Thursday, 2 July 2015

Marriage, Society and Consciousness

The Three Senses of Marriage
By Philippe Gastonne

I do not regard any externally imposed religious idea of marriage for the intimacy, trust and honesty of a shared willingness that is what such constructs may have originally intended to honour. The true meaning of anything is never contained or defined it its concept, symbol or image.
However the meanings that are accepted and lived out as real or true of us become the currency whereby we structure our self, our society and our model of the world and our place in it.
The Spirit is inherently and forever free from or beyond a manipulative intent, but the idea of an autonomy of mind - disconnected from Spirit (direct intimacy of living) IS the idea of manipulating meanings to coerce outcomes. Thus meanings themselves become meaningless - for they can mean whatever anyone want or asserts them to mean in any shifting context, rather than integral to the wholeness of being in which and as which all that is true communicates itself without distortion AS one's total consciousness. This substitution and adulteration of a true currency of thought operates a reversal in local consciousness whereby a sense of disconnection and separation masks and defends itself against wholeness. However, the breaking through of a true intimacy of being between those who otherwise identified themselves as separate is a transcendent experience of a greater unity - and this can and often does serve as a foundation for social structure that is not merely the shifting alliance and transactional bargains of sacrifice for personal gain, by which two or more make an identity of relative joining over and against a perceived hostile world. All versions of such extended 'ego' operate likewise as a sacrifice via which a personal advantage or gain is believed to be had. And which then persists as a pattern of inheritance if not re-evaluated.
The alloy of the integrative and segregative movements makes a confusion of self conflicted identities. The coercive mind operates to try to make a unity of what does not and can not join or belong together - and is a futility upon which to sacrifice one's life until, the identification within the segregative movement falls away to allow a re-awakening of an integrative perspective.
Until such clarity emerges, everything is tending to serve conflicting purpose and within the mentality of deceit and coercion implicit in masking such conflict, will every kind of manipulative attempt to engineer society or personal outcomes - disregarding the whole or the truth of the other and oneself, persist.
My view is that the fear-mind of manipulative intent cannot know of or see what anything truly is, but can only perceive the forms that seem to equate with meanings. There is nothing transcendent or truly human being extended or shared or received in that kind of mental sleep. The giving away of our power begins with the accepting of definitions, beliefs and meanings that are NOT true of us and which therefore undermine and conflict or divide our true presence of participation in every moment of our living, by the substitution of an image of our selves, that 'thinks' and uses its thinking to assert and defend its 'self'.
"Let the dead bury the dead" is the corollary to attending the living. For to become engaged with what cannot know or see or value you, is an unholy marriage that consummates itself in conflict and loss. Union is not achieved by sacrifice or war.
The ideal or idol of marriage may fall to state or corporately provided 'identities', but the capacity to uncover a truly joined purpose with another and embody it is not threatened. Indeed as the idols by which our world seemed to stand, fall, are we called to discern the truly living from an awakened humility. For what is society but the sharing of, and embodiment of, idea?
The Three Senses of Marriage
By Philippe Gastonne

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Health is uncovered - not imposed.

An article on the excellent Green Med Info site inviting a larger approach to health than expecting superfoods to magically answer something that actually requires a more integrated approach.

A myth is a story that can reflect or encapsulate a truth. But mere wishful thinking can appeal to magic to 'solve the problem' without addressing its cause - and this can operate through ANY kind of modality. In fact most health-seeking tends to be in search of answers that avoid the intimacy and honesty of a transformative recognition of the causes of dis-ease.

Health is inner radiance and not something that can be added to a dis-eased or split off mentality.
To the desire to live out of true and 'get away with it' or to offset , delay and redistribute the costs - every kind of process may be hijacked so as to persist the addiction - which is socially invisible because it is so ubiquitous.
A willingness to come back into true is actually a stirring from within of desire to live and share life - to know and be known rather than invest in a mask and die in isolation while still apparently alive.
Uncovering health inevitably tends to be a matter of noticing and desisting from what undermines or is toxic to health, while reclaiming the curiosity and imagination to connect with and educate oneself as to what is health promoting. But if this is joyless - then it is persisting a joyless agenda - which is part of the squelching of health. So there are many levels of individual and interlocking pathways of reintegration; the key being to truly live our life and thus discern for ourselves what, when, who, and not get locked into something that masquerades as health-seeking but actually persists a fearful sense of self behind an appearance.

Monday, 29 June 2015

They Must Be Controlled!

They Must Be Controlled
What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? Wireless "Stun-Cuffs" from Myers Enterprises. "Today's criminal is more hardened, desperate, and more dangerous than ever," its imperfectly punctuated brochure warns. "Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled." - See more at:
What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? Wireless "Stun-Cuffs" from Myers Enterprises. "Today's criminal is more hardened, desperate, and more dangerous than ever," its imperfectly punctuated brochure warns. "Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled." - See more at:

What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? Wireless "Stun-Cuffs" from Myers Enterprises. "Today's criminal is more hardened, desperate, and more dangerous than ever," its imperfectly punctuated brochure warns. "Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled." - See more at:

What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? Wireless "Stun-Cuffs" from Myers Enterprises. "Today's criminal is more hardened, desperate, and more dangerous than ever," its imperfectly punctuated brochure warns. "Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled."
- - -

Something similar was used in Wu Ch'êng-ên's Chinese Classic 'Monkey'.
However, the pain was administered by the one who freed him from the mountain he had been encased in (By Lord Buddha) - and who it was Monkey's part to guide and protect - regardless that this pilgrim in search of Scripture was liable to see everything awry.

I see a part of human desire operating as the intent to force its will upon life. However to be as a 'god' over others is to isolate and invalidate oneself from all that is true. Ergo; only one's own will determines truth. However the acceptance of fear-directives as if they are our true will is simply the refusal to challenge them.

The ideology of humanity as mechanism can only result in a conditioning against our true nature that then 'demands' technocratic intervention.
The racket isn't just to control felons - but to cultivate them like a crop. One can see this in pharmaceutical cartel, the war-machine cartel, the financial supply cartel. It is the mind that is being cultivated and targeted. That it happens Big-Time on the world stage does not mean we cannot see ourselves using the same devices in our relationships and our own identity. If billions are patterned in such a way - no surprise the world reflects the same writ large.

There is a place for forceful restraint to prevent harming self or others. But within a quality and commitment to a correction or realignment to free and responsible communication. Not within a socially justified hate scapegoating - nor within the usurping of the mob mind that has thus opened itself to shadow power.

That bodies can be hurt or attacked is not in question - but any true movement of freedom will meet the fear of pain and loss of life. Do we over identify with the body and become its slave - whilst playing in the mind-games of freedom was or freedom will be?

Who looks after the asylum?

Today’s Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking — Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the U.S. By Glenn Greenwald
Quite apart from issues of what marriage is and whether it is ANY business of the state, insofar as it embodies a shared value and harms no one, and apart from the practice of manipulating and feeding off of identity confusion - I have a question; WHO exactly decided that same sex marriage was to be fast-tracked and implemented internationally in a very short time frame? Are they the same ones pushing the legalizing of marijuana? The promotion of 'terror' as a consolidation of state power? The forced vaccination agenda? The so called 'trade agreements'.
I am not saying that there are not grass roots movements for change - but that these can be subverted or used as proxy pawns in a larger strategy is evident.
But the ability to incept top-down memes into the populations of many regions at once is not an evolution of communication and relationship.
Of course if the change suits, then one blind-eyes that it is imposed.
Why are some ideas fast tracked for implementation - and are token freedoms used to distract from larger fait accomplis?
In the UK I cannot obtain a civil partnership with my partner unless one of us changes our sex.
It feels to me that there have always been those who have rightly or wrongly sought to 'shepherd' humanity through the ages. There is a difference between guiding and dictating. Coercive agenda hides itself very cleverly within anything we are inclined to trust and accept. Particularly if subjected to multiple stresses or fears in such a way and at such a rate that wishfulness gives its power away quite blind-willingly to manipulative intent.
One thing I notice, is that controversy and dissension operate division and indeed diversion, while the coercive agenda rules amidst a distracted mind.
Perhaps there is no deceit in feeding distraction to a mind that WANTS to remain unconscious in order to protect and persist its 'identity'. Perhaps Humanity is one mind in schizophrenic role play? Who looks after the asylum?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The magic roundabout

Production v Plunder

I read some of the above and put another view:

Magic in this sense is the illusion of power by which one can seem to get something specially for oneself and redistribute the cost onto others. It takes two to tango and it takes a victim to pay one's own costs. The victimizer hides in fig leaves of clever thinking that interjects itself between the need and its fulfilment. But seduced by his/her own spin and identifying in what seems a power in its own right, is such a one assailed by every sling and arrow of misfortune - for all such gifts went forth and multiplied in like kind to their source and return to praise him exactly in the currency his own word established. And so ye be judged - but do not own the judgement that goes forth in hidden thought or masked agenda. And so play the innocent and call on the god of anger and hate in righteousness... The magic roundabout.

The realm of the gods or God or the Divine cannot be appreciated except in its own terms - that is - such communication can only occur in resonance of a like kind. Our forebears used symbol and story to mark and invoke the living qualities that operate beneath and within the dance of passion and death we call the world. But unless one opens and yields to the territory, one inevitably uses the symbols without being embraced by their significance within wholeness - like someone who presumes knowledge of a place he has never been to because of reading travel guides.

The truly Creative is not accessible to the deceptive/coercive. It ONLY sees threat or food/power-source. Which means it does not SEE.
The nature of the dance of reaction and defence in power struggle crystallises the human world within a complex multi-layered defence of deceit in which the Son of God (the Direct Expression of an all pervading and all embracing Life), knows not what he does.

For everything is 'done' in the name of a self protection that is out of true with who and what we truly are. To 'steal' one's life from Life and defend against Life as if it were death, is to align all that is true to serve a usurper - and that is what the theme of the article is about is it not?

The true production of supply and sustenance, guidance and support, is not a power OVER life - but is the power OF Life. To usurp Life is to merely exploit or feed upon a 'life' that is now merely 'stuff' or resources or assets - to be disposed of when stripped of 'value'.

The thing we hate most hides most securely within our own thought - is projected to the world and then again hidden in deceits and diversions of distraction. The evil we fear within, reacted to as real, reinforces itself as our experience.

The truly innocent are not compelled to 'see' as hate demands. And so they see that hate is not their true desire and withdraw allegiance - to leave the way open for the extension of the undistorted gift of life.

This awakens a new foundation where the old fell away. But unlike the fearful struggle to survive threatening Existence, the integrative movement rests within existence - being the fruit of willingness rather than wilfulness. When the truth stirs, one is unsettled and disturbed - because all one thought to be true is called out and undone at a stroke. But in the need to know is an awakening  brought through us - through a willingness to know and align true.

Everything is a matter of perspective. To be framed by false thinking is to see only as it dictates.
But one can choose to recognize the false as false - rather than be hostage to its version of freedom within slavery.

The Fall of Humanity occurred over millennia. But it is a perceptual distortion and not an actual separation. A breakdown of communication.
If one puts insanely conflicted and self-contradictory self definition upon the projector of the Mind one receives a like experience in which the laws of Mind operate perfectly as ever - yet seem to have been broken. But thoughts cannot leave the mind that thinks them, and never have or will project themselves 'free' to then war with their maker. Illusions war only with themselves. Their is no war in Heaven - and such an idea is merely the project of our own thought onto a symbol of Life. Worship is worth-ship and when we invest in a false sense of worth we bear false with-ness in attempt to protect our investment. The attempt to deepen shallow roots that hide truth can only delay a correction in which truth restores perspective.
Production Versus Plunder
Production Versus Plunder
Production Versus Plunder

Human Nemesis?

The Sixth Mass Extinction: We Aren’t The Dinosaurs, We’re The Asteroid

Human thinking is essentially a reactive conditioning and as such is managed and directed by a shadow power that masks behind self-specialness and deceit. (Vanity and the urge for power rising from a sense of shame, inadequacy or powerlessness).

The idea of power OVER life is one that has been  and is being experientially explored as a mass consciousness on Earth. And the pattern of the device by which to access such experience is writ large upon the screen of our world yet projected from every mind.

Life is actually a Spontaneity - within which all perspectives of current focus are integral to the whole.

Everything is a matter of focus and perspective within the movement of being - which is not a movement within time, but the movement by which time can seem to have occurred.

Human guilt and fear is a device for maintaining the segregative or splitting movement within consciousness. As if to limit one's focus exclusively within the reptillian 'fight or flight' reflex so as to only 'see' in terms of threat of food-source. As I began, this is a human conditioning, and not a fixed or necessary condition. True thinking is not merely self-referencing a fearful or wishful identity. It is a Universal Communication.

That we are the victimizer AND the victim is a call to enquire more honestly as to exactly who we are believing and defining our self to be. All else follows as sure as night follows day.

Scapegoating and the demonisation of thought.

Nobel-prize winning scientist Tim Hunt lands in hot water with UCL after making sexist, degrading remarks about Women

Beneath the mask of self-righteousness, is a blind hatred unleashed. Who hates themself but 'sees' the hated in another - and scapegoats them to satisfy a secret appetite?
The image I present here is ubiquitous as the deceiving device whereby shadow power operates a wolf in sheep's clothing. Using the desire to take offense, in the name of crying victim, within the guise of the suffering of others, as a manipulative device.
Fear OF communication is inevitable to the mind that attempts to use coercion in the form of communication and defend such a position as an agenda of power or indeed of notional security.
The deceit by which we subscribe to a currency of assertion of power over communication - over truth, is that in which the forms of truth are weaponised. But ONLY as one elects and accepts such a false frame of reference to cuckold one's true being.
So notice and discern and choose what and how you witness. For hatred feeds and fuels a false god. Love the true and realise what Jesus means by "resist ye not evil" - for that is its bait and hook to make you its own. Who loves to hate must fear to love - yet love alone reveals a wholeness of true being.
To love truth is natural to anyone who recognizes and releases attempts to love a power of self-specialness - as if it alone is true - set apart and against all else.

To reclaim true power is to act from it and in it and as it. To operate from a position of having been attacked is to use the ruse of one's wound to accuse and abuse another in like kind. That abusers learn the model of abuse is notable, but that this is the only or best model for relating is questionable and false. SOMEONE has to be willing to break the cycle and that someone can ONLY be one who owns a deeper honesty of being than vengeance and self-specialness.