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How do we get out of this mess?

George Monbiot: how do we get out of this mess?

How do we get out of this mess?
The short answer is ... by recognizing you are not IN it (as currently defined).
How did you get in to this mess? Did it just 'happen'? Was Humpty pushed or did he fall?
Or was Humpty the first falsely flagged attack?
All the king's motivations and all the king's mental ingenuity can never put Humpty together again. False unity turns to babel.
An honest recognition of how you/we come to accept such definitions and live them out opens the choice for their undoing or release to more truly aligned definitions. But actively defended narrative identity operates the denial of this desire.
You can only find and be found in willingness - and grow willingness by living it. It cannot become a set of rules or 'willingism'. It takes one to know one. That no less true for wilful blindness.
Until you break - or are released from - the spell - there is no way out but deeper in as a result of trying to overcome or escape (or repackage and outsource) the mess.

Narrative identity, narrative continuity, narrative control are all manipulative or i-magi-native investment of desire and intention.

The difference between being, existence or 'what Is', and our story, our reality model or our self-image in relation to meanings accepted and be-lived or acted from as true - is forgotten or overlooked in the active and reactive engagement in such a focus of energy and attention. Indeed the persistence within such a narrative identity generates an autonomous habit pattern of conditioned reaction that conform to the idea of a programmed and re-programmable robot or automaton.

The intent and a-tempt to manipulate 'robotic' people (corporate technocracy as masked tyranny) whether for 'conspirational' agenda or naivete of the useful idiot to the power-seeking opportunism of any power cartel - further develops the cultural definitional structure of accepted idea as the unfolding narrative of self-justifications and mutual reinforcements within Change - as perceived through the distortions and filters of various identities that can be seen as a fragmentation of negative entanglement as a direct result of manipulative and coercive assertions and impositions.

Beneath - or prior to this 'world' of embodied idea in self-definitions is the movement of being - as the ever shifting focus within being. 'Behold I make all things new' is a reference to being which is an 'always' or timeless quality recognizing Itself being.

The 'word' we give out is the measure of the result or meaning we receive. But an unconsciousness of our active habitual definitions operates an ever depleting reactive loss of (true) consciousness to conflicted mis-formulations of reality or misidentifictions - reacted to and thus experienced as real.

In the narrative reactive world we generally mask such unconsciousness under the presumption we are  'conscious' when we are only allowing into conscious awareness what we 'already know' or assign and accept 'real'.

All the attributes of 'higher mind' that confuses or loses itself within the reactive i-magination of physical experience - because it Matters That Much to us - are qualities of being - such as inspiration, joy, intuitive recognition, gratitude. These are the true Life that can and do find rich reflection in shared experience that has a quality of intimacy or true communioning communication, and relationship in shared purpose. But are so easily overlooked within the phishing trigger of an identity theft of perceived and believed conflict that reactively and 'autonomously' runs counter or destructive to wholeness and abundance so as to create an abundance of lack.

Re-visiting and re-visioning conflict is not possible while persisting in the urge to win it or evade it. But sooner or later each comes to an exhaustion of the willingness and capacity to accept and enact such futility or meaninglessness as it becomes apparent to the awareness released of engagement.

This sketch points to what a manipulative thing-king cannot conceive or share in. If you want to use your relationships to get from - then you can only meet the reflection of your own judgements as your world. Giving only as you would in truth receive is a call to truly notice who you are in the presence of - along with who they are presenting - along with your own reactive thoughts and impulses.

What others choose is their unfolding of life experience and if you would align in joy as yourself you must give as you would receive. But if you align in self-judgement - self-worthlessness - how can you not 'share' this - regardless how well you mask over it?

Insofar as we have set ourselves a curriculum, we shall take it as our reintegration or healing to being. But the way and the manner and the timing in which we do so has a freedom of willingness within it. The difference between the art of dance and an exercise performed is the creative relationship that is your unique way of moving with the times and the timing.

Terror and rage are very dense as a result of denial. Those who think to 'wield' this think it gives power. Nothing could be further from true being. I don't engage in the political excepting as a desire to embody or awaken to true choice in place of fear-framed thinking of narrative 'control'. Life is already alive and is not waiting our permission to speak so much as our true word through which to extend Meaningfully - regardless that the seeds fall on many types of soil. The sharing of love (being with what is real here) identifies us perfectly. The moment we seek to grasp or define - we become subscribed to the mind of artifice. Learning, not blame - as the setting of choices that grow new 'habits' as a true conscious appreciation - this day now and now.

(Response to comments on the page)

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Theory becomes a model becomes an identity becomes a corporate cartel monopoly or military industrial complex.

The theory or model for life always breaks a unity into parts that then seem to conflict if taken out of context.

Do you assign Ayn Rand a sort of negative worth-ship? Do any thinkers get interpreted in their own terms or within the frame of the purpose others see in them? Where do you assign responsibility - in your own choices or as a victim to Ayn Rand?

I suspect that for every fake collective identity comes the iconocalast who calls it out for what it -isn't and yet only selected forms of such a challenge become subverted to use as the new fake collective identity.

Truth is not a winning hand so much as the vigilance not to be seduced into false narrative reaction (IE in the terms that the deceiver sets).

Regardless of 'collective' reinforcement - each stands in the fruits of choices they have made - knowingly or unknowingly. The many live vicariously through others who they idolize or demonize according to what they choose to accept and reject - for their own reasons - that only look like a 'collective uniformity of agreement'.

If it goes without saying then it does not need saying. There are many who 'side' with one or other polarity as you define them. And many more who don't give a damn - but live vicariously through diversions of celebrities, computer games or socially captive networking.

All the personae in your cast have an inherent place -in you - representing the broken relations they are cast from.

I appreciate the drama of your colourful prose but if you tell everyone what to feel and how to think - will it do more than sing to the choir?

I'll go next to some quotes of Rand to see if I can recognize the demented and pernicious vortex of destruction. I always thought she had the common failing of taking a partial truth and making a foundation of it to rail against the evils of her day.

Is it possible to debate the core issues of freedom and responsibility without polarising into mutually reinforcing polarities? (hates).

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You choose a branch and ignore the trunk - other branches and roots.
The great temptation in fighting a wrong is the blindness of believing you are right. Such is the nature of an identity theft - that in current terms you could also call a 'virus' - although I hold to pleomorphic biology - in which the environment is the determiner of the forms and functions of various biota - and part of the human environment is our self-definition relative to any event or communication.
As I see it, false thinking generates outcomes that reinforce and develop false thinking and that this has been going on for more time than we can remember - and yet does not become true as a result of reinforcement but rather more deeply believed and used as foundations upon which to think some more.
You should be aware that mind-capture uses the good cop/bad cop ruse to run you while you believe you are making free choices.
Who frames narrative history, holds 'insider' advantage.
Are not all 'isms' programming tools?
Western Civilisation - Ghandi remarked - would be a very good idea.
Is it not a history of conquest, enslavement and plunder? Through which there are also alloyed all sorts of threads of a true humanity - despite or because of.
But the idea of a virus or trojan attack by guile is apt for our times because the manipulation of 'identity' is so pervasive - with brother set against brother along every kind of threatened identifiction.

in reply to

Individualism as an expression of an indivisibility of being has been usurped by egotism of imaged presentation and manipulation. The masking in the 'collectivism of the greater good' is indeed 'ruling out' sovereign will - such that a robotic technocracy of rules, targets and checkboxes 'naturally' finds upgrades or replacement with transhuman biotech and AI.
Narrative control is a form of tyranny - however enacted - free will is another term that has been reversed or inverted. You are free to accept and live from what you accept - but you are not free of the consequences of your choosing. If you observe directly - solidarity rises in individuals freely sharing purpose - who move or act as one - on purpose and by choice. But the usurping of such a movement as an identity set against others or threat - is not true solidarity - but a form of mind-capture. The socialism that the 'established power' intends to operate rules out true solidarity. That's the thing you have to sacrifice to 'win' or be allowed to play. Your love of humanity - embodied in any movement of solidarity - is THE Enemy to any system of control and yet must be kept alive amidst a falsely framed matrix of beliefs and identities so as to be fed upon. Those who 'live' but know not Life can only think in the terms of their captive state. Life is still their true Inheritance - but their minds rule out such recognition or acceptance as a result of a protection racket for self-specialness (at expense of other). In true solidarity we shine our joy in being and recognize uniqueness as the true individual signature of another. There are no words for what is not divided or conflicted but Jesus' restatement of the two Commandments has the vertical intimacy within Being and the horizontal synchronicity of its extension and reflection. These are not a 'to do' or a should do' but a statement of Fact that can be argued with only by dissociating from Being and withholding and withdrawing from your relations so as to GET your sense of validation in being 'right'.
David Bohm recognized that Science is not just the gathering of data but also the interpreted meaning of such data - and he say that fragmentation and incoherence  operates the breakdown or destruction of Meaning that cannot be 'put back together again' but must be lived or embodied as the willingness to embody Coherence of being and become an agent for change that occurs as a quantum shift to synchronicity of being from the morass of such entanglement of cause and effect in reversal and confusion as to be unable to approach with thought - without further entanglement of further confusion and misidentified reaction.
From the thinking of the world, a fresh start must be after the destruction of the old. But in truth you begin exactly where you are - as you are - and yet as the willingness for true being (under any or no name). And when you notice you have been 'asleep' in reactions of habit - begin exactly here.
The story of re-awakening Humanity is a transfer of ability from the story of conquest, enslavement and plunder. It does not have an 'enemy' to unify against so much as the challenge to stay awake and on purpose amidst such temptation.
But the story of awakening yields to the very thing it seeks - where the urge to 'lord it over' or get fantasy gratification upon others - is a tyrannous usurpation of the feeling knowing Will. (That then ascribes its intent to the Will and demonizes denies and feeds upon YOUR feeling knowing being - through which you truly live - but which 'this world' is blind, cruel and predatory towards.

in reply to

We haven't actually left yet. The Brexit issue has associated a nationalism of little substance and much complaint with those who do not choose a Corporately run EU - or Corporately run Globalism. I say Corporate when I could say Fascist - because the face or fronting of corporate cartel power is part of the theatre of the public narrative.
In terms of the intergenerational and transnational drive and commitment for global government, I hardly believe that the 'global agenda' have been 'caught out' or held in check by 'populism' - rather - they created it as the symbol of 'anti-globalism, and can and will likely associate it with negative and fearful outcomes so as to bring globalism as the saviour.
One doesn't have to control people - except in very key points where extra incentives operate the appropriate actions or neglect.
Global governance in honest and open support of the Living (Life on Earth) is a desirable function but the way of this is EVERYTHING - because the usurping or capture of the regulatory systems, and the selling out of people and environment to a 'profit' and plunder elitism that lays waste, in-debts and toxifies is NOT governance but tyranny and predation of a 'power class' upon a falsely represented population.
The issue I see is not EU or not EU but mind-capture. This can be pointed to in various ways - but the nature of a captive mind is to love and serve its captor. Steal a kingdom - they call you king - steal the mind and they can call anything whatever you set them up to call it. The nature of deceit is usurping the true.
I see that it is never too late to uncover and live from a true foundation instead of a masking mind to which the true must be sacrificed to survive. 'Too big to fail' means too entangled in the foundations to be allowed true exposure.
Such free awareness as remains is the opportunity to choose again. I may risk saying that the nature of your choice has consequence beyond your current mind-frame. The 'world' doesn't need 'saving' so much as the mind needs freeing.
Governance or arriving at outcomes that affect all involved, needs to be founded in communication - and communication is becoming captive to the dark arts that use the forms of communication and relationship to deceive.
So that's my call - be vigilant and discerning that the forms of things are not in fact phishing attacks by which to install a false identity and make 'politics' for its capture and use as a bot-net.

in reply to

Thats because you are trapped in market thinking. It doesn't occur to you that something can take because a) It isn't lies and b) it opens and aligns true joy in life.
Whenever any genuine movement arises, it becomes subverted or aborted by the marketising and weaponising of the dominant story - which is power struggle set upon an inheritance of fear and guilt conditionings that make no other story seem possible (real or practical). And so anyone living from a different foundation is perceived through the lens of invalidating judgements. However - you either live the life that is given you to live - or let the suggestions and ideas of others use you to support the life they want you to sacrifice or conform to.

Adam Curtis - the power of nightmares BBC - free online to watch - sketches a little of the breakdown of the self-inflating utopian story to the fear-driven scripts that shift 'enemies' and 'threats' but operate the same manipulative feed for the lost and fearful to suckle on.

I feel that the breakdown of the story (mind) or narrative identity is the perfect soil in which the thirst for truth awakens - at least in those who love life more than they hate humiliation and defeat.

Is the 'control' of the narrative and its associated 'deep state' or 'shadow government' not in direct relation to the rising chaos? They are one and the same thing. Each begets and supports the other. Might there be another way of looking at this? Yes.
Might there be a process over time of willingness to release coercive control to a genuine communication and relationship? And might those unwilling to 'lose' control - that the darkness of non transparency and non accountability supported - bring every kind of trick or treat to derail any such process.
The Second Coming is not Jesus coming back but a Like Spirit rising to the Call, The Call is not in a set of idealistic beliefs but from the part of yourself you locked in your brother and sought to deny. The denied have no voice but your recognition of yourself in them - which then returns you to a state of genuine communication - within being - that manifests in ways we do not currently have a model to understand - or at least - not one that would be seen as real, practical (weaponisable or marketisable).

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Flagged narrative coercion

In response to
Naive empiricism, terrorism & Ebola

I wrote:

“No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda (directed risk assessment) is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

Whether or not the narrative is true or not as presented is secondary to the establishing of 'accepted public discourse'. The risk of penalty as a result of questioning the ebola or terrorist narrative is such that very few do - with the explanation that a consensus reality operates the unquestionable 'truth'.
But no matter how many accept a fallacy and act as if it is true by investing and adapting within its social identity - it necessarily conflicts with true - and will demand sacrifice of true to maintain 'continuity' against risk of exposure as false.

Society is being organised around and predicated upon fear and guilt. Perhaps this is nothing new - but the technologism that brings globalisation is the amplification and extension of such identity construct.
Truly fulfilling being is not a strategic risk assessment - but an optimum fulfilment recognition.
I would say that the former can serve within the latter - such that when engaging in an act or a relationship - we release presumptions of 'knowing' to take a fresh perspective - as an open awareness that is also accessing past learning but not running blindly in its conditioned response.
Because the latter is so pervasive and systematic to human-doings the human being remains as a potential context for experience while 'thinking' operates the fleshing out or modelling of its experience as 'world'. (talks to itself).
The fear agenda operates destructively under the illusion of a fixed and controlling identity - which deals with the living in terms of a fragmentation or incoherence (chaos) upon which all the king's horses and all the king's men (power struggle) attempt to put Humpty together again (futility). However - if that is the accepted and believed reality - then working to reintroduce sanity into such a thought system will work with the current beliefs to enable them to be revised in the light of an expanding and integrative wholeness of being.
However (by whatever means) Humpty became broken is an association signifying brokenness that then takes (is given) meaning over lost connection, communication and  wholeness of being. Innocence lost becomes the basis of sacrifice of (and to) an asserted and applied guilt.
Drone assassinations kill many who are put on a list for suspected or anticipated threats or who happen to have their old phone - or be in the vicinity or attend first response for the second hit. Perhaps it doesn't matter who gets killed as long as the precedent is set loud and clear that anyone can be 'taken out' remotely - regardless of where on Earth - for being perceived as a threat to the US of E. Acts of terror and impending terror 'plagues' operate on many levels to disempower by all and any means - such that the 'protection' racket can find (hack) access and acceptance.
Is our skin in the game the fear of pain and loss - or is it an investment in a true appreciation? Is the outsourcery of pain and loss to 'OTHERS' a basis for a true profit?
Or is divide and rule the illusion of control that rules out any perspective of a true Sanity?

#2 - In reply:

Your argument holds if the attribution of agency is flagged to true cause. However, if false-flagged terror initiates 'eye for an eye' it 'succeeds' as an emotionally backed justifiction for (escalation or further) acts of war.
Also, a widespread media focus upon 'pre-set' narrative outcomes fuels or empowers the uptake or induction of its 'meme' - which may encourage 'copy cat recruitment' from some who are already set in 'eye for an eye' desire for vengeance/justice - but lacked encouragement, or 'the courage of their commitment' - and so modelling 'jihadis' as boogeyman to some operates the reverse conditioning to others.
The fact that full and open investigations and questioning debate is not encouraged or allowed indicates the 'emotional blackmail' of a subtler 'terrorism' that the overt actions operate as the adjuvant or shock by which to associate a directed or preset 'antibody' response.
The evil is a result not only of confusion believed - but of confusion sown with intent to deceive. The ability to use the mind to deceive is a two edged weapon. The probability of abiding in self-honesty amidst the sowing of deceit is  - I suggest - zero. However truth is not contingent on narrative identity - but awareness of and alignment in true rests on an 'openness' or embracing of all that is present so as to accept the relational wholeness of a true appreciation within being.
The nature of which embodies true witness for what you consciously and currently accept as truly meaningful or desirable in the situation at hand - rather than drawing false witness to support an identity set against the feared or hated outcome of a negative self appreciation.
What is attracted to acceptance in minding is not random. The focus of attention is intention - whether consciously accepted or gaining acceptance by unconscious emotionally conditioned reaction.

#3 In reply

Do events 'gain' media attention? Or are they given it? How and why are the questions that come to mind. How to gain and manipulate or direct media becomes how to set and maintain narrative control - that frames interpretation and reaction - ie: programs thinking.
Belief (reaction as if true) and investment (skin in the game) in any set of ideas operates a sense of 'self-protection' to the 'reality assertion - regarded as a self-evident experience. Probable outcomes or future events are results of current readings - and if our reading of the current is distorted by filters and blocks of accepted or invested belief - then the nature of such belief sets the nature of the outcome. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy when accepted as the basis from which to think and act - but fears consciously owned and brought to curiosity allow a change in the 'template' of such beliefs - hence releasing us from otherwise predictable negative outcomes.
There is considerable expertise applied to the arts of manipulating the 'mind' as mind-control or mind-capture. Perhaps even using a noun for mind is already such a 'mind-trap' - for minding is a verb and in any current moment - what is accorded investment or released is a choice with consequence that can be seen as a process of unfolding meaning amidst (infinite) probabilities that the limiting 'mind' of a linear narrative identity is not equipped to assess or reliably makes 'sense' of - but operates out of learned responses and past conditioning so as to recreate the past in the future as the idea of continuity of asserted and invested meanings rather than a free association within the unfolding meaning of present - or indeed Presence appreciation.

#4 Reply:

But the risks arising from narrative capture as a result of deceit is incalculable. Any threat to our ability to discern and evaluate our true relationship with ourself, each other and our world is that of a captured and manipulated 'reality' subjection. Iatrogenic 'disease' (sic) is one of the major ascribed causes of death and illuminates the nature of a captive revenue stream.
The nature of the sickness of deceit is hidden by the defences of the deceived against exposure - because there is a believed pay-off of carrot or mitigated stick - for the deceit to appear 'attractive' and make truth seem ugly by association with fear.
'Steal a kingdom and they call you king' has another level: 'steal the mind and they think your thoughts and enact your agenda. This was famously depicted by the story of the Emperor who had no clothes - and in alignment with the symbol I bring in fig-leaf thinking. The 'deceiver' is the risk of losing appreciation of Everything for promise of a special 'something' - that invokes a sense of chaos or adversity, enmity and attack to the a tempt to conform reality to the imaged forms (and concepts) of self. It is backwards.
Once a defence is established - chaos, adversity, enmity and attack are needed to justify and maintain it. This is markedly illuminated by the cartel of military industrial complex - no less than the trillion dollar pharm for the sick.
Fear chemistry - the sympathetic nervous response - pushes all else to the background to give focus to the 'threat'. Persistent or chronic fear distorts, diminishes and destroys the consciousness and functionality of the living organism under the illusion of 'control', as a continuity over 'chaos'.
Our language (currency) is debased. The subversion of language to form of 'control' makes communication easily lost to confusion.
The parasitic thinking within what you call 'western' culture is globalist or perhaps 'transhumanist' in intent and effect. It defines us without (rules out) freedom of choice or indeed sovereign will - as robotic systems to exploit or use by its priesthood of 'definers' or programmers - who 'freed' from moral illusions operate unchecked gratification upon the use and abuse of others seen as sub-human or of no inherent worth - perhaps because under some diversion, they are willing to accept their subjection as a saviour from a worse fate.
They are called the 'dark' arts because they can only operate in a condition of lack of transparency and accountability under ruse or activation of justified defence. Fear of the dark is both hiding in and masking from. Unconscious fear is no less active in determining outcomes for being 'shadow power' operating under cloak of plausible deniability. Fear works contagion - unless brought to light.

#5 Reply:

its an opinion - whatever that is worth to your evaluation and acceptance or disregard. What is it with drawing opinions? Is it part of checking to see if someone passed an acceptance test? Obama the human being, Obama the politician, Obama the acquired and trained asset, Obama the perceived phenomenon?
What could an opinion of another offer but the refinement of your own? (As a fixed position of judgement upon). But is opinion 'about' (anyone or anything) the same as a quality of accepted relationship 'with'? (Which is the capacity to grow or expand).
Do we truly stand upon opinions - can they actually be made stable? Do we trade them for ever shifting outcomes?
I obviously noticed in your question - a variety of statements or assumptions that of course I find in myself or I couldn't illuminate such a response. What you find may be determined by how willing you are to release opinions in order to relate better (more clearly) to whatever is resonant and relevant to the themes and explorations you are the living of.

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Associating with natural health

A few comments into recent items on

#1 (Prostate documentary)

You have to work within your current belief system – for better or for worse. This is not to say that ‘belief’ can be turned on and used to ‘cure’. But that the nature of belief in sickness and in this case, cancer, is in many respects a kind of nocebo or fear-fulfilling prophecy.. Also your investment in surgery, followed by radiation and hormone therapy is YOUR desire to be free of this disease and I wholly support your desire but do not necessarily share the same choices or indeed the same basis of information from which such choices are made.
BUT your choice may be entirely the best choice you could have made in the circumstance and yet the perspectives that frame choices ARE the circumstance – so expanding perspectives is not necessarily undermining the only ‘choice’ that seems required or available to the un-questioned perspective. Also – it is not only an either/OR – because much of the information regarding diet, and lifestyle choices can compliment, support or mitigate the toxic and potentially cancer “spreading” effects of surgery and radiation.

If you were made aware of ‘micro-cancers’ coming and going as a matter of course in many areas of the body – would you still accord the same desperate measures to intervention?
Very many die from the treatments to disease that would not normally kill them. Iatrogenic sickness and death is one of the top causes of both. Informed choice is not a prescription.
May your life be richly fulfilling – whatever paths it takes as a result of choices you make and ideas you accept and believe by acting from them as true for you.

#2 (Diet pills)

Those who seek 'magic' answer evade their Good by aligning in their own self-deceit. The collective deceit operates through the structures that embody and articulate or exemplify its precepts.
Live your choice and through that - witness to those who know not what they do - that there IS real choice - in which the 'mind' of a false framing is recognized and released.

The desire to live the 'ego's (sic) freedom' is that of personal gratification without consequence - or the delaying of consequence as long as possible - then bringing in death itself as escape of reward from inevitable defeat that such framed and managed existence guarantees.

#3 UK healthy eating (disinfo) guidelines

What if 'failure' is by design - where the negative result operates the vector for ongoing 'power' of a corporate control wedded to a consensual abnegation of awakened responsibility?
The appeal to reason assumes we live in the same moral universe - but in the emerging system moral choice has no basis for existence.
Coercion and manipulation through the usurpation of moral sense is the carrot and stick of a determinism that technocrats and lawmakers impose as a means to escape a true account - and thus deny a true choosing.

Skin in the game

RonPaulLibertyReport - Black Swans And Interventionistas...With Special Guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Comments into the page above:


Is it that such 'mistake makers' (in terms of our value system) effectively have so much skin in the game that they own the game. IE "if you don't bail us out, protect us etc" the GAME will end (system will collapse). And so breakdown, destruction, sickness and failure are the economic and political means for consolidation of wealth and power - wedded to such influence (broad spectrum dominance) that they believe their position unassailable because it operates such a pervasive deceit. (Mind-capture). In a sense you cant beat them - but only join them (by aligning in the terms of power struggle).

Another position for the human death wish is that bringing Life on Earth to death is victory - not a mistake. We assume others see the world and goals as we do - but many do not.
So the seeming 'costs' of sickness or war are profits seen from another position - or the degradation of rivals by third party that sets rivals into conflict among themselves or with others.

The assumption that answers are being sought,  problems are being resolved and progress being made is all failing to take account for the desire to keep the problem, and protect it against solution - while seeming to pursue The Answer. Hows so? Declare 'War on whatever you intend to keep" - generate huge budgets or charitable trusts and keep the war going indefinitely.

War - including exploitation and subjugation of others - operates  from inducing and maintaining confusion, division and chaos - while presenting identity in subjugating or controlling confusion, division and chaos. The topside or surface presentation is of rationality as justification for oneself, one's group identity and allegiance and one's model or construct of the world. It may be a pack of lies - but justified as the evasion of a worse outcome - and so accepted or demanded as a necessary price, to escape or delay a greater evil for what by contrast is deemed a good.


The footsoldiers and even the middle men may be operating under good intentions - unaware of being deceived and used. Good intentions are famously paving the road to hell - because those who try to be good or validate good by opposing perceived and believed evils - are to a significant degree part of masking those underlying evils - by providing a cover story or trojan guise through which they operate unnoticed.

I say the mistake is primarily a mistaken identification - from which all else automatically follows. The mind of deceit phishes for identity theft. Some forms of insanity are held natural and acceptable while others attract negative attention. Token evils or token morality operates specific roles for specific goals. While there are cartels of allegiance in power-grabbing - the issue  - I hold - is systemic and pervasive - and therefore an expressing of a faulty identity or consciousness - that seems unquestionable and unassailable from any perspective WITHIN its framing.
I appreciate anyone who identifies false framing - and therefore facilitates release of the false to a shift or expansion of perspective.
I hold that we are 'meant' to recognize insanity, locate its source and release our investment in its false framing definitions. Because we are inherently recognizers of joy as a wholeness of being - regardless the learned behaviours of self-doubt, self-deprivation and self-substitution with fake joy - such as taking joy in the subjugation or abuse of another for self-gratification or self-inflating aggrandizement.


How about growing ONLY the culture you can and do align in true resonance with as a sense of extended self worth?
Be vigilant to the corruptions of language and definition that run accepted as a currency of belief.
The meanings you accept are those you teach and learn. False or conflicted 'meanings' operate a divisive and destructive agenda. Until we learn that, it is in our Face - but by assigning power to 'Them' we play victim.
I thought skin in the game is something to lose - an investment of self in the outcome. If your life is at stake - you are motivated to effect the outcome as survival or power and protection added to your investment of identity.

Presence is the quality of being in which communication and relationship naturally align. Division and conflict operate the conditions in which presence is lost for a presentation of a split sense of self seeking validation. Wholeness of being naturally extends a recognition in worth.

Because we Care

James Corbett on the innerverse

My comment into the theme:

The self-definition from which we act or indeed react, is an implicit 'father', cause or source from which all else then proceeds. So the core beliefs and definitions as to who I am/we are/life is/reality is are not philosophical or metaphysical constructs of a conscious acceptance or articulation but are articulating and determining the nature of the consciousness or reality experience running IN PLACE OF conscious acceptance.

Acceptance of true sourced cause or 'father' is alignment in unified or integrated wholeness - where the wish or a tempt to a PERSONAL 'creation' or meaning-agenda is inherently a conflicted usurpation in image and concept running as a matrix-mind-experience of subjectivity as if OVER life/reality and thus open to the experience of subjection under the 'blowback' or reaction to one's own coercive distortions.

Caring - can mean the extension and sharing in true worth - love's recognition (Self - or Love of God as one with love of another as oneself). Caring can also mean personal investment; 'skin in the game' where identification of power or subjection in the perception of others offers reinforcement value/validation for our own personality construct/assertion.

Psychopath seems to be gaining acceptance as legitimate and casual currency for 'Them' which relieves those who use it from opening or exploring the mind/definitions/beliefs or conditionings that are embodied in social engineering, mind-capture and the exchange of conscious acceptance of creation for an unconscious private gratification/hell. For self-inflation is the condition that sets up the 'Fall' - and the self that can be inflated is always imaged symbol and not the true of You - which remains available to your welcome and acceptance subject only to the release of giving priority to the false.

Maintaining a 'false' sense of self and world is the nature of an agreement to divide and rule out (exclude) love's awareness now - where love is undivided or indivisible being - and not the masking layer of manipulative disguise upon a focus within rejection and exclusion - a tempting to 'create' independently.

Navigating within Life as discernment is not fear-driven agenda but is willingness to put aside or pause of any such itch or reaction so as to actually receive connection/communication rather than presume to own or control communication from a false sense of associations accepted as if actual connection - because it ticks our boxes (reinforces ongoing and often unconscious identification).

Friday, 1 September 2017

How does the 'Deep State' tie down Trump?

How does the 'Deep State' tie down Trump?

In comment to above themes:

One might posit likewise to oneself - 'how free am I to effect desired change in my own life?'
You may seem to be perfectly free in some short term respects - but you will meet the patterns of belief and reaction (conditioning) that are structuring your consciousness and if you attempt to force against or override this - then you will meet opposition and limitation as powerlessness and diversion into supporting what you say you don't
want - as part of your own sense of cutting a deal to survive or save face.

The focus upon the perceived wrong in 'others' - backed by the psychic-emotional charge of frustrated and denied desire - achieves enough hope of achieving desired change -or preventing feared change - to win allegiance.

A deep state of conditioned identity operates fear of and resistance to change - excepting to ratchet up the illusion of control over a diminishing consciousness culminating in death/reset. The true will to live is not the fear of loss but the desire in a love of life to flower, grow and share in the fruit. Possession operates fear of loss. Those who presume to possess power are themselves possessed. Possessed of the 'spirit' of the fear of loss that works counter to anything that is perceived to threaten or expose their 'power' - which must attract allegiance rather than inner revulsion or determined dis-association in order to use your mind and abilities against your good. Hate and fear are always together - so to hate the evil is also to feed it fear - which is its 'backdoor' through you. To release the false one has to open it in a direct awareness - which paradoxically is our fear OF possession or of being taken over or overwhelmed.

Trump exhibits the classic personality of the useful idiot who believes in their own strengths or abilities rather than aligns their strengths AND weaknesses in a purpose greater than themselves.
The idea that globalism has been in any way derailed is naive at best. But rather than subscribe to a domination narrative, I suggest Global Consciousness is here - and that our 'narrative personality structuring' is necessarily reconfiguring. It is the illusion of control to construct, assert and defend a narrative 'reality' that supports and reinforces our identity IN the idea of such control. But anyone free of such illusion can see that what we call control calls forth what control defines as chaos (the need for control).

We don't need 'walls' so much as genuine communication - but to the insane - there IS no genuine communication but only deceit and treachery. For what we do (even in secret or unconsciously) is the measure of what we expect and meet. If your 'smile' has strings attached it is a manipulative ploy. The madness of our mind/world is the Call to Sanity - which is a different foundation than a mind at war with itself. Insane thinking cannot run in a true sense of worth - but cannot be checked in self-agrandizement.

The 'deep state' runs on and as denied fears. Beneath whatever personae shift and change above. But peace is a deeper state of recognition and acceptance of unified will and purpose and is not 'of this mind/world'. True witness is not an attempt to change the world - but more the willingness to release it from lies. Change comes of itself.

The mind is a liar

I offered this into the focus of attention in

The mind - our thinking - is a liar when it works not for who we truly are but as our masking persona. We can use less pejorative terms such as self-illusion - but a core result is the usurping, overriding or sacrificing of true relation to support a conflicted 'meaning structure' as a narrative continuity or identity over and yet of a sense of chaos or threat.

This is mirrored or embodied in our world as propaganda/PR (war by deceit) or mind-control (capture and manipuation).

The issues of psychic-emotional and therefore relational conflict are in my view prior to the defences and strategies rising from them and what we take as our personal mind is such a result - operating as if a free agent set against learned or conditioned fears when it is in a significant sense under and embodying of such fears - masked.

So in this view we are all insane or we wouldn't 'be here' in the sense of living (adapting within) the resulting experience of insane (conflicting) premises.

The 'disconnect' between felt-psychic intimacy and the mental-thought-construct - is maintained by intention and attention and driven by fear and guilt. Fear of fear and guilt of guilt operate a 'mind' of denial by which to blot or shut out an intolerable experience. In mitigation of such pain in seeking tolerance of self the mind projects , assigns, redefines and outsources the denial as external evil - as the need to 'see' in other and hate there so as to 'escape' pain here. In the same wise we seek 'salvation' in special persons, experiences and conditions. We make a self to fit the 'world' that is itself perceived and experienced through a lens of conditioned beliefs and definitions. We do this both personally, interpersonally and collectively. Our reality-experience is our 'world' but is a result of our current thinking - in terms of core beliefs and self-definition in relation to. Life is presence but life as asserted presentation operates a 'disconnect' or focus within a split mind. Reintegrating the mind or the self, to tangibly felt recognition in shared presence is not the job of 'all the king's horses and all the king's men' (coercive force or power struggle) so much as the release of recognized untruth as a result of not reacting from it as accepted 'reality' - even though (especially when) emotionally and physically reinforced as a tyrannous dictate.

True self acceptance is the embracing of where we currently are as we are - free of framing in guilt and fear or hate - yet aware of guilt, fear and hate feelings and associated thought. The recognition that 'I am insane' or better, 'insanity is active in me' is paradoxically the awakening (responsibility) of true Sanity - as the quality of awareness in which thought and feeling are felt or discerned rather than 'running' blind.

Struggling within thought is of a completely different order to awareness and discernment of thought. But while identity is operating within struggle the limitation of consciousness operates to structure its self and world.

Symptoms offer faithful feedback to a true desire to heal - but are called and framed in false witness to protect the wish to evade or escape the feared (true). So the nature of the currently active purpose is critical - as is vigilance against the deceits of falsely framed narrative definition.

If the desire is to forever shut out the hated and feared (self) - then the 'power' to effect that (by whatever means) is assigned 'saviour' to such self - and given priority such that all else is subordinated to conform and comply under its dictate for survival in terms of 'escape' from pain, shame and loss. But unconscious or unmindful acts are no less active in resulting consequence - however the 'blame' of such consequence is distributed and 'punishment' effected.

A world run by 'shadow power' is a world 'run' by those who know not what they do. The halt or crippled consciousness leads the blind (conditioned reaction).
Love is the freedom to be who you are - extending as presence to the same in others. Releasing others from the persona-roles our own mind assigns (and seeks reinforcement for) is not 'letting them off the hook' but letting ourselves off the hook - so as to be open to a fresh discernment within a sense of worth. This is hardly practical for those who have yet to accept such worth for themselves - but it remains true that what we choose to see in others we strengthen in ourself and teach by demonstration.

The idea of the 'Second Coming' is - to my appreciation - the re-awakening of and living from a true witnessing in place of false thinking by which we suffer our own deceits as if at the hand of another. The interpretation of any gathered 'data' is through a meaning structure (mind) - but the recognition of true relation is the freedom of Meaning to create and reflect within itself - instead of the ignorance and arrogance of presuming to impose 'meanings' upon that then 'rule out'. The focus in 'official' reality rules out true embrace within wholeness of being - until its 'rules' are replaced with the law of love - that is free from manipulative deceits and coercive assertions - and thus recognizably Yourself.

This 'journey of willingness' is not and will not fit into a sleepwalking mind and world. Attempts to fit the new (the unfolding now) into the old framing not only cannot work - but they can delay and work against the acceptance and peace in what does work. Why 'peace'? Because war within our self is conflicted purpose by which fear is induced to constrict and limit awareness of being. Awareness is being and is never experienced (past tense) apart from its focus within some sense of self-definition. However the fluid and creative expression of wholeness can itself be defined in image (symbol) and concept as a projection through which to experience and explore within such thinking - as a sense of self-conditioned (autonomous) limitation - associated with guilt, fear, and defence.

I write this as an offering to the self-honesty that I meet here - the thirst for true and the desire to release the illegitimacy of the false from our mind and our world. Words can at best only serve as a vehicle for communication - but commune-ication is always both within us - and extending and sharing among us. The masking code is adopting the forms of communication to serve the limiting, filtering or disruption of commune-ication.
Mindfulness or indeed release of 'thinking' to the quality of being, is not an end in itself so much as a true basis from which to live. But we can only release (or leave unused) what we are the awareness of. The attempt to get rid of, eradicate, excommunicate, or 'war on' is the way to keep what you do not want under the false belief 'you' have escaped it.
There is no healing in perpetual war or sickness management. Regardless appearances who you are remains within the embrace of being and 'waits' only acceptance and recognition.

Who I think I am and believe myself to be is a construct that in willingness for true, reconfigures to align with a shared sense of worth - in place of a madhouse. Not assigned worth as meeting conditional targets and checkboxes - but as a being of choice. In your freedom is my own. If you choose against freedom its still remains the basis for changing your mind. It is not for me to 'change your mind'. That is how I get to lose (awareness of) my own.

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Comments around 'Lucifer and Luciferism' arising within 'an odd terrorism'


If you can find older references than the Morning Star (Venus) please point me to them. Venus – as now named was in many cultures not realised to also be the Evening Star.
Note that Prometheus had two facets; the stealing of the light and a terrible (endless?) punishment. Answer: stop stealing the light and recognize you cant and haventdone this – but the belief you have is the guilt that attracts and demands punishment.
So it is a variation on the same theme as the stealing of knowledge by Adam and the punishment (this place of recycling sin, sickness, struggle and death!
Saturn was our ‘old Sun’ or the best Sun as recorded by many of antiquity. That order was offset and displaced by Jupiter. Saturn/Satan (Chronos) became associated with child sacrifice – or seeming to eat (occlude) its children (Neptune and Uranus). Its a long story – and various cults emulate(d) this sacrifice in magical appeals to Saturn to return – along with the Saturnalian golden age of beauty, abundance and order that Jupiter effected the end of, with the displacement/fall of Venus/Lucifer that passed through various phases of comet like appearance, and Solar disorder before a realignment around Sol with Venus our Sunward neighbour.
Oh I know its much easier to ascribe everything our forbears describe as imagination and superstition and assign a model to the Universe that maintains a very effective lid over psychic-emotional chaos that the thin crust of a surface rationality can claim to be the apex of evolution.
I associate Satan (our psychic archetype) with attachment to form and the refusal or opposition to the release of identity in form to align in Spirit. This oppositional mind is counter to the movement of life unfolding or an ‘evil’ operating as denied denials of hidden fears projected/accused in the Other. It may be that the Lucifer/Venus trauma elicited the Satanic (fear and deceit and war) psyche/era that we may be now the waking from.
Regarding the stealing light/life from God/Gods: to take ANY power unto oneself is to present the seeming of having it over the true of sharing in it – for all comes from and never leaves Source Nature. Except in narrative of mythologic mind-spin. This recognition undoes the wishful but false sense of temporary self in image/form and its attendant undercurrent shadow-self of guilted fear, defensive deceits and hatred of the world of form to meet its fantasy expectations.
The attempt to enact or invoke fantasy fulfilment (magic) is using the sacrifice (denial and exploitation) of the living to get and maintain private gratification. If you look, you see this is pervasive or systemic to the layer of psyche that we generally presume to be our mind but which operates against or as the blocking of true Mind – and in a sense no blame because it was born of a terrible sense of loss to a world its attempt to get, possess, control, dominate as if to regain – brought (Brings) only further conflict and pain, loss and degradation.
Its a prodigal wasteland and what we thought to have been our age of power is never coming back. But true power is not denied the willingness to share it – and there’s the rub – because that means the true willing extension of apresence restored from opening to receive life instead of the attempt to enslave it.


But that is beside the point.
Symbols can be used differently for different purposes and meanings. Do you infer the meanings assigned to Lucifer in the comment?
Its fine to be offended. I find a world of lies 'offensive' but I don't use it to cultivate hurt feelings. But that doesn't mean the cost of lies is not tragic for all who suffer them.
There is a general sense that Luciferism is a 'cultic' hidden facet of members of secret power seeking societies. This may have more to do with breaking any residual moral restraint in aligning obedience to 'power' in the world - but it may be a hate and death cult in any case because hate of moral integrity and of life seen worthless - apart from the power to self-gratify upon its subjection and self-prove by destruction and death.

I see a lot going on that looks like power play of global agenda over human subjection - but also a lot more that speaks of hatred for Humanity and for Life on Earth - seeking its/our destruction. This could be assigned to deeply held guilt - and guilt can be seen as the usurping of the true by a mind of self-invalidations that are then hidden or covered over with vengeance to attack the hateful in OTHERS that truly resides in the mind of the beholder as a deeply denied sense of self-hate. So for me 'Lucifer' symbols for SelfHate operating in denial and running a masked agenda

Why mask your true intentions - are you ashamed or afraid of what they may be exposed to be seen as - and hated or rejected for? Once you lose trust within your Self - you see everyone else as treacherous - and unworthy of true appreciation and communication.

Was Lucifer as the god of the Morning Star not Venus? Is not the reference to the fate of a mighty king brought to nothing compared to the fate of Venus/Lucifer in the Bible? I suggest to you that the Planets were associated with terror and awe in antiquity and that a collective amnesia operates as the steady state Universe where change occurs over billions of years or billions of light years away.

You can check out Velikovsky and note that the treatment he received is an indicator of the establishment closing ranks and not a scientific or even honest hearing. The Electric Universe idea is aligned in recognition of Planets and comets (everything) as operating in a charged Universe - where the capacitance between charged bodies can find a route of discharge through alignments such as operate through the fly-killing gadget that 'zaps' anything between the plates.

The interaction of charge is a basis for psychic emotional polarities. Note that when charge builds up (or is built up) it can be used as a power source. Hence the oppression of certain facets of society will generate a reaction that can be coopted to run a 'new set of clothes' for the Emperor or a proxy force to fund and aim at destabilising a rival or obstacle to power.

If I were Jesus by the way - I might be offended by 'Christians' - but on the other cheek, if I were Jesus I would pluck out the grievance and put it behind me. You cannot make other people's choices for them without losing your own - excepting when we accept a legitimate charge of responsibility for another who is not able to make their own choices - such as your child or certain kinds of handicap that never develop the mental ability to operate in society without support and advocacy. But even there we do so on behalf of the choices they do have and the growing of consciousness that can share in.

If religion works for you - live and share in the fruits thereof and not a pusher of one at expense of another's path. That's an identity assertion and not an alignment in being. Unified purpose is joy - and if you truly align in joy you won't need to steal it from others to then pretend that you have it.

# 3

You can opt for accepting usage a true 'light-bringer' or a false light.
Or a dissociated and removed mythic curiosity of only academic import.

Lucifer may be historically associated with various historical or mythic memory sources and equated with or assigned to power or to the corruption of power, Perhaps this is apt - because Lucifer is associated with deceits of seeming knowledge, power or ability that usurps true; as the projection of Power OUT from Heaven or God/Creation to a 'backwards' reversal in 'evil'.

What is hidden guilt but forceful denial of the hated and feared IN oneself - that then projects like a shaped explosive charge as the outpicturing of guilt upon the hated Other. Here is hatred of life that would remake it in its OWN image. Here is hatred of Man (humanity) but specifically of the feminine (receptive and creative desire) - indeed here is the root of all rage as the covering over of terror - that enacts the very thing its 'image' provides 'protection from' - the false self.

To the false identity pact - the 'devil we know' demands a necessary sacrifice to protect against the feared 'unknown' - yet not unknown - because we assign to this our greater fear of re-living the experience the 'mind' was made to deny and mask-from as defence against direct exposure. 'Someone must pay' - and thus the predator class uses the underclass as 'sin-eaters' so as to persist in illusion of freedom from consequence. But every thought, word and act has consequence according to its purpose regardless its stated or masking 'intent' - and we ARE the freedom to 'mind' or attend the thoughts and meanings however we may confine our thought to made-up meanings accepted 'true'.

Modern scientific research uncovers no basis for a 'separate' mind or self - apart from and acting upon life - but within an externalised model - that runs within whatever consciousness and the awareness that pervades such focus, Is. And so even in the 'exclusive' or 'objective' examination of the 'world' is the recognition that nothing really LEAVES the being of which its is integrally expressing. But in the mind-mapped matrix of a reversal-consciousness the 'mind' or 'self' not only leaves but is expelled, rejected - ATTACKED - and upon such a modelling - operates ATTACK as its 'self and survival' - but masking in forms that SEEM justified, forced upon it, unavoidable and the result of the actions of Others or externally imposed conditions.

War on Life - in the name of life as a fake life gratified and engaged in by the sacrifice of Life. Is this not the nature of self-hate defended against as true?
Is this not the logical result of identifying in a self-inflating image of illusion that then interprets true witness in being as lack of due recognition, support and an act of treachery or enmity - calling for vengeance!

Our past may hold extra dimensional experience of Sirius interventions and Cosmic realignments that set awe in terror as a fear flagged power over Life, but our present is the opportunity and freedom to awaken to the nature of our error by its fruit or consequence AS our current conception, perception and responsive 'experience' of the Only Thing Going On - which cannot be directly conceived, perceived but is 'made manifest' by the nature of  our acceptance and extension in thought, word and deed - as true.
"Through a glass darkly" - is a distorted, filtering and limiting focus of the wish to rule out Wholeness of being - as if the part itself the whole usurps.
A true part-whole relationship is the field AND its focus - as a unified and unifying expression of fulfilment - sowing and reaping in like kind.
The belief in loss of wholeness (being)- and subsequent threat of wholeness as  'death' of survival (self-power) within fragmentation (personae of conflicted or split purpose) runs the minding that 'knows not what it does" because the basis for interpretation of experience is in error.

Framed by the Fall-out

"All life has a right to survive" - How so?
Nature is NOT cruel but Man can be and so can assign 'cruelty' to predators or comets or unexpected outcomes.
Survival of the fitting in-est? If you did not fit in you would not exist. The idea that life is got at the cost of death is the core separation belief by which to blank out the gift of Life with driven and fearful conflict.
Life  - while alive - is a balancing of  functions - but human ideas of balance may in fact be a fixed concept - which is death. Life is dynamic expansive and transformative and perceived chaotic from the framing in self-concept.
Born to die is not purposed as the goal or meaning of life - which is Truly Living - but simply acceptance of the temporal as the ever changing - and no fixed abode (or definition).
I cannot reach through belief that rules out all but itself, alone, frail and against impossible odds. This is the 'mind' equated with the body - rather than 'minding' that recognizes and aligns itself  within the movement of being - and so is made new. Concept-self seeks narrative continuity but self recognition of timeless meaning within temporal forms opens the basis from which to release investment in story. Fear of death is fear of loss of self, loss of story and of the thinking that runs the story of define, predict and control within an Infinite Imagination. The rules we set by believing become the world we are conformed to think within - unless they are changed from world-reality to 'belief'. Belief can be recognized untrue, unhelpful and meaningless. But 'reality' can only be suffered and 'fought over'.

The self you accept is the self you give or assign and 'see' in others - in your world.
Self-image or concept is not a living extension of the gift of Existence/Creation. And so a false light in love of form rules out the extension and embrace of unconditional compassion - and however 'shaded'or graded, is a loveless world.

Human knowing in feeling being is eclipsed or masked over by human thinking and experience in social personality construct - and it reflected reality-experience. The personality level is the mask OF personae - not only for the 'self' but as the casting of the 'selves' in all.

Any set of thoughts about our existence is a working or current model or definition by which to open and explore perspective. If it 'works' for who you feel and accept yourself to be now - then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks - and you will open to new perspectives as a result of willingness to learn through this step as part of your unfolding or discovery of your Self. I am not living your life - you are! But in view of the sense of mis-identifcation in personality - we may say we are lived by one Life - each as unique perspectives within a greater whole.

Science predicated exclusively out and away from Consciousness - as the study (and manipulation) of the external world - is part of the mind of define, predict and control that is form-defined and Spirit blind.
But love or truth and the willingness to uncover the already true is aligned with the movement of being - which is to know itself and be truly known. This Intimacy is (in) Being - but is reflected in experience. To be truly known is not being judged - excepting such judgement were of the meaning  :" This is my Beloved Whom is my joy".
That Holy Spirit recognition is not pertaining to a person - but it takes one to know one; You can only 'see' or meet that which you are the vibration of. This is never a judgement of blame - but the prompting to release what is not aligned true of you for what is. Embrace of where we are is what allows - and spontaneously induces - growth or shift to freshly aligned perspective - that you consciously appreciate the being of.

More presence of joy is a shifting of our collective vibration from fear-bound thinking which is joyless no matter how it seeks joy in substitution for real relationship.

Consciousness is not a 'possession' excepting the mind presumes to have grasped or gained control of it. Yet this is the state of 'possession' by such a purpose that runs the matrix or school of 'power struggle'.
What you would 'DO' to life, you are done by - even when your 'doing' is unmindful, unwitting or unconscious. Those who 'know not what they do' are dissociated from the creative level in assigning it to the unmindful.

The attempt to avoid consequence is the intent to evade true consciousness - for the splitting off in denial is not an actual split so much as a 'mapped out' division by which to 'rule' the fragments of 'survival'. But it is the 'rule' accepted as true that operates power and not the props and puppets that embody such a 'Law'.

Responsibility and freedom are falsely substituted by blame and sacrifice. Blame God for a loveless creation and you 'meet' a 'Soul-less' experience of the Only Existence. If you get this you see that Creation is not apart from or other to Creator and that time only comes into it as support for the freedom to use of your mind to interject actuality and recognition. The quality of re-cognition is the knowing of what is already true - and not a process in time by which to make or convince or enforce 'true'. But within our human experience - we interpret within our current dimensional framework - whilst that framework is in fact being reconfigured from within. (Although it seems from 'without'.
What is denied consciousness seeks 'coming back' into acceptance with all the force of its denial. Re-cognition frees us from projections of fear, hated and killed... over and over again. False flag operates the attempt and intent to maintain the denial under a sense of self-protection and power against feared, perceived and imagined threat - and has all the power fear gives it along with all of the inventions of the mind in necessity.
If you assign fear the power to guide and protect - then the past reboots its stamp upon the present into a forever Self-aborting future running as 'self' against or as 'subject to'.

Believed Identity Conflict


Confronting Your Liberal Beliefs is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do at This Time

My comment:

Beliefs make identities that seek vindication for feeling wronged or unsupported. They also en-trance or train our minds to focus within the human experience - where belief operates in place of presence appreciation.
To become aware of beliefs operating is to question this reality-experience - for it is constructed and not an intimate or direct knowing. The mind can and does hide in the forms of what we think we know. It is called masking or person(a).

While the 'wronged' or threatened scenario runs as accepted currency - one's own part in setting it up remains hidden.
Consciousness responsibility is accepting responsibility as the nature of conscious-ness instead of assigning or diverting it in blame (or directed hate).
Awakening to the true freedom of consciousness is not 'of this world' - A world of fear, division, blame and hate - masked in terms of justified identity.
When you take the bait of temptation the hidden hook into reaction operates identity theft - at the level of attetion and allegiance - because you are already identified truly but have become afraid of yielding to true as a result of giving false witness (using others as means to assert a vindicated 'self' specialness).

The power of the mind is evidenced in the world we co-create - but assigned to external agencies or past events. While faith is accorded to the fearfully baited reactive gesture of self-protection, the fight or flight mode shuts down all else to maintain continuity of 'self' power at expense of capacity to re-evaluate the basis from which we act.

The mind in reaction operates then as an automaton - golem or useful idiot - to manipulative agenda operating the same wavelength but somewhat upstream or insider to the games being played out. A true escape may be to relinquish investment in conflict as meaningful while observing the roots of any conflicting event within oneself. While we hate, judge or reject ourself we will meet the same in others. If you recognize another as disturbed and seeking validation - you may open communication of a different order than when 'seeing and reacting' in terms of negative and personally invalidating judgements.

Those who made a layer of special or conditional love to cover over special hate - were more able to hide and hide from the hated - not least by assigning it those who could not or would not 'qualify' - and of course those who are denied or who fail to meet the conditions of acceptance.
I see the breakdown of the mask of special love, to the horror of hate-driven society out in the open (for it runs beneath in any case). But the mask of special hate is a deeper denial of block to open communication within being as between us. For it is the core self beliefs and definition that makes the physical seem to be Cause outside and apart from our true feeling being. Awareness is not only 'thinking and fake emotionalism' given faith, but is one with its fulfilment as the feeling and knowing of being.

Investiture in divorced thinking has its 'reward' as struggle within fear of death. At the dawning of a new era, the cock crows thrice and you notice a stirring of recognition and remembering - welling up within you. This is not what you expected - how you imagined or could have conceived. But it brought you to uncover the roots of a false self as the opening to the uncovering and acceptance of the true.

My reply to: Commenter

A story about idiots as if the teller is sane is the narrative assumption of presuming self-special superiority for yourself. We all know how to tell stories... and take the ride when it suits us.

But the centre is indeed not balance if it is defined by polarized extremes. True balance identifies all within embrace and recognition. Where a false attempt to regain balance from the action/reaction of rejection and power struggle is really a suppression and sacrifice of Life-energy or true consciousness for a concept of 'balance' that is dead. So indeed 'centrism' operates killing the heart in a false sacrificial 'balance offered no real support - and given no real appreciation or appreciation - because it is a lip service to 'forms' of conformity and compliance by which to appease or mitigate terror.

You are the casting director of your world - while your 'word' is accorded power to determine 'truth'. All of the characters in your dream are part of you - always. However - the meanings you assigned them are derivatives of an adulterated sense of currency and are not 'built in' nor are you 'locked into' the world of the meanings you made - and find mutual reinforcement for. You are and remain a being of choice as to what you give focus and acceptance to. Focusing in rejection and denial as 'power' plays the role of oppositional will - that does the thing it claims to fight against - but knows not what it does as a result of fear-driven displacements, believed.

True diet in Word

Time to topple government 'healthy eating' guidelines

(A recent Lancet study of internationally collected dietary data)

My comment:

We are being lied to as a matter of course - as the 'normal' state of affairs. Lying is systemic and pervasive to the replacement of true governance by predation of a corporate-led system upon the Living - for the nature of the parasite/predator is of fear-defined rules of a fear denied and aligned consciousness. We can see this at the social or political level and we may also notice it at the thinking or personal level.

In the self-separating self-protective gesture of hiding fear, living communication - as a giving and receiving of worth - is sacrificed to the driven need to rule out and defend against the feared - that is now 'seen' or assigned to external causes and to the Other.

This segregated 'self' operates a phishing attack of identity theft - as a false foundation that calls on power and protection - but whose 'guardian' becomes the very thing it thought to have escaped. Defences DO the thing they defend against.

The confusion of the natural self - or true of being - with the fear-defined adaptation is an adulteration of our primary 'diet' - of receiving the 'word' or self-world definitions pertaining to our unique expression and embodiment; the feeling and knowing of how to be within the wholeness of a greater being.

For as we accept true - so do we then act from - and by acting from give forth or extend as teaching - to ourself and others - by demonstration, agreement and reinforcement.

And so true discernment needs to be called forth and given priority over the fearfully driven wish to overcome, escape or redefine that otherwise operates as 'the mind' or the thinking, feeling and reaction of a 'split-off' sense of self seeking power over life in fear that takes any form as the masked off sense of power and 'freedom' from consequence - as a result of complex thinking and the 'outsourcing' of pain to fuel private gratifications of 'self-vindication' within the framing of a feared exposure in powerlessness and invalidity.

"And who told you you were naked?" said the Lord - indicates a Movement within being of enquiry and revelation of an invalidity - a nothingness - where a private sense of power seemed to insinuate itself in place of true.

Look to the integrity of the Template - that is the 'word' of definitions and meanings you give and accept true - for the symptoms are not the cause, though the mind that is built as the ruling out of cause in a world of false effect must experience its own belief as 'reality' until such mind is noticed for what it isn't and paused of, rested of, and released from 'service' for a more integrated and directly felt discernment of living communication and relationship.

Yes - I speak to the 'deep end' that may seem impenetrable to conventional 'thinking' but the awakening from deceit is from the false root uncovered. Otherwise for every branch cut off, three more grow - and the shifting of forms operates the desire to persist in a 'better' or more 'comfortable' deceit.

Freeing the mind from toxic guilting - or blaming is essential to seeing clearly. Self-illusion is not an actual attack upon true - excepting the determination to persist in it against your own recognition of true desire fulfilled must interject between true needs met - as a deceit of a seeming 'self-power' in opposition to a deprived and denied sense of 'you' - that becomes 'your' strategy to adopt in reaction of like kind.

Living relational communion is the ordinary natural context of being that a corporatocracy of rule-based thinking operates to deny - and yet is WHOLLY dependent upon - for there is NO self-separate 'independent' life - nor leverage from such external presumption - over and upon life. But the wish that such be true is the distortion mapping of a reversal in consciousness. The lie and the father of the lie is the wish that overrides a true free willingness that MUST induce division in the mind as split purpose - and emotional conflict that - if not released - becomes a basis for protecting the conflict by covering over with layers of 'self-assertion' of what seems to be a survival urge - but set in terms "I WANT IT THUS!" - or "only on my terms" -  which is demand of a 'getting' mind given focus and priority over the natural receipt of being, the unqualified being of you - that automatically extends to your relations to reflect as shared recognition and appreciation - unless you would use your brother or world to get self 'specialness' instead.

'Give unto Caesar' means do what you need to do in the 'world' without using it to feed the self-specialness of the wish for power - whether expressed positively or negatively.
Aligning in the true is the natural freedom rising from the releasing of the recognition of false as false. Which is NOT the same as the hatred and denial of the false as an act of self-vindication. THAT is the market for the repackaging and redistribution of 'evil' in trojan disguise. But of course such hatred and urge to deny is felt very intensely as part of the 'territory' of uncovering the true from the false - but now there is a basis for choice instead of blind reaction. Use it - or lose awareness that you have it. The aligning in the movement of being restores and reintegrates presence that aligns all things truly - including the undoing of grievance - however out-pictured - - as willingness allows.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The boy cries wolf!

Alt med 'news'

My comment into the above:

According to ‘official narrative control - there is no cure for cancer - except as PR for the carrot of future research.

How much of anything published - including ‘studies’ is PR?

Follow the money.

If you believe there is no cure - the nocebo effect kicks in.

Currently the internet opens research that would have been almost impossible - along with a flood of disinfo - by error, by wishful thinking and by design. As a man thinketh in his/her heart - so is he/she. The belief that is hidden is what you take to be reality - but PR knows it can get into the Template via carrot and stick inducements to phish and farm the fearful.

Pause and connect to the highest authority for recognizing truth (heartfelt honesty) before making or accepting ‘meanings’, decision and outcomes. This is always true for everything - so why wait for threats or calamities to practice true alignment in being - which may save from having to wait for a life and death crisis to address what is out of true and generating dissonance, stress and fears beneath the ‘keep calm and carry on’ conformity.

Comet comment

Large Comets are more common than previously thought

Commented into the above page - and below into the site 'quote of the day'

Large Thoughts more common than comets - but little minds cannot tune into them.
Please DO adjust your set!

Regardless the 'truth' - notice when it becomes a part of the 'narrative weaving' of media focus. Fear funds the military industrial complex. It may seem that blowing up comets may be better than humans - but the kind of weaponry that develops can easily bring a re-enactment of the Atlantean fate.

But also note that 'Mankind in amnesia' is the result of buried terror - and yet is amygdala capture conducive to reality testing - or a looping re-enactment of feared outcomes covered over with assertive fantasies of power and protection?

"For no one walks the world in armature but has terror stalking at his heart".

The 'more than previously thought' line is very common and illuminates that whatever is 'thought to be so' is revised, rejected, turned on its head or forgotten. Do we 'think' the world in terms of what we WANT to believe? Or do we mask our thinking so as to seem to want something desirable and true while actually wanting to manipulate thoughts of others - and reality outcomes to a private advantage?

Quote of the Day: There are people whose job it is to just be sweet, loving and caring and it is the job of warriors to look after them. It's that simple. - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

There are people who war to control the means to tell other people what their job is and there are people who live the true of their own calling - regardless what anyone else says or does. If this resonates for you - it is already part of you or you would not recognize it.

War is the realm where truth has 'died' as its first casualty and so truth is the realm in which war is translated back into terms of correctable error from deceit and terror that make perpetual war in place of unified purpose. It remains a Choice - but under fear-believed guilt there is no choice but as fear frames in symptom management while raising the 'War On ' as its renewal of mythic identity.

Standing in integrity may look like war - but is not succumbed to vengeance upon the hated and feared while claiming the banner of the holy crusade. If you have a job - it is to be yourself. If you run off with a baited phishing identity ruse - nothing has changed; it remains your responsibility to align in the true as you are able and willing to receive it.

Identity in labels

Carter urges restraint: N Korea

Illusionoffreedom said:
There are liberals, then there are the insane, mind-controlled liberals. The kind we see at SJW protests. I wonder how many of them we really got..?

I don't believe that any labels exist outside of the mind(s) that want to believe in them. Some want to be subsumed to an 'identity' and others take theirs by being against or oppositional to something that they associate with hate.
What is here to meet without all the labels but a unique situation calling for presence now - and another unique situation calling for presence now - and this presence being our primary responsibility - lost or covered over by the shames and blames of attempt to hide them in others.

But within what the label 'liberal' points to may be a variety of ideas, ideals or idiocies - depending very much on the definitions and core beliefs of the interpreter/judge.

Who is not mind-controlled is awake as presence in which the mind can be watched and who has no calling to demonize others so much as extend the call to joy - because those who are subsumed in hate agenda are yet the innate capacity to behold a unified appreciation in place of denied and outsourced conflict and pain.

Collapse of the breath of Life

Lung Cancer among non smokers...

Posted to comments of above linked article:

Whilst radioactive particles are definitely in a range of their own once taken INTO the body - I note that a fairly recent study of Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors compared to a control group showed about a year or less difference in life expectancy as a result of their exposure. This suggests either that something in their living offset the toxic effects or that in fact these events were NOT what the official narrative imprinted on the world's consciousness. (Firebombing of Japanese towns was 'normal'.

While it may be true - I am wary of ANY narrative device seeking to instil or reinforce terror and guilt upon consciousness. Whether it uses human sacrifice or dress rehearsals. For this I hold to be the undermining of Consciousness from within - by division that opts for the 'lesser of evils' and is thus guided to give its life-power away to denial-agenda.

I would say it is the reason why no cure for cancer can be allowed to be acknowledged and shared publicly. The mind-capture/revenue stream is 'Too big to fail'.

It could be reasonably hypothesized that an agenda to exterminate or severely degrade Life on Earth /Consciousness of true being operates by false-flagging deceits of a Faustian nature such that by the time the full extent reveals itself - it is game over.

Awakening to such agenda as part of our own 'mind-framing' is the responsibility for releasing what does not belong. But the ruse to attack or 'wake' others keeps most of us too busy to take the full course and sweep out the Template - though my preferred symbol for this is more like Heracles/Hercules cleaning of the Augean stables - ie opening the way for a natural flow to clear the crap.

The Battle of Charlottesville?

The Battle of Charlottesville?

I posted into comments under the above linked article:

Fascism is become useless currency as a label in general parlance as a hate term - or something 'good' people have to condemn and refuse to communicate with.
Likewise racism as a label for evil - when it is fear and self-doubt that project forth in offensive hate or defensive denial.
The underlying issue that 'fascism' might refer to - in my opinion - is of corporate cartel power projecting through a political front that uses manipulative deceits to nurture, subvert and co-opt the emotional issues of the day or cultural moment while cowing or suppressing or infiltrating and using any 'resistance' or opposition.
Basically the use of fear of 'evil' (justified hate or jihad) - operates shadow power of deceit in the minds of all who want it - for what they believe they get from it - or get away from as a result of allegiance within its framing.
Its framing is guilt, fear and division - and calls forth punishment, denial and sacrifice of joy in being. It is the seduction under the guise and guile of a sense of personal power over life, self, other and world. And within its 'framing' there is no other life or world - and power is the nature of struggle between enemies who may find temporary shifting alliances. In the belief the world is 'My Struggle' there is only the subordination of everything and everyone to 'power's dictate'.

Power through combination operates a corporate collective that becomes a consolidation of power in ever fewer 'hands'. Under ever more starkly loveless and lifeless conditions - for its world is the managing and processing people under 'incentives' of the carrot and stick.  Devoid of living will. Enslaved to terror. Believing what it is programmed to think it thinks - while set against the 'evils' of its day.

I haven't more than peripherally noted Charlottesville as an ongoing 'battle' for narrative control.
Some hate openly and feel better about themselves. Other mask their hate in guile and feel better about themselves. I hold that what we hate in others we hate in ourself - in principle if not in the self-same form.

Hate and its underlying fears, and the even deeper underlying conflict and pain that seeks blind escape in dissociation and denial - all operate a network of entanglement as beliefs and identity in defence that is constantly being triggered by its own shadow projections and constantly being managed or processed by the reaction of suppression and coercion operating as protection. As mind-control. As the demand for unconsciousness and masking alignment within terror that can never be recognized and released - because it is always 'outsourced' to the other whose sacrifice is required - for dissociative illusion is maintained by giving allegiance and priority to false over true - as if defending truth.

Water bearer

Human Thought and Water

I posted into comments for the above link:

There is false thinking that is 'jamming signal' to true. It is self-conflicted rather than self-extending.
The thinking in the heart is not done from the outside upon the 'inside' - but is the alignment of thought in abiding and aligning within the true movement of unfolding desire in the heart.

Your water is part of your 'receiver' and when you are willing to truly receive, you have stopped asserting and imposing as if to enslave the heart to the dictate of a mind of 'disconnection'. A disconnection never truly enacted - but re-enacted over and over again in thought believed, perceived and experienced real.

The thought in your heart is creative to the unfolding sense of a creation within Consciousness - that can no more be killed by its thought than our mind can be trapped in ours.

When the mind exhibits the symptoms of conflicting in its own thought - drop into the heart and be renewed. The movement of true being is not engaged in war or reparations - so much as extending and embodying the true of wholeness - in which we recognize our self - in the presence of our being instead of conceptual imagery. To try to love over the top of a hate is to further conflict the already conflicted - but willingness for love is NOT USING hate or conflicted self-sense as a basis from which to react and thus strengthen identify in. Awareness rises naturally to the release of suppression and you will be given what is resonant and relevant to who you are in whatever situation, context or relationship you are the being of.


Power is who gets to define reality - and who gets to accept it. (I read that recently from Dorothy Rowe - is it not true?)

Power is therefore given to definitions and beliefs in exchange for what we (believe) we get back. Narrative continuity is such a core sense of self - that perhaps few realize it operates all the time as the maintainer of subjective persistence in time over and against a world of objects and others.

In pure presence terms you get to experience reality in terms of the definitions and core beliefs you currently are accepting true for you. The law - as you sow so shall you reap applies within Consciousness - such that reaping conflict is a faithful feedback to conflicting self-definition - which as an infant or child had to be adapted within but as an awakening being becomes the basis for curiosity and enquiry as to what definitions are active to bring such a result.

It is not the framing of conflicts that is valid feedback - but the acceptance of a fear or dominance narrative in place of a genuine relationship that indicates the loss of true relations to

In human identification in personality terms we are all in some sense operating under terror - for the masking off - along with masking as - is a dissociation of evasion of hated and feared experience so as never to relive it. This takes different forms but is the core separation trauma of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, pain and loss, rage and powerlessness, dissociation and investment in the masking persona as psychic-emotional survival.

If others are perceived in this or that light or lack of light - I ask what lens are you using to see through? What sets of judgements are held unquestioningly as 'true' that bring back the reports that 'prove' you right?

What narrative beliefs and agreements do we then 'share' and strengthen in the currency of thought that shapes the 'collective' reality - allowing for that 'official reality' gets given a masking conformity so as to persist in the 'freedoms' still available within the masked sense of self and life.

It may be true to say that reality is not at all as our models assert and that periodic renewals operate to refresh or realign the willingness to live from wholeness that is denied and suppressed by the mask - which is both a personal AND a collective vehicle for the experiencing of life in the 'physical' - allowing that the experiencing is always a consciousness of beholding - regardless what is beheld and how it is defined.

The lock-down of consciousness as a result of trauma runs as if real - in place of re-opening to arenas of mapped out past fears. But denial breeds reflections that deny and the entanglement of personality fragments reaches to a state of paralysis over negativity reinforced by all the force of will brought to deny it. But it is not true will so much as the perversion or distortion of true desire under false self-definition... running as if true.

Painted into a corner has no where 'else' to go - its the end of time at least for the time being - and yet the loss of ability to conceive a shared future prisms to the 'reality' of your acceptance. That is to say, there may be a choice to dissociate ever more deeply at cost of residual consciousness - such as may yet stir within its alignment to check it is indeed on the right bus.

We perceive everything in terms of our past and a past made in anger went forth and multiplied at cost of a true appreciation of presence. But presence is not a concept, or a fleeting moment betwixt a past and a future like itself - but the very power upon which the denial of 'oppositional consciousness' seems to exist.

We are in some sense rationalizing minds running on the blocking and masking of intuitive being. But we are not 'rational beings' so much as under the guidance and protection of self-justifying rationalisations in place of an extending and embracing presence.

Beneath the mask is shadow power or fear and guilt operating a masked agenda - made of every kind of self-illusion. The game is on and the stakes are high which affords maximal immersive reality experience - of exploration within its idea. For without idea of self invested definition is no experience.

If the game is no longer worth the candle then allegiance to its precepts weakens and its disintegration opens the reintegration to who you now recognize and accept yourself to be. But expecting or guilting others to come out from their defences so as to fit anyone else's idea of harmony is still the idea of coercion and manipulative deceit trying on some new clothes.

I can only 'reach' a like willingness - in whatever moment or degree - and the nature of what I share is the 'wavelength' or frequency of communication. Fear agenda seems more impactful because that is where many are already attuned to listen for their identity. But is 'impact' what is really desired or is it coming back into a true focus of aligned Consciousness - that meets its own 'reflections' of communication and synchronicity as does the focus in what you say you DO NOT want - but persist in giving energy to while playing out roles of control, defence and protection.