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Kelly Brogan's Book

Why is the Media So Afraid of This Woman’s Work?
(An article on the avoidance by the mainstream press of Kelly Brogan's book shooting up Amazon to a top seller)

Kelly Brogan (in her book "A Mind of your own") says "I'm not a conspiracy theorist" and that's fair enough because it is coined and used to protect a power cartel from critical exposure. But the patterning beneath all of this heartless and blind cruelty is 'upstream' in our consciousness - though you could also say beneath our conscious awareness and operating a mis-identification.
Like there's a MESS of imprinted conditioning that is a confusion of terror and rage, shame and grief and our society is the LID that is made to not have to feel it; not have to feel it.
The lid will always be a tacit agreement operating just beneath consciousness, to avoid intimacy. I'm not talking sex here - though of course that CAN be intimate if the partners are not tacitly avoiding what they are really feeling. The conditioning has many variations on a few core separation themes and one is "If I open up I will get hurt" - which has an inner counterpart of "if I open to what is within me I will find hateful, shameful, raging or sorrowful pain". And so our adaptation within NOT opening to or trusting love (or indeed our true feeling and thought) is a persona or mask that does what it protects from; that is it denies love in protecting from lovelessness.
However, the social persona is a best face forward - except when justifiably provoked (lid off!) - but socially justified or validated 'stuff' is packaged in such a way as not to be overwhelming. Normal service is resumed and the topside of the lid is a low enough level of background negativity that it doesn't block some sense of positive focus - although much of the positive focus is in doing things so as NOT to feel too directly. For many a busy emotionalism 'soaped' out in drama works to project away and play out in proxy personalities - other people. For others a cerebral focus in problem solving. Everyone is their own strategy of coping with a dissonance of being that is so pervasive and normalized as to become invisible within the 'human condition'. But it is a human conditioning that is not really hardwired so much as deeply ingrained subconscious routine or habit.
The 'topside' of the lid - HAS to deny any other perspective or it has to meet the lid and the journey of transformation that comes from NOT lidding off in fear, blame, denial and projection. Indeed for those who are Re-integrating to their wholeness of being - the topside will in one way or another not See them, ridicule or persecute them, and generally seek to pull them back into a crab-barrel mentality where no one is allowed a fundamentally different perspective - unless of course they've been dead a while and can be re-written into terms that don't really change anything.
However, all of what is met in our world has some correspondence of vibration within or we would not meet it, and so ONCE one has established a fundamental trust within oneself - the world offers a way to uncover 'stuff' that is a call for healing we did not otherwise have access to - and it is within US that healing is accepted but naturally extends to others as a quality of being that sows seeds or meets another in a like willingness.
It is totally healthy to be depressed at recognizing a lovelessness that cannot be masked over any more - but the depression is a process of going within and abiding with and feeling for new Life - in ITS terms - that will meet your willingness but wont fit your {lid-based} demands. The shifting from  self-siege to a reconnected quality of vibrance, radiance and relational willingness in practical and relevant steps. This willingness has to become the new foundation of living - freely accepted - because it IS our true foundation and covering that over with a false sense of self wont work and can never fulfil anything but 'other people's expectations'. Sacrificing our self for the 'sake of others' is glorious when it is truly and freely and spontaneously gifted  because we SEE our self in the other and love them. It is a travesty of love to coercively deny yourself for the presumed needs or undercurrent demands of others - yet that is the way society HAS worked  and expects you to conform. You are not broken, nor sinful, nor medically unfit - excepting these beliefs are so pervasively part of who we take our self to be that we generate experience and reflections that fulfil such often unconscious belief. So there is a kind of rearguard honouring of where we are at whilst leaning into a willingness for an alignment with what is true of us - and what is representative of our joy in life - which is at heart a way of being with - but the things that move or attract you are ways to let this in. The bad news is - there is no escape from yourself. The good news is, there's no escape from yourself. But how you define yourself in relation to anything is up to You. The synchronicities of a fear-based sense of struggle are a different frequency band than those of a genuine self acceptance (not a fatalistic self-judgement). You can recognize the integrative  - and then look back and see that the negative outcomes were also reflecting and reinforcing where you were 'coming from'. So 'where am I coming from?' is a part of a natural conscious integrity of self-appreciation.
If I catch up to that I am coming from a sense of self undermining or setting up to fail - let me be curious amidst the happening rather than pile judgement on judgement. There is no other starting place than where we actually are - and no rehearsal is required to be ourself.

(In the comments below:)

Imagine "possession technology" controlled by psychiatrists.

Though it seems there are victims - there has to be a correspondence or... it takes two to tango. When we allow ourself to be induced or baited into giving away our own power, we attract others who then seem to take it from us and have more. This kind of game is ancient but it is still a conditioned response that can become conscious and thus brought into the power of choice. So one of the ways that some come into a re-cognition of their power of life by stepping out of the illusion of power over life is through crisis - such as Stephanie Carroll two comments above this one.
The idea of possession began with the wish-a tempt to possess and wield power of our own  and of course that's when the experience of being subjected to power began. To truly have something, one has to be willing to release it. In a world of 'getters' so many are 'got'.
The negation and undermining of Life in the name of fixing it is also carried on as psychiatry. But once you see the pattern - you see it is not this or that branch - but the roots.
As humanity is conformed to passive obedience - any deviation will be medicalized or criminalized to result in one or another form of 'medication'. If this is a nightmare - what would waking up be but the perspective in which victim-hood no longer held any value - and to round off isn't victimhood a state in which one's mind is subject to the past or the power of another or of external events? A Mind of your own is not a separated off state of siege - but a capacity for creative (free) imagination along consciously accepted lines arising from a true sense of worth. Its a Mind in which to meet and share with all that is truly worthy - including that part of psychiatry which is moved to heal and care for the sick while they need help - but without over identifying in role.

Mocking the mockers of God

Kasich delusional; Rubio not in God’s plan by Jon Rappoport

In the comments below this writing on 'religion' in the US political theatre I read:

P.D.C says:   
You think it is funny to mock GOD? All I can say is you better be prepaird to make your bed in hell.

I moved to say:
Hang on a bit - if what is being discussed is a corrupt culture that 'mocks' God by using His name without His Nature - then it is the mockers who are being mocked.
When so many 'use' the idea of God as a deceit to hide in and manipulate through, many feel the name cant be used because its been given corrupted meanings as a result of no longer being actually connected with. Instead an image or symbol or concept of 'God' is hyped up and 'given' power. There are warnings against this in the Bible that no longer find ears to hear.

How do you know if the God you love is real? (that's a trick question).
You know what is real by recognizing it in love and extending love to it.
If you try to love hate - it will not return your love but devour it and tell you that sacrifice is 'love' and that love is hateful weakness that works against your struggle to sacrifice and be free of unworthiness.
Love reveals you already worthy - and it is this quality of being that recognizes itself in others - and in the world - and extends appreciation and gratitude for the gift.
Another term for God is Mercy or Unconditional Acceptance. if you know better than God - stay in what your own judgement demands of you. But the Last Judgement is a Restatement of the First Creation: You Are my Beloved in Whom Is My Delight.
Jesus was a way-shower - not a sacrificial victim to appease a god of hate.

Prepare yourself for Life by self-honesty - not coercive conformity to feared outcomes.
Appearances can be faked - but a false self-assertion is a mask that always inevitably slips.
Such is a time for celebration! Light has entered - what are you going to do with it? "Kill the hypocrite!" or open a communication that until now could not be had.
When the one who feels they deserve death is extended Life they have a real choice to accept and recognize Life. Otherwise the hatred  rejoices in its 'righteousness' and feels 'closer to its god'.

As I indicated in a post on another recent Rappo-Rap - we cant damage the Original - but we can suffer a distorted and conflicted copy. It is your balance of mind that you keep in the heart - not God's Well Being. Taking offence is a choice - with consequence.
Be ye perfect even as God is Perfect - could mean Be on purpose and whole in unified purpose in your own consciousness so as to align and attune to Universal Purpose. It has nothing to do with what FORM this takes. But only love is capable of wholeness - where hate has to have at least something OTHER than itself to seem to happen.
The god of HATE is the changing of an Intimacy of being to a world of ugly strangers - against whom the elect and elite seek to prevail. Its a scam but with an extremely intense force of will in it. (Though I now see the true Will was forced down and then blamed in false scapegoating).
Jesus exemplified discovering the true Will of the relational situation - by pausing the mind of reaction and putting it behind - then what rises clear as Obvious is truth to rest in - as balanced action.
Take up thy bed from hell and walk!

Firing a false Imagination

Imagination and the fire” by Jon Rappoport
(An imaginative piece on Imagination and Reality)

    Hi Jon. You are articulating a story in which you call to wake up storytelling to those lost in their own story. As if the story we are telling – and believing to be our reality – is being Done Unto Us – rather than our own choice to experience in fragmented and conflicted purpose.
    Within the identi-fiction of such experience we cannot recognize our own choice – like not seeing a light switch after having turned it off.

    We are each and collectively choosing to turn off or deny the light and hide in darkness of a false light because it serves the purpose we accepted as our protection, safety and self and we will do so until we connect the idea of self-assertive power with its result: darkness. And so in darkness we called on the very illusion of power (for by it is true power lost to our awareness and choosing), to save and protect us from a sense of threat, of loss, of evil, and terror – as well as the threat within us of rage that we also fear to be evil, harmful destructive.

    From an act of misidentification and miscreational confusion, we put the brakes on – attempted to shut down power to a trickle – with a divide and rule power that denies movement of free willingness and deadens into densities of fixed and rigidly conformed meanings.

    But we did so from a set of unfolding definitions, beliefs and desires – for such are the tools with which to open the experience of desire – including the wish of running away and hiding from an experience we were unable and unwilling to face.

    Planet Earth could be seen as a quarantined asylum of straitjacketed ’emperors’ who are all intent on maintaining their fig-leaf thinking so as not to be EXPOSED to….a Truly Living Relationship that is undefiled and beyond the reach of mis-creational distortions – for in any attempt or tempt to possess and control, is the madman found in his struggle within limitation in place of abiding within the beloved.

    A fig-leaf mentality is a VR reversal reality machine in which that which would simply restore natural focus is killed in protection of a false sense of power.

    Like a monkey holding a fruit in the gourd-monkey trap – who cant withdraw his hand with the fruit and wont let go of what it thinks it wants or needs. So it is with humanity that wont let go of the will to power, the identity in struggle, the wounds and scars of justification for vengeance, the sense of self in righteousness that is gotten from ‘fighting evil’. All these things are the ways to choose to stay in an ever tightening struggle with our unrecognized Self as a result of creating on the basis of a split mind.

    Attempting to call in the Divine under any facet of the Infinite Expression of Life – to fight on one’s own side – is to substitute a communication channel for a weapon that then turns against the wielder. It is to try to pour Living Wine into old paradigm. The sense of an axe to grind is a psychic smell that even young children can discern.

    However there is nothing wrong with honestly uncovering and moving and owning the terror or rage that a false rationality has locked down deep as if to hide – and in the process lost connection with Life itself. But the rage needs to be disconnected from the trigger finger and the terror needs to connected to the power to move – or else the recycling robot trolls on, oblivious to the Presence of Life that is Everywhere – but seemingly nowhere welcome because it brings vengeance from the past to set the future as it answer – and the presence is sacrificed to a fleeting instant by which to ‘get there’.

The Emporer's New Drugs

Kelly Brogan is an articulate and energetically communicative voice for functional approaches to medicine - This was one of many videos of hers I dropped in on - that touches on the false and failed paradigm of pharmacological intervention as the basis and exclusive model of defining and addressing sickness.
And it prompted these responses.

An overview on the Emperor's New Drugs is very readably conveyed in "Anatomy of an Epidemic" by Robert Whitaker. Stephanie Seneff's approach uncovers the positive attempts of the body to maintain function amidst scarcity, stress and dysfunction. Rather than seeing a system as something to be fixed, recognizing a living relational intelligence that we can align with rather than work against in blind belief we are 'fixing it'. Fear grows out of control when 'fixed' by masking or hiding its symptoms. The emperor's fig leaf thinking operates the denial and suppression of the Obvious in the fearful belief that exposure = shame and pain and loss of self. We have to give ourself permission to Feel what we feel and find within that movement a better perspective than a false and blind sense of 'control - of the hateful or unwanted, that now threatens Our Biosphere as well as the capacity to embody true Consciousness of Life on Earth.ˇ˛

This writing unfolded from a phrase Kelly said about not knowing how the gut does what it does. Maybe it doesn't resonate with you. That's ok. Go with what does.
The link between thought - and I mean emotion backed thought - not conceptual narcissism - and the body/world reflection/response is generally hidden from us - partly because focusing in the thought of independence from and dominion OVER Life, NEEDS it hidden in order to have that experiential perspective. And so what we often believe and engage in as thought - which I just called conceptual narcissism, operates to mask the relational awareness of true communication - and the mask is the screen of a constantly shifting narrative that reflects and projects the idea of power to determine and to define, to predict and to control.
Emotions are response to definitions accepted or focussed in thought that then elicit a body reinforcement - the mental, emotional and physical operating as one purpose of an experience of unfolding Purpose or Spirit. When emergent self concept is overwhelmed or unbalanced in its capacity to receive and express the emotional charge, its assertion and defence generates a split Mind with denied or suppressed Feeling that is backed up upon the Feeling Will as a sense of oppositional Will that must be denied by a mis-identifying self-concept and effectively forced onto Body. Now is there the reconfiguring of the emotional and physical body and from the function of reinforcement and embodiment of the focus in thought into the role of blameworthy block to re-creational desire and the cause of dissonance, imbalance. But the effects are in fact faithful feedback to a mind that is narcissistically fascinated in its own thought - as if to separate off from relational 'disturbance and hold a private assertion of self above all else.
To the self-concept, anything that cannot be accounted for in terms of predictability and control, is dangerous, and so regardless of whether anything is actually true, it has to first find conformity within a pattern of thought to have acceptance. meanwhile the assertions of control and the stifling of spontaneity of feeling and being to conformity increase unpredictability and loss of control - escalating to crisis in which either a re-integrative shift of self-concept opens a healed perspective or an reinforced self-concept further fragments into density of denial, fear and control.
I began writing this because the subtler communications of the Bodymind - are aligned with and one with our Felt Existence. To reclaim or restore to a conscious awareness that had become defined by a conceit of private conceptual assertions - regardless how socially 'consensual' such agreements and definitions are in asserting and defending 'private minds'.
Disembodied thinking is not thinking but an idea of reversal and regression that meets an experience of 'dead matter' and random mutations as a chaos to be mapped, tamed and replaced with a model of ... manual control over Life - which taken to its conclusion is a victory in death. "We got the cancer - even if we couldn't save the patient!"
Re-connecting to and reintegration with true Feeling is the awakening of the true Feminine - of receptivity AND reflectivity. Embodying a true reflection is a balance in the heart of gut feeling that is received in the mind as fully felt Life embodiment - in which the sense of self is defined within Life's Living relational being rather than conceived as something apart and imposed upon the Flow of Communication.
Listening to gut intuition, heart intuition and higher mind intuition - as one embodiment is a different quality of focus than our habitual model. But we are inherently a focus of communication within a Field of Communication that has seemingly lost the capacity to Feel that quality of communication as a result of a strange kind of thinking arising out of an imprint of overwhelmed dissociation.
The 'state of our world' is increasingly revealing our separation trauma to us - and the dissociative attempts to 'control' it. This is the call and the opportunity for healing an Ancient misidentification within a Felt willingness in which symptoms become messengers rather than enemies.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Capitalizing on dishonesty

I commented this into:
Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?

I came across a great phrase in comment section elsewhere in which the term 'conspiracy theory' was reduced to ... capitalizing on dishonesty.
Honesty can be mimicked and used as a weapon or a trojan - but then it isn't honesty so much as calling the lie in others or elsewhere.
An elitist establishment may be seen, perceived or believed to be all kinds of things - but one I notice is of giving them much more power than they have where they haven't, and not having a clue how powerful they are where we don't even see it. For it operates through our own unrecognized and largely unconscious fears.

Anyone group seriously forward looking desire to hold or expand power of influence will work with incorporating and using any variations of plan and hedge bets accordingly. I aim at neither power or influence in oppositional terms but consider any apparent negative event in a desire to define it so as to serve a positive outcome - as a dedication to detach from what is not honestly belonging or true of me.

I'm not in the USA but I resonate with the desire for humanity that may express itself in all kinds of alloys that are reactive, fearful, or hateful. My sense is when stripped of all that is false - all that doesn't belong - the original stands clear. This is often a humiliation in personality terms but honesty acknowledged and valued is true humility.

My sense of elitism is of warring vanity (personality inflation) that sacrifices or denies truth : Honesty - for power in whatever terms the sense of lack of it defines. That's the 'Pact' by which we each in various ways come into some sense of power from a sense of lack - or powerlessness.
But awakening to and breaking with that pact is the recognition of a deceit and a realigning in spontaneous reintegration as a result of releasing such a forcefully pervasive sense of need for control.

The most clever manipulators of directing history are more than capable of running a variety of 'games' simultaneously - AND of funding them all. Money is nothing to them excepting to control it and use it as a means of control. WHY? is another matter. I'm not saying there are not all kinds of self-justifications - but those are what the mind serves up in place of Honesty - and for which the true of our Humanity is sacrificed.

Having read a bit of how Hitler was anticipated, then supported and used, I say that there are those whose grasp of human psychology goes all the way down where most of us recoil from - but that they do not recognize it is also the Feedback they need to restore their original nature - their true power - but that self-concept denies it them - or else they would serve the living rather than rule the dead.

Bruce >>> C. binra

You've brought up allusions to Hitler and Stalin before and I assume you're referring to Trump since he's usually the subject at hand when you do.

I've heard about Hitler's backing but I don't get any analogy with him and Trump. The US is not like Germany was in the 1930s and Hitler was a "nobody." Trump is not scapegoating like Hitler did, nor has he been in politics for years paving "his" way, and nor has he been receiving funding for years.

If I had to choose an analogy it would be between Stalin and Clinton. Stalin was Lenin's Secretary of State and he placed his cronies in various branches of the government so by the time Stalin gained "the Presidency" he had his goon squad already in place.

binra >>> Bruce C.

I don't assign power to personalities and so I use the 'Hitler' theme as the motif of the one who is hoped to, and promises to save a wronged, abused and downtrodden nation from the international conspiracy and corruption within. Hitler achieved a huge change for Germany and Germans before became entangled in expanding wars that it could not and win and was not allowed to surrender out of. How much of that was due to the support of the international globalists operating through the corruption within Hitler? I don't know - but he started off with appealing to a sense of national pride that had the shadow of supremacy - of elitism - of exceptionalism.

Hitler saw power as struggle (war) and communication as a tool to leverage outcomes (propaganda and dictate) - and within the allegiance and conformity to his ideas, he was an enigma of many faceted humanity. His example remains coveted in secret because he at least seemed to achieve power but apparently overplayed his hand. I sense he lost much of that power to those immediately around him - for the opportunism that amasses around such a call to power is not that of free willingness and humanity. Power-seekers do not make bonds of intimacy - but of alliance that serves private self interest.

I have not engaged much with the personalities of the election campaign (circus?). I read the signs of the times. Whether they know it or not, the establishment set this up as sure as eggs is eggs. Because, when you suppress and provoke people enough there will be reaction, and there is the power source with which to break even deeper into the Life force of the host. Power - in that sense - is deceitfully gotten by inducing others to deny it in themselves in the act of reaching out to the 'power to save them'.

I do believe that we need to reach out of and break an isolated sense of attempting to prevail in the framing of private struggle as if 'mein kampf' (my struggle) gives meaning to an otherwise meaningless or humiliating existence. In other words to reach out and restore a sense of true worth and meaning where it otherwise suffers division and diversion into a loss of worth that invokes the will to power and struggle in futility and woe that comes sooner or later.

The Bolshevik group planned and executed their version of 'communism' amidst the welling up of an oppressed serfdom in desire for a more human way to live - and if I recall - they were sent off from London with considerable financial backing.

Against the power that 'rules the world' is no real resistance that does not feed it. But that 'world' is framed in the idea of worthlessness and struggle for power - and it is that framing of a false self concept that I feel to challenge - not to struggle with the symptoms that automatically ensue.

Anyone can 'believe' they are serving the people - but celebrities can believe what their fans project onto them - and become addicted to it and play it out. These transactions operate bubble realities that only run upon the willingness to override or dissociate from real relationships.

The US IS like Germany - in that it has been usurped and used before being hollowed out and destroyed. Different regions have different roles to play. And in many ways US is run by the same corporate-financial cartels of power - because although there are families and organisations that span many generations of such focus, the real nature of it is the idea beneath it. Who controls the narrative to set the meanings can run the mind of any thinking that partakes of false currency.

This notion of power will always war within and upon itself until all movement ceases - or until the idea that undermines a true appreciation of Existence is itself revealed meaningless. The apparent 'in between' is to allow only enough creativity to feed off of. If the game starts to expose then it has to kill the host and infect a new world order.

To what degree does ANYONE truly harness possess or achieve power? What you would use - uses you.What you give out, comes back. Looking at the feedback to read the signs of what is going out from me un-recognized, is different from reading the world as an enmity of evil intent that must be taught a lesson or indeed eradicated.

The brain literally programs pathways like tramlines and our linguistic pathways become the persistence of ancient hatreds - acting out over and over again. It runs like a machine. There's no love of life in it - but mere symbols of love, freedom or power lost.

Such symbols are all part of driving a negative emotional drive to power - it is hatred - one way or another.

When any of the innate qualities of being are rejected as a result of being misperceived, then self concept usurps real relationship and self-righteousness rides roughshod over the denied.

Whatever the script that runs - there are two fundamentally exclusive ways to read it, and by the fruits we know our own choice. Or we don't recognize our own choice and suffer as if victim to another. But before the angry brigade leap to defend all the poor from being blamed for choosing powerless on top of experiencing the same - I state that the level at which choice really operates is in the recognition of what is already operating - NOT at the level of personality that is framed in a false set of choices to keep it thus.

So anything that leans into a core honesty and integrity of being is in the willingness to release a false notion of power and open to what is actually going on (within and without) - rather than follow an investment in without that blinds you to within and the ideas that run un-challenged there.

The way out of a mind trap

 Commented into an article on the movement to define 'conspiracy theory' as a mental condition - and a criminal act.

- - - - - - - - - - 
The way out of a mind trap is to recognize you are not in it. Any other direction is reinforcement. A false thinking will trigger or bait you into reaction by which you will have made belief by acting from it.
War-mindedness is hate and blame. But beneath this is fear and pain and getting in touch with the underlying feeling as an emotional honesty - before acting or broadcasting attack - allows a process of integration from which to become more aware of deceits so as not to be baited as well as more able to discern how and when and with who to address the issues that are beneath the appearances.
Lack of fear is not a lack of discernment in reckless disregard for consequence. Every act has consequence so the key thing is to be on purpose - that is truly aware and aligned with who you are - so that whatever then occurs is part of your purpose and to be understood within it - not as a loss or violation of it.
If you don't know who you are then you are running on 'thinking' that is not worthy of you. A false currency.  A directed narrative that operates with built in defences against being questioned or exposed. If you are part of such a 'conspiracy' then you see the world as being 'done to you' and cry 'foul!' as a basis from which to withhold and withdraw behind a mask. If you play the 'innocent' over an against another's guilt or the righteous against another's sin or lack, then you are strengthening that 'mind' in human consciousness by living from it.

In framing 'them' as almost all powerful, your own power is negated. So look to how you define and talk about others. Its telling stories that are not true - or are not the whole truth. If others are identified in control and feel they are losing control or being threatened, then they will soon shift from suspicious to vicious.

Communication must begin within our own consciousness -or else one is simply running as conditioned reaction - of thinking - regardless the role played.
Communication as I say it is not thinking - but a real relationship; an intimacy within - though the word 'within' is redundant here. But focusing exclusively 'without' is the conspiracy of consensual blindness to truth. How else could deceits gain power?

- - - - - - -

No need for anti-government - but rather express idea of true or just governance. Hate-led politics may be popularist - but it appeals through joining in hate as a kind of ritual release that does not actually release but persists he problem - albeit sometimes in different clothes.
This 'hate' founded reaction is part of a fear of being hurt and threatened in coercive terms - and is never straight communication. Governance - whatever that is - needs straight communication and fear of hurt and hate of feeling powerless, distort straight communication.
When politicians seek to use tactics like the above, they are admitting they have no credible communication to offer and are either bluffing because it works with so many that it doesn't need the iron fist to follow up, or it is in a corner and has no other recourse in the perspective it has painted itself into.
Most do not like to be seen as hate made manifest and so they seek justification so that it is no longer hate but dealing with dangerous or corrupting nutters or indeed vermin.
I feel that this is a time when real communication is needed to witness to true currency of thought - and one doesn't have to be hateful in intent even if expressing about issues in which there are hateful consequences that can be and should be addressed.
The way tyranny is give power is to deny any true voice expression - as a result of activating a pattern of self-censorship. Fear, hate and rage find entrollment via unconscious denial and projection. We are meeting 'unconscious' self in our surface reality.

Considering Cause - beneath all appearance

I said all actions have consequences and someone replied "dare I say all actions have causes?".

I'm glad they did, because it opens the possibility of addressing cause instead of being exclusively set in a focus of division in the idea and attempt of manipulating effect.

There are thoughts and actions that proceed as conditioned reactions of a misidentification, and there are thoughts and acts that embody a quality of wholeness of purpose.

All acts are embodying thought. For 'as a man thinks in his heart, so he is' - and does. When we accept thought as our own, by acting from it as true, it becomes belief, and interprets perception, and that determines what you see and sets the range of available responses. Accepted beliefs also operate automatically to find reinforcement and support - not because they are 'acting independently' but because the subconscious aspect of our personality has such reinforcement as part of our capacity to remain focused in physical experience. Actions imprint consciousness at the body level to make habit-routines of reaction.

Many are divorced from the heart's knowing in a mind of reaction they then take as their self and that 'mind' frames everything in terms of separation - including a sense of causing and defining itself and having to function, cope, manage, prevail and survive, according to its own self-defined limits. These thoughts and actions persist in asserting and defending a separate self sense that may operate like a guardian of the heart - but in its own image and definition of heart - and upon its own terms - and so operates more as a guard over a denied and imprisoned heart - for redefining the feeling quality of relational awareness and expression in mental terms - and giving it priority and power - is to accept a loveless power as one's cause - regardless that it has its own version of 'love' - which is both conditional and contractual to the effect that it allows presence of feeling only when certain conditions are met - and withdraws and withholds presence with anger or hate if those conditions are not met.

So far I have only looked at where one is focused in or 'where one is coming from' and not at all on what any act is or does.

The focus on the form of an action without its relational context is seeing or accepting a meaning that isn't necessarily there. It is a private bias that makes association. But meanings of association then become a false currency of short-cuts that cut out actually checking in with what is actually presenting or presencing itself.

A phishing attack is a current example of masking a hidden intent in a familiar form, but the ruse of a mask or disguise is pervasive within our own consciousness and therefore in our social and political interactions.

The nature of the masking has a protective element - but it is also a denial of Life - and with consequences that are dissonant and destructive to a true appreciation of Life.

It may be seen as putting something on hold because it could not be faced, resolved or integrated at the time, But this is a temporary holding aside or keeping away that cannot be made a foundation from which to live without the conflicted nature of that foundation manifesting in all that then transpires. So the dissonance is truly the call for healing - but the persistence in 'power' interprets dissonance as a call for attack - and this is a false identity that runs with all the power the belief in attack gives it.

But of course it is experienced real, and defends and reinforces itself as a chosen idea or belief through which to focus and have your experience. But it is blind to its own predicament while it attacks effects without pause to reveal cause.

The redefinition of cause into assigned forms of association assigns it to the past and in the Other and projects it to a future anticipated to repeat the past - and so a residual sense of control is asserted in protecting from fearful unwanted and hated outcomes that denies any sense of presence - for the attempt to escape a feared past - or repeat and maintain a 'loved' past is the re-enactment of the same core pattern that imprinted such a past.

But is it the past or is it a way of defining a present trace of a focus that has value and meaning? Is it the past as a fixed and irrevocable act by which all was set awry - or is it experienced entirely through the lens of a presently held sense of self-belief?

Do we in fact have more power than our thinking allows - but of a different order than power to deny, mask, assert and present a mask to be validated?

Stupid is persisting in what does not and can not work while not 'getting' the feedback and making wiser connections. However, the mindtrap that I sketch out here is ingeniously devised - because the power that called it forth is Power of Life - yet it now seems to work against us rather than for us, and to deny the even the life we thought to have in the way we thought to have it.

That we can use power to deny and limit power is a contradiction - but we are operating a mind in contradiction with itself and with its Cause. A mind is not meant to function as power or as mask of power - but as a channel of communication that connects and reflects relationally.

The conditions in which to re-cognize or know again a true relation or alignment at heart or as a balanced wholeness of being are here to read and to use. Or you can persist in attacking, denying and seeking to manipulate and coerce outcomes from an incomplete and distorted sense of yourself.

You know truth because it does not need any such assertion of 'power' to be itself. You can in that sense, rest in it - not static - but as one with a flow of unfolding. Losing balance is part of learning to walk. Without willingness, curiosity and imagination of an open Mind - the halt lead the blind.

What or Who is the Establishment?

rahrog >>>

I think the establishment's fear of Trump is genuine. This leads me to believe that they do not control him. The funny thing is that The Ruling Class will have more control over Trump if he is elected than they do now. Is he smart enough to see the trap? If so, will he be able to do anything about it? The USA has already gone over the edge into what appears to be a neofascist abyss. No executive, no matter how skilled, will be able to stop the crash. SECEDE...SECEDE...SECEDE!!! Then SECEDE again.

binra >>> rahrog

What is 'The Establishment'? the structure of conformity that bulks it out or the quickwits behind the strings.
When there is a big Crash, almost everyone get burned - but not everyone. When there are world wars almost everyone is burned - but not everyone.

Insider dealing is a market term but also serves for those who are inside the timings or even the events, and direct and seed trends so as to be positioned to exploit and benefit - often in quite long term plans.

If fascism is governing by dictate and without assent or accountability, then it tends to run either on a 'popular' personality or a collectivism presented as fairness that operates a kind of mind-control.

What is the nature of control? Either undisguised threat or a subtler deceit. What is the true nature of governance? A process of communication out of which outcomes arise that honour that process of communication.

If we use smear and propaganda in place of communication then we are already part of a controlled opposition and no matter how much we may seem to be a loose cannon, we are infected with the same mind that we profess to hate in the other.

However, Trump has a platform for witnessing issues that the Media and its puppeteers cannot altogether shut down and deny while he is undefeated in this bid. Regardless of what presidency may or may not be able to enact or change - while he is in the spotlight he can expose more of the deceits going on.

Somewhere down this page was a mention of chemtrails - which - whatever it is supposed to be for - is toxic to Life on Earth. This cannot be talked about without meeting the denials of the Establishment - which is mostly a zombie army of mistaken and mis-directed self-interest. And so the Established Narrative is that whatever they are is either nothing or out of bounds to hold to account. There are many 'corporate' agendas that result in biocide. The answer is to change their legal status to hold persons accountable and stop accepting legally defined entities as having personal rights (without corresponding responsibilities).

However, I note Trump is willing to raise the similar issue of vaccinations - which have a trojan horse of scientific "consensus and believability".
I believe the best strategy is freeing our mind and using it to reflect a true witness in which deceits must be recognisably deceits. Will there then still be the sense of power with which to rule by fist alone? And is such a rule anything more than a SHOUTING over the truth that they cannot and will not accept?

rahrog >>> binra
Yep. A healthy dose of truth would be most beneficial.

binra >>> rahrog
No one is open to truth who already believes they have it defined - or that opening will deprive them of whatever they believe they have. And fixation upon the evils or faults in the Other is the symptom of that.
If someone is on a red alert as their normal state of mind then they simply wont get any invitation to reconsider the role of control.
As in True Medicine; simply remove and desist from the toxins and do nothing to prevent the intake and exposure to nutrient and a true supportive environment - and health rises and regenerates of itself. The caveat is that 'toxins' are not just embedded in all sorts of chemistry - but are neural pathways of conditioning associated with negativity that has been dumped in the body and denied emotional expression and release and so there is a HUGE backlog - and the World reflect the same complex MESS!
However, in the willingness for truth there is a shift by which our relationship to symptoms changes and we are no longer so defined or subject to them. Freedom is firstly being who you are without fear or guilt or any call for justification or apology. Some things change radically and instantly and others may persist but become insignificant to fulfilling your life - or serve some purpose of keeping you focused.

I felt to share this because I don't feel to wait on anything or anyone or even another moment for a dose of truth ;-)

The system degrades to feudal elitism

 N6J commented:
Absolutely correct about the return of feudalism. Every socio-political system degrades (given enough time) into feudalism having an elite few parasitically living off the plentiful poverty stricken plebes/vassals. Going one step further, the Earth is a plantation and we are not its masters. It doesn't take much to expand upon the possibilities about how all of this functions the way it does.

The few with more wit to see, who but cannot see a way to awaken responsibility in those many, who demand to be led and managed - whilst holding and alternating in the right to resist, refuse, complain and generally rebel. So they see the many as 'choosing' ignorance and using pretence of conformity along with taking offence at being conformed.
I don't hold this view exclusively - because there is a multi-layered dynamic between everyone involved. But there is something to see here - if you want.

A fearfully and thus rigidly held and defended self-concept, asserted as 'self' - as one's active identity - automatically rejects and excludes from acceptance, appreciation of worth and belonging, that which does not support or conform to its idea.

Such concept judges others as a world lacking in worth and confidence in its own feeling of being. One sees what one is the vibration of. We see blame in others because we put it there.

Your plantation example bridges to Jesus' parable on the tenant farmers...

By identifying in self-image instead of being identified in Source (Life unfolding ever anew unto Itself) - We became as the tenant farmers whose Master had 'gone away' so as to come to believe We were in charge. The Natural Communications of the Master to its Expressions then became interpreted as threat to a false sense of coercive sovereignty - that killed the Messengers which felt to be threats and violations. (And may even do so in God's Name - because name had become divorced from true Nature).

However, some level of awareness of what was in fact going on reflected in self-guilt and corresponding fear of punishment - which then added another layer of motivation for killing the Messengers who became shadowy witnesses to a vengeful fear of retribution. (And unrecognisable as natural communication within Being).

Yet when the house of cards collapsed and the clear Source and Nature of Being restored the awareness identified in image to its true foundation - there was no punishment whatsoever - only a resuming of a totality that had only been broken in concept; a mis-identifiction built upon, believed and experienced as real.

So the way out of a mindtrap - as I said here very recently, is to awaken to that you are not in it. What Mind is cannot be contained and defined and actually disconnected by thoughts in that mind.
But we can become very attached and identified in the objects of mind - just as we can to a anything we have invested a lot in and fear or hate to lose.

In a confusion of apparently conflicting thoughts and feelings - wisdom pauses to take a true account - or else the momentum of current investments blinds one to what is in fact unfolding - as well as our right or integral relationship within what is happening.

Systems degrade because systems, to have life, must serve Life. When the 'law' works as the sacrifice of humanity to those who invest in that system so as to maintain in darkness an isolated sense of control, then such law naturally undermines its own source of existence - even while claiming victory. The house of cards may as well be Sauron's impenetrable and unassailable fortress - for its lack of integrity is in its false foundation - and not in its superstructure of "presented power". And indeed in Tolkien's story, that foundation was undone by a willingness to relinquish the will to coercive power and not by pitting power against itself.

Ideological purity rejects that which works because its identity is invested in a model it cannot and will not back off from. It isn't that 'elitists' are not often aware of evils - but that from their perspective 'too big to fail' includes anything that is so intertwined in its foundation as to be the tares that would spoil and lose the whole crop to try to remove while both grow together. So when is the Harvest? The true accounting? Indeed with the undoing and closure of the insane and sorry affair with 'stealing' a mind of judgement of good and evil?

"Love waits on willingness, not on time" ~ (From A Course in Miracles). Individual freedom to accept is integral to our true Nature - and this also means we are innately able to refuse to be controlled or conformed to what, upon a true accounting, is unworthy of investment and can be known by its returns or fruits.

The fear of love runs so deep that even spiritual sensibilities refuse it, in the guise of moralizing and cajoling into living up to or forcing what then cannot come naturally - in its own terms - and with fruits that restore joy in life, and honour a true sense of worth - not a system of beliefs that confers or invalidates worth.

True mastery is a capacity to feel all of what is met within oneself and to immediately feel and know how to be or meet or relate to the living situation. Techniques there may be, systems may still be used - but there is a real relationship here. That's the key.

As for our impending future; some of the probability lines that are active are much worse than feudalism - for our biology is being corrupted and poisoned in the guise of progress - and I sense a force of hatred for Life beneath whatever devices and deceits operate at whatever level of the tacit conspiracy to make Life a slave to a loveless will - because love is not able to Message its Own - but is 'aborted or crucified' by an unfeeling insular 'mind'; that has conditioned itself to love to hate, and to hate to love. A mind held in reversal to its Nature.

A result of a false accounting. Rather than hate the moneylenders - thank them for illuminating the nature of a false interjection in your own thinking - and put it behind you whenever you notice it.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Positive Thinking and the Name Game discusses mental illness in the context of a pharmacological society.

Positive Thinking and the Name Game

Our Experiencing is really being experienced. Experience of a lack of acceptance, validation, recognition and worth, sets up denial of what is actually felt and needing communication, expression and resolution or completion. While the social context operates even subtle forms of this denial is masquerades dominant or official 'reality' as that to which all others must be blessed or cursed according to its narrative. But its 'blessing' will not include healing or resolution so much as a carrot to offset the stick of management. WHEN an individual does come through to a wholeness of being - he or she will find society very filtering and distorting of what it is willing to accept of such a witness - sometimes waiting until that one is dead and out of any capacity to respond - while making them 'special' as a way of maintaining separations that are implicit to the active sense of identity.

The demand in a cause OUTSIDE ourself is the fear of what is within, and the rage at feeling denied, being displaced from its original imprint. This rage is evident if one questions the belief that any other perspective is available than the diagnosis - for the diagnosis relieves many of a fear of insanity and invalidity- and as such needs to be honoured as a stepping stone that can be moved from if and when there is willingness to expand and embrace more of what is active but hidden.
The search for cure can be pushed into long grass by making sure we look everywhere BUT where the answer is. While on some levels there is a manipulative intent to foster this, at root is is a matter of each ones' self-intimacy or trust in a core integrity of being - that the illness calls for - but which is often interpreted as a lack of. External 'solutions' can offer tempirary stepping stones in a process that needs smaller steps and integration one step at a time. They can simply be synchronous with releasing whatever out-of-true was reflecting as symptoms - and the out-of-true is never a blame or shaming judgement - although blaming and shaming oneself and others is itself out-of-true with a compassionate willingness to embrace what is true in oneself and others.

The making of associations of forms and meanings gives rise to a database mapping mentality of precedent in which forms are equated with fixed meanings and a 'world' of meaning-forms or rigid definitions is contrstructed as an extension of self-concept to which self and society are then conformed. Like for the individual in the writing above, this is not wrong - but a temporary part of a flow that can seem to become stuck - often due to misplaced investment in a model or personality status. Making 'sense' of the world is reinforced by using that 'sense' to predict and effect power over outcomes. In a longer time span, these cultural movements also turn out to be temporary stepping stones in a larger unfolding - but in each age - the paradigm is invisible to a sense of self evidence. The placebo effect can be the desire for healing - but really it is simply a communion of belief within a vibrational relationship. If energy is shared, invited or given permission to move, the step that is taken is within the willingness to accept and cannot exceed it without meeting conflict and denial.

Naming or defining anything is a result of purposeful intent. If that intent is coercive and conforming to a deep but subtly disguised denial of acceptance of feelings and thoughts (by elevating only official reality), then it is that intent that operates a negative agenda in those that accept such imposition in a like sense of a need for being structured from without. Then there is the way it is applied. If the diagnosis is not accorded primary status and the equality and worth of one so diagnosed is recognized and appreciated - then the naming is not being used as a 'spell' so much as a short-cut convenience for practical concerns.
An honest realtionship with one seeking help is to listen to and discern with them what ways they are attracted to or indicating a preference or prediliction for. We need a functional integrative approach to health - not a managerial and restrictive imposition of 'care'. Only those who have a degree of self responsibility for thought and feeling can consciously serve the same in another who may not know where to start - being confused in their sense of foundation or identity.

In the common parlance of the way we usually mean thinking - no. More thinking from the same misidentification - no matter how it is contrived - will not shift or heal or awaken a better foundation from which to live. But taking the statement at literal level, we think ourselves - and then proceed to act from and believe that, we are as we think we are. Thi makes the 'thinking ourselves' an unconscious act relative to the engagement in the sense of self that comes from it. First we have to catch ourself in the act of thinking our self - that is noticing a thought or belief about ourself that is not true but which we use or are habituated to - and which is associated with a negative effect. Making THIS association is a true cause and effect relationship. Because a personality identity with a certain degree of control and choice operates in the world on top of a deeper sense of who we are - and our original imprintings or conditionings - the breakdown of the sense of control or capacity of the personality is disturbing - and much more so in a society that has almost lost all awareness of a deeper relational intimacy of being FOR such an impositional control. We not only can think ourselves better - it is our most fundamental responsibility because all else cascades from the foundational willingness and acceptance. If we think ourselves worse, we bring ourselves to crisis. Society has tried to reconcile and balance both and as such suffers a split mind. To be perfectly adjusted to an insane sociaety is hardly sane! Therefore allow disturbance not to be a sign of sin or sickness in a negative way - but a messenger and a call for health in a way that the mind cant immediate grasp - or it would have done so long ago. Willingness and desire are not coercive force in a 'war on...' whatever - though they may have to stand firm amidst all kinds of old habitual urges and impulses to come clear of being lived by them. Willingness is uncovered - as is true desire. Not ripped away in sudden exposure but felt for and found in.

Medicalizing mental health is a presumptive arrogance and ignorance of those who are blinded not by science - but by what they wish and interpret scientific data to support. But as the primarily pharmacological approach to any sickness - including emotional and mental states once simply accepted and embraced within Life that are now being defined as drug markets- and though that is stark it is simply evident, then the term medical has taken a distorted meaning. The pharma sickness is merely a symptom of our incapacity and unwillingness to own mistakes and be free to move on - and pharma is the most significant vector of sickness in our world today - along with adulteration and toxicity of food and water and air and environmental exposures.

The native sense of 'Medicine' as For Life is not the same as the search for power over Life - that knows no check or bound to its ambition to manually operate Life in its own image. This is the impositional power of the personality writ HUGE - or rather - written at such subtle levels of our energetic biology as to have HUGE consequence of even greater crisis of sickness and dysfunction.

I write in a willingness for witnessing to a heart and mind connected Life; for a reintegrative willingness in place of a fear and denial driven sense of need to control - which begins with our definitions and must end there - because we will never exceed our string place except we yield it to a greater or more embracing and aligned perspective. And yielding to our own being is not being taken over by 'something else' - but more that 'something else' has gotten into our thinking that doesn't need to be there and which clearly seen would fall away. But is it very strongly hidden - in plain sight - by a tacit societal denial that nonetheless operates with significant force of carrot and stick to demand obedience.

Getting off the meds may be more challenging than getting through whatever was intially used to justify going on them. The same applies to our thinking. However, whatever the symptoms, there is a significantly felt shift to integrity when aligning with a core sense of worth - and doing so will manifest synchronicities of oppportunity, that may not be what you expect, one step at a time, in a true sense of direction rather than a confusion of directives.

Use what you have, while you know you have it, to grow appreciation of what you have and are. Or what has you out-of-true will frame you as 'too little, not enough and no good at, not worth it' and then reflect a world in like image. Energy and feeling needs to move, acting from what is moving you in a self honouring way rather than focusing in thinking. Then 'when ye thinketh not' - amidst doing something you are aligned with, insight upon your thoughts rises, and your thinking capacity - if fools don't rush in - can used to clothe what your heart knows in terms your head can accept and reflect to the heart in gratitude.

Trying to be who you are NOT is bound to result in all kinds of sickness. Fearing who you may actually be revaled or exposed to be - keeps you from dissolving fears in a clear intent. So in some sense You are the Answer to what presents itself as you- the problem, but the former is a relational embrace of what is true of you and the latter is a state of independent (sic) isolation. But relationship is first found within - perhaps with the companioning of others but we need support for healing - not for sickness. If we use sickness to get something or even to get at someone - then we could find more open and honest ways - like asking or getting it out in the open.

Mental-emotional health is part of a relational balance and an out of balance society generates and feeds off sickness. It makes no more sense to blame society than to blame an individual. Blame is the disease, not the cure. Limiting consciousness down and down is the elevating of a tiny elitism. Sickness in society without any true cultural grounding is a collective insanity - but noticing that is the opportunity of healing - not a call for hate and blame and punishment... unless you insits. But what goes out is the measure of what comes back. So in thinking ourselves better - we are discerning as to what we take in and validate as our own thinking - because that must be measure or kind as to what goes out. Breaking a negative loop from an inner recognition rather than an outer description.

Steering into a skid momentarily allows traction between the wheels and the road and the steering wheel 'works again. Fear of feeling is an unwatched and overactive imagination. Trying to eradicate or get away from is a refusal to pause and open to the possibility that something is trying to communicate here. A cut heals - so would any imbalance - given the conditions for healing to occur. There's an arena of expansion: facilitating or creating the conditions in which healing naturally occurs. We are so expert in the opposite that we can use that as an inverse template from which to gain inspiration.

Fear, and fear of what exactly?

(no link - but a story on the apparent escalation of N Korea's nuclear belligerence)

I see N Korea as very useful to some in supporting the belief that we are socially and politically free. The insane fear-mongering that only grows louder and more insane is part of trying to keep the genie in the bottle. Keep the light from shining. Maintain a confusion in which to hold back the Unthinkable. And for very many - so far - terror maintains the power that dictates the narrative of the "Free World" - but unlike N.Korea - it uses much subtler social engineering - though behind the mask - fear and guilt operate a protection racket - but from what?

In my own life I passed through different kinds of fears and saw that there are layers of psycho-emotional defence that include every kind of diversionary tactic, and the mark of an 'inside job' because the triggers were exactly targeted to the weaknesses and then subtler fears hidden in presumed strengths or certainties - and pulling the rug from these would in one way or another cause me to 'lose focus' or communication and become engaged in some conflicted drama that in a way kept me in my cage or indeed kept out of awareness what I was unwilling to own.

Accepting responsibility for fear rather than 'losing communication' to some kind of blame-drama freed up attention with which to notice more.
The eventual shock was of recognizing - suddenly stumbling upon what the network of fears were serving - and this is perhaps not communicable to anyone who is not already aware of in the moment of stumbling upon - and it is fear of love.
That recognition did not allay fear - but it totally shifted the direction of my curiosity - because I was no longer coming from an embattled attempt to prevail or survive.
Fear becomes something to feel into and move or flow with in ways that own it and be transformed by it. Not manipulated by the flipside of my personality attempts to hide it - or indeed to hide from it.
The capacity to feel is what grows - and this is consciousness of a kind that thinking alone will never achieve or recognize - for that is flat - even if it is forcefully redirecting the energy of suppressed or denied emotion. It is simply the personality as a defence mechanism rather than as a channel through which to experience More of what is already here but hitherto screened off or denied and filtered out.

One of the stories I find interesting on Nukes and 'crazy' ideas is around the multiple documented instances of UFO's associated with disabling nuclear missiles - and frequenting such sites.

While I wouldn't advise dropping anything that works for you - I would invite willingness to consider that not only will "the Bridegroom come when ye thinketh NOT" - but where you don't expect. That is, transformational information for the timing of your own unfolding, in the very places you so easily judge against and overlook. This is the reverse of what I said on fears hidden in apparent strengths.

The next thing is serendipity or synchronicity - for if you are focused in what is true of you - which may be truly interesting, enlivening, joyful, exciting and etc then that aligns correspondences that the merely rational mind would not see any connection and pass by. But beyond the short-sighted personality range of thought is an inner knowing of who you are and thus what serves your fulfilment - and thus brings you things that will turn out to be connected when looking back.

This is 'leaning' into the unknown - but following an inner sense of connectedness that is tangible but never the alleviation of the responsibility to be present that a rulebound mind seems to confer.
Learning to NOT trigger fear in others is also part of the art of living, This is the polar opposite of the belief that one has to leverage others with guilt or fear in order to achieve personally desired or believed outcomes.

That there is another way to arrive at desired outcomes has to be discovered and demonstrated as a willingness to learn. The pervasive fear and blame operates against this movement of the heart - IF given the power to do so.
I agree that disturbance is part of the 'territory'. Getting hyper on reactions can be a way of not owning how disturbed one actually is. Honesty unlocks insight and perspective - but it doesn't come easy to a sense of self under threat and seeking protection. If the outer experience were comfortable I wouldn't be talking this in public - but it is increasing disturbing - so the 'territory' is here whether you 'choose' it or not.

Weather Modification - Chemtrails

I'm curious about this. It is being held very secret. My sense of the Sun these days is significantly different than it was before. Aluminium is also used as sunscreen - at great health cost.

Sunlight has been demonised when its beneficence is manifold - albeit proportionately to sensitivities and exposures.

The image I feel is of a dawning light of a nature that calls the end of the party for the shadow deceiver mind. I don't have any physics for that except it chimes with my reading of the times.

If there were some basis of believed 'threat' that atmospheric modification was called for - but the threat was felt too fearful and threatening to public 'sanity (sic) - and so it goes on un-announced, and un-acknowledged excepting with a 'climate change' ruse to add a sort of backdated cover story.

Yes I know there is also the callous willingness to poison and sicken and retard populations as is also occurring via all sorts of other means - but they are generally power consolidating and profit making - whereas poisoning the Earth is more of a mass biocide. I'm aware a lot of people now have human self-hatred and see them (sic) as a virus or plague on the Earth - but their thought would call forth depopulation of humans not a biocide of Earth. That destructive agenda speaks more of a hatred of Life Itself - that 'Luciferian victory' of glorying in death as power over Life ... or perhaps Job's tempter.

Biology is a deeper frontier than might seem - because as I see you are already aware - it is being utilised in the war against Consciousness.
I sense that many cannot FACE what is going on and their mind shuts down in apparent cynicism or gullibility - while they are usually more than willing to immerse in dark and heavy movie scripting. So I feel to join the opening of the mind to the dark scripts that are active in our collective reality - with an unwillingness to engage in and indulge in a negatively directed imagination.

I refine my sense of using 'democracy' to any mode of arriving at outcomes or decisions through a process of honourable communication. This may not even use voting - but in order for it to be real - even the unpopular or discomfiting voice must have a space of willingness and acceptance in which to be heard.
This is an entirely different basis to the old ways of fighting out arguments  where only the powerful have a voice and artful deceits rob power by setting up legal procedures and forms that exclude all but initiates.

Natural Human: (Posted this link)

I'll watch this - I have read a bit and watched a few other videos so far. Will this one add anything new? ....I'll find out. (Edit : A sense of a growing conversation).

But just posting links or relaying information - does not communicate any ownership of what moves YOU to bring it up or share it. There is a tendency to 'share on' information of either positive or negative import as if everyone Else has to get it and act.

But merely opening to something as information is not the knowing from which to act or speak. I feel we have to allow ourself to be transformed so as to act from a truer clearer sense of who we are - or... we are being run by fears and guilts that we are not even aware of - because they are packaged up in ways that hide or screen from accepting what is really going on.

Denial of fear enacts denial of Life in forms of power imposing order upon it. This is not original human nature - and I feel to uncover and flow with the natural human - which is not framed in a false sense of power - or in reaction to it.

Never say Never!

Someone said "I never vote"

Passive aggression is a participatory act of withholding from communication so as to dump on it.
Never say never! - (well I just did twice) - but the key point I feel to make is that whatever we do or do not do - it is where we are coming from that is our 'vote'. Reactive thinking has not arisen out of any real enquiry or receptivity - and the presumption one already knows and doesn't have to check in, is ignorance and arrogance so typical of human vanity.

If what seems a judgement is in fact a true discernment then aligning in true preference is not making an invalidation or denial of the other or unchosen act as the means to gain power of righteousness. We don't need justification or apology for being ourselves.

In reply to: This comment

Jesus had a saying 'Let the dead bury the dead'. He did raise the dead - but only those who were stirring with the willingness to wake.
Working on the 'ego' is full time employment for.... the ego.
John Whitehead articulated some aspects of the 'problem' and some of that reaches people who are waking to the problem. But I feel the answer is not where he thinks - because the nature of the deceit is to set the problem in terms that make the recognition of the answer - and its acceptance - impossible. However, any symptom can uncover a bread-crumb trail to its cause - and to the substance or nature of such cause.

In reply to:This Comment on Weather Modification (chemtrails)

I'm curious about this. It is being held very secret. My sense of the Sun is significantly different. Aluminium is also used as sunscreen.
Sunlight has been demonised when its beneficence is manifold - albeit proportionately to sensitivities and exposures.
The image I feel is of a dawning light of a nature that calls the end of the party for the shadow deceiver mind. I don't have any physics for that except it chimes with my reading of the times.
If there were some basis of believed 'threat' that atmospheric modification was called for - but the threat was felt too fearful and threatening to public 'sanity (sic) - and so it goes on un-announced, and un-acknowledged excepting with a 'climate change' ruse to add a sort of backdated cover story.
Yes I know there is also the callous willingness to poison and sicken and retard populations as is also occurring via all sorts of other means - but they are generally power consolidating and profit making - whereas poisoning the Earth is more of a mass biocide. I'm aware a lot of people now have human -hatred and see them as a vies or plague on the Earth - but their thought would call forth depopulation of humans not a biocide. That speaks more of a hatred of Life Itself - that Luciferian victory of glorying in death as power over Life or perhaps Job's tempter.
Biology is a deeper frontier than might seem - because as I see you are already aware - it is being utilised in the war against Consciousness.
I sense that many cannot FACE what is going on and their mind shuts down in apparent cynicism or gullibility - while they are usually more than willing to immerse in dark and heavy movie scripting. So I feel to join the opening of the mind to the dark scripts that are active in our collective reality - with an unwillingness to engage in and indulge in a negatively directed imagination.

I refine my sense of using 'democracy' to any mode of arriving at outcomes or decisions through a process of honourable communication. This may not even use voting - but in order for it to be real - even the unpopular or discomfiting voice must have a space of willingness and acceptance in which to be heard.
This is an entirely different basis to the old ways of fighting out arguments  where only the powerful have a voice and artful deceits rob power by setting up legal procedures and forms that exclude all but initiates.

Bolt Upright said: Ignorance is bliss.
to Bolt Upright:

The belief that ignorance was bliss becomes the drive or urge to Unconsciousness (and indeed death) by pervasive denial of the movement of Life-being in its messy and chaotic demands because you are involved.
But any seeming attainments of such bliss are soon interrupted by the reflective reactions of our own denials - and so this 'control mentality' is empowered and trained to subvert, conform and kill life wherever it leaks in - to protect a bubble that puts the Life out in attempt to survive and prevail as a fixed idea.

Information, disinformation and discernment

Psyops, a false mind of 'control'

MSM pushes old crackpot theory to make readers of alternative media seem crazy

Information, disinformation and discernment

It is not that mind control is new because the term 'mind' in the sense we often use it - is the attempt (indeed a tempt) to control the narrative or assert a story by which to justify or validate ITS persistence as the guide or indeed dictator of one's life.

Astroturfing is a term to denote planting out false 'grass roots' articles and sites and commentary that all conspire or work together to effect the establishing of a public narrative by which any other view - or challenge to that narrative seems dissonant and attracts ridicule, suppression and active denial.

Another aspect is to bait anyone who has a capacity to see, and think, honestly, into conflict in which personal investments and outcomes trigger reactions by which they can then easily be attacked, shamed or invalidated.

Whatever information presents itself from wherever, the key is an inner discernment from an integrity of being - and the presence of mind - or should I say the free functioning capacity of mind, by which to pick up false associations, insinuations and baiting.

One does not have to have or voice an opinion on something that has no relevance to one's peace (unconflictedness of being).
There are many perspectives that have their own 'local' point of view - and there is no call (and every loss) in resorting to blame, ridicule and denial.

The mindcontrol is already running as our own thinking - unless we pause and desist - and truly listen or discern what truly resonates and is relevant to who we feel and know ourself to be - rather than who we have fooled ourself (in a world of fools) into believing we are.

Being able to witness for truth is not attacking lie or liars so much as illuminating and reflecting what is seen or known, for what it is or is not.

The attempt to use the internet for purposes of control would have been in its beginnings and funding because that is  - if you  will - our own hidden human agenda. But it is not our true fulfilment  and actually operates contra to our true fulfilment.

No one likes being controlled (though many like to use the cover of 'orders' to act out of true without feeling responsible for what in fact THEY are choosing) - and so reaction sets of a polarity of conflict that works at both ends to deny the heart. To deny the feeling of balance and connection within the whole that recognizes itself in the path or prompting of an inner guidance.

Keeping this channel of communication open, may operate on current wisdom - but without closing down into rigid and defended conclusions that then operate as a 'mind' unto itself.

Trump is fooling, Trump is a fool.

Trump has a lot of people fooled. To quote him: "I love the poorly-educated".

Brian >>> EDM:

I didn't get the quote in context - but does he love them, or does he 'love' that it is dim enough for him to be able to seem to get away with things that cant happen in the light?
A lot of people want to fool Trump into enacting this role?
A lot of people want to fool themselves?
I feel a true education is always a timely beginning and starts out from a true desire to learn rather than presumption to already know.
That is not so common even if it is at root, common sense.

(See bottom of page for Bruce providing fuller context of the quote - and my reply to Bruce)

EDM >>> Brian:
Trump loves that they are not critical thinkers. He loves that they can latch onto the simple concepts he repeats over and over. He loves that the USA is a consumer culture and the buyer is pre-conditioned to accept any premise without question as part of the sale. He loves that the media will help him spread his message for free because he is a carnival barker, the PT Barnum of 2016.

Brian >>> EDM

Lets say that that is so for the sake of making a point; who is running for election that is any different?
You are simply describing the State of the Nation - no?
I don't feel to defend or attack him. But to recognize the forces at work through the forms that they take.

Perhaps he represents the last grab at restoring the American Dream - which usurped a pioneering spirit to indeed become the way you describe. You may be right - yet he still may be the only focus for many to give voice where they have felt denied and deprived of a voice - regardless of his personality traits. The image that comes to mind is of a charge that seeks discharge toward balance via the path of least resistance. That may be dangerous - but so is persisting in the denial and deprivation of humanity under the deceit of governance.

Sanders is the other somewhat outsider - for those who think along different lines - but just reading of his conformity to vaccination agenda suggested to me that he has no idea of the way power operates these days - or is part of its presentation. Whereas Trump plays the same game and so is less inclined to trust what very clever people present as critical thinking - and yet may also be part of its presentation.

As an Englishman, I perceive the USA has sort of mutated in its worship of presented or affected image - to a level that caricatures itself - and yet passes as 'normal'. Ron Paul is wise and unassuming and courageous - and yet does nothing to keep the inflated imagery that so many seem to aspire to or are compelled to maintain.

These times are marked with the flip into the absurd passing off as normal. In a way this has almost always been so - but the exclusive focus in ego or self-image has become so disconnected with anything that it is become a house of cards that simply cannot be presented as credible and only becomes the more grotesque the more it intensifies.

When making bridges of trust and communication with someone who is dissociated from true relational responsibility, one has to enter into their mythology and use it on behalf of gaining attention, opening a reliable channel and restoring perspective to a focus in a true relational presence. I see this as the Power behind all apparent powers.

EDM >>> Brian:
Do you want to understand Trump? Do you want to understand the USA? Then I suggest the 1970 movie "Little Big Man", which explains the mythology cum reality of this person and place. Donald Trump is playing the part of snake oil salesman "Allardyce T. Merriweather". Watch how he evolves during the's exactly the trajectory of Citizen Trump.

Brian >>> EDM

I invite understanding of the script writer. I don't isolate characters from the script-in-play and pretend I am also a free puppet!
I have read that the Rockefeller dynasty was founded

in the sons of a snake oil salesman - and that Tea tree oil was sold in Oz because it is effective against snakebite but dishonest salesmen diluted or cut it to be trading false currency of exchange.

I don't gain understanding when getting or reinforcing reactive identity against something else. But I get that you have fixated on Trump in a way that makes him a special hate figure in your script. That's as you like it - but where does it then go?

We all develop some private mythological scripting mind that judges others in terms of our own person. This becomes a subconscious and almost autonomous routine - that we can confuse with reality - like a movie where we write our own bias into the script. Like a communication that was effective before we adulterated it with personal bias of a private agenda - running without any real governance.

EDM >>> Brian
I am not isolating tRump. I am seeing him in the context of the society that produced him and produced the masses yearning for a more effective snake oil at a reasonable price of 2.99. Watch the movie, it nails the entire history of this place.

Brian >>> EDM
Whilst I am not understood, I am neither surprised.

EDM >>> Brian
You don't understand all.

Brian >>> EDM
Well go with what you can use towards the best outcome you can - and understanding expands in unexpected ways. None cannot understand what their starting point does not support - and the only way to understand one's starting point is from a perspective prior to and beyond it's scope.
You might ponder why almost no communication occurs between us. I simply do not share your presumptions - which are the context of the perspective that then logically unfolds or extends from that foundation.
The Ideas of the Age are in ruins - or rather have become lost to derivative concepts of Idea that connect with nothing but Who Says So.

EDM >>> Brian:
You want me to read every word of your drivel yet you won't do a simple task I assign you? Where did you become so privileged?

Brian >>> to EDM and a wider attention!

But you are free to read or not as you please. I am addressing the wholeness of attention - as it freely alights to join here at the Daily Bell. If it is nothing to you - let it be nothing to you - and it is!
False currency is simply valueless - meaningless. Any attempt to reconcile it with the true will GIVE it the power of its face value. But at the cost or indeed the demand for the sacrifice of the true.
If it is not true of me - I don't have to get rid of it.
If a sense of hate rises in resonance to hateful intent, I don't have to reinforce it in myself by reaction.
I use the event to serve the purpose I choose - and withdraw allegiances from any hate that had lain hidden until triggered.
I fully feel whatever I feel - as my own being - my own Conscious Experience, and open it to fresh perspective.

I feel a horror that this reflects a part of the wholeness 'Me' that has chosen to unfold its own experience within hatred. That is not my choice and I thank the reflection for clarifying a choice that has no belonging in me - for every time I consciously don't choose it, the pathways of my natural preference are restored to a free and thoughtless creativity.

I am blessed in my true inheritance and keep it in awareness by extending it - and keep vigilance against inducements or deceits by which to hate. It is always myself that I attack. Don't be fooled by the 'hit' of a momentary satisfaction that passes off as righteous vindication. It fuels the identity-cycle of war and the illusion of power to export the cost of self-hate and self-pain.

Better to draw it out in the open - and resolve it where it is, than project it out into terms that ensure it will never be healed. But hate will not allow that while it thinks for you. There has to be a relinquishment of using hate-thinking, as a result of a recognition that rises within a choice or shift of focus within our being. It is what we want that aligns and colours our perception.

Ernesto has what he wants - not from me - but because he wants it enough to make his world on it. When enough people conspire secretly in hate, the 'world' that is presented and 'traded' as consensual reality, becomes full of the witnesses to hatefulness, lovelessness, unworthiness. The rot works through the whole batch.

But although born and acculturated to such a 'world', I have a deeper sense of value that stirs at what I can only call a depth - somehow beneath thought and appearances. I treasure the witnesses to the 'real' world - real because it isn't manufactured distortion - but more than an absence of hate - it speaks the qualities of being - of a true appreciation of Conscious Existence - right here amidst the 'ordinary'.

Blessed are the self-impoverishing - for their true inheritance is not their power to change - but only to lose sight of in fixation on the false. This is an ancient habit that has to become recognized as a habit and thus transformed to a conscious choice. Making choice against the grain of ingrained habits calls for discipline of self-worth - and when there is no other real choice available - discipline comes naturally. Its a matter of self-honesty and desire. The rest follows.

Notwithstanding the horror of the human world we inherit and participate in, I hold a sense of Humanity in desire for Life on Earth in a true freedom of being. Not a bunch of concepts - but a primal force of Life Itself. I use words - but they will never substitute for an intimate recognition. A moment of which is richer in information than linear mind can formulate in a lifetime. But then we only need to know, what we need to know, when we need to know it.

The power that aligns or facilitates this is not 'lording it over anything'. That was the image of self that raised a false sense of 'control' over the denial of true feeling being.


Bruce C. >>> Brian:
FYI: The context of the quote was in his "victory speech" after winning the primary in South Carolina he was exclaiming to his critics (and celebrating with his supporters) that he received the majority of votes in every single (I think) "demographic" political category - 'wealthy people, poor people, older people, younger people, men, women, blacks, whites, hispanics, well educated people and poorly educated people', etc.

He said, "I love the educated...I love the poorly educated", etc. I thought it was funny, and it felt genuine.

Brian: Bruce C.

Thanks Bruce. In which case Trump is being inclusive - albeit within the context of those who voted for him and his platform or indeed for his spanner in the works.

Whatever anyone SAYS - it will be what they do that reveals where they are really coming from.

If I write longer than you want to read - just follow your inclinations. Attempting to articulate some of what I feel is beneath or behind the 'human drama' is having to find vocabulary in new ways - because the existing ways are so predicated on mind-control.

It is easier to appeal to people's frustrations and angers and fears than to elicit their free willingness. Because anger writes a blank cheque to 'the enemy of my enemies'. (Remember the use of 9/11 to destroy Iraq - among many other restrictive and destructive agenda).

The action/reaction re-enactment of conflicted self, externalized and suffered, is not where I see any movement for qualitative change - but in the very midst of reaction is the moment of opportunity to pause from running on the same old program and open perspective upon it.

So to me the persistence of the struggle of powers is not wrong so much as misdirected. And predicated upon a false - but heavily imprinted - conditioned sense of self. It is not wrong for powerlessness to seek to regain power, for example.

It does not require a 'good education' to smell a rat, have nothing to do with it within yourself, and thus live a perspective that is true of you. And, there are many mythological stories (personality constructs) through which to live that are as valid as the results in life lived - that need no justification or apology. But if any one operates as an exclusive 'truth' and undermines all others so as to seem to become unchallengeable power, then there will be rage on behalf of the movement of Life Itself - which experiences itself in infinite richness and diversity of perspective - each valid AS a perspective.

Free will is the core human quality from which Spirit recognizes Itself in embodied reflection. But a loveless self-concept, operating as dominant, controlling and conforming imposition upon Will - (and upon experiencing Life), is the basis of an 'anti-Life' principle. However, it has no power but that which is given it in acceptance of self in its terms.

If rage is identified with hatred of OTHER - then the pendulum swings. But in the noticing of the qualities of rage is the opportunity to open a feeling connection - an inner recognition of hurt. The opening of emotional honesty and communication within is the shift from the control-minded definition to a more compassionate willingness that step by step opens and aligns a quality that the control-minded cannot know - much less embody.

In any moment of reaction is the opportunity for mindfulness of embrace rather than a false but very very quick and clever mind of mapping, defining and controlling.

Trump is an embodiment above the radar of controlled media-mind of a rage that demands to be engaged with.
Whether that is lost to the machinations of devious deceits is a matter of standing in integrity and refusing to be baited (or recognizing the error and simply restating and realigning in integrity).

Communication with emotional integrity, is deceit, But communication restored automatically works to undo deceit and take the covers away from that which cannot operate in the open - or must openly reveal its hate in raw terms.

If one does not in a living way say "No!" to hate, it corrupts and despoils any appreciation of Everything - because it usurps the self. But I have to feel its nature within myself to know it does not belong within my current desire and simply - and wholly engage in focussing in my desire without giving power to fear of the rejected self - because I haven't rejected but embraced and moved on.

So I acknowledge feeling hatred as the context in which to own and release it. Which is not 'spiritual or political correctness'. Whereas the mind-denial of hate feelings suppresses that discomfort AND healing from occurring by asserting a pseudo-conformity of assertive identity in concept.

I felt it worth reaching for these meanings with you for anyone who looks beneath the first reaction in desire for a greater perspective than what we think we know.

I don't give Trump the power. I see power in each and every one's willingness to align truly in power for Life or re-enact the destructive illusion of power over Life. It is a heart-sense that cannot know its power unless it lives from it - hence the aborting or subverting of any such Movement.

On the other hand 'power over Life' must keep its hostage alive though powerless because without anything to deny and thus "Lord it over", the very notion of such 'power' is nothinged. It feeds on victim-hood whilst masking its victimizing behind self-justificatory narrative of claiming victimhood and accusing the Other of its own 'sin' and WANTS to believe it true.

Once we made (defined) power in our own image we fear it because it has all the power of our initial investment, and all the reinforcement of conditioning through experience thereafter.

So be careful - indeed truly mindful - of what you/we give power to - because it will come back to us in unexpected and unrecognised ways. Properly understood, this is the secret of Life. Not a conceptual construct, but a relational appreciation of expanding perspective.

Hating and fighting symptoms, or killing the messengers, is the error by which false power denies a deeper communication by dividing us from our own intimate experience with a loveless rule - with the mind of judgement - which is or asserts to be the usurping of power to define all things to a personal private dictate in place of a true willing.

The idea of Jesus - illuminates that of pausing the first so as to feel and know the second. It doesn't matter what path or modality serves such a willingness - it is the fruit that matters - which is an intimacy in motion and not a frozen closeted idea. I feel not to use "Jesus" as a 'power' to hide in or behind - for that is how to lose awareness of the power of love. Love of humanity - through our Own - cannot pre-set qualifications of worthiness - nor make special some at expense of others.

Hatred of humanity is very active in Our World - through the same in ourself. Perhaps only on the recognition of death's approach can love remember that which was lost - unless being right is clung to as hate's defiance and death the proof of victory.

New Age Business

In general response to: A comment on this page.

Its a strange thing to note but that a lot of 'new age' thinking found receptivity in business. But just as with every other potential tool for reintegration and alignment of purpose, it is subverted, diluted and corrupted to forms that persist a negative or segregative 'disconnect' agenda.

Terms and symbols can be used very differently. Context is needed to locate them in a felt sense of communication.

All experience is valid as an experience that can be had - but if it is not truly representative of what you say you desire then there is something out of true in the template.

Those who think to reprogram reality do so in the self-same illusion of identity in form. They think to use the power of illusion but are used by the illusion of power.

The the Consciousness is transformable in an instant of shifted perspective is the gift of true acceptance to free embodiment. The interjecting 'mind' of possession and control would claim this as its own and make a self on the sense of such power. But it is a sham and its power is the reaction to a sense of power-less-ness that the gift of Life seems to be when perceived through the lens of such manipulative and possessive intent.

There's a Leonard Cohen songline that goes; "you lose your grip, and then you slip... into the masterpiece".

Its a whole different Perspective and from there, everything finds or flows in right relation - that is you know how to be, to say or not and what you need is here in the instant it is needed. That does not make sense in a world of controlled scarcity - yet most people have experienced this quality of being. And then we 'lose it' by resuming a framework of thought and identity that SEEMS to interrupt or block or limit - and we react to that sense of loss or deprivation and set it more strongly as an actual experience of losing power.

I generally use 'negative' in a mechanical sense for dis-integrity and segregative focus and intent that generates a sense of self in struggle and sense of disconnection. 'Positive' being the movement of reintegrating or restoring alignment with underlying integrity of being.

As you say, 'positive' is often a mask for concealed or unrecognized negative intent - and this is evidenced by the feeling of being manipulated rather than related to in an equality of straight or genuine communication.
There is no limit to the mind's capacity to mimic Life.

But there is a limit to our giving it that employ on our behalf - and that limit is - on one level or another... pain. Release from pain is a genuine NEED.
Masking that need with attempts to protect self-concept is a delay device. Fear is running that script. There is a relational balancing act in shifting from blindly enacting fear-directives to 'coming out' in commitment to a more aligned perspective.

Without the relational feeling quality - mental 'understandings' operate the same blind imprinting and believe it is wholly justified.
But the relational feeling qualities of our being are automatically and actively denied acceptance, conformed, or invalidated.

And so a substitute mentally imposed manipulation of 'reality' is protected against the perceived chaos and treachery of something uncontrollable - and seeking to rob us of power.

Locked into false or incomplete self-definitions that are defended against correction, healing, joy and freedom from pervasive wearing, taxing pain.

But one can only revise a faulty choice by recognizing it in its movement. It cannot be corrected when it is not active. The mind in rehearsal can gain an immense store of 'understanding' but if allowed to suffer a real relationship it all falls apart - or imposes its power by using its capacity to get others to fall apart and conform to their thinking.

Yes, the parallel realities idea... is a profound expansion of the concept of the One Physical World running as a discrete linear aggregate entity in which secret thinking can hide within an 'unconsciousness'. A multi-dimensional perspective experienced through the lens of an self-exclusivity or 'elitism' that seems powerful within framing of scarcity - believed and reacted to as true.

If we are attracted to and attracting such a world-experience, rather than subject to be its victim, then it is possible to be curious as to what we must be believing and intending to generate it, but have 'hidden' from conscious awareness.

I find an inner world of unseen influence but in bringing it to light, automatically move to embrace that which truly resonates with me and drop that which doesnt. This is a conscious discernment in place of an autopilot that runs on a database of imprinted conditioning that tends to form based meanings. But as we all know, appearances can be deceptive.

I enjoy reading you and sharing the theme - which goest wither it will. There are resonance recognitions with the outer reflection of 'control'. freedom, reactive triggering of manipulative intent - that reflect our human conditioning. The idea of freeing ourself in order to serve a greater freedom is not new - but it is easily subverted into ego-politics - when its foundation is a true appreciation of worth - extended and received.

Garbage in/garbage out say the geeks. If the generated output is faulty or dysfunctional - look to the code that templates and defines the parameters awry.

Struggling or warring with symptoms only strengthens the identity in effect ... in rigidly set defined forms, and distracts ever more 'effect'ively from true cause - which becomes the primary defensive reaction of such identification that rushes to control, limit, shut down, or deny anything that moves from Life directly.

We have to learn to Read the symptoms from a new perspective - which means noticing and dropping the old point of reactive defence.

I enjoy growing a willingness to articulate this in 'linear longhand' but the actuality of recognition and shifting is within an instant - and yet the Living INFORMATION of that instant is inexhaustible - and within which - what is most personally and practically relevant freely rises as our awareness of a unique but not elitist expression of desire, focus, appreciation, and gratitude.

Why is this not the natural conscious fulfilment of our day? Because a way of forgetting has been so deeply learned that it seems to run all by itself and we identify it as reality - and suffer it cruelly.