Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Jesus Idea is both Messenger and Awakener

Daily Bell - Flee Rather Than Stand Your Ground
This article above seeks to suggest an alternate option from fight or flight (The heading is better put as disengage reaction rather than flee. Just walk away and put it behind you rather than feed that which only undermines your peace. Your peace is the clarity in which all else is appreciated as it is rather than struggling to make all things be as fear would have them be.

Here is my comment:

Give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar (while it pertains and to the letter of its law). Give unto God what is due unto God.

Any messenger of a higher or more inclusive consciousness operates as a connection or awakener TO such a perspective.

This either triggers acceptance or resistance and denial. The latter interprets or redefines the message and the messenger in ways that reinforced and supported such separation-consciousness in more subtle disguises - but which no longer act as a conduit or messenger-awakener Consciousness. This was called attempting to put New Wine into old bottles - perhaps because leathern old bottles cracked when used for new wine?

In any case the forms of the message were subverted to become assertions of ego-centricity and hate or coercive manipulation such as to effectively neutralise or minimise the awakener's restoration to align within their full and true Consciousness.

This process applies to any inspirational spark of Consciousness that rises in the awareness of a persona identification. It can be readily observed in one's own mind - and any moment is an idea moment in which to notice how the mind seems to interject and cover over the Living Relational Reality with an interpretive structure that embodies certain ideas, wishes and definitions that are running largely - but not entirely - within the automatic or subconscious layer of a split attention.

Any shift of awakening - of direct noticing - reveals a framework of previously unconscious choice that can then be disregarded if no longer aligning with one's truly conscious desire. Releasing the coercive or fearful framework automatically allows the restoration of wholeness - to the degree that the recipient is willing to accept. Hence we have instant healings as well as a process of healing - depending on the willingness and readiness to accept. Likewise we have instant inspirations and progressive illuminations.

Awakening does not depend on belief - but an assertive or strongly held belief against it will select only those interpretations that reinforce its belief. However, once one has transcendent perspective and healed perceptions, the beliefs that now replace fearful and coercive ideas and self-definition likewise set a loop of reinforcement experience - MORE in line with the true nature of one's truth, joy or wholeness of purpose and appreciation. Again this can be a sudden turnaround or an inner shift that works through a process over time.

This reintegrating 'process' or realisation, is going on all the time everywhere - but is generally not self-aware until it has a vehicle of conscious willingness through which to know itself. A fragmenting or segregating purpose is also active - which operates as a separate and disconnected self-sense that actively denies or FORGETS.

Although the symbol of Jesus is one of transcendence, it is also one of embrace and expansion of what is present as one's experience - so as to be given a restored or healed perspective on whatever it is. Of course one will soon meet one's own persona's insistence that the 'answer' has to fit the framework of the problem as you have defined it, and this operates as an unwillingness to listen or a filtering out of what is not 'on your side' as you have framed yourself.

The parable of the wheat and the tares serves to indicate that until the harvest is gathered, both positive and negative (integrative and segregative) purposes are active. The readiness and willingness to accept truth as it is - that is without assertion of coercive demand that it fit YOUR frameworked or virtual identity, is a shift to a perspective that abides as the ordinary conscious ground of whatever is otherwise experienced.

The split mind is like backing all sides of every conflict - but shifting between them in various scenarios. When we recognize our own hidden 'elitism', we are free to relate in a different way rather than throw the first stone at that which we hate and hide in our self.

The 'church' in the original phrase was simply a real relationship at a level of self-awareness. No organisation or system is required to 'prop up' that which we simply ARE in our natural free condition. But such as there are calls or needs for systems or organisations, they can be set up within the perspective of vigilance for freedom from self-enamoured coercive or fearful thinking - as willingness allows.

One cannot coerce coercion out of existence, but one can reflect and illuminate choices that ARE being made that ARE resulting in painful and apparently unwanted outcomes. Once we see that we are in fact choosing a framework that sets us up to fail, we are free to choose differently.

The fantasy of the special one is an ignorance and an arrogance. When we recognize or notice such a framework of desire and intention in ourselves we then choose consciously whether to persist in self-illusion or let it go and come back into a current wholeness of being. That we are free to choose pain and redefine it as pleasure does not eradicate a fundamental dissonance alerting you to your being out of true. It is not your enemy or damnation, but your friend - once you embrace rather than hide your fear.

Paradoxically, the willingness to release the psychic or personal survival at a mental level, allows a perspective and flowing awareness that can 'feel' its way in a current embrace of all forces present. This is 'guidance' of the higher mind or simply operating as a wholeness of being with all that is present. The guidance of a fearfully driven mind is blinkered if not blinded by its past conditioning and will fail to walk through doors it sees as walls and seek doors where there are none. Its JOB is to keep you focussed in the physical aspect and your insistence that that is ALL there is to YOU, asks it to perform what it was not designed nor capable of doing - hence the shift from loyal servant to negative block of sickness or resistance of self conflicted futility. 

Coming back into one's right mind begins with recognizing or accepting one's insanity - which is the dawning of a sane perspective in a mind of confusion. Those who wake to the 'asylum' serve their way to transcend such perspective - for as you give, so do you in truth receive. No one escapes their own judgement, but everyone is free to let it go and discover what the mind of 'divide and rule' cost them the appreciation of.

Everything is a matter of perspective. All proceeds lawfully from its foundation. There is always another way of looking at anything and everything. How do YOU choose to see this current event or situation? Freedom aligns with true signature joy. There is no coercion in 'God' and therefore none in you. Deception is a device in which that which is NOT, seems to be, and replaces or usurps what Is. All experience is real to the beholder but a lens of illusion only covers the light while it is employed.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bring on the empty Horses!

No more Trojan horses

Labour needs to explain why Birmingham failed to stop the Islamist practices in the schools under its control

Be aware that when those in positions of power and trust say "do as I say and not as I do", that they will send conflicted messages that undermine their own integrity and authority as well as teaching others that it is ok or even necessary to use coercive propaganda in place of a willingness to communicate.

As long as the 'parent' or leadership persists in its own fearful denial of its own confusion, it locks itself in a mask that is attempted to co-opt others to validate its own false sense of identity.

The dissonance of reaction and miscommunication that seems to call for even further coercive and deceptive 'control' is in fact the opportunity to awaken from a strategy that not only cannot work - but which further undermines all that yet IS working.

Human Existence without integrity and trust is bedlam. One can act out such confusion as if it makes sense and thus give your Life to that which neither knows or values you.

The urge to self-protection is easily used by the boy who cries 'wolf!' to divert it. But in time the trick is revealed and nothing the boy says thereafter is accorded credibility.

Be aware the mind is very cunning in its role as the justifier of your mask or persona and consider if saving face is in fact a saving grace or a deeper and denser and more costly set of lies. The ancient wisdom knew of this but expressed it in symbol and story - which a scientifically minded materialism rejects or ignores.

No one can tell you anything that you do not yourself choose to accept as true. You are the one who can discern what is truly resonant and relevant to your best sense of who and what you are now. When we believe fearfully, we are prone to want to hide our 'nakedness' and the voice of a self-serving suggestion will rise to our desire to NOT know what we fear we have become. Behold the deceiver is in our midst because a cover-up of a covert op regards exerting power as more desirable than accepting relationship in which true communication can enter and restore - step by step - a shared integrity of being to our awareness.

The blame game is the worship of a false god. There are many attributes of the term 'god', and one of them is foundation. Another is authority to which one gives trust and identifies within. A so called godless rationality is simply an illusion of a Pinochio-like puppet, rebelling against its condition as a device of extending a higher or greater Conscious appreciation into a scripted world of props and personae. But IT has no independent existence what-so-ever. Any IDEA that we call upon or accept as our own will define and dictate all that extends FROM such foundation. Ideas of a unified and integrated nature share on the gift of Life. The thinking that seems to run off apart from Life as if to be a power all unto itself is a trick of the mind that generates experience unlike our true nature - hence the fear and guilt that then gives rise to a world of competing powers seeking to control 'others' seen as enemy, slave or temporary ally.

There is almost always something in the communication or reflection of the 'enemy' or the 'other' that carries the opportunity for healing - IF we listen not in our strategic dictates - but in the peace of a listening heart. It really does come down to a choice as to where one turns for guidance. As long as the spell endures, one believes one cannot afford to open to anything that is not already 'on our side' and yet who is the caster of the spell but your own wish?

When 'worlds collide' the call is to open to a fresh cultural perspective. The old goats may persist in butting each other or butting in. But fear IS being exposed for what it is - and no longer can be hidden where and in ways it is NOT. Dumping fear or toxic debt onto externals so as to protect an elitist segregating mentality is not our 'salvation' - though of course one can choose to believe oneself specially endowed or afflicted and play out that experience upon others if they will have you.

One is free to imagine oneself creatively or otherwise - but one cannot uncreate one's nature AS creative - no matter how earnestly or self-righteously one seeks to validate one's persona as if IT were the creative. Identity confusion can only operate in a darkened room, in secret. Until one observes and understands the device by which we 'live' in separated secret minds that join only to protect and preserve separateness, the consciousness 'knows not what it does' for it takes reflections as real and forgets its true nature in struggle with the mirrored world.

One cant make a horse drink the water but one can drink thereof as a living example. Only them will one's word be 'Do as I do' - if you will, rather than 'do as I say, not as I do'. What you give out is what you get back. Honesty is a congruency and consistency of thought, word, act and experience. Pretending to be 'decent, respectable, caring, protective and empowering of others' is part of the wishfulness that serves to hide deeper fears or shames.

The illusion of powerlessness is perhaps man's greatest 'achievement'. You ALWAYS have and are a choice. But to know this, one has to turn away from falsely framed choices whose primary purpose is to keep you in the dark. It doesn't hold to blame governments for our own choices and their results - or to expect them to represent a conscious integrity that is not already sharing itself in the collective level of our communication. It is no use saying to those in positions of trust and leadership, "do as I say and not as I do".

Is paranoia itself a 'back door access' for fear's agenda?

An article on asserts that:

Apple engineered surveillance back door into 600 million iPhones

May I use the article to reflect that your own 'thinking' is an example of a 'back door' violation of integrity?

While your consciousness is compromised by the hacks of a manipulative and fearful suggestion, it runs the agenda of others whilst believing itself 'free'.

Phishing (identity theft) and spambots (infected networking of fear and guilt-driven thought), did begin with the 'apple' in the symbolic myth of the Garden - but I tell you the Tree of Life is not gone away - but is your true inheritance.

A willingness to 'come clean' or OWN your own fear or guilt thinking so as NOT to let IT USE YOU in exchange for a virtual existence in a sense of power that wears you out and abandons you.

There is an ongoing balance to be struck between facilitating communication and blocking or withholding such data from illegitimate access or violation.

The issues of integrity (of a system) and of trust (authentic communication and identification) are primarily within our Consciousness. The nature of our dilemma reveals our split mind. You cant have it both ways!

Systems that embody integrity will arise out of integrity shared, but systems that seek to operate coercion in the form of an integrity (such as our current financial, healthcare, defence or security systems), evolve designs of extraordinary complexity and obfuscation such as to stifle Life Functionality and operate as the herders of the herded - or indeed the culled.

We may not realize that every thought we energise that is of the nature of coercion upon our own experience and relations feeds the 'world' of hate, fear, shame, sickness and war - and I do not say this to condemn - but to invite a fresh waking appraisal of the kind of consciousness we want to cultivate as our 'world' - for we all experience whatever the 'world' IS - through the consciousness we accept and validate by acting as if it were true.

IT IS DIFFICULT to transition from a world in which we thought solid and in some sense dependable, to one in which deeper fears are unmasked and realities crumble that we did not know we had built our house on until they fell away. The habit-choices of fear and guilt are exposed and our OLD way was to try to cover them up and 'escape' ASAP! But this 'genie' isn't going back into the bottle - so the nature of your wishes needs to align to your true will - instead of playing out a conflict by which you frighten yourself.

Love's integrity and awareness is beneath the coverings of fear and conflict - and yet also beyond their reach. Sites that do anything to attract attention so as to sell that attention its payload - or to sell its guest to the designs of others illustrate a lack of integrity. This is a choice from which all can experience and learn what they choose to access or call forth in their consciousness, including the ones involved in attempting something that works against their true interest - yet seems RIGHT or necessary because of the WRONGNESS seen in others or the fear of consequence of not acting as circumstance seems to dictate. 

Pride comes before a fall. A true humility comes as a rising light.

War on Consciousness is father of the lie

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Massive rise in sale of British arms to Russia
MPs condemn sharp increase in trade with Moscow after missile attack on Flight MH17, while French President blasts 'hypocrite' Cameron as war of words erupts between London and Paris.
Manipulative propaganda would depict wars as conflicting interests, but a simple observation reveals that third party agenda set them up, encourage them, and profit from them.

This is not only something that can be seen outside in our world - but operates within our own consciousness.

Presentations, masks, personae, are employed and identified with as if they are real when they are really psychological defence mechanisms that tend to become vanities or conceits of self-inflated distortions.

I notice that we can become so identified within our own mind, that we lose all sense of connection and communication with other minds - and other perspectives, seeming to become possessed of what seems a fearful or destructive necessity. But no one is trapped by thinking excepting that in some way they want their thinking to be more true than what is actually true for them.

All that is required is a willingness to pause, and question one's thought and experience, in the light of a deep self honesty. Because a dishonest goal is a deceptive self-violation of integrity. THIS is where war begins… upon our self and dividing our thinking from our wholeness of being - as a sense of self that has separated from its Life and must now manage all by itself over and against a threatening and hostile competition amidst fear of scarcity and terror of exposure. Such a world is a choice that then becomes a conditioning that leads to the adaptation known as 'the human condition'.

If one tires of supporting war games that use destruction to create in their own image, then in whatever way your consciousness moves you, stop the world your thinking makes for you and uncover the willingness and curiosity to regain a true perspective - that is - of a fresh appreciation of the wholeness and quality of a truly shared sense of Existence. One cannot reintegrate with Life or Consciousness but one integrates with others… but within a perspective not available to the mind that plays or is played by 'divide and rule'.

You are free to play it - but will not appreciate what your true freedom is while you bind your self to it, and at some point will recognize you but deeply hurt your self - and teach it in fear and guilt derivatives, perhaps mixed up with promises of profit, or perhaps unmasked as toxic death.

What are you doing?

You are making choices, but have let them be made by thoughts that are not your own. For if they were your own thought, you would feel the joy and connection of Life that communicates a presence of wholeness, in acts that serve a reintegrating and unifying purpose.

There is a saying on the internet: "All wars are banker's wars". Use this not to shift war to wage it on bankers, but to recognize how fundamental our sense of worth and value is as our primary self definition. Where you invest your consciousness in, is the treasure you defend. I only ask you to check in with a true accounting so as to then trust your choices are in fact YOURS and not the result of a clever sleight of mind by which your integrity has been undermined and re-directed to serve some other agenda than your true - and truly shared - interests.

One can use negative inducements and experiences to serve a positive outcome, once one has regained the honesty of one's integrity, but yes, fear must be honestly owned and not hidden by cover-ups or covert ops.

We are all in it (Consciousness) together, but we are also innately free to choose "out-from" or as a directly felt relationship with Life. Guilt absolutely forbids that you uncover such an Intimacy of being. But who is it to tell you you are naked?

Responsibility is not blame but awakening. What are you 'buying and selling'?

Give only as you would in love's integrity receive. What goes around… comes around. There are better ways of relating than war - unless of course such is your highest calling.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fear (of fear) is contagion

Fear is contagion… unless you choose wholeness.

Fear is distortion and prevents you accessing your higher mind and thus acting or communicating in such a way as to restore health and correct sickness.

Fear says you MUST protect yourself from… fear, so it gets to run the sickness AND Big Pharma. Fear is beneath all negative outcomes.

Becoming awake and responsible for our fear allows us to generate a positive outcome, even from negative experiences, as well as simply not being on the frequency that attracts negative synchronicities.

It does not matter WHO uses fear to appeal in coercive persuasions or apparently positive plans for salvation, it is all rooted in a self-deception.

We live in interesting times. Be curious as to how the way we see ourselves determines the perceptions and experiences we then get - and share on.

Some aspects of polarised futility become simply provocations to react - so as to fulfil someone else's agenda.

Being aware of what DOES and does NOT belong to you is crucial to who and what you accept and act out from as yourself.

Appeals to reasonableness in search of allies don't look deeply enough or honestly enough at what fearful and coercive beliefs can and do set in motion - in our name.

Choose the world you want to live in by how you decide to see and use everything. It is all a matter of perspective. Insanity operates a complete loss of perspective to fearful and panic-driven salvage. But if the insane lead the insane - do not expect a natural health to heal or reintegrate your life and your relations and your world.
First, own the 'insanity' or disturbed mind - and then change your mind - by choosing FROM a place of authority within your natural being.

True authority does not coerce or seek to persuade in order to force an outcome. It KNOWS the way of being in which an optimal path grows within us and among us. But to access this authority, we have to let go off the false authority which asserts a false sense of self and seeks to prevail over the true.

Nothing new here - excepting that so much of the patterning of human conditioning is being EXPOSED in a Global Shift…. to eyes that would see and ears that would hear.
If you do not thirst for truth, you must pursue your choices until you are troubled and stirred beneath the self and world you thought was real.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for their True Inheritance is not truly lost so much as lost sight of. We are blessed by our very Existence - but have learned how to forget. All abilities that aligned to such an exploration of separated experience can be turned from the sword to the ploughshare. It is always a matter of choice.

(I wrote this into an article on that felt to me an incitement to fear)

On the thinking that sees no Soul...

“As I turned, I was this close to him,” as Biden held his hand inches from his nose. “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’” 
"It takes one to know one". If you want to see the evidence of the Soul of another, you must yield your ego-centric persona and let your Soul's knowing extend from the perception of the Soul-choices being made, in a willingness to communicate at Soul level.

The world has long been associated with disconnection from Soul Awareness. "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his Soul?". In such a disconnection from true presence extending, all kinds of masked substitutes are asserted or propagandized. These have the common inversion of presuming a man HAS a Soul - in the possessive sense, where in fact the Soul HAS you - whether you are aware of being in alignment or not. Truly you ARE Soul - but distracted with a fragmented identity operating within the focus of the human physical experience.

Power addiction is the appeal of a strongly denied fear of powerlessness. Those who are most disciplined and devoted to their power-trip goal and experience understand that it demands the sacrifice of all that one's heart holds dear in order to be free of 'emotional or moral' constraint'. This can be true when one is freely willing to lay down one's life for the sake of others - extending the gift of Life. But it is usurped when the disconnected and disconnecting negatively defined self, seeks to replicate selflessness in 'worship' or alignment with deep fear or terror, as the determining and therefore 'creative' force of dominion over others. They will thus use whatever guilt and shame cause fear of and seek to manipulate via assertions of masked deceit - as if they themselves were free to see truly and others the weak victims to their own conceits, easily herded or goaded to react in predictable and thus manipulatable ways.

Though the leaders on the world stage will sometimes embody such mentality writ large - many are puppets of hidden power that actually determines their range of action.

One is to note that at the time, each and all of us in some sense justify ourselves and our acts as either necessary, called for or the less evil - but this is always within the terms of self-definition relative to the situation as we perceive it at that instant. The urge to dis-own or cover-up our own fear by 'seeing' it outside in the other, can put immense negative energy into what then seem positive goals.

When Jesus said "Forgive them for they know not what they do", there may well have been an outer 'social' effect of his choice, but the nature of our consciousness when split is of self rejection and Soul forgetting. The capacity to truly FEEL, KNOW and RECOGNIZE LIFE is covered over by the identification with the mortal sense. True compassion is a capacity to embrace ALL the personae or roles within ones experience and release investment in a coercive outcome. What then arises naturally is the movement of Wholeness of being - which extends the true qualities of our unique Life Expression as an integral relationship.

One therefore can engage in business or political negotiation from a perspective that neither seeks to exalt or deny power, for it is obviously already creating every aspect of everyone's reality and communication of such reality as an unbroken or unified whole. The mind that thinks it would or could usurp Power is a toy. When a plaything has lost its relevance to joy and expansion, it becomes an outmoded habit to persist in.
"Put away childish things" and embrace the wholeness of being - so as to Remember and be re-membered in Love's embrace of all that you are - as both part of and one with All That Is.

Once one knows drama and conflict are part of an i-magician's trick, does one need to automatically give it all a serious attention and identification? Once distracted from your Source Consciousness or Soul Awareness - you effectively choose against reintegration AS IF IT WERE LOSS OF SELF.
Un-owned choices are generally unconscious… until they are noticed. Every interruption to our peace is an opportunity to notice the beliefs and definitions we carry and operate that DO NOT BELONG in our heart.

There are times to hold a firm resolution amidst the intense temptation of a false thinking and emotional confusion. True power is not coercive, but those who seek to coerce your allegiance to their own patterns of self-denial will perceive you as 'lacking validity, heretical, deluded or even evil. But one does not have to react in like kind and become the same as that which you judge.

Free Willingness might be a better term than free will (fulness).

Monday, 21 July 2014

Delusionary thinking and reality

Tony Blair: Labour must avoid 'delusionary thinking' to win in 2015

Former prime minister insists party has to be progressive and base policies on reality, not a delusionary view of the world

I understand the persona of mr Blair has become associated with deception and the power agenda of the very rich and powerful. I am not addressing this aspect of what is written above but of something that I feel moved to reply to… whoever said it.

Ideological identity operates a seduction that distorts and filters vision. But disillusionment (with such thinking) is only another version of disconnected thinking that is pretending to deal with 'the real world'.

Any thinking that is not connected to and thus expressing an honest and uncoercive presence is necessarily a mask - no matter what appeals or threats and protections are asserted.

One can elect to play the mask or persona and thus operate within the dictates of its self-justifications. Everyone who hides behind a mask has to justify their 'self' to themselves - and does so by seeking mutual reinforcements of both positive agreements and negative adversaries. Society itself tends to be a reactive layer of conditioned identities unless and excepting we truly pause from such disconnected thinking and regain a clear and unified focus.

Politics has been sidelined by changes with which our thinking has not caught up - and which are changing more rapidly than the old way of thinking can catch up. Our self and world definition has become so disconnected and delusional that it is disintegrating amidst a period of major adjustment or correction.

How we organise our society will reflect the consciousness from which we operate and which frames our perceptions and reactions.

A delusional foundation cannot give fruit to anything but more of the same kind. Jesus said it too. I don't hide behind Jesus - but stand within the same convictions. A disconnected world does not need saving, but waking up from a blind and default subscription that operates on fighting 'evil' rather than focusing within and extending the Good. Jesus also said 'resist ye not evil'. Most have tried to interpret him within the terms of a disconnected world of masked agendas. If there really is a desire to re integrate one's consciousness - one's thought word and deed - then one has to own one's own negative choices in order to release them AS choices no longer, and replace them with a fresh inspiration. Those whose allegiance to the mask actively sought to undermine the healing of a true communication, he called hypocrites (actors) or indeed those of the lie and the father of the lie. But truly he was identifying within Consciousness and not judging against persons.
To adapt to a world that is founded in a lie might seem real - but that is because one shares the wish that such a world be dearer to you than truth. Truly connected thinking operates of a different set of laws than that of Newtonian Physics - (or of the obfuscations thereafter which have sought to integrate an expanded view of a disconnected world).
But the new physics is innately hidden from powermongers great or small - for they are willingly and wilfully distracted in action and reaction and have no appreciation of a unified consciousness what so ever. Nor therefore of consciousness itself. The world YOU meet and experience and share is YOUR consciousness - which is a Gift - whether you choose to share in like kind to your Source Consciousness or un-kind yourself in hatred and fear and 'clever thinking'. Caring about each other and our world must rise above the dictates of a loveless 'correctness' that allows insinuations and assertions of victimhood to wield insidious power over our freedom to choose and learn by our choices.
The devil is not just in the details - but pervades the whole house of cards.