Friday, 12 December 2014

Power of Life; power of lie

The term power - like any other true quality of life, has developed substitute definitions for its true nature. But each of us is the power of our will - which correctly appreciated operates co-creatively and not coercively. We are vulnerable to the experience of the Idea we want to be more true than truth! Those who steal must fear theft. Who think they steal power will be robbed of all - how could it be otherwise? - for one never truly has it and when the supports for the illusion of personal power are nothing-ed - what stands there?

A lie hidden but believed has the temporary capacity to hide the true. It also serves a role of darkness through which to awaken to what is hidden and choose truly - that is, to align with a true joy in being rather than a sacrificial mode of coercion. The unsubscribing or dissociation of the fearful is best achieved in the embracing of the new - or what IS alive and inspiring and exciting to unfold out of life lived rather than ideas imposed. Another aspect of true power is timing. If one has to push an agenda - of course it will push back. What is communication? It is power. How so? Because by it are all things known and apart from it nothing is. Worshipping the power of nothing is simply the belief that by denying distorting and limiting communication, we can get something specially for our self alone. Tis a scam sir!

In discussion with:

    "The power of the mind is partly recognized by manipulators - but they don't realize it costs them their true power to use it thus". (quoting me)

Such then though, moving things along and on to a higher intelligence plane and level of greater competence, would actually prove that manipulators do not fully realise the power of the mind … and are catastrophically vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of those who do, and can utilise it in a fashion which is unprecedented and novel and not at all bad and practically and virtually impossible to be thought unacceptable.

    You are clearly willing to step off the edge of such worldview so as to expand the model - but at some point one needs to go native and release the 'command and control' mentality altogether.

Going native to subvert/pervert/divert/correct/replace a corrupt and easily compromised [cracked and hacked] command and control mentality/system is another dynamic option which a few would find extremely attractive and most exciting, binra. To replace it with what, is something best left for now a mystery, methinks, lest it be thought something of grave concern to be opposed and fought against, as is the usual response to radical fundamental change of an intellectually challenged system/executive administration.

Corporate and scientific responsibility

"Boffins debunk magnetic field cancer link"

In the 1972 book 'pure white and deadly' John Rudkin blew the whistle on sugar. A scientist's career was curtailed as a result. (look it up).
So although it may be true that genuine science is being carried out and fully reported, the mere fact of billion dollar markets makes it likely that some of what is reported is as true as the scientific reports on tobacco were when it was first challenged as a health risk.

BIG money equals significant risk of corruption - doesn't it?
As well as this there is a vast userbase of wifi technologists who enjoys the facility and have become dependent on it in large degree who have an emotional investment in not wanting there to be any issues affecting them unless unequivocally linked. Of course there are adverse effects but these are not from the emf but from privacy, lifestyle and cultural effects.

Pervasive beliefs that technology brings harmful results have greeted most of not all new developments. Isn't that at the root of climate fear? Often the imagined harms are just that, and become laughed at, but the actual costs are of a different kind. One such is that we put more and more of our eggs into one basket - that is to say we become addictively dependent on external systems in ways that actually make humanity redundant - perhaps quite literally- as well as inviting power and wealth to consolidate in the way HG Wells foresaw in his Time Machine.

Fear often works as a self fulfilling prophecy. In a world of many pervasive hazards, one has to feel for the level of risk. Science as reported is not trustworthy - one still has to operate discernment unless one WANTS to outsource all intelligence to externally shifting paradigms. I've always distrusted margarine as industrial effluent and embraced butter as something humanity has been eating for millennia - although modern methods add all sorts of new hazards with anti-biotic drugs and gm crops to cattle - and maybe most of us with a healthy functioning immune system.... oh those few of us whose system hasn't turned against itself...can simply rebalance and detoxify as our natural resilience.

In principle science is the willingnesss and desire to dis-cover truth - which is already true by the way. It only focusses on the empirically material - which does not have a hope of embracing truth as far as I am aware of true - but that doesn't mean it isn't a useful tool - especially if it could be used for truly Cooperative Good instead of weaponizing, monetizing and medicalising Life to serve private agendas, in attempt to define, predict and control it.

Human consciousness is not absent from scientists - nor is is 'controlled' by them either.
Research into Electrical Universal paradigms is not encouraged - since Tesla and others. Perhaps maintaining scarcity is an essential aspect to controlling a system. Perhaps the weaponry of such technology is far too dangerous for what is after all an insane humanity suffering delusions of rationality.

I can postulate a future where the brain is found to be adversely affected in subtle but definite ways that increase and amplify an already sense of disconnected mentality that then presumes to need to control everything because it has lost all empathetic resonance of compassion and communication, with Life, itself and others, and so for those who are still allowed to have such faculty, a tin-hat will be designed to shield the brain.
I would rather imagine a future where life lived and shared in more intimate creative endeavour simply doesn't template such disconnect - and thus doesn't require all the kings horses and all the kings men to try to put it all together again.

Free willing Integrity

Beyond Good and Evil II: Is morality instinctual?

Integrity is innate because Life is a Unified Expression. The assertion of identity upon Life is a device within consciousness of coercive intent. This coercive identity is the use of free willingness for the purpose of a personal agenda that then presumes itself to be free to act of do as a power unto itself - excepting it is now experiencing a struggle in a world of powers in place of membership within a present remembrance of true power - which is not coercive upon itself nor rejecting itself in a fragmented mind of conscious and unconscious and collective and personal.

Moral action is congruency of thought word and deed. This is integrity. This is true presence extended. The attempt to make moral codes and apply them and enforce them is the mask or presentation of a personal agenda or capacity that one does not actually have. It is simply the use of guile in guilting with fear to affect behaviors and appearances.

Morality is NOT codifiable. The attempt to exclude God is to exclude the Living quality of our presence in true communication, in exchange for a world as we define and accept it to be. This IS conflict within our being and must result in fear, guilt, and division by which the mind seems to have split off as a 'rationality' of 'control' and emotionality seems to have split of as shifting feelings. In fact the Mind is Whole regardless the definitions of identity in struggle, the feelings and thinking, the perceptions and action/reaction of personal and relational struggle and pain. The helpful part of is a willingness to think outside the orthodoxies - but THINKING itself is such an orthodoxy - and the arrogance of ignorance presumes that ITS thinking is the apex or crown of human achievement - nay - of Life Itself! - but it is all noise to the Signal until its Purpose is changed.

Purpose is foundation. All things express and persist their foundation. The mentality of 'divide and rule' is all sleight of mind, in which what one thinks to be true is experienced as if it were so, and what is actually true is rendered 'unconscious' or obscure.

Existence forbids nothing, embraces everything. Their is no limit to what you can imagine but what you accept as true for you will define you and while it does you limit your focus through it.

Consciousness is One Universal within and yet embracing all local or particular expressions of uniqueness as Its Own Knowing. Whatever you give out (as a result of what you choose to accept) is what you get back (experience). Everything changes excepting the above three unalterable facts.

The perspective of the embodiment in a physical reality is already a complex result of a template of definitions. Existence Experiences Itself through all of it - but to remember your own freedom and joy in existence is to align truly within it. Not to coerce others or the world to align to YOUR model reality. Coercion is the device by which integrity is lost sight of. Following imaginations of what you do NOT want keeps you in fear and struggle and sacrifices joy.

I offer this as reflection not to persuade anyone of anything they do not want to know or don't already know. Clever thinking made our world of absurd and tragic complexity. It will NOT lead anywhere else.

To be still and know is to yield thinking and let the movement of Live register as the true of You. If you think "Oh, you can fake that", I say, why would you? Why would you? Unless to persist in clever thinking that usurps your true knowing and willing. Free willing is whole - not reactive.

Be true to your self - not to what fear defines you as. If you want.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Designed out of the system is a mostly Mac/Apple tech new site that has been running many years.
In an article on:

I read the following line:
"Then again, maybe I’m not the sort of user Twitter is seeking".

This phrase resonates in me because as living relational individuality, I find I do not exist within such system, unless perhaps a bug to be designed out or eradicated. 

To create in one's own private image is to deny Life and undermine one's own Living (relationships). All of which consolidates as a 'culture' of coercion by design and by enforcement. Fear is the 'god' of coercion.

I can see a world that increasingly has no place for creative freedom of being. 

I likewise find myself increasing unwilling to subscribe to coercive or fear-based thinking, of implicitly disguised design or explicitly asserted 'power'. 

While everyone is fearful they look outside to 'see' where 'it is going' and what everyone else is doing' and if everyone waits for everyone else to find permission to be creatively themselves, there's a long wait on…

One result of accepting freedom is looking AT the template instead of running within its 'mind'

Monetising Life

Science itself has been hijacked by a 'superiority' complex, and resorting to esoteric mathematical complexity obscures the coercive mentality of 'understanding' only as a subset of manipulation and control. This technologism is not for the 'greater good' excepting to gain initial acceptance. It operates a wolf in sheep's clothing. Technologising Life, weaponising Life, medicalising Life, monetizing Life, and limiting and dividing it in such a way as to operate as a coercive will or power - SEEMINGLY outside or apart from Life. An 'alien will' that seems to come between the Life you are and share and be, to suck upon its life in order to SEEM to exist - AND confuse you with such as life as if it were your OWN - and thus given protection though it cuckolds all that is true.

Science truly is the free discovery of the true, but has been conditioned only to focus with mechanism at mechanism as if nothing is in Mind. But "watch out! He's behind you!" as they shout at pantomimes.

The hidden hand of competition sets all things apart from true nature and determines how the world works, for who owns and designs the system of money supply and media information and war and surveillance capabilities (and etc) consolidates itself to prey upon all who think they are themselves a power. And it does so through the mind. Through the back door - from below.
A hacked mind - not really by 'others' or by 'dark forces' though these too can be experienced. But in all honesty we leave it open and unguarded to be 'used' by ideas that are not true of us and which then program our identity in the same way as we see the world at large being a competing of manipulations rather than a process of communicating.
Sovereignty of will is not coercive imposition of fear upon the mind, but is of a true foundation.
All things come from Source. Definitions may extend the Creative or they may spell trouble.
Without a true foundation, all is bedlam. Which suits the most focussed and audacious manipulators.

Life is a process of synchronicity. The world we meet is not the One True World. We make choices. But if we choose fearfully, we do not realize our choices make us and the world we experience in such a way as to not know the choice in which we operate. Fear operates denial. All psychological defence mechanisms can show the basis for why people behave psychotically and neurotically - and why mental ill heath is normalized - much like the term 'sinner' was but without any trace of God.

Adulteration of currency begins when one makes image or definition of Life, and takes one's self seriously.

True knowing can read the energy of the present and make probability predictions - knowing that the prediction itself changes the probability. But we are now in a such a state of unknowing - that anything is asserted to bolster and maintain the appearance of credibility, authority and right to rule. Fear is the realm of the lie.

amanfromMars commented:Quite so, binary. I concur and would posit that there can be, and therefore most definitely must be and is, an app and simply complex programming project to make greater use of that knowledge in a better beta direction than is presently being pursued and supported by dumb ignorant media channels and current delivery systems admin of fiat paper money control, now reduced and elevated to the electronic transfer of virtual digits to a computer near you.
My reply:
The app that runs a distortion of virtual overlay is faithful to its dumb urge to protect via command and control in isolation, but force quit it and behold the unfolding of an undistorted expression of creative endeavour.

Otherwise every green shoot is 'infiltrated/infected' so as to be subverted to an arrogance of ignorance. Even a glimpse of the wonder and beauty - the Loveliness of Life - offers a basis from which to challenge or question the programming of fear and debt - based leverage.

amanfromMars :
"an undistorted expression of creative endeavour"

            Hmmm. At best, and whenever IT is quite different as I allude to such as being presently readily available for current power supply demands and needs today, would be somewhat heavenly, binra, with ....... well, the AAA++ Anonymous Autonomous Active levers of Creative CyberIntelAIgent Command and Remote Virtual Control in sublime attendance.

            Finding intelligent enough partners who can cleverly engage and provide necessary output to input and input to output for enhanced reinforced lead in patently novel and noble directions is the magic which drivers the programming and its future protocols and project parameters.
            Fortunately though, is IT intelligently designed so that one can if one so chooses, go it alone without having to rely on the good gracious help of others into similar fields of absolutely fabulous endeavour.
My reply:
Birds of a feather flock together. Vibrational resonance determines the 'others' with whom you CAN communicate or meet. Generally speaking the fear that something wont work out generates the attempts which ensure that the fear comes true.
Though true and false have no degree, Humankind mostly lives under a measuring stick of what is real or true and what is less real or less true. One does not have to wait on conditions or others to be true to oneself - that is to accept what is true of you and refine or abandon what is not. Refining or indeed abandoning definitions that don't work - or bring an experience that you say you don't want, is the key of freedom to turnabout whatever felt to be locked. The roots are in our own willingness of our own experiential honesty. That such an honesty wouldn't then find expression and extension in cultural expression on all levels is impossible. But human thinking or mis-identified wishing, always tries to put the cart before the horse.
Hopefully humankind is coming to realize that Inspiration is not something to impose upon others, but that the willingness to embrace and act from our own is the capacity to meet and communicate with others. One cannot have an experience of which one is not equal to.
Underneath all of the descriptive account of HOW humanity sabotages itself is simply the active denial of true worth. If you can feel this, you know that your own contribution will either stem FROM such disconnecting sense of self, or witness to its undoing in a true sense of creative endeavour. Everything we do is creative endeavour if we are awake to the wholeness or presence of the moment at hand. The power of the mind is recognized by manipulators - but they don't realize it costs them their true power to use it thus. Official orthodox 'reality' is an identity that then defends and asserts to maintain itself. You are clearly willing to step off the edge of such worldview so as to expand the model - but at some point one needs to go native and release the 'command and control' mentality altogether.
Life actually works the way it works - but human ego then overlays its own commentary and has an experience of being "in control".
Sign off with a Dylan line: "Ain't it hard when you discover that, He really wasn't where it's at, After he took from you everything he could steal".
Bottomming out is part of releasing what doesn't work. (doesn't belong in our mind's acceptance).
We cannot take that experiential learning away from anyone but we can be a communication that listens, joins with and honours, that which thinks it thinks alone.


Torture is known to work - in the sense of polarizing hatred and seeding war. Whatever anyone may think they are thinking when they use extreme or in fact ANY coercion upon others, they are seeding war as the 'operating system' within which a sense of any personal CAPACITY to wield power is 'enjoyed'. The wish to be a power unto oneself runs deeply in fear imprinted human programming, and operates as a 'mind' of disconnection from Life. Not that one CAN disconnect from Life and exist - but that one can lose all FEELING or awareness of Life in the contraction upon a separate self-sense - fear.
Fear operates a device of segregation that splits off a mind unto itself - but ONLY if the active purpose is fear directed!
Torture is extreme example of power over powerlessness within the mutually defined terms of self in world. Each seeds and reinforces the other. Consciousness IS the Power to release a false sense of power or powerlessness because all true power is Creative and of the Creator of which Consciousness is Expressing as the act of definition, from which spring beliefs, feelings, perceptions, reactions and thoughts. Fear of pain drives wilfulness in resistance to believed sources of pain. BUT exposure of fear's device may also lead to the abandonment of USING fear or coercion as identity - for its cost is made starkly clear.
The effect of choosing to torture is known to degrade and brutalize consciousness. As you do, so are you done by. To see other Living Ones as meat reflex is to become the same. The ACTUAL way to become whole, present and full feelingly alive is to choose to see this in OTHERS. IN this sense you ARE your brother's keeper - for as you see him or her you cannot avoid seeing yourself. Deception operates to obfuscate this so that some forms of powerlessness seem like power and some seem starkly powerless. Or some forms of pain seem like joy while others violate one's sense of Life.
Ultimately - which is simply another word for truly or actually, humanity does unto itself; we do unto our self, or in Jesus terms; 'even as you do unto the least, (anyone), you do unto Me'.
What do we do? We blank others and we blank Life by asserting a wish to determine truth as a power unto ourself. Judging or defining all things to reflect our own will we make a world that is "all about ME". Such self-specialness may take any number of forms to express that power aggressively and/or passive-aggressively in withholding and suffering.
All roles and personae seek and find mutual reinforcement in shifting alliance, competition or outright war. This then constitutes a 'world' of virtual distraction and manipulative distortions of communication in which Life can hardly get a Word in edgeways - because fearful reaction and defence drive the machine of the 'mind' of power. While this is meaningful in seeming to bring something of value, it will NOT be abandoned. Yet is COSTS awareness of true meaning and value at every level of our conscious appreciation.
One can operate entirely from a positive or re integrative integrity rather than from a hidden and deceitful fear-based wish of self-specialness that might SEEM to be under control but is always seeking to direct the key points to its own agenda.
You ARE the world - but not as a character within it wielding power. You can only MEET that which you are equal to. Willingness stretches in trust of discovery but wilfulness puffs up to deceive. There is a true power in meeting challenge and expanding one's capacity to embrace and communicate all elements in a given situation in the context of purpose clearly held and stated.
Very clearly, an insane 'mind' is running in place of Reason. It operates by 'seeing' in others what it hates in itself - as if that 'gets rid of it'. But it reappears in shadow enemies here, there and everywhere and validates the 'holy' façades of justified aggression - such that 'evil' becomes the very god of one's living - for without seeding it everywhere in every way, there would be no way to prop up the façade and the actual agenda is exposed as a sham that covers deep seated shame. For no one in a true sense of their own worth treats themselves and others worthless.
One cannot add to themself by works or deceits, but only through willingness to truly Be themselves. If true joy in life is substituted with a fearful substitution, the currency is adulterated by a coercive 'mind' that demands sacrifice of joy.
Being cut off from one's joy in being is intolerable - so that is put 'out of mind' and a mask is made whereby to 'adapt' to a loveless world. But it isn't real, but temporary, until the time comes to 'come forth'. The mind seeks perfect conditions. But the mind of the mask doesn't know the perfect - being made in confusion of love and fear. So it always says 'not now!'. yet Now is the flowing moment of all living - and if not now - when?
The 'Heart' is a symbol for the unified wholeness of being. All symbols can be used manipulative. It is up to you what your purpose is, but the Heart's purpose is 'know thyself'. This is reintegration of recognition and communication - not 'make your self-image' and demand or coerce life to fit into it!
A hater is a mixed up heart. A blind mind. To play along in part is to be of like kind. Heaven forbids nothing, but to choose against your nature must blind you to it though it is the light by which all knowing sees. But here's the last point which is also the First - and that is a true innocence and radiance to the light that can never be extinguished. The 'damned' will deal out in kind while fear must deny they are loved unconditionally. We do not limit God. Only our mind limits our awareness. A mind is not fixed because it remains free to be all that mind is - regardless the limitations it accepts. That much of this is put 'out of mind' for reasons of Notional Security! is not to say it is un knowable or un-ownable. We can only change what we can first own. Nothing else is actually changed but simply playing at change and getting very seriously addicted to it.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Fear's conspiracy hosts a forum - I just had a look - and to a thread on the idea of 'conspiracy theory' wrote the following:

- - -

Motivations can be analysed - but not without involving the bias of one's own. The polarisation of perceptions operates war, as the breakdown of communication to the operation of defence as each facet of any struggle in terms of its perceived identification.

For beneath any such intention and act is the self-definition operating.
Everyone always acts in any situation toward that which they define and believe is closer to their pleasure and away from what they define and believe in that situation to bring pain. The key phrase in the sentence is define and believe.

True freedom operates at the creative level of awareness. Whatever we accept as self definition and choose to believe by reacting from such definition, automatically generates perceptions and interpretations and behaviours in accord with such premises.

Anything believed and accepted 'self' will be protected with all the facility of will and strategy against what is perceived and interpreted 'threat'.

Divide and rule is associated with a tyrannous or coercive intent, but it begins firstly within our own consciousness. A split mind is a fearfully defined sense of self conceived as defence within an intolerable pain of self-contradiction. It renders the core issue unconscious by the coercive and active assertion of psychological defences.

This picture of human consciousness as generally accepted, traded and operating as currency, is an overlay or mask that could be called a tacit and pervasive conspiracy to deny and suppress the exposure of one's own loveless or hollow mask by maintaining a busyness of focus away from Consciousness as Presence and upon the world of projected fears and even constructed enemies. For the fearfully identified mask is effectively running away from itself by using its own consciousness and the world-perception of a distorted consciousness, as a screen on which to escape a pervasive pain and validate a personal agenda.

Insofar as psychological discovery can be weaponized, it will be embraced by a fearful identity to generate subtler and more insidious forms of disguise and persuasion for prevailing or at least persisting in power struggle. For its primary identity dictates fearful struggle to prevail and survive against a 'hostile world'.
War demands the active denial of truth excepting in tokenism of exceptions of strategic advantage. War justifies any means to gain the ends that fear justifies.

A pervasive fearfully defined and joyless society automatically operates a conspiracy against exposure - excepting in subverting such exposures to generate its own agenda of power, of market and mind share, of self-reinforcement. The split operates in innumerable forms but is essentially that of sacrificing, giving up or depreciating one's true power as Consciousness to externally defined 'solutions' that tend never to resolve the issue, but disguise it in more complex forms of dependence upon external 'authority', in which illusion of self-specialness or illusion of freedom may be promised but cannot deliver, because one's true presence Is freedom - BUT for the accepting and engaging in self-definitions that are out of true and which generate fear, and split the mind to operate a masked existence, blind to the heart's knowing.

Fear would always frame our choices in such a way as to deny our true freedom. The very tricks and devices that a fearfully manipulative agenda are so audaciously employing to its conditioned 'mind-share' illuminate the pervasive split-minded consciousness that runs like a botnet of fear-feeding consciousness that has in a sense been hacked through lack of true worth and vigilance.

What we accept into our mind is given our power. To accept beliefs that are NOT true of us, dis-integrates or splits off a segregated and segregative consciousness that does works as tares among the harvest. The personalizing of conflicts is the masking into terms that ensure the issue itself will not be exposed or addressed. Any 'personae' will be willingly sacrificed for the sake of the core agenda, and the charge neutralized so that it can not only reassert itself without challenge, but absorb and grow in its multi threaded subversion of all forms of challenge and resistance so as to maintain an appearance or mask of 'acceptability', where such a mask is still strategically deemed necessary.

I wrote this to remind and reflect that we not only have choice but are always operating as choice, whether as an integrative consciousness in freedom to be truly ourselves, or in terms dictated and defined by fears we may not even realize are operating our mind - in our name.

Although there may well be innumerable struggles of an external nature through which consciousness wakes up to Its true nature, I simply offer the reflection that the shift from fear to a true freedom of creative endeavour, must rise from a willingness to recognize and own our fears truly - no matter how much our fear of fear seeks to turn our eyes away.

No one can change that which they have not first owned - even momentarily - for the recognition of holding pain in our heart does not naturally keep holding it another moment! How much less can we change in others what we insist on denying in our self?

If you have a 99% case and bring in 1% of a coercive agenda, the other will detect it immediately and focus upon it to invalidate all else you offer.
Desiring to communicate without hidden appeals of self-specialness or self righteousness, that usually derive from hating or denigrating another, unsubscribes from the manipulative parlance of fear's botnet, extending a light of true witness.

The use of fear for coercive identity operates in darkness. It may attempt to bring illusions of light into itself to feed upon, and to subvert communication, but it cannot abide in light.

The opening of fear to the light of a true awareness is the yielding of a false and life-denying sense of personal power for a true foundation.

Everything expresses its foundation. Using fear as a foundation does not bring forth love or joy in harmony of purpose. It brings forth substitutes for these things to mask what lies beneath.

True foundation restores true perspective and therefore choices and opportunities that are truly integrative and which can see deceits without being baited by them and see past them to the fear in others that operates blindly without knowing what safety is - because they do not know who they are or they would fear not!

Whether anyone receives your communication or not, your giving is what absolutely determines your receiving - that is your awareness of the nature and quality of your true existence. Withholding our presence has been to worship judgement and become addicted or enslaved to the world it brings forth. The mind of divide and rule has no true foundation. The choice for self-power in darkness is on the table for a new era. I believe we all are making a conscious choice and am wholly desiring that this be so - and so I witness to that it is a choice that does not have to be chosen.
The willingness - even momentary - for refusing the 'gift of fear' is what invites and allows a reintegrating perspective. One step at a time, as an unfoldment of truly embracing Life.

Joining in hate is no intimacy whatsoever. Being truly touched by your own recognition IS.
When I typed 'desiring to communicate' I first chose the word learning but typed 'leaning'.
Leaning actively and consistently as an expression of true desire is transformational.
But reactively conforming and aligning with fear agenda is simply more of the same - albeit with a makeover.

I write this in one form or another over and over - but always new. The Consciousness beneath the issue is the door we do or do not choose to walk through.