Thursday, 11 August 2016

Conversations on unclear nuclear narrative

Shock Interview: Anders Bj√∂rkman Is a Professional Technologist Who Doesn’t Believe in Nukes
The Daily Bell

I made a lot of various comments as 'binra' into this article but mostly as responses to other commenters. If you are interested just go to the linked page and have a look.

The article opens the premise that some of the things we have been told and believed which shape our world - may not be true - and in this case nuclear bombs, or at least their are reasons to question the official assertion . But the implications of this open all kinds of conversations - branching off into all kinds of facets.

I filed some of my responses on this page as:

The light is coming - cover your eyes!

Subconscious learned habits
Change, risk and choice

Backing the wrong Horse?

Nuclear Hoax?

ACIM and Mortal terror

Channeling and sniping

Choice, blaming and denial

Fake Lives and waking up

Huge Hoax - why wait to reveal it?

WW2 Psyop
Sin and Guilt

I met a different Jesus

Everything is connected in you

Death can come slowly on the unwary


Belief and symptom suppression

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Banking, Liberty and true worth

 The Daily Bell

We're a libertarian publication and we believe the market itself is capable of creating fairness and competitive justice. If monopoly central banks were removed from the system, people would gradually revert to local currencies as well as silver and gold. Absent further force, the larger commercial banks would fall apart. No one would want to do business with them.

My commentary:

If I write overlong for a 'fleeting moment' - just feel for a paragraph or sentence that holds some interest and just use it for a reflection of your own self-honesty. Which can be deeply covered over but never completely eradicated.

Hmmm... you believe in the market for fairness and justice!

I believe human beings are capable of recognizing or owning their errors and repenting of them - but I am not waiting for anyone ELSE to recognize and release anything I uncover in myself as working against my own joy in life. Is liberty waiting for the removal of banking deceits to regain its nature? Or is some consensual or coercively set idea of liberty at war with other such ideas? Is liberty something to 'sell' to people or induce compliance with after inducing scarcity or pain? For such fears can obscure a true foundation and operate to keep it hidden.

Is the 'market' a person, or a creative agent, or is it a short-cut generalisation for the flow and exchange of goods and services - including information - in which persons and personal investments are operating a set of definitions over the creative agency that is  responsible for That we have consciousness in which to make choices and the ability to frame them in ways that validate some and obscure or invalidate others?

The golden rule exhorts treating others as you would yourself like to be treated - and works well when a true sense of worth is accepted and extended. But in the adulteration or corruption of worth, the grounding standard of gold is exchanged for shifting and arbitrary values of socially defined agreement that operate do unto others what you wish to escape or deny in yourself. In other words there is no longer a basis for recognition and trust in oneself or from oneself in relation with others - and the 'market' that operates in a false or negatively defined sense of self interest (ie - as the fearful avoidance of negative outcome by outsourcing it away from one's sense of self), is never going to balance in a positive or integrative accord.

I do feel for the undoing and replacement of coercive rules with a more aligned capacity to focus in what is wholly valuable - rather than in complex instruments of concealment and deceit that hide toxicity behind some sort of trojan front. But without addressing a deeper aspect of our personal and collective conditioning - we merely rest our case of foundations of theoretical concept that may be 'partially' true or point to some truths - such as the synergy and synchronicity of true self interest in patterns of spontaneous harmony of shared benefit.

The relinquishment of coercive 'externally applied' force is an individual freedom by which true freedom is restored awareness. Just as the trading of such freedom for a promise of personal power or protection operates the denial of free willingness in preference for a tyrannous 'will' or dictate of conforming force - (and its resultant reactive counter force & etc).

The idea of worth is fundamental to all else - and if something is only 'worth doing' because it generates personal profit or 'salvation' - then creative endeavour is withheld while unworthy but 'profitable' acts multiply to feed an un-worthy sense of self - such as our pharmageddon, the millitary-combustrial complex and its technocratic narrative of economic 'necessity' or Notional Security.

People are capable of fairness and justice that operates as balance points between apparently competing interests. The goldman idea that not only must one win - but the other must know their loss - is a mind of vengeance - hatred.

The state monoplozed power in part to check and limit mafia or robber barons from capturing and controlling 'markets' or indeed a subjective sense of survival identity - as an act of social, economic and political coercion. That the state itself is then captured by such mentality of ruthless or unfair and uncaring hatred for lives of others or our Planet is indicative of the shallowness of conventional consciousness and its susceptibility to mind - or narrative control.

Re-wakening consciousness as a true sense of worth is the undoing of the basis upon which the false or mis-identified sense of self is both fed upon and fed-managed and medicated to remains such a 'food-source'.
Coming off of drugs that alter brain bio-chemistry (as if to manage relational issues in terms of 'organic' disease postulated as such a lack requiring rebalance) - often requires a stepping stone process of supported withdrawal unto the point of awakened responsibility. For the homoeostasis of any system operates to incorporate and cope with stress of deficiency or danger - and identifies in maintaining that 'establishment' as its sense of balance and even survival.

Liberty is as does - and if as I hold, liberty is the realm of choice or free willing acceptance - then we don't work to undermine the capacity to choose - but join in it and strengthen in it against the ideas of a false liberty in which responsibility for consequence is out-sourced onto others - and a narrative justification asserted in place of an open handed presence of discernment.

Idea about liberty is the perfect trojan by which to trap the libertarian into an exclusive identity amidst a competing conflict of identity that effectively diverts and dissociates from true worth - and indeed will maintain there is no such thing - for life is what you make it. But Life is Already - and what we make OF it is not the same as usurping it within a matrix of manually managed and medicated 'mindshare'.

If 'if' shall be replaced by is - rather than be indefinitely un-embodied wishful thinking), then central banking is removed from my system and I redeem all things to true currency - in steps of recognition and action that regenerate culture upon a true grounded tangible - rather than complex convoluted mysteries of a 'higher order'. By living from a true foundation - the capacity to recognize a true account is grown. But clever thinking never actually arrives at a true starting place - being always a way of persisting the establishment of such private agenda over the whole.

Corporate cartels and captured regulators

This comment I wrote in response to a conversation about corporations:

Cartels of powerful lobbies capture the regulatory system so as to protect their effective monopoly of supply, influence and control - and private central banks becoming the statutory provision and control of the money supply for what otherwise may have been a sovereign nation - are part of this problem.

As well as the above, is the lack of any real responsibility to host nations, environment or population. The outsourcing of pain and toxicity in return for insignificant fines. The race to the bottom in nations offering tax havens and sweeteners to attract corporate investment by which assets and real wealth is stripped out  in return for gov taxation on the workers whose trickle down is whittled down to subsistence levels.

The emergence of so called 'Trade deals' such as TPP or TPIP illustrates the 'coming out' of Corporate technocracy from the revolving door of puppet-show governance to reveal an elitists club running their rules with no other voice being able to effect more than token challenge - excepting of course the money-controllers and their puppet mastery of information and narrative control - along with weaponry of all levels of effect.

The law regarding corporations needs re-aligning to serve the whole, and yet without a shift in individuals to realign their own template of self definition and belief to serve the whole such a change in the law either cannot happen or would be subverted to merely superficial change of no real consequence.

Ideas to which we are not awake, determine our world-experience yet remain hidden while we become entangled in their effects.

Non Linear Reflections of an Alien Megastructure?

 'Alien megastructure' star only gets more mysterious
Maddie Stone of Gizmodo

Non Linear Reflections

The Continuity Manager for the linear space-time identity, is fading to the opening of communication with The Infinite in its Own Terms.

That is to say - our structures of meaning that have been imposed as distortion filters upon awareness of Existence - are dis-integrating to open Fresh Perspective.

Get a fresh set of meanings - for the old set have been corrupted, usurped, adulterated and subverted to operate against the Movement of our being - the movement of an integrative embrace that uncovers, recognizes and embody the resonance of the true of what and who we - that Existence is -as can be imagined and experienced.
Self-Aware contains all dimensionality within its own expansion. Perhaps the word 'self' is misleading - because where a 'self' is presumed and asserted to be in some kind of control, the full embrace of arising 'world-experience' is held in check, and time operates a process of covering and discovery in place of Always.

I write here in intuitive prose. It can only be 'read' on the vibration is is sent. The resonance of stirring recognitions is not a science of objective external fixity or continuity - so much as the knowing again of the subtler currents of information and communion that were covered over by the engagement within a rigid and fixed identity in its narrative 'separation' from what might be called the Living Universe.

Alien simply means 'other' or stranger. The recognition of Life, as the Movement of Life through us - expands the Human Definition - and breaks the human conditioning - from the inside out - and not as the force of a strange god or the unknown unlove of a cruel Other - which has conditioned our consciousness to mask our true being with a stranger to which Life is sacrificed so as to have a 'separate' life in which to judge all things in our image rather than recognize the true imag-ination of an Infinite Creator.
The convergence of past and future in Presence is no mere present-ation. But an embrace of what had been denied acceptance.
Aligning with true presence is the willingness within the transformation of the personality to its true function - which is holding a focus within and as an extension of Consciousness.
Confusion of identity with one's avatar seems to split the Mind. Pausing the mind allows the felt recognition of a movement of wholeness of being - in which a clear and direct appreciation serves true foundation for a balance within wholeness - rather than the attempt to coerce Experience/outcome by an act of coercion from an imagined point OUTSIDE of and other to wholeness of self.

When your "Higher Mind" winks at you - feel the stirring on the vibrational wavelength this prompting comes to you, rather than translate into terms of a split minded war of survival on behalf of maintaining the split.

Or believe your insignificance and project that onto a Universe that has no capacity to embrace or integrate or accept You. But it is by your acceptance that your word is given - and the reward or fruit, tasted and shared. Garbage in/garbage out. What we focus in is our desire and intention - whether we consciously recognize our act or not.

I have a sense that We do not accept becoming Infinitely or forever lost to loss, pain and meaningless - and so there are limits - no matter how ingeniously we may seek to redefine our self or our experience to 'outsource' pain onto 'unconscious' onto 'body, onto 'world' and onto the Brotherness of Life Companioning that is thus made Other and stranger - reflecting our fear but regarded instead as a self motivating intent of threat. We give the 'self' we make for ourself to others and then hate them for it - because we hate the limiting and loss of being coercively defined... until of course our split off personality is trained and conformed to sacrifice automatically to the imprint of appeasing and allaying fearful outcome - masked of course in the presentation of 'independence'.

We have 'become' alien or stranger unto ourselves for the sake of a narrative focus in the illusion of power. Why 'illusion' - because there is no-one to receive or share this 'power' excepting victims and slaves to fear. Illusions have all the reality you give to them. This restates your true status in Cause and allows effect to be used as feedback instead of assigning it 'creative independence'.

Perhaps this message was supported by an Ancient Knowing that was before time as we now account it was possible to take seriously. Perhaps by a Future self of compassionate embrace and acceptance of all its past. But I tell no one anything they are not already willing to recognize within their own knowing - and I must speak nonsense for those who want more time to think about 'it' so as to contest the validation of thought they identify in.

What is the point of it all but You? And what are the points of view but points of You? The static linear concept does not allow movement, recognition-expansion and evolution-transformation. Enter the breaking, undermining splitting and controlling 'evil'. Now you are broken enough from a fixed choice to recognize it is choice! Now a willingness to re-evaluate the foundations of your thought system awakens as a fresh sense of simply honest curiosity. Now there is a pathway of NOT squelching it or sacrificing the movement of Life to a conformity of ancient fear conditionings.

If you lean on the world, its changes and you fall. So find an inner balance within your experience of the whole - and enjoy the world for what it is - without losing your feeling of being or Soul awareness.

"It's time, Jim, but not as we know it".

Competition - redefining fitness to replace worth

In Reply to this comment on the deification of competition in Post-Darwinian ideas

Yes - who exactly defines what fits?
The mentality of the Grand Overview is so easily in a complete disconnect from the human family and its unfolding experience. And so  'Grand Ideas' are touted as 'Great Discoveries of an Enlightened Era' and work against anything real growing from the ground up that can meet a compassionate sense of top-down - rather than a dictating self-righteousness.
Fitness for purpose needs to align with awakened purpose - which is innate and uncovered rather than manufactured and asserted or imposed.
It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - but really I feel it is a partial interpretation of knowledge for to truly know is in the heart sense of a wholeness - but to attempt to articulate or define this is to re-enter the world of interpretation. I read the Promethean symbol as taking something out of its natural context and thus re-defining its function and nature in the framing of the mis-take. The underbelly of the light-bringer is of course a terror. Hiding in a false light gains a temporary power at a price. We don't necessarily compete for the goods so much as for the means to allay the evils - or 'outsource them' onto others and so are fear-driven rather than good-seeking.

A Christed sense of worth has nothing to do with social or personal status whatsoever - but its acceptance depends on a willingness of eyes to see and ears to hear. Who tries to become worthy secretly believes their own lack  and teaches lack of worth in terms of the measure of their own judgement. That's why self-righteous 'actors' insinuate a false sense of worthiness and a distorted reading of any teachings of true awakening - to subvert them into crab barrel futility.

Recognition of worth is a spontaneous shift from the mind of (self) hatred.
Back to competition - a worthy opponent is one who meets and engages in the game at a level that makes it passionate and exciting to play. The gaming mentality is a large part of the human fascination - and even the game of global domination is likened to a game of chess. And for all who engage directly there are so many more who attend from the sidelines - feeding the dynamic of conflict, taking sides, investing in outcomes and vicariously getting off on it.
Hence in a blame culture there is a morbid fascination with who gets vilified and a tendency to join in at some level - as some little play in the game of power.
Perhaps the issue is whether balance and communication can be maintained in a competitive situation. For some, yes - but for many the good v evil mentality is triggered and truth is sacrificed to war. Which means war is now defined and accepted truth - and truth redefined as invalid, irrelevant and insignificant to the true 'cause'.
I don't believe that competitiveness is a contemporary virtue - so much as an obeisance of conformity by which those human traits are NOT embodied or given voice, that witness to communion, community and true communication.
The heart is denied from this world. Jesus illuminates the symbol of a mentality dependent upon the death of love - as one polarity of a choice that we cannot change until we recognize we are making it. In competition with our own being. This is of course absurd - and no less is our mind and world in its fragmented conflict of competing 'identities'.
Recognise your part and withdraw support and allegiance. If you come from a true sense of yourself - you are not waiting on a specific outcome. Yet if you wait on specific conditions before coming forth in your life - you wait for ever. The call to joy is always Now - and yet the competing thoughts are always saying you cant afford to give it your willingness - yet. Divide and rule out (deny) a living sense of wholeness. Identify in this as personal 'power' and take your 'power' at the expense of others. But the power of love will be your forfeit - in fact you wont even be able to believe in it. Love un-worthiness operates a cold light of judgement that seems irrefutable. That's how powerful the mind is through whatever you give focus to. Too big to fail? Or too addicted to the game?

In Reply to Nerevar:

Noting that anti religion is another example of competing identities.
Identity that depends on being AGAINST - is fatherless or illegitimate for it gets all that it seems to have by the denial of the life of the other.
The lie and the father of the lie arise in 'resisting evil' in the sense Jesus warns against.
For what you resist persists.
Fools think he means succumb to evil or be a doormat for evil. But is that interpretation not because they NEED their enemy to cover over that in themselves they are as yet unwilling to own - preferring rather to cast the first stone?
No one can change what they are unwilling to own. Thus we give power away to that which protects our un-consciousness while asserting it as our waking consciousness. Ma tricks ;-)