Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Skin in the game

RonPaulLibertyReport - Black Swans And Interventionistas...With Special Guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Is it that such 'mistake makers' (in terms of our value system) effectively have so much skin in the game that they own the game. IE "if you don't bail us out, protect us etc" the GAME will end (system will collapse). And so breakdown, destruction, sickness and failure are the economic and political means for consolidation of wealth and power - wedded to such influence (broad spectrum dominance) that they believe their position unassailable because it operates such a pervasive deceit. (Mind-capture). In a sense you cant beat them - but only join them (by aligning in the terms of power struggle).

Another position for the human death wish is that bringing Life on Earth to death is victory - not a mistake. We assume others see the world and goals as we do - but many do not.
So the seeming 'costs' of sickness or war are profits seen from another position - or the degradation of rivals by third party that sets rivals into conflict among themselves or with others.

The assumption that answers are being sought,  problems are being resolved and progress being made is all failing to take account for the desire to keep the problem, and protect it against solution - while seeming to pursue The Answer. Hows so? Declare 'War on whatever you intend to keep" - generate huge budgets or charitable trusts and keep the war going indefinitely.

War - including exploitation and subjugation of others - operates  from inducing and maintaining confusion, division and chaos - while presenting identity in subjugating or controlling confusion, division and chaos. The topside or surface presentation is of rationality as justification for oneself, one's group identity and allegiance and one's model or construct of the world. It may be a pack of lies - but justified as the evasion of a worse outcome - and so accepted or demanded as a necessary price, to escape or delay a greater evil for what by contrast is deemed a good.


The footsoldiers and even the middle men may be operating under good intentions - unaware of being deceived and used. Good intentions are famously paving the road to hell - because those who try to be good or validate good by opposing perceived and believed evils - are to a significant degree part of masking those underlying evils - by providing a cover story or trojan guise through which they operate unnoticed.

I say the mistake is primarily a mistaken identification - from which all else automatically follows. The mind of deceit phishes for identity theft. Some forms of insanity are held natural and acceptable while others attract negative attention. Token evils or token morality operates specific roles for specific goals. While there are cartels of allegiance in power-grabbing - the issue  - I hold - is systemic and pervasive - and therefore an expressing of a faulty identity or consciousness - that seems unquestionable and unassailable from any perspective WITHIN its framing.
I appreciate anyone who identifies false framing - and therefore facilitates release of the false to a shift or expansion of perspective.
I hold that we are 'meant' to recognize insanity, locate its source and release our investment in its false framing definitions. Because we are inherently recognizers of joy as a wholeness of being - regardless the learned behaviours of self-doubt, self-deprivation and self-substitution with fake joy - such as taking joy in the subjugation or abuse of another for self-gratification or self-inflating aggrandizement.


How about growing ONLY the culture you can and do align in true resonance with as a sense of extended self worth?
Be vigilant to the corruptions of language and definition that run accepted as a currency of belief.
The meanings you accept are those you teach and learn. False or conflicted 'meanings' operate a divisive and destructive agenda. Until we learn that, it is in our Face - but by assigning power to 'Them' we play victim.
I thought skin in the game is something to lose - an investment of self in the outcome. If your life is at stake - you are motivated to effect the outcome as survival or power and protection added to your investment of identity.

Presence is the quality of being in which communication and relationship naturally align. Division and conflict operate the conditions in which presence is lost for a presentation of a split sense of self seeking validation. Wholeness of being naturally extends a recognition in worth.

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