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The mind is a liar

I offered this into the focus of attention in

The mind - our thinking - is a liar when it works not for who we truly are but as our masking persona. We can use less pejorative terms such as self-illusion - but a core result is the usurping, overriding or sacrificing of true relation to support a conflicted 'meaning structure' as a narrative continuity or identity over and yet of a sense of chaos or threat.

This is mirrored or embodied in our world as propaganda/PR (war by deceit) or mind-control (capture and manipuation).

The issues of psychic-emotional and therefore relational conflict are in my view prior to the defences and strategies rising from them and what we take as our personal mind is such a result - operating as if a free agent set against learned or conditioned fears when it is in a significant sense under and embodying of such fears - masked.

So in this view we are all insane or we wouldn't 'be here' in the sense of living (adapting within) the resulting experience of insane (conflicting) premises.

The 'disconnect' between felt-psychic intimacy and the mental-thought-construct - is maintained by intention and attention and driven by fear and guilt. Fear of fear and guilt of guilt operate a 'mind' of denial by which to blot or shut out an intolerable experience. In mitigation of such pain in seeking tolerance of self the mind projects , assigns, redefines and outsources the denial as external evil - as the need to 'see' in other and hate there so as to 'escape' pain here. In the same wise we seek 'salvation' in special persons, experiences and conditions. We make a self to fit the 'world' that is itself perceived and experienced through a lens of conditioned beliefs and definitions. We do this both personally, interpersonally and collectively. Our reality-experience is our 'world' but is a result of our current thinking - in terms of core beliefs and self-definition in relation to. Life is presence but life as asserted presentation operates a 'disconnect' or focus within a split mind. Reintegrating the mind or the self, to tangibly felt recognition in shared presence is not the job of 'all the king's horses and all the king's men' (coercive force or power struggle) so much as the release of recognized untruth as a result of not reacting from it as accepted 'reality' - even though (especially when) emotionally and physically reinforced as a tyrannous dictate.

True self acceptance is the embracing of where we currently are as we are - free of framing in guilt and fear or hate - yet aware of guilt, fear and hate feelings and associated thought. The recognition that 'I am insane' or better, 'insanity is active in me' is paradoxically the awakening (responsibility) of true Sanity - as the quality of awareness in which thought and feeling are felt or discerned rather than 'running' blind.

Struggling within thought is of a completely different order to awareness and discernment of thought. But while identity is operating within struggle the limitation of consciousness operates to structure its self and world.

Symptoms offer faithful feedback to a true desire to heal - but are called and framed in false witness to protect the wish to evade or escape the feared (true). So the nature of the currently active purpose is critical - as is vigilance against the deceits of falsely framed narrative definition.

If the desire is to forever shut out the hated and feared (self) - then the 'power' to effect that (by whatever means) is assigned 'saviour' to such self - and given priority such that all else is subordinated to conform and comply under its dictate for survival in terms of 'escape' from pain, shame and loss. But unconscious or unmindful acts are no less active in resulting consequence - however the 'blame' of such consequence is distributed and 'punishment' effected.

A world run by 'shadow power' is a world 'run' by those who know not what they do. The halt or crippled consciousness leads the blind (conditioned reaction).
Love is the freedom to be who you are - extending as presence to the same in others. Releasing others from the persona-roles our own mind assigns (and seeks reinforcement for) is not 'letting them off the hook' but letting ourselves off the hook - so as to be open to a fresh discernment within a sense of worth. This is hardly practical for those who have yet to accept such worth for themselves - but it remains true that what we choose to see in others we strengthen in ourself and teach by demonstration.

The idea of the 'Second Coming' is - to my appreciation - the re-awakening of and living from a true witnessing in place of false thinking by which we suffer our own deceits as if at the hand of another. The interpretation of any gathered 'data' is through a meaning structure (mind) - but the recognition of true relation is the freedom of Meaning to create and reflect within itself - instead of the ignorance and arrogance of presuming to impose 'meanings' upon that then 'rule out'. The focus in 'official' reality rules out true embrace within wholeness of being - until its 'rules' are replaced with the law of love - that is free from manipulative deceits and coercive assertions - and thus recognizably Yourself.

This 'journey of willingness' is not and will not fit into a sleepwalking mind and world. Attempts to fit the new (the unfolding now) into the old framing not only cannot work - but they can delay and work against the acceptance and peace in what does work. Why 'peace'? Because war within our self is conflicted purpose by which fear is induced to constrict and limit awareness of being. Awareness is being and is never experienced (past tense) apart from its focus within some sense of self-definition. However the fluid and creative expression of wholeness can itself be defined in image (symbol) and concept as a projection through which to experience and explore within such thinking - as a sense of self-conditioned (autonomous) limitation - associated with guilt, fear, and defence.

I write this as an offering to the self-honesty that I meet here - the thirst for true and the desire to release the illegitimacy of the false from our mind and our world. Words can at best only serve as a vehicle for communication - but commune-ication is always both within us - and extending and sharing among us. The masking code is adopting the forms of communication to serve the limiting, filtering or disruption of commune-ication.
Mindfulness or indeed release of 'thinking' to the quality of being, is not an end in itself so much as a true basis from which to live. But we can only release (or leave unused) what we are the awareness of. The attempt to get rid of, eradicate, excommunicate, or 'war on' is the way to keep what you do not want under the false belief 'you' have escaped it.
There is no healing in perpetual war or sickness management. Regardless appearances who you are remains within the embrace of being and 'waits' only acceptance and recognition.

Who I think I am and believe myself to be is a construct that in willingness for true, reconfigures to align with a shared sense of worth - in place of a madhouse. Not assigned worth as meeting conditional targets and checkboxes - but as a being of choice. In your freedom is my own. If you choose against freedom its still remains the basis for changing your mind. It is not for me to 'change your mind'. That is how I get to lose (awareness of) my own.

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