most every other term! -  but investing in what profits you is sound when it extends and meets in a sense of true worth. The marketplace is not inherently corrupt, exchange and provision of goods and services is not inherently corrupt. Needs truly met are fulfilment recognised.
Free market can mean freedom to go about your business without being denied and without denying the same right to others. But to corporates mimicking persons it means free to plunder under the aegis of corporately contrived or subverted law.

Laws regulate our lives in ways that seek to control us - rather than hold the balance points of our needs and differences. The desire to grow community from the ground up in solidarity of worth and purpose rises within a fear-defined sense of self and world - with all the control and suppression around issues of status and power and grievance and blame.

So from my perspective the fear-defined sense of self is the false framing regardless whether its agency is external or internal. Nothing built on false foundation can stand - and becomes subverted identity within the matrix of mind-capture.
The fact that mind can be used to generate such a divisive and destructive outcome is testimony to its power - but that power is 'upstream' to the mind that thinks it thinks in a body.

Zero point is the all pervading 'field' from and within which all that is - is as it is embodying to be. The power of this is unlimited - but the balancing of power with receptivity is the consciousness capacity to live it. Regardless the positives of opening greater power to heal and create - the negatives of destructive ignorance and arrogance CANNOT be allowed beyond their straitjacket without insane consequence - and so some insanity feeds back to awaken response-ability. But until the receptivity awakens - the illusion of power interprets only threat and refuses to recognize consequence as valid feedback. "War on symptoms" is the disease.

So I don't care what works but that it works for an opening to true communication and relationship in place of the fakery of layers of masking that all testify to the fear of openly being. Not to attack, blame or destroy the mask - but nor to give it power to usurp our true being.

Aligning in what truly moves you is not anything-ism - and if you value this - you accord the same to others - in their own way. You see the word 'truly' is redundant - but that the mind short-circuits the actual checking in to feel and know. So 'truly' is a note of vigilance against self-deceit - however triggered.

Hijacking the Movement

I wrote this before listening to
John Pilger: The Hijacking of Feminism

If a movement of wholeness of being addresses imbalance, denial and fakery, it meets the mind of perpetuating imbalance as the act of denial in allegiance to a fake sense of self.
I'm talking both within the individual and as a Family.

When concepts are taken out of context and woven into identity - they marketize or weaponize 'identity'.
True relationships are not embodiments of coercive denial and deceit but are a living (context of) willingness in which denial coercion and deceit can be brought to awareness and resolved within an honesty and honouring of communication - which is not limited or defined conceptually or emotionally - being a relational awareness in which the rigidity of mind and its emotional denial can be recognised and truly felt from a shifted perspective rather than acted out in set of an identity seeking reinforcement or validation.

The play of narrative identities and emotional reactivity - including the suppression of emotional expression - is the fixation in investments of power and protection against any resolution in which loss of power is perceived. The mutually exclusive polarisation is the symptom of unwillingness to heal or truly listen, receive or recognize another - save what they can be used for private gratification, masked in terms that deflect the assignment of hate or lovelessness to the other.

The seduction of the mind is believing it in place of a truly receptive presence, The form the seduction takes will indicate where a sense of lack is filled. A mind can therefore be a deceiver - in the wish to be other than as we fear we are or have become. An escape and evasion of believed self-lack in external seeking, founded on  a sense of survival urge  over and against a threat of being denied and  deprived by experience of dissonance that is intolerable and so is pushed down, frozen out, denied - because it cannot articulate itself except as a redefinition of self and world in terms of fear and division - guilt and separation.

It isn't just our economy that runs on war and fear of war - it is our personality construct and social identities that is predicated on a breakdown of communication that imprinted itself pre-verbally and upon which an ego or self image is grown and adapted to the human world - which is a construct upon the organism of a psycho-emotional mapping or conditioning of inner realities externalised and embodied as shared experience - BUT the sharing in the belief and right to power of deceit, denial and coercion, is the 'private mind' of a sense of separation from Life, operating a sense of isolation that seeks fulfilment externally in substitutions that join in order to separate, or seek in order to not find, because a truly shared experience is love - and love is undefended and therefore open to feel not only fulfilment of joy in being - but the uprising of dissonance of denied self that seeks reintegration - because we never escape our self so much as split or dissociate within consciousness - and so the time and space of evading and delaying the inevitable has an undercurrent of fear. BUT any truly shared or synchronous experience witnesses to a quality of being free of struggle and deceit - if only for an instant, and this re-cognition and remembrance grows the capacity to re-evaluate the 'conditioned' self, and to release energy from futility of struggle to more consciously aligned purpose.

Willingness is forgotten in 'survival mode' in which a set of actions and reactions override a felt consciousness with the feeling one MUST fight, shield or escape - and all resources are directed there - and all other needs are subordinated. The clinging to a mind of driven identity is locking oneself in fight or flight stress, losing all perspective and succumbing to fear and hate as if it were power.

The movement of being in which you can recognize yourself and move as and thus be, identified in life - is the movement that a psycho-emotional defence operates to deny, subvert and usurp - or 'hijack' to pass off as its own conflicted justification for power over life - which is substituted for and usurped by narrative identities of a managed existence.  There is a choice but to recognize we have choice we have to align in it by choosing NOT to align with the falsely framed fear-defined path of a past made in confusion, and to pause and listen and feel and relate with what is here - anew.

After watching the the video (17m) - and into comments:

Irony is when sarcasm establishes a meta language of coded messaging for the 'in group' that spins off its own identity and hijacks the movement is originally arose to support.
I don't say this is consciously intended - but sarcasm has been called the lowest form of wit with some reason.
The mask of humour can deliver a payload of hate. This may be completely different in context and so as said already - without full context it can backfire.

I appreciate that for me at least this moment of noticing serves to illuminate ways that we lose the movement by taking the role of its protector. Ultimately, hijacking is an inside job. But if we present ourselves in role we can then be fed and led or undermined and bled - in such identification.

The movement - as I use it - is a living rising and supporting inspiration. Once it institutionalizes it is already hijacked - because as John Pilger points out, any insult or threat to the institution (and its figureheads) is defended against without the introspection by which to recognize the nature of 'institutional' or ideological ego.

This is part of the corruption of power. Giving power to idols sacrifices the true movement. The forms of sheep can be wolves in disguise - so identity in form is robotic, will-less, sleepwalking. The Feminine is the Receptive and without the Receptive - NOTHING gets in. Communication is blocked and a divorced and psychotic Projective systematically disempowers itself in pursuit of an illusion of power.

The true balance of receptive and projective is not two - but nor is it a directed narrative of 'oneness and unity'.
Directed narrative is defined reality, and has all the power we give it,  but is not a true will of magnetic desire calling and aligning a resonance of electric response. Its more a stifling or suppression of the will in fear of loss of control - that then substitutes for Power.

If we give up our will for a substitute then we may define it as 'being hijacked' - rather than recognize our need for true being and be the condition in which it can reach us as the feeling and knowing of being - a true movement of recognition. From which perspective our projection is truly aligned and grounded as a representative expression of an integrity of being rather than an elitism of self-justifying power to deny freedom of movement of being.

It's ironic that using the ideal of 'freedom of movement' as a weapon invokes the ideal of a true freedom as a cover for private agenda - which aligns vibrationally in open 'conspiracy' to manipulate and remake life in its own image. If the fruits of the lie are evils - the father of the lie is a wish hijacking true will. To align with true seems a disobedience to the false and may be treated as treachery, betrayal and heresy by those who don't know that what they think they know is falsely framed - but it is at rest within an unconflicted sense of self. There is a quality of being that is not willingly given up once opened - and a vigilance against deceit that grows in discernment by recognizing how and whereby it is deceived.

The persona becomes the hijack of true individuality - until reintegrated to serve a different function. The 'end-times' uncover us back to our beginnings - yet forwards to a true RE-evaluation of our foundation. Perhaps a sense of disobedience to relational self honesty calls stronger than the desire to embrace Life? But the greatest human virtue is that which lives THROUGH us, as recognition extended to others that then reflects to us as truly shared existence, rather than virtues which by denial and limitation and control can be assigned to a personal and private sense of power - whatever forms it takes.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Wheat and Tares

An article on wheat and gluten and health at ANH prompted my contribution:

I feel the chemical component deserves more clarification here - as the practice of 'ripening' wheat and other crops by effectively killing the crop with glyphosate to force 'ripening' as a convenience for growers. Stephanie Seneff's studies look at this.

Our living biology (body/brain) is a symbiosis of positive synergism - but we are becoming aware of negative or life-destructive synergies that are not just co-factors of cummulative effect - but pathways of biochemical action whose effect is greater than the sum of their parts - and cannot truly be understood in terms of parts. Though it can be understood at the level of Idea, as the wish-desire-intent of control or power OVER Life by the subjection or sacrifice of Life to the filtering distortion of the idea OF power OVER - which IS the idea OF separation, opposition and usurping of Life to a disconnected 'mentality' presumed to use Life and GET from it - so as to protect and reinforce self in IMAGE or concept - at expense of the Felling of Being - which is not emotional reactivity but the Informational energy of guidance, direction and support of a balanced and integrated RELATIONAL experience. Shared at its root or source - rather than sharing by a collectivisation or combination of fragments.

Even as the explorations of the scientific specialisation of conscious enquiry into the manifest world uncover information that opens new perspectives (that an old paradigm identity works to deny) - it is because the FIELD of our being is operating the inspiration and support for a genuine enquiry - even if alloyed with elements of the divide and rule control mentality.

Working WITH our true Nature is not only working with perceived external processes, but opens to a reintegrative perspective - also known as 'healing' unto Life.

But wishfulness of 'healing' powers or modalities can operate a distortion on the self-honesty required. perhaps the glyphosate 'ripening' is mirroring the destructive synergy of our times - killing or denying our manifest expression of existence - yet operating the Will to Life as the unified intent to SEED Life. IF we don't wake to a unified appreciation of being - we can propagate fear and division, with alarm as a call to war - or as collapse under an overwhelming sense of powerlessness - instead of a call to Wake to the way of - to the living Field of - inspiration for being the true of ourselves.

Health is not imported - but false idea can be. False idea can be released - allowing true to come in that is then recognized to have always been. The presumption of lack or sickness is not the full and true foundation from which to live - but it can operate the Call to directly or radically get WITH or open TO a true and living foundation - that is not COERCIVE over us - but which seems so when we set ourselves up to fail and can no longer support or maintain a distorted perspective identity. So at a deeper level - even the negative is part of a wholeness - in due place and proportion - such as a pain response to damage.

I look appreciate science that recognizes true feedback both within and 'without' and works WITHIN a true service to Life as the joy of true endeavour - rather than a fear or problem defined slave technician serving corporate (collectivised) agenda.

The survival instincts are similarly appropriate as an automatic feedback response of fight or flight - but the lockspin into a fear-based identity triggers this as a pervasive immuno-suppressive urge that then activates in a negative synergy of identifying against and in fear of Life. The idea of anti-life or evil is the fruit of such un-recognized, and protected fear operating out of denials believed as Fact.

The resources available to us for healing are unimaginably beyond the self-definitions we frame our lives within - and feel protected by - and yet we can only work from an acceptance of where we are - as a stepping stone or portal into the more of what we truly are. Fatalistic premature conclusions assert identity against change as if to protect the fragment left and focus exclusively in it as one's survival.

Thanks for the comment box - and thanks for working as an agent for integrative change at the national and international level.