Friday, 4 March 2016

EU or the real You?

Iain Duncan Smith accuses pro-EU Tories of 'smears and threats'
Work and pensions secretary says ‘desperate and unsubstantiated’ claims damage integrity of those campaigning to stay in

Part of the problem is the loss of genuine communication of ideas and feelings, for attempts to simply coerce, trick and 'win' a narrative 'victory' by deceit.

One of the things I appreciate about Corbyn - is that - regardless of whether I agree with his conclusions - he is honourable in his methods - and does not resort to the dark arts of deceit.

The loss of honour is justified by those who define what they don't want in terms of a narrative evil. In such context communication is BLOCKED and ANY means becomes justified in the 'war against .

This seems to 'work' as a way of undermining and silencing what the 'war' defines as 'oppositional' threat but which deprives everyone of their true voice by asserting a directed narrative to which one must conform. (conformist collectivism). All apparent 'sides' of such 'war' operate the same principle of competing power rather than of a desire to understand and integrate. It is a loveless and robotic 'survival' mechanism that is denying a true basis for Life on Earth to flourish and thrive.

The choice for collectivism - under ANY masking of good intentions - is a forfeit of choice - of sovereignty of human willingness - to a loveless dictate of conformity - overlaid with distractive deceits. The legally defined Corporate - and indeed corporate financial 'trading' entity has a fundamentally lawless disregard for Humanity and for Life on Earth and uses symbols and imagery of serving the same in pursuit of profit - and survival as an entity that claims rights where they block transparency and accountability - while redefining the law (revolving door/captured regulators - > TTIP etc) so as to effectively transfer any residual power of sovereign will to a collectivist State that has at best only a facade of electoral accountability and a rigged justice system.

Relationships are not JUST about what we can GET from each other or what we fear we will LOSE to others. Relationships are Communication or else they are some conditioned reaction of mutual transactional avoidance of communication. Manipulators know this well and take advantage of latent conditioned imprints to trigger reactivity that effectively denies the possibility of discerning what i fact is really going on.

The EU is not about money and 'trade' it is about Control. If you believe human beings are essentially unworthy and uneducatable then vote for the collectivist mode of imposing Control. We do hold this belief much more than we may like to think because we are so heavily invested in this attempt to Control rather than communicate - and we are loath to abandon our investment. But pouring good currency of allegiance into a bad idea has to come to a brink where the experiential recognition of wrongness breaks the pattern of conformity and support - and genuinely seek the true of what is going on and not merely seek other way to protect a bad investment. That way lies and slavery.

Creativity is inversely related to what I am using the word Control for. Of course there is a natural quality of control WITHIN the movement of desire and fulfilment in relationship - but the suppression and denial of creative freedom in Living our Humanity is not gaining 'power' it is negating our true consciousness of Life to conforming to an idea of power that is dead - and no matter how artfully or intensely the presentation of life is asserted - there is no real willingness for relationship, communication or caring - no kindness or compassion.

Of course I appeal to your core Humanity in this moment - but you have to make your choice for your reasons - and I will communicate towards making this choice a consciousness issue rather than a manipulation of conditioned reaction whereby you 'know not what your do'.

In reply to:

You yearn for the comfort of ideological identity but life is not really so simple a narrative. Embracing Life is embracing humanity - and there's the rub is it not?

Good intentions pave the way to hell because they offer a way to seem righteous or kind while retaining a private loveless - indeed hateful - intent. I don't address you personally in this but all of us. Fear of emotional reality makes us fodder for manipulative purveyors of directed narrative.

Whoever you are and whatever your views, if you have a willingness to speak from the heart and also listen there, then there is the basis of something much more powerful than an 'alliance around private gain' - but not a power that protects us from our true feelings - by patronizing rationalisations or suppressive denial.

I don't care whether you are a union man, on the dole or a CEO - I care that you recognize and lean into your humanity in willingness to move out of - or correct for a dis-integrity - without piling on more blame and shame.

In reply to:

Make your case - don't focus about what others seem to be doing.
Yes there is insanity beneath the 'normal' of social and political thought (and resultant behaviour), but if integrity means anything - it is a core sanity of being that can be uncovered, recognized, witnessed and embodied as a felt presence rather than a presentational artifice. I don't expect anyone else to be perfect but if I look FROM a willingness in myself I can discern and recognize that quality in another. If I focus on the mask in others it strengthens the same in myself - so I don't mean to be patronising here - but your clear willingness for a better world deserves joining with - and this is what came up in me to share with you.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

An interuption in the MeSMeric Signal

Trump: why the elite media were completely wrong about his chancesby Jon Rappoport

My Comment:

There is a kind of doublethink that is indeed disconnected - and it is pervasive. It seems to come from the puppeteers behind the scenes - but parasites will alert you to where your vigilance was lacking - IF - instead of being baited into guilt, hate and vengeance, you reclaim a truly active willingness of connection or communication in which there is no invitation or appeal for a external 'power' or 'protection' to impose judgement. But an undefended willingness to Feel Truth and live it. The image of God was hacked from the start - but beyond such limiting self-definition, is the Movement of Our Being - undefiled. So while the 'personae' enact and play out endless separation trauma - there is another way to read it - from a place within you that is prior to the masked mind.

But when anything happens that is clearly not within or seemingly controlled by the official narrative, it does indeed allow a perspective upon that device. The MSM or MeSMeric signal, is interrupted and yes, a glimpse opens. What we then choose to use the opening for is everything - as our choice is always the determiner of everything we then interpret and perceive as a result.

The struggle of power in the world is the dramatis personae of the scripted ego. But the standing in and witnessing of the power of awareness, recognition, communication and trust is of a different foundation - though it MUST seem to be a power play to anyone who is invested in the power play as their identity in win and lose.

My sense is that there is a profound arrogance and ignorance operating in a sense of power on Earth now that does not care too much about a few leaks or upsets here or there because they believe they have it in the bag and there is no resource or recourse by which anyone can move against them - but will be turned and used - or neutered  - or fed with support to make headstrong and shift from a heart focusing intent to a mind protecting part of the establishment.

The idea that the world is a reflective feedback to the inner focusing has been lost to the identifiction within our own reflection. Unless we recognize the symptoms as a Messenger, we tend to kill them to protect a temporary tenancy. Yet symptoms have something true to reveal from within our own resonances and reactions. We have simply forgot how to Read Creation in the a tempt to assert and maintain our own private version. In fact we don't even see creation - but dead stuff and others who signify a death of loving relationship - and blind hate feels validated and justified in asserting itself upon the Living.


Medical Marijuana Legalized on Entire Continent of Australia

This article is disinformation. As a commenter Jerry Cook says:

Bogus misleading article! I also live in Australia, and no, its not legal in any significant way yet.
FROM FARM TO PHARMACY (controlling govt minister/secretary Sussan Ley) is for Big Pharma only, nothing else, not home grow or dispensaries using the whole plant. No flowers or seeds for sale, just partial help pills & sprays that can never work as good as the whole natural plant. No profits for BP in whole plant cures or use (does not suit their work process or profits), just plant parts or synthetics for poor results & long use. Its not for general use home growing or dispensaries. Read the whole new law. Any growing permits & licensing is set for Big Pharma only, approved or not by Secretary Sussan Ley only.

My comment:

The article begins ‘Will the US be next?”

The US Gov has a patent on a medical use of marijuana. Look it up and read. The patent reveals the health knowledge that is NOT acted upon. The sudden introduction of an international top-down astro-turfed "movement" is by the elitists for the elitists.

They can not it seems, imagine benefit for all but seem hell-bent on keeping their nightmares at bay. Investment in a lie demands the cost of the Soul.

As the mask is revealed it falls away to expose a hatred of Life. Such feelings offer a timely context to withdraw allegiance from what is revealed to be without integrity, or we lose our own and are pulled down with it.

Denial is not the power over Life - but a mistaken concept of Life operating insanely. Denying power to denial is aligning wholly in Life and accepting it's perspective in place of the idea-identity-illusion of power.

Give unto Caesar what is due unto 'power in the world' and give unto Life what is due unto Life. Expanding perspective is the release of false framing - and the linear tunnel vision that such scarcity dictates.

Reflecting the nature of thought in thought

Research Shows the Power Your Thoughts Have on Health and Longevity

The mind in definition is experiencing as it thinks - yet thinks it is experiencing events outside and other to itself - and in that model, thinking seems to be the surface or conscious PRIVATE act or fact of a sense of conflicted individual existence - for even such thoughts are conflicting - although the desire for continuity of focus within the model calls forth the weighting and shifting awareness in such thoughts so as to preserve a general sense of unity - but always over and against something or someone else.

These conflicting surface thoughts are in many ways a kind of reinforcement script to the wish and desire to a segregative experience because they effectively divide and rule by screening or keeping out what lies beneath - and beneath that; what truly knows itself being.

The word "I" can thus shift from a reactive expression of assertive blocking to a profound sense of being moved. Clearly they are not equal. One is defensive in the idea of conflicted self and the other is undefendedly free of the idea of self - so as to embrace and feel embraced by the living moment.
The defensive "I" is already fearful, hiding in fear and hiding fears, running away from its own conflicted thought in attempt to redefine or re-distribute the elements in such a way as to save its 'self' while rejecting and abandoning the rest.It does this in its own justifications and rationalisations of judgement that extend the pattern of its original separation trauma. It cannot 'do' anything else until the investment in persona wears down enough for the underlying already self-definitions and beliefs to rise to conscious awareness - which itself may be a fearful initiatory transitional identity.

Adding more thoughts on top of the conflicted "I" will serve nothing but the recognition it is not your true self. But uncovering the thoughts and beliefs that are already active but had been invisible or so lived from as to be unchallenged and un-noticed - is the crux of transforming them - which is not the engineering expertise of the ego working on itself - but a yielding what is being thought to the true of you. In place of asserting what is being thought at the expense of the full awareness of the true of you.

Bringing the Life to a CONCEPT or idol of truth is an act of reversal, denial and forgetting and loss - in concept held as Truth, felt as god, lived as real.
Bringing the concepts and beliefs that served self-image to the Living true, is to re-integrate who you thought you were with who you truly are - with the true movement and presence of being.
This then opens living from a different foundation. One cannot teach this in any terms of the false or conflicted sense without the liability of reinforcing the idea that what you truly are is something else or in some other moment that is to be achieved or reached. There - right there is the reversal by which thinking operates a preoccupation of elsewhen in place of presence - and seeks to make its home there.

Fear of sickness

Government rejects calls for meningitis B vaccine to be given to all children
Thousands sign meningitis B petition but Department of Health says giving jab to all children is not cost effective

My comment - which the Guardian deleted.

The IDEA of vaccination appeals to fear of sickness but its true story is not as magical as many wish or as scientific as many claim. The book 'dissolving illusions' is a mind-opening read.
I am not opposed to health care choices and if after a consideration of information available, people choose to use vaccination and boosters to minimize their sense of threat - then that is their choice. But with a pharmacologically directed narrative there is an extremely forceful emotional charge directed at anything that challenges, questions or widens the perspective of that narrative.

The association that vaccine = protection has been imprinted as an exclusive truth in our collective consciousness. It is not free and it is not proven to be effective or without risks. Because of the reputation of scientific institutions and the zeal of the vaccine lobby, full information on vaccines is not shared. Vaccination operates like a pseudo-religion made out of a coercive sense of enforcing the 'good' on others  or else it would be open to transparency and accountability. The pharmacological model is not the only true path to health! Iatrogenic sickness and related deaths are huge in scope and synergistic in causality. Corporate ownership and control of our biology and environment is dedicated to extracting profit. There is a right place for making profit, but what does it profit us to gain such a Soul-less world?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Media linkage on zika study leads to mind paralysis!

Study links Zika virus to temporary paralysis

 Learn to 'read' inserted PR like this and you learn to embrace freedom. Who controls the media (mind) is said to control the world, but who opens the discernment to 'read' it is the true inheritor of the world - and perhaps the un-intended benefactor of a deceitful intent - for by exposure are deceits undone from posing as true. This prepares the way for clear recognition, appreciation and gratitude for true presence.

Freedom to focus attention where we choose to give and accept value and not where fear and guilting manipulations direct it. Fear-scripts may engage and entertain with a dramatic sense of OMG! - but actually entrain the mind in conditioned reaction to stimulus. Humanity does have choice - but unless its lives and grows that capacity it sleeps in conditioned psuedo-choices - all of which serve to deny and hide true choice in exchange for provided and managed identity. Because it is a fearful initiation to step out from hiding fear, to now stand in our own willingness for truth. And such a 'coming out'  seems like a sacrifice of self to the mind that hides in asserting a masked identity against anything that calls the basis of its identity into question.

And watch out for so called 'harmless' bio-cides - and other assaults on our biology, for they are also keeping us 'protected and safe' (sick and dumb) - but only through our willing acceptance and compliance of that which does not truly belong.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Justifictions posing as The Reality

Religious Children Have Trouble Distinguishing Reality from Fiction

How crazy and sloppy is this piece of writing on a so called "study" framed in such vague and variable terms?

My comment:

Clearly the author has a definition of 'reality' that presumes to judge the choices of  others rather than understand them.

Social, cultural and familial conditioning is known about - in whatever one is born into. However, such conditioning does not 'stick' and is only selectively taken on - according a wide range of variables.

In the term 'religious' as used in this article, I would include any information or story that is required to be believed or at least shown outer allegiance in behaviour.

Scientism believes it is dealing with fact and therefore superior to and in righteous judgement over 'silly superstition'. The same thing happened to religion with religionism.

If one's primary motive is to forge a personal and collective identity - as a way to limit reality to terms of control - then regardless the form it takes - it is ignorant of the reality of a wholeness of being - for the masked persona is centre stage and the altar of a true desire lived and shared is thus hidden.

The mask depends on perpetual war to justify itself over and against others. The blind self-righteous assertion always generates a like response - because we hate to be forced against our will. But oppositional vengeance (hatred) is not our true will.

Stories can be used for and in support of wholeness, health and integration as well as for weaving self-justifictions. Stories are rich in cultural information that in a sense is part of a rich cultural inheritance from all that have gone before us. The appreciation of the information in story is many levelled, and what on surface is an adventure can hold depths of reflection of guidance and support for the embracing of what it is to live Human.

A disconnected, analytical mind is a fantasy that can serve purpose when kept in its place - but can become a means to become hostage to a false sense of power when given to a cold and loveless intent. There IS no ultimate 'disconnecting' of mind from the Gift of Awareness by which it knows itself existing. It's a trick of focusing in thought that is not true of you.

In a world of increasing disinformation, deceit and desperation to maintain the mask of identity and control, it is as if 'reality' is breaking down. But in truth it is idols or images/models of reality that no longer 'work' or can no longer be maintained - and so we are re-connecting with feelings the identity was invoked to protect against; including terror and rage, grief and despair. We HATE to feel our self-hatred as we fear to feel our terror and rage to escape our rage. In such intensity we go to great lengths to dissociate and 'protect' a fragment of our self from such intolerable state, covering our tracks as we set it up - or it would not work. Unconscious is thus defended to remain so - and the patterning of such defence is of multiple shifting oppositional tensions. The scientific mind tends to dissociate from feeling - as a mode of control over feeling. It took this mantle on from religious beliefs that asserted rigid ideas of perfection as the one truth as ways to 'overcome' what were felt to be sinful or evil feelings and thoughts.

Everyone and every era and culture works out or rather unfolds it own strategy of 'coping' with the human conditioning - which is difficult to uncover and heal because it is protected, defended and even worshipped as The Truth.

If we 'read' everyone and everything to see if it supports or agrees with us, only letting it in if it does, and otherwise subjecting it to judgements that operate as our personal defence against what we refuse to relate of communicate with - are we not having trouble in distinguishing reality from fantasy? And is that a sin or a confusion calling for a healing response?

Logic - this is NOT that.

Logic: how to introduce it and improve mush-minds

Logic is consistency and congruency of thought but does not provide its own basis or foundation from which to automatically proceed or unfold itself.

Such a starting point may be an assertion or stated definition or belief that can take the form of a foundation - while already being in contradiction.

"This is that" or false association is the minds capacity to imagine meanings that reflect its own wish to override, distort, exploit and re-frame Felt and Shared Relational Meaning as a sense of power to invoke a private mind-dream upon Shared Mind-Stream (Communication Itself) and reconfigure such mind in emulation to project and externalize its denials and interpret them as world to be likewise manipulated, exploited, usurped.

Imagination without integrity is conflicting purpose. Mind Itself is another term for without limit but thought that is not directly extending the Qualities of Mind is self-contradiction. The law of Mind is its unqualified nature and never in fact defined by any framing perspective within thought by which to use 'As If' to replace 'As Is'. What Is - Is and what Is, is as it is - but can be experience infinitely - which includes experiencing it as it is Not as an effect of holding focus and desire in definition that is untrue of What and Who you are as the awareness of existence; a unique expression of the movement of Being in the act of creation that is integrally part or and one with Every other likewise unique expression of Existence - within a richness or multidimensional interrelated that is both the wholeness (Non Local) AND the specific (Local) at Once - with every instant being a wholeness of integrality clearly felt and received and shared - or mis-taken within the lens of a falsely or incompletely asserted self-definition.

The ability to differentiate in thought within and seemingly from Awareness, is a power to forget, cover over or Not Know, (that you are knowing) is part of the movement of segregative consciousness. Implicit to initiating such movement is the reintegrative movement of coming back into your right (whole) Mind - as Is. The interplay of shifting focus in these apparent polarities of possibility and probability is Experience. But the nature of the Integrative movement is a higher, more embracing perspective of synchronicity... presence - as is.

'What you give out is what you get back' is also a law or unalterable nature of Mind - and regardless any form of expression, its foundation is your reflection. So it can be said as 'where you are coming from is where you are experiencing yourself to be'. Coming from or embodying an idea of conflicted self-definition must result the reflection of conflicting relation or world.

So the experiencing of a self-conflicted dissonance is a result or effect of taking a definition of self and allowing it to run instead of the Mind that is your source and nature - for your own reasons.

But the law of mind as it applies to a false foundation projects itself out as a split off logical extension of denial and denied-ness, that operate in the active but disguised suppression and avoidance of  dissonance-guilt, dissonance-terror, dissonance-rage - and so forth - so that a self-focus can be 'born' within but temporarily unconscious of a deeper imprint conditioning that generates the framing of its world or life experience.

The willingness or grace of noticing and releasing of the false is the stirring or rising of and honesty or undefended awareness of being that recognizes what it is NOT as NOT true and not available or in any sense meaningful to accept, use, focus within, value, identify with or against or persist in giving attention and investment to. The natural movement of being simply operates clearly to a free attention and is recognisably Life - not conceptualizable forms of derivative impressions and association by which to assert or claim a mind of one's own - over (any symbolic or conceptual image of) Life.

This Movement of being is the capacity of discernment - for the acceptance of what is truly resonant and relevant to who you in this instant know and feel yourself to be, illuminates all that is incongruent or dissonant to you within the light of an awareness of a relational wholeness of being - that in simple terms is the call to joy - but as the unfolding or your own unique receiving and giving of wholeness, fulfilment, appreciation, and gratitude.

The Movement of (the focus) of being within the Infinite or edgeless and open quality of wholeness is the restoring of imagination as the true expression of an integrity of embrace - and the healing of a split off sense of self-hatred that was fed by denial and given power by fear to rage demoniacally in an unwatched mind.

This is a sketch in word-meanings of a willingness to open/share perspective of a Living Movement of being. The word-meanings can never substitute for the willingness - excepting a wish to seem to be who or what I am not - for my own reasons. That is - for reasons that can be uncovered and enquired of in simple curiosity to be found revealing of something that serves me in a way that I can now accept, release and move on from or 'put behind me' by the simplicity of embracing what I prefer rather than being defined by what I do NOT want.

Hatred is also a co-factor for disease

Chemical found in babies' dummies and condoms 'probably causes cancer'

This boiler palet article in the Telegraph prompted the following response:

Let us presume a modicum of intelligence and look at this data to see what it might actually mean. The word 'probably' is not definite, however, I feel the notion of a single 'cause for cancer' unless it were persistent oxidative damage and inflammation itself by ANY means - is a misnomer. There are various co-factors or risk factors for the developing of cancer in the body. Some sense of proportionality is needed here because kerbs are potential trip hazards but do not prevent people crossing the road. We need a contextual overview of a proportionate relationship.
There are also various agencies of activity, exposure and diet that operate to minimize or protect against or even ameliorate developing or developed cancers. And there are other activity, exposure and dietary effects that work to weaken or block the immune system - many of which are heavily pushed by pervasively powerful corporate marketing and mainstream media compliance. But again we are not educated nor even expected to ask or seek answer on gaining a core clarity as to what is in fact going on here. Instead is a managed 'reality' in which we are effectively conditioned to presume that frontiers of knowledge are being rolled back, with new hazards always being used to feed into allegiance to a strictly pharmacological approach in which nutrition and indeed biology is ignored to instead protect some sense of freedom to live our-of-true and apply a weird science to bolster and support such ignorance in the name of 'scientific neutrality' - which is a double lie because the context and purpose of what we are seeking is driven by human desire no matter how it presents itself, and to operate within a profit driven framework is not and cannot be science. The profit making side has to be held within the scientific framework - which is a desire to uncover - and align with, truth. Profit is not merely money, but seeking power over systems, people, biology and indeed consciousness - in terms of the narrative by which reality is interpreted and accepted.
There is a responsibility for communicating 'news' information that must go beyond scaremongering that may serve the interests of the 'management'. It is a relationship with the reader as well as a relationship with the true witness to what is happening as best it can be discerned and determined.
What I invite is simple - and yet when it is neglected, the complexity of evils grows an infernal entanglement in which clear thinking and true feeling is easily hijacked and lost to what might be seen as a cancerous growth of anti-life or rogue purpose that usurps Life in and 'lives' at the expense of the whole as well as the communion of the parts, while seeming to be the gaining of power and protection for a sense of self that fears itself disconnected and powerless - and compelled to operate its own 'private survival' at the cost of others.
This sense self in feeling fear, is deep in our human conditioning but generally is heavily suppressed so as to maintain a surface world where it doesn't impinge. I invite you to see why this not only cannot really work - but why it inevitably operates the very same pattern of disconnection, conflict and limitation that is then suffered  in disguised presentation. Fear is driving much of what we present as power and this is operating a reversal of consciousness while seeming to protect a very few who then seem to hold a disproportionate power.
There may is not an answer of how to live, within the terms of the asserted identity we have currently set and persisting in it is feeding the very thing that kills us. It is also the patterning of an identity that seeks to escape 'negative' feelings such as fear and remain free of awakening responsibility by using or blaming 'others'.
But blaming is the attempt to get rid of a sense of hatred that merely keeps the hatred while seeming to have less of it than 'other'. Hatred unconsciously held in the emotional and physical body is also a co-factor for disease.