Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Because we Care

James Corbett on the innerverse

My comment into the theme:

The self-definition from which we act or indeed react, is an implicit 'father', cause or source from which all else then proceeds. So the core beliefs and definitions as to who I am/we are/life is/reality is are not philosophical or metaphysical constructs of a conscious acceptance or articulation but are articulating and determining the nature of the consciousness or reality experience running IN PLACE OF conscious acceptance.

Acceptance of true sourced cause or 'father' is alignment in unified or integrated wholeness - where the wish or a tempt to a PERSONAL 'creation' or meaning-agenda is inherently a conflicted usurpation in image and concept running as a matrix-mind-experience of subjectivity as if OVER life/reality and thus open to the experience of subjection under the 'blowback' or reaction to one's own coercive distortions.

Caring - can mean the extension and sharing in true worth - love's recognition (Self - or Love of God as one with love of another as oneself). Caring can also mean personal investment; 'skin in the game' where identification of power or subjection in the perception of others offers reinforcement value/validation for our own personality construct/assertion.

Psychopath seems to be gaining acceptance as legitimate and casual currency for 'Them' which relieves those who use it from opening or exploring the mind/definitions/beliefs or conditionings that are embodied in social engineering, mind-capture and the exchange of conscious acceptance of creation for an unconscious private gratification/hell. For self-inflation is the condition that sets up the 'Fall' - and the self that can be inflated is always imaged symbol and not the true of You - which remains available to your welcome and acceptance subject only to the release of giving priority to the false.

Maintaining a 'false' sense of self and world is the nature of an agreement to divide and rule out (exclude) love's awareness now - where love is undivided or indivisible being - and not the masking layer of manipulative disguise upon a focus within rejection and exclusion - a tempting to 'create' independently.

Navigating within Life as discernment is not fear-driven agenda but is willingness to put aside or pause of any such itch or reaction so as to actually receive connection/communication rather than presume to own or control communication from a false sense of associations accepted as if actual connection - because it ticks our boxes (reinforces ongoing and often unconscious identification).

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