Saturday, 1 November 2014

It's a racket

(Further reflections on the consciousness issues within the criminalisation/legalisation of drugs)

Oh blame is a fine thing! (not).
Underneath all of this is whether we choose to trust ourselves to relate, learn, and communicate in integrity, or whether we dont. If we dont, then we limit and coerce learning to fit in a coercive version of relationship and then propagandize it as if it works. It does work, if hiding from fear is the real need to be met.
'Protecting people from their learning' is more dangerous than anyone seems to realize.
It IS appropriate to protect children - but to wean them as they rise in their own explorations and capacities to balance responsibility as their consciousness.
The 'State' has become the 'parent' that now seeks to perpetuate dependency and propagate the idea that we are all so easily hurt, offended, damaged, that natural being is denied - and with that I assure you unnatural forces manipulate the 'State' to suck out all the wealth of cultural inheritance to evaporate in a passing and unquenchable appetite.
Cultural values are established by living them - not hiding in them as if they are a template to dress up in and mask a lack of true foundation.
There IS a huge demand for technologies/means to support the desire to remain UNconscious of a lack of true foundation, and so there is a huge market - which operates as a racket.
The answer is to bring everything into the light of a true foundation - which is uncovered in a willingness of communication itself - both intimate to our own consciousness and among ourselves in shared purpose.
The thinking of the world will say we are not ready,  we cannot cope, we will be swept away by chaos, we will suffer great loss - and will do this by projecting onto others who are made the stooge for not being honest to one's own fear. Without honesty of consciousness, the mask imposes itself upon consciousness and creates the lack of Life that then seeks distraction and escape.
However... the mask IS disintegrating because the control mentality CANNOT control Life - and never will. The WISH to identify exclusively with a control mentality is what actually sets up the interference that then demands a control mentality. It's a racket.
Putting 'vulnerable' onto others is a displacement projection of un-owned fear. BUT those who have been fed and accepted such identity need a process of transitional support to wean from dependency and powerlessness into a culture of communication in shared worth.
How afraid are we? Afraid enough to crucify truth wherever it would expose us?
The psuedo-scientific promise of controlling systems so as to sanitize and anaesthetize the 'messy psycho-emotional energetic territory of transformation reveals the control mentality behind it, pretending to operate as 'protector or guide'. It is fear at cost of wholeness which fear inherently denies, until owned and transformed.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Seeing the wood for the smoke

Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone: ‘The world is not safe’

"Make poverty history" is perhaps interpreted by some as the eradication of human beings upon whom conditions of poverty have been orchestrated.

Wherever fear is used - (or allowed to use YOU), to terrorize and propagate contagions of unsettling and remoulding emotional reaction in place of real relationships, real communication and a real basis FOR health.... Just say No!

Fear and deception go hand in hand - and the desire to BE deceived goes hand in hand with a sense of guilt - for we hate to feel it and fight not to own it - yet ONLY by owning the choices of a thought disorder, can a different choice be made.

Thought disorder is the product of fearful self-definition and beliefs that then seek to protect themselves FROM exposure. So though it sounds crazy to the mind of fight or flight - one actually needs to abide in the 'intolerable' in willingness to pause from reaction so as to allow a greater perspective in which more of the nature of what is actually occurring reveals itself - along with steps that move to heal and reintegrate rather than reject and disintegrate.
Healing is perceived 'Enemy' to a thought disordered identity that perceives its self-defined interests over and above the relationships in which it is truly supported and has integral belonging within a truly aligned self.

Oh - and "the world is not safe".
If by world, one means a state of ever changing within which safety, seeks to be protected from change, THEN of course the world is not safe. Never was. Never will be.
Illusions of such safety - or 'temporary security' can become the basis of an entirely delusory thinking, that becomes a persona of a disconnected and coercive sense.
Fearful belief defines all things in its own image. But the world it paints is ultimately a choice. Once one chooses to identify in struggle to coerce or defy change, one's mind operates insanely and makes insane choices.

True safety is known in being at one with all that you are rather than attempting to be what you are not and demand it so. It is in exclusive identification with the body as a home and protector that the scam operates - for it cannot keep you safe.
Definition is an act of - and in - consciousness. What we define as our self, our world is not COERCED on us - excepting in unrecognised reflection/resonance of our own coercive fear.

Howsoever the messenger comes, one can use it to uncover the active but generally unconscious definitions by which we are out of alignment with our true self. One is wise to honour our core beliefs until they are transformed or made redundant by a fresh decision from a wholeness of being.
In this way 'give unto Caesar' what your belief structure makes necessary for you at this time, whist leaning into God - not wishfully or in appeal to protect your thought system against fear - but as the Innate guiding wisdom, support and clarity for transforming and transmuting fear.

The 'poor in Spirit' have the same Inheritance as everyone else - but do not yet recognize it. The willingness FOR communication invites a higher or Unifying Perspective. The mind that was in the Christ Jesus is in all - as we Let our own warring mind be hushed. Fear is the call to a mind of perpetual war - albeit disguised in complexity within which some kind of 'homeland security' seems to beckon one deeper into indebtedness and tyranny.

The world SHALL become the unavoidable situation in which one has to make a conscious choice as to what foundation one lives FROM.
EVERYTHING depends on Foundation. A coercive foundation MUST be fearful and cannot become 'safe' even if you give it the safety of YOUR identity and protection.

"Coming Out" as Consciousness, agenda politics and identity conflict

The Tim Cook coming out news brought out a banal comment on a Mac forum.

What you are, is truly beyond definition - but humanity 'plays the game' of definitions very very SERIOUSLY! So if who and what you truly feel you are - (or are NOT) - does not fit in the current CONSENSUAL dictate - then you have a 'path' in life of finding the willingness to accept and embrace what you truly align in as You, and let go of what you are not - without presuming to decide for anyone else. That's their life.

To open and join in real relationship is perhaps the richest and most rewarding aspect OF being human. Perhaps anything less than that, is not yet come into truly human cognisance. But relationship is also deeply challenging because fear comes up from within us in relating to others. Society operates the rituals of navigating and masking or mitigating such fear. Moving through fear uncovers a basis in which we are released of a deeply onerous burden of beliefs or self-definitions that effectively deny our joy in living. Yet most of us feed our fear with compound interest as if a greater indebtedness can become true wealth.

To me the issue of sexual orientation is not the point. The point is a life truly embraced and lived. By their fruits ye shall know them. (And they shall know themselves).
So rather than judge a book by its cover, I feel the qualities that someone brings forth as a presence and communication of life - or the presentation of attempting to pass off as genuine currency that simply isn't.

Gender politicking is something else. I generally feel such a movement is subverted, funded and directed by agendas that care less for people and more for the power interests of a few. As I do with health politics and climate politics - because politics itself has become corrupted.

I appreciated a recent HuffPo conversation opened by gay UKIP MEP David Coburn that touches on various issues - albeit in deliberately provocative terms.

One of the primary ways a deceptive or masked power operates is to make it almost impossible to talk or debate about it's real nature. So it can effectively become illegal or open to vilification to even talk about something in a way that challenges the official version.

In THAT sense I am willing to be 'politically incorrect'. But my interest is in reintegrating the warring polarities of a split personality, so as to be free to more gladly live and share and unfold the lives that we ARE blessed with - howsoever we might account for our circumstance.

Why is Tim Cooks 'coming out' placed in the 'technology section' of various 'news' media? Because are not NEWS media but operate an agenda that tends to align in negative common self interest of fearfully defended masked agenda pretending to be what they are not, in order to get something or to escape something.

Being - existence Itself - is the greatest gift anyone can receive or share in - for all else is OF that and in that. That awareness of existence expresses itself in infinitely rich diversity does not mean it is at war with itself. It simply means that each is true unto its own Movement.

When we are true to ourself we are no longer making choices or accepting self-beliefs that are not! And this has a very different perspective than self-judgement - or the projection of such hatred onto others.

A plan of things to be done or problems to be addressed.
The underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group.

 based on Latin genus 'birth, family, nation'. The earliest meanings were  'kind, sort, genus' and 'type or class of noun, etc.' (which was also a sense of Latin genus).

The 'doings' automatically generate from foundations of template or core definitions. These are NOT personality choices - but the choices that template the personality and its Life themes.

Any corruption or modification of the template must lead to corrupted outcomes. However the original file is 'read only' to users, though sudo embodies unified creative change at all levels simultaneously as 'behold I make all things new'.

So if an agenda seems to be operating that is out of true with who you feel and know yourself to be - then look to the copy of the template that is generating such experience.

If something seems to upset or offend me - why am I choosing to see it in such a way? What motive or payoff do I get from choosing to see it this way and does it make sense or belong as my choice when I see it clearly?
The very act of seeing truy is already the transformation occurred.
Once the snake on the carpet is revealed as a the dressing gown cord, one cant really believe the 'snake' again - but you can insist against your own knowing if you WANT to enough!

If you feel you have benefited from sharing such a consideration, you are welcome to buy me an iPhone 6 - though I would much prefer an ipad for reading on. ;-)
But I don't write for payment - its in the nature of a gift.

I pause and feel and consider issues that come up for me in a particular communication or situation - and take a journey that shares itself as an unfolding of willingness - for no one is persuaded or required to read or follow or accept anything that is not already their own choosing.

That last sentence in itself is a very powerful statement. If we are 'led' astray then in some sense at some level we choose it by where we choose to give our attention. Strangely, what we fear to look upon, always then seems to possess or direct us until we can look on it and look past it to what we love to alight in.

Drug rackets and consciousness

For some time I have been seeing the signs of changes in drug laws that feel top-down rather than a response to bottom up pressure.
This was one today in a media promoted debate of sorts

Is there a larger directed change going on here?
"War on drugs", like "war on terror" is all about giving power to the mask in order to deny the realities that are then supposed to be exterminated, invalidated, denied, concealed.
fear calls on fear to protect itself from fear.

Coming out from the mask is the only way to own the choices that give rise to the outcomes we SAY we don't want or have conflicts or fears about what our choices bring forth. One cannot communicate within the mask or indeed to it.

Life is not fixed down as any prevailing power asserts it to be - including the power of our own core beliefs and self definitions as to who we are in relation to any situation in our world.

Giving power to the mask is to be tyrannized by that which was initially invoked to protect. Coercive interventions in our materially-energetic world, our social interaction and cultural development, our biology and our self-definitional template - all tend to operate a segregative disconnecting agenda that reinforces its originating premise of a fearful or negatively interpreted condition.

The fear which divides and conflicts and suppresses Life then sets up the market for controlling the demand that then automatically arises for distractions of escape, for mitigations of pain, for the power to validate and support the out of true.

There is a VAST amount of money in drugs legal and illegal. Vast flows of money-energy transfer are associated with corruption at every level. Even moral arguments are attractive when the alternatives cost more than the risks of NOT shifting control modalities.

Dark money - unlike dark energy or dark matter - is not just a Black hole in the model that doesn't exist in the terms the model sets - but is similar in that it's not supposed to be going on but actually runs so much of what also goes on behind the scenes.

There is a larger debate than is ever allowed to be framed by the media and that is to open up a real conversation about consciousness, existence itself. True foundations are not a 'spiritual nicety' for those on Maslow's pyramid - but is core foundational pragmatism of means and ends.
To corrupt one's integrity in order to get some temporary hit, in complete disregard for consequence - will still meet consequence. Freedom is not freedom from consequence or learning would be impossible and no meaningful direction available.

Re-integrating cooperatively and separating (in order to then control) pull in mutually exclusive directions and cancel each other out. A house divided cannot stand.
Choosing to believe that people are incapable of managing their own affairs and must be conditioned, managed and herded for their own protection is a self-fulfilling choice. As is the extension of faith and worth that chooses to operate from the belief that we can live out from a true sense of worth and share and grow it by being true to ourselves. Finding what we need as and when when we need it rather than imagining what worry feeds us to be true and losing what we have NOW to appreciate and grow.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Creation is forgot within assertive misperception of it

An article about the Pope today :
Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right and God isn't 'a magician with a magic wand'

Creation is 'out of bounds' to a limited and disconnected sense of self that has become conditioned by its own thought, belief, interpretation, perception, experience and thus model of self and world.

The consciousness of physical existence is never an independent existence of either the perceiver OR the perceived.

the true nature of Consciousness is in some sense usurped to our appreciation, by the intervention of a coercive will - that arises as an oppositional will to Creation from freely focusing upon idea-definitions that are out of accord with Creation - IE: that are not true of You… but you join with others in asserting and reinforcing them, only to meet what you did not expect and become entranced.

There is a sense in which the human unfolding is allowed to evolve its own consciousness AS an expression of choice - which is a subset of true creation. However choice CAN be utilised to maintain false frameworks OF choice such as to effectively DENY free will expression. It remains our true foundation because it is the true nature of OUR creation - regardless of any self-definitions that are asserted and accepted to operate in place of direct appreciation of creation.

Creation is the act or extension of Wholeness. Clearly, the suffering of a fragmented self/world is the fruit of attempting to operate un-wholeness of a will divided against itself. But determined NOT to expose such false foundation.
Reality remains Itself true, however it is defined/experienced - but by what WORD comes out of our mouths/minds are we 'defiled' to lose the Embracing perspective of Consciousness Itself.

Evolution and revolution are both aspects of a linear cyclic progression of Idea.
The scientific tends to deny the very consciousness that its thought extends and uncovers - or accord it a 'super ego' of rationality or human ascendence as a DISCONNECTED yet INTERVENING COERCION and LEVERAGE.

There could be said to be 2 'creations'; God through the Extension of All That God IS - as an Eternal or synchronous wholeness that knows Itself in every Facet or Expression and Reflection as One. The 'alt creation' is a construct accorded to a power that Lord's it OVER creation rather than embracing/loving and going forth through all that it is.

The 'World as it is generally postulated is 'outside' and apart from Consciousness and is seen as CAUSE OF… tiny, frail, temporary, embodiments of minds that have forgotten Who and What they truly Are - yet seek to become a power unto themselves - derived from a god of separateness.

There is no separation. But there is a belief in separation, given all the protection and love due to your true Self. That let's nothing come in that would expose its falsity to a healing and integrative perspective. The fear-mind operates a mad prison. Wake up! Get up and walk out!

Monday, 27 October 2014

three short resonses to three current issues

1. Archbishop of Canterbury warns MPs not to portray migrants as a 'deep menace' after top Tory claims towns are being 'swamped'

The issue isn't immigration AS SUCH, the issue is the manner and scale and pace of such a globalist agenda and market driven strategy.

Many Britons are reserved and leave each other to their own affairs - but the changes that are taking place - including mass migrations - are raising uncertainty, fear and confusion - which is fuelled by the media and the government in diverse ways - perhaps because a frightened and unsettled population is at first easier to manipulate or sell ideas to.

But fear and hate walk together. It is true that we need to be responsible as to how we communicate THAT we have fears or else fear will possess us and speak hate. But fears are not to be pretended away nor demonized. We need to facilitate more communication, not box it in.

Leaders and media COULD HELP to discern and articulate what is in fact going on instead of persisting in the problem. All problems rise from failure to account or communicate - and fear OF communication attempts to make lies true.

2. Archbishop of Canterbury reveals how he broke down in tears after hearing 'horror' of child abuse in Church of England

The more one denies/projects the negative, the more it is given power to operate unconsciously, in the dark left by screaming self righteous hate. Attempt to coerce or terrorize consciousness to conform to what fear and guilt dictates, results in distorted or corrupted impulses that leak out in all sorts of loveless tragic ways.

Our idea of self is so blindly predicated on fear and coercive control, that it is believed heretical to consider that there might be a better way - as if one is therefore one of the terrorists if one doesn't take the side that throws the first drone.

Humanity has a split mind and is in a sense at war with itself, within the level of personal consciousness. A living Church COULD align and extend the teaching of Jesus, but... knows not what it does.

Who knows not what they do, is a mind so divided within itself that it knows not who it or anyone is and becomes helplessly victim to fears upon fears, at cost of innocence lost.. This need not be.

3. Drugs may work better depending on time of day
Scientists believe that drugs which target specific genes work differently depending on which time of day they are taken

Whatever else may be said I feel to say that the natural systems of the body-mind - as well as the planet are vastly more interrelated and complex than the scientific watchmaker first supposes, when taking things apart.

The desire for 'magic' answers feeds the profession of magicians. A true re-alignment with responsibility of thought, word and deed, works wonders. But the wish to escape by redefining our lives in the image of our disconnected thinking, seeks to persist at any cost and by whatever means - as does an addict seek to persist in addiction.

Learning that it (healing) is highly individualized can bring back a truly individual approach to healing - but there are basic conditions that support the self-healing which Life naturally operates until it is so blocked from function that manual interventions become the new normal.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Psychopathic deviance?

Under my 'handle' Binra I was asked:

Binra, did you ever get the idea that the psychopaths are good at being devious but, bad at most other things?

Danny B, just from me to you - as the communication that comes up to share...
Those we call psychopathic are intensely exposed to fear - even terror - yet in a way that displaces its recognition AS fear, but which operates as a focus of a very strongly asserted sense of self.
I feel that they offer more extreme versions of what most of us have - as is true of all sorts of patterns, extreme examples bring to attention, that in ourselves which would otherwise remain invisible.
Deviousness is only a sin if honesty is a virtue. Deviousness can be redefined as honesty to one's OWN '!!!SELF!!!' (indicating a tyrannous sense of self), and the honesty of those who would 'weaken' this !!!SELF!!! must be perceived AS weak, as a lie to induce weakness and therefore AS deception.
Everything is ultimately (and directly) founded on what we define and are defined by as our self.
Now I associate deviousness with a perceived need to be protected FROM the truth of one's being - and indeed the deviousness sets up an imagined truth that we then react to as if it was so and thus fear to actually look within and know. A sense of nothingness, or powerlessness in the face of intolerable abandonment, rejection or inadequacy, can trigger a collapse of the being that one is, in clench that effectively attacks....within and upon itself, yet at the same time operates a displacement or 'escape' mentality- a persona set to look AWAY from fear, pain and nothingness yet programmed by it to OVERCOME it in the world of relations; the physical experience.

I don't myself feel to invest in diagnostic labels as substitutes for energetic communication. So people can demonstrate psychopathic behaviours, but are expressing an energetic of being that is not really pigeonholed and cut off from us, or tidily explained and accounted for.

I feel honesty as a congruency of thought word and deed that is a responsibility of being in the flow of communication in our now - as an energetic communication that occurs simply from being in each other's lives in whatever way that manifests.
I have noticed that if I judge another who is disturbed as mad, I no longer have the capacity to extend communication but only feed their sense of self-justification in defence - or in the reinforcement of their drama and its necessity.
Therefore it is clear that in that scenario, it is I who meet an energetic that triggers fear and use the catalyst or messenger as the scapegoat for my unfaced fear - operating the same mentality.
But if I am responsible for owning my own fear, I can choose not to act FROM it and to stay open for a movement I can trust as a true expression of what I recognize as true of me.
So I see fear attempts to DO life, and DO to it and upon it in blindness of a disconnected self, while love, in a sense works through the cooperative willingness for communication. All know such love as something that they cannot take personal credit for - and which is not wielded or done to someone or to a situation, but which rises naturally as an expression of freedom to be (all of that which you are).
But as indicated above, those who are profoundly identified in a disconnected and separated sense of self operate within a reversal in which fear is the 'protection' which is love's role, and love is the exposure of powerlessness of such 'protection' and so is 'enemy, feared and hated.
What if reality - free of one's own coercive interference - is deeply satisfying?
Unfolding and expressing as a rich and multifaceted communication of shared fulfilment - not least because Life is no longer being demanded of, from an assertion of a sense of lack.
Or on a simple homely level, what if one always simply asked for what one wanted instead of couching or encoding one's desire in devious packages?
Asking as a true extension of our desire also honours the one we ask as the freedom to be themselves.
mind-opathic disassociations occur where two or more are willing to withdraw from relating and withhold themselves - their love - from the actual communication that IS the unfolding Movement of Being. Thus they give themselves each a different kind of experience, but they have not really created a New World Order, for it is a private subscription to a self-delusion of mutual reinforcement that is then defended and asserted against the naturally unfolding Movement or our being.
The Movement itself is wholly innocent of the filters one may employ to fragment it - even though the life experience 'downstream' becomes tragically distorted.

End-times or the shift to a new paradigm:
The core sickness is coming out to be healed. the insanity is written out upon the world stage that was largely hidden within. Each now has a choice they cannot escape. To choose the fear will be to see as the fear sees and do as it dictates and align with power as the world defines it. To NOT choose the fear allows a different choice to be made through you.
The choices we make are part of deciding who and what we are. These then operate a frequency that shifts the world and opportunities we meet and the pathways through what once would have been a wall, and indeed to lose the capacity to abide self-betrayal of devious patterns no longer available to hide in.
When the mind speaks, its can be listened to in the heart. One then discerns the sense of presence or indeed of a disconnected sense of seeking,  beneath the social persona and can embrace it instead of fuelling it. In fact I believe the ONLY way we come back into our own, is to let  give what we believe we are lacking. This comes naturally when we see the problem as it is.
The mind's job was to hide the problem in the world, so as to dissociate it and then operate as if from a point outside UPON its experience. It's done its best at what it was asked to do. It isn't evil. But is it what you want? If the answer is no then why do you choose it? This is not inviting blame, but curiosity. Observing the mind-in-act uncovers deviousness based on beliefs that pulled into the light - are simply revealed meaningless and irrelevant to who you know yourself to be. The mind operates a complex  many levelled defence that requires a persistence that will only come from valuing your self, life and others. This is what the devious or deceiving mind will seek to undermine.
I may add that the ego or personality mind is not destroyed so much as realigned. The choice is not really win/lose but whether to persist in that framework (mind-set) or shift back to a win/win.
It is easy to find hatred and rage in the context of the violence enacted and resulting pain. It is less easy to feel it and own what is our own. 'Like begets like' - until the vicious cycle is released.
In many ways fear is an addiction. Talking to addicts often gets nowhere - but there comes a point where they 'bottom out' and the identity itself disintegrates.
I have a profound sense that wherever you are and whoever you may seem to have been, Life is come to meet you in terms that can be at least partly recognized and accepted. One step leads to another.
A process of communication allows us all to walk with a different step, for in a real sense we now walk together. It doesn't matter that we find we forget, because we notice we have forgotten and pick up where we left off. Honesty is an inside job... of embrace.

Perceptions are experienced ideas

In reply to a comment of mine one responded:
The reason for psychology, "the study, behaviors and mental functions", "PERCEPTIONS". Peoples perceptions of the world in which they live is the reason the world in which they live is like it is, even though the perceptions may be a manipulation of unknown origin, it is still the individuals perception. This is called mind control. Disregard the rest is my right of "selective memory". Thank you very much.. You are right, perceptions of the facts is what we are all posting, our perceptions.

My reply:

Thankyou for a communication of intent, meaning and willingness to communicate. I cannot find your perceptions anywhere in your post. I suggest they are your gift unto yourself as the experience of life unfolding.

Of course you may not have been able to articulate the whole meanings that were your communication and I may read them in an entirely different way than you intended or also in new meanings you did not consciously intend that I receive gratefully none the less.

Communication occurs - and even communication breakdown is a particular kind of communication that also occurs within it - but SEEMS to have denied, defiled, broken or coerced communication.

Perception inherently is already 'mind control' for some aspects of a whole are selected and others rejected. Some given prominence and others disregard. The underlying program or basis for perception is the self-definitions or judgements, beliefs and investments of identity. As we think so we experience - but beware the idea that sets the mind is not the thinking used to obscure its exposure.

If you or I or anyone reading, observes the act of perception, we will see the mind in act. Noticing the mind is an energetic space of awareness in which is observed THAT one aspect is rejected or exclusively selected or forcibly included. Pure awareness has no value judgement because it is not dividing in order to select. But it does offer a different basis from which TO perceive, that is also of course selective, but only to align and reflect an integrative perception.

Perception and conception are not really different. No one can perceive a world of which he/she cannot first conceive. But perceptions SEEM to be external to the conceiver - not least because the division of the Whole splits the mind as a kind of 'divide and rule' in which the apparently controlling aspect is identified 'self' and all else is identified 'external', 'other', outside me, outside or beyond my influence or control.

A world predicated on 'divide and rule' is more exactly, a mutually believed or identified perception by which such identity is thereby conditioned to be subject to and adapt to and operate within, rather than question or challenge its own experience and so uncover what is beneath such identity in experience.

Likewise manipulating intent sets up a false framework which - if not recognized AS false, en-trances the unwary to choose only within the terms set, which can also be set to offer a seeming better and and a seeming worse, so that the 'chooser' can believe they are exercising freedom - whilst reinforcing their identity in a deeper investment to the framework that robs them of their true appreciation and freedom whilst largely operating 'unconsciously'.

There is that which believes or hopes it can actually win within such a framed up prison sentence, and those who tire of playing it - and are free to engage in a greater appreciation of life as an opening to greater perspective.

Every ability or device/strategy of an egocentric distortion can be used to serve an integrating or healing purpose. Disregard is appropriate to that which has not true belonging in you. So when I encounter or notice a coercive baiting, I can retrain my mind to give it disregard instead of taking the bait by reaction.
The coercive has now become a sort of teaching learning device by which to become clear of 'trigger points'. Not that I am ascribing a negative power to trigger points - but that is not where I am choosing to identify myself now.

And yes, memory is equally a perception/conception.
Freedom felt like paralysis when first I met it. Love wists where it will, but a mind conformed and rulebound has no direction in 'anywhere'.

What is a relationship or a communication or meeting or indeed understanding or sharing?
There are models of thought that 'explain' and can substitute for the actuality.
And there is what might be called the living moment.
If the choice is to construct, assert and defend a point of view, then relationship, communication, and all its fruits are disregarded and substituted for by a coercive mentality.
So yes I share a point of view - but it is extended in invitation to that which resonates and freely associates. Information is what anyone uses it for, but that doesn't mean it doesn't express an energetic communication of its original authorship.

Regardless I essay an articulation in words, the actual capacity to check anything against the heart's discernment, is innate to us all. That's why the first deceit is to get the mind to believe itself cut off from the heart's knowing.

Upgrading the Operating System - computing the future?

I wrote this into my local Mac User group - but it felt worthy of a wider view and while initially referring to specific computing environment is a comment on our times - as well as chiming in with a recent news article on Time Berners-Lee and internet hate.

- - -

The only hassle with 'trying out a new Mac OS' is in any changes effected in that system that then are lost or have to be redone or undone in reverting.

Having IMAP makes email independent of the process. But there are all kinds of potential problems that can occur or have to be kept track of. One thus has to become a master strategist in laying out a course of action - or perhaps just enjoy other things as a strategy of not opening a can of work unless there really is a concrete desire rather than a passing fad of curiosity.

When I moved up a couple of notches from Snow Leopard (Mac OS10.6) there were things I lost and things I gained and after a bit I got used to workflows without the one and took for granted the other. An underlying narrative of this is of the fading of the excitement around unfolding of emergent future of feature, significant speed ups and storage increases. But instead; a sense of an ever moving complexity that whilst seemingly simplified in a certain kind of interface is in fact a fragmenting and distracting influence to even try to keep up with.

So the general trend is to just use the particular app or function without really learning much in terms of exploring and expanding a knowledge base. In fact one just 'g++gles up' now for almost anything and earns a sort of work-around 'try this try that' mode of a navigational sense of what will likely work. And probably not bother to really understand what the problem was if it can now be worked round - because life-time is the one bit of the OS that cannot be 'upgraded' to a larger, or more powerful version.

Time spent in something enjoyable doesn't require anything else to justify itself.
The relationship of computing to time is perhaps founded on particular golden examples of 'saving immense amounts of time'. Typesetting > Copy and paste. Accounting ledgers > spreadsheets.

But there is something in the WAY of it that becomes a Faustian Pact, in which powers are added us that yet we become addicted and enslaved to or corrupted by. Oh I know this seems strong language - but the addict is the last to own their condition and the seduction of power flatters the self. I found myself writing that believing our own stories/lies is the basis of corruption - which is a loss of a clarity of perspective and appreciation often associated with humility and compassion.

When I first bought (and met) a computer I got a Mac primarily because I gained a clear intuitive sense that I would spend time IN a more enjoyable virtual environment. (I had no direct experience of computing before I bought one - having been a refusenik/luddite until then).

I felt a real appreciation of the programmers and developers and engineers that had created a human friendly interface that was NOT the imposition of a requirement to fit into a soul-less mechanism and at that time NOT operating as a coercive marketing platform/parlour. So I had a naturally good feeling for the Mac - and for Apple (the two were different).

Apple remade themselves via Jobs 2.0 and are not the same company.

One can make personal mythological play out of such corporations of service-framework or rival protocols, but just look at the hatred that comes up from such modes of identity in the public domain!

Tim Berners-lee wonders why there is such hatred online (recent news). It is all a matter of identity as invested in 'for and against' - instead of identity yielded in 'both and'.

Will humanity destroy its world/self? ...Perhaps.
But I see the basis from which it operates as a disintegrating 'platform' - and that means becoming free of its compulsions as a result of dissociation.

Metamorphosis operates in many cases as the growing of the new within the old with a process of emergence through the process of apparent death.
Parasites operate similarly but as an invading or consuming violation of the host rather than as the reintegration of the Life of the host into new form.

Maybe that's the nature of a choice - as to whether to operate upon wholeness in attempt to exploit it for an identity over and against others - or to operate within wholeness as a unique but integral facet of its nature.

Upgrading one's 'operating system' then serves a true integration of, rather than 'adding' to a limited and limiting code-base.

The consolidation of power-struggle in the world drives an inherently globalist agenda in which the very few dictate for their gratification upon the very many, but only an integrated appreciation of power can inherit the Earth as true life time shared.

One doesn't have to love or hate Apple to engage or assert one's relationship as a customer and a fellow human being to all those human beings in Apple or its associated communities, in making choices that grow a capacity for choice rather than give it away.

Original Nature and original sin

The investment oriented news and comment site 'The Daily Bell' is basically a libertarian orientation to economic, political and social ideas, institutions and events.

This Daily Bell interview opened my comment below.

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The IDEA of original sin has been almost universally interpreted and applied within the idea itself. Or it would not be original - but derivative.
The idea; 'sin' has become devalued as a useful term by being used as a WEAPON and shield for invalidating self and other and world by some idea of a rationality or power that is presumed 'without sin' - as the 'Judge' of self, other and world.
That IS the original error.
The 'error' by which one obscures and depreciates one's awareness of self, other and world, but the error cannot be observed with the mechanism of mind that the error gives rise to.
The mind that we presume to operate FROM is part and parcel of the world-construct as we define and experience it. But IT presumes itself apart from - so as to divide and define in terms of its own presumed 'power'.
Everything that proceeds from the father of the lie can only be the lie. In this sense the root is not in the effects but at the cause.
Original Nature is that which is believed to be lost, obscured, distorted, corrupted and usurped by (original) sin.
Original Nature is expressed as innate and inherent worth - that is not affected or edited or changed by anything one thinks or does - ever. And sin became the idea of uncorrectable error backed by an unyielding or fixed and merciless judgement.
But to sin is to miss the mark - not least because of aiming at a mistaken reflection of the target.
The paradox of nature and nurture reveals both AND more are actively one experience of cause and effect operating in TIME.
The 'more' is the embracing and pervading Consciousness of which a polarized mind in struggle and reaction is oblivious of and distracted from.
Greater perspective is not gained within the framework of the conflicted mentality - nor by a coercive attempt to enforce all but what the dominant power asserts 'rational or true' to be invalid, unworthy and heretical. So therefore to be denied.
The way the deception operates is from a level above or upstream to the apparent events and outcomes. The redistribution of blame does not ever address the cause - but perpetuates and propagates it in the guise of answer.
To address the cause, one must awaken as the responsibility at the level of cause. In simple terms one cannot change that which one has refused to own.
Original sin is not way way back in time - because the error persists and propagates moment by moment by moment... AS an experience of time in which cause and effect are NOT one but delayed, and in which delay it can seem meaningful that a loveless and coercive means could yet give rise to a love-worthy goal or effect.
Such is the person-prismed prison of the mind 'apart from' that identifies and operates 'over and against'.
"See what YOU made me" it screams, asserting its injustice as justification for hate and attack.
Power seeks only freedom to operate in - and then to progressively free itself of any adversity or obstruction that would hold it in check - which it 'sees' everywhere and in everything as an ever shifting delusional nightmare from which it refuses to awaken.
But is it power? or is it the grasp for power, the wish for power, the fear of losing power, the fear of powerlessness?
The power to heal is in us - as is the power to destroy awareness of the power to heal. But the effects cannot unmake their Cause.
Rationality is simply a subtle disguise for un-owned attempts to escape conflict of fear by denial, through personification of 'objectivity' that is then used as a puppet by unconscious and destructive drives to vindicate or validate that which has no basis of existence at all.
Rationality adopts the guise of Reason - which is Sanity of un-conflicted congruency.

Note that not only is the justification for coercion in the name of freedom blind to its own deception - it is actively defended against such exposure.
It is inevitable that the one who would reveal the falsity of an anti-terror terrorism be associated with the terrorist.
Is it not clear by now that the apparently opposing polarities share a single agenda!

Here is another reason to 'love thine enemy' - for it is the one who seems enemy to you, who brings to you the recognition of that in yourself which you judge against, and feel fully justified in hating and attacking.
"to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time" is to recognize the entrance-ment to a mind/world of false division given to fear and hate - and see it meaningless.
When the false is undone, no truth need be asserted - but is simply evident as the obvious.
Freedom is known as truly aligned wholeness of being. Heart and mind as one.
Loss of freedom is believed and experienced in asserting misalignment as if to get to or become free.
The experience of a polarised and conflicted world will continue to intensify itself until the difference in each CHOICE is recognized. But true choice is only available at the level of Cause. All behaviours are conditioned by the Ideas that they embody. There is no freedom at the level of behaviour itself.
Trying to make it so is to deny one's cause.
Denying one's cause is the 'original sin'. Its progeny all persist the same patricide. This is evident as the patterning of the history of the 'independent power'.
Surface mentality is a mask by definition. It can serve as a lens of experience but can hardly be used to define the depth - much less control them. Yet such is the conditioned arrogance of human ignorance that believes it knows - yet has no peace of Knowledge.
Tyranny can and does express itself in and as any kind of form. If the imposed collectivism operates in denying expression of thought, the imposed market based 'individualism' operates in framing all permissible thought in an illusion of freedom in which token resistance, token freedom, token enemies, are allowed and supported and encouraged.
The sucker is the one who WANTS to believe they can get something for nothing, or indeed make something worthy out of an ongoing unconscious delusion by which he/she is cultivated.
The other sucker believes they can exploit suckers and retain their own integrity. But they prey to self-specialness and arrogantly assume 'power', elite status and except themselves from law until they can remake it in their own image.
It takes two to tango...
"Leave them alone and they'll come home, dragging their tales behind them"