Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Deception, manipulation and intelligence

Richie said:
There are very smart people behind religions: they make a good living off the stupid ones who follow them

I say

Religion is irelevant here. Just accept 'smart' people manipulate other people and use whatever is to hand to do so. But how intelligent is that!

Apparently dumb people get apparently smart people to do what they want. Are you 'following' what does what you want for you? Are you free to want something else? A lot of people want what ultimately does not serve their best interests - or even their current joy and peace - and defend it to be 'right' rather than happy. How dumb is that? Isn't that all of us at some level?

Don't believe for a moment that intelligence is not fully operative in the Whole Show. What may not be apparent is that we all have various and conflicting purposes and strategies and goals that fit together exactly as seen or it would not be.

A unified goal is not a conflicted, disintegrating and fragmenting expression and so is a much more enjoyable way to take the ride that to play out the secret manipulating intent to get more for someone's less. So I equate that with true intelligence for it draws out a cooperative harmony rather than a smartass elitism that always hurts deep no matter how it is presented as 'winning' or 'special' or 'justified by the stupidness of the mob'.

I've never belonged or joined any religion - God is not in a cage of artificial scarcity demanding sacrifice in austerity and compliance with loss of liberty. That's the 'religion' of the deceiver in whatever host it can hack into as self righteous division etc etc

If we realised we are deceived - (not really stupid, just confused and unaware) - then we can wise up. But as long as we want to see 'them' or the 'other' as stupid, then we put ourselves in the sucker mode to thoughts that are manipulative and which hollow us out by letting them in.

Deception is a trick of the mind - thoughts in the mind. Watch the mind instead of accepting it as if it was yours, speaking for you. This is for free. Don't follow me! But if people walk together in learning - let it be.

- - -
 AndrewStreet said

Well, I have to agree with you on several points there. To be honest, I don't see a lot of hope for this planet, or at least our civilisation on it (the planet itself will recover in time) - if enough of our history is preserved then perhaps we can at least serve as a lesson to some far-future civilisation...

I said:
might that seed the same thought virus in a new growth?

It is thinking that behaviour acts out from and the mind of man is sick but he thinks he is free! His 'free will' is a confusion of levels - as if freedom is at the level of effects. Our freedom is inherent in our Cause and the effects proceed naturally or automatically.

A conflicted mind is an oxymoron and yet such is the the virtual state of consciousness of humanity.

We are only really free to be what we are. If we try to be what we are not we can call that free will and defend it against all Reason.

To put this another way - we are not the mask or persona that is used and accepted as if it were real in mutual rituals of reinforcement of the idea of separated consciousness.

A separated consciousness USES relationships to GET. This correlates exactly with the state of the world that we co create.

It is not going to resolve at the persona level or via the persona mentality because all of that is about maintaining a control mentality over (one's) Life.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The foundation of science and Unified Consciousness

The masks change but a manipulative intent runs them all.
It smiles that a man thinks he is free as it gives him what to think.
Everything is no more and no less than the purpose to which you use it for.
In this YOU are free to choose - even if you choose to believe what denies your freedom - whether in mechanical meaninglessness or magic powers.
The truth is alive and well - be it of religion or science - but who wants anything do do with that who love's their own thinking more? And who invests in their thinking but feeds a confusion that reacts and grows by reaction so as to usurp a true awareness that both feels and thinks as one?

- - -

science is an activity that disregards unified consciousness excepting in Eureka moments when answers and breakthroughs come 'in'. How could it seem to do that but by investing in beliefs in a separation of observer and observed - and the mutual definitions of a separate 'selfs'? It then focuses only on the cruder aspects of measurable experience that can be brought into its framework.

I am not saying it hasn't value but that at its very roots it has an 'as if' foundation.

Focusing on the external aspect of our conscious experience is not wrong - but it is not whole.

But there is no experience that is outside awareness of it.

The mind is creative and identifies with its creations. The self-concept being 'the first born son'.

Well where is it? - this 'self'


Ah! circular reasoning there.

Something arises as thought, as perception. Even now I have defined thought and perception. What IS thought?

I don't ask you to 'think about it' but pause and consider.

You might say one has to start somewhere. Thoughts can be apparently invoked or manipulated so as to feel a sense of acting upon this undefinable in ways that assert definition.

That something is, yes.

What it is, no.

About it - well endlessly yes one can generate descriptions and relations.

All of which clearly have practical use as we live by them and within them in many respects.

Awareness is in no way separate from the totality of the observed. There is not a 'you' somewhere that 'has' awareness and 'does' observation. Yet clearly there is a focusing and movement of attention relative to objects of awareness and that this has an interactive component in that a thought of control can lead to an experience of controlling.

"I think therefore I am" is the famous dictum.

But what is this 'I Am'? and what is this 'I think'? Because they are here equated as if an idea of coercion or control IS the I AM of Being - of Existence Itself!

This is a usurpation in consciousness in which a presumed or inferred entity has taken unto itself an autonomy that it does not in truth have nor does it have existence outside the I Am - though it can identify with all that it feels some sense of direct control over as 'me' and put all that it has no control over as other or world.

As a theoretical consideration this can be pondered on calmly. But as an experiential reality it is participance in the most fundamental forces of being - as a transformative event in consciousness.

When you use your computer you know somewhere that it is all a virtual representation. You don't actually go' to a website or move a file but have the control of a front end interface that converts your interactions to processes that can output the appropriate results.

I am suggesting that beneath the surfaces we take as reality is an infinite aspect that includes the underpinnings of idea by which all appearances manifest from the most subtle to the most dense and that the door to this awareness is closed by the belief-investment in the separate self idea in control as an autonomous exclusive entity.

The common place retort is to equate the body with the self and say - that's me! But it is a communication device through which I Am.

(I don't use that 'I Am' to denote my personal sense).

Now even supposing you or anyone were still reading... what practical point is there in questioning our very mind and self like this? A true foundation. All proceeds from its foundation in like kind.
 - - -

I had a response from cotman:

I have no answer to what you say because I do not understand you.

This an honourable answer and I appreciate that you took the time to share it. If we can maintain an honouring communication then at least there is a foundation in which value is shared - even if the info doesn't find a shared understanding as yet.

Everything I venture to try and express is to the purpose of evaluating and establishing foundation - because all that follows must follow as it follows. Logic is not particular as to whether our starting point is true - which is saying the mind will unify on whatever basis it is predicated.

Putting the earth as the still centre of the Universe expressed logical absurdities once we looked more closely at events.

Putting Consciousness/Awareness out of the Universe IS putting an energetic-materiality as the Cause to which all else is defined effect.

This also expresses as logical absurdities at the very nature of our function. It denies our function. That's why we are human being as well as using science - but if we become redefined by our tools, we lose our human being-ness.

Indeed we may come to see it as a virus upon the Earth while also worshipping its seeming power to define, analyse, predict and control. The machine-mind deals only with data. Your honouring of me despite the apparently incomputable data demonstrates your humanity. This is not a check box ticked. This is gratitude expressed.

I have no answer to what you say because I do not understand you.

Oh if there were a request for a specific I could be concise.

Existence itself is not thought derived or interpreted - you can verify it, now and always now.

But addictive identification with interpreted reality/self REFUSES to allow any exposure or perceived threat to its (lack of) foundation.

But Reality doesn't and cant threaten YOU because it Is you!

'God' (I dont have to use that term) is being all that you are - all of it.
There's no escape nor any need or sense in escaping what is.
The Prodigal Son took a living inheritance - that is, the Source remains Wholly and Holy alive but ignored in an process of imaginary personal independence.

"Leave them alone and they'll come home, dragging their tales behind them".

Relious dumbasses v smarter atheists? article:

Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, according to analysis of scores of scientific studies stretching back over decades.

Study found 'a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity' in 53 out of 63 studies.

I am not religious in the sense of social organisation or
identification - but I am in the sense of Unified Intelligence and I don't need a study to tell you that scientosity has defined intelligence in such a way as to bring mankind to the brink of destruction.
To be sure science CAN become whole again - so it is a particular kind of mentality that splits off and manipulates in the name of science, just as it did with religion.
Clever thinking and a masked intent to exploit and manipulate is called upon to pretend to explain the unexplainable or seek to justify the unjustifiable, but a clear discernment can see through complex financial packages without having to open them.
The mesmeric unconsciousness of ignorance is maintained by belief. Only waking up to observe your experience is your beliefs allows the nature
of mind to be appreciated and more consciously cooperated with.
Honesty doesn't need to be clever to tune in to discern and address a need - but in a system designed to undermine trust and replace it with mechanical process, honest people are seen as stupid, ignorant and
heretical. (Keep it hidden or you get targeted!)
Mechanical mind doesn't SEE anything real - it only
'sees' its programming as if it were real. Wake up and smell the roses!
Intelligence is not unlike 'in the Cloud'. Draw what you need for what you need as you need it.
The mind that draws a thick black line around itself
also thinks that it possesses life and intelligence as a power in itself. There's no lack of intelligence - but look at the use to which you put your mind and see that it is being used to limit, in order to serve a wish to have this experience (whatever it seems to be). So focused on the virtual reality of your own mind that you are unaware in
the main of all the complexity that is providing this experience. Not unlike the apparently simple screen in front of you now.
'Reality' as believed is manufactured - what then IS Real?
Put aside or pause the manufacturing machine of mental definition, judgement and belief and simply Be receptive.
is not secret. It is your wish to be a power unto yourself that demands to be kept secret, where love cannot enter - and so redefines and 'discovers' reality in its own image - as a polarized, fragmented and conflicting experience that demands defence and control in reaction to its own unrecognized reflection!
The play out of 'science and religion' as if actually separate or at war is just a game of ideas. All
facets of our being are in unified concert. They only seems like they war because of a secret intent to play the game of divide and rule.

- - -
Extra responses to other comments:

To one who said:
If someone promised you eternal life, the protection of a loving super being, a feeling of moral righteousness, a purpose for living, answers to all the big questions, and a rule book for achieving the pinnacle of human potential… and all in exchange for having faith in something that wasn’t in any way proven, would you be suspicious?
 I responded:

Your list is mixed up though.
Whenever true inspiration, intuition, recognition etc open in the human realm, the mind that manipulates it for its own ends steps in to usurp it. This doesn't mean that truth is corrupted but that the forms associated with it become associated with a manipulative intent.
The key is opening truth in one' own heart. The forces arrayed to prevent you from uncovering this are layers and layers of conditioning such that everything is used to maintain the box in which you think you think.
Not merely religion. Everything.
Looking at what is wrong with others is one of the decoys. Seeming to be more aware than the ignorant is one of the decoys.
The world-mind does what it does. It isn't as it seems. The filters and defences make communication almost impossible. What can be said in such limited concepts that is not rendered meaningless or misinterpreted to reinforce the defences?
As long as one seeks for oneself alone one is under a spell, a deceit, a manipulative intent. It is that distortion which pervades your list.
Your list would pass as 'temptation' because it misses the foundation, which is nothing to do with 'getting' it for oneself excepting this:
If you accept love for yourself it will share out to others and your world. In its SHARING is the recognition of Eternity. Of an edgeless and timeless being that is Always (here) - but completely disregarded by a consciousness engaged in its reflected distortions.
People who try to sell or convince are trying to eradicate their doubt. Everyone is free to choose what they think and therefore experience. And to learn and grow from cosequences.

Now I might say that the promise of eternal life is always already in your heart and is the link to a God that can never be broken - that could not be separated from no matter what you did or didn't do in your thought and its experience.
But because the sense of a separate one has meaning for you, you imagine a god to be a Super Separate One - which is both absurd and terrifying depending whether it is given time of mind. So I stand with you in not signing up for it.

Love - can it be proven?
Try letting someone else be altogether worthy of your attention. Overlook the reasons to withdraw or criticise or cut across. Go for it!
This uncovers your own worth to you as well as affirming the worth of another.
Of course it is a self fulfilling loop - just as is the refusal to love.
Mind Itself doesn't interfere with what is shared. Because you are it! You may seem to interfere with mind and so seem to be a something else in your own right - that CAN be interfered with! But the interference is local to what now seems to be your own private mind. Your own polarised experience. Fun eh?
Well apart from the loss of unified perspective...
One can also see it as like the sleeping princess who is encircled with defences that keep out all but the true kiss that wakens. What set that up? An excluded or rejected part of the whole.
What I am pointing to is not in the world - but in an aspect of our life that is before or beneath the world. The consciousness that is the inward aspect of what seems an outward event.

- - -
Zachariah said (to a women who shared that she felt a love in her life through her Catholic faith and quoted the saying of Jesus - to be as little children):
Your Catholic upbringing has indoctrinated you. Therein lies the issue because you will in all likelihood indoctrinate your children into Catholicism as well. Spreading ignorance and misinformation is wrong. Especially the mantra of the Catholic church which actively keeps hundreds of millions of women in poverty all around the world!       

I said:      
So there's a total disregard for someone who is willing to communicate with you - and the seeds of a 'holy war' to stamp out evil indoctrinations and release hundreds of millions from an evil power that they have no choice in being subjugated by. Thank God for drones and microchip implants and the New World Order - then we can clean up this mess! (joke)

Everyone is subject to personal and family and cultural influence and in some way adopted it as what worked at the time out of what was available.
If you get to know anyone rather than identify in the mask, I feel you will discover they are far richer and more interesting than all this opinionating. Anyone who truly feels love in their life has a capacity for listening and discerning that grows by living it. We outgrow much of what once served and sometimes leave it behind and other times appreciate it in fresh and new ways.
Awakening life more abundant - right in the midst of a world that seems to be in darkness and conflict is like swapping a grievance for a blessing.
The outer forms shall fall away and willingness shine forth to know itself one in all.

- - -
John Goatbirth said−
The problem with that is; How do you disprove something that doesn't exist? The religious brigade claim this "god" is there yet they have no evidence to support it. Atheists claim the god isn't there - the continued absence of this individual, I'd say, is a pretty good proof. Scientific studies, such as the ones which display prayer to do absolutely nothing, help back that up. Not that indoctrinated religious sorts would ever be able to see it this way. And scientific advancements have ridiculed religious claims. Of course you still get idiots saying, "Ah, evolution, so that proves how amazing god is!" as they cling desperately to the reigns of their moronic fallacy.

Anyway, I believe in Santa. He is real.

I responded:
You seem pretty good proof of God to me - why get complicated?

But, the presumption that God is a separate entity is a reflection of the
presumption you are a separate entity. I have no such presumption and
appreciate the toppling of an idol - but don't share faith in human
rationality which seems employed more to justify and serve this so
called separate entity in its private agendas and self presentations and
not an expression of true Reason at all.

Santa may actually be Satan; a love of form over true content. To take the forms of things from their true context and redefine with fantasy associations for the sake of a private gratification.

The word 'God' is just a pointer to an unspeakable and undefinable Presence in which separation and division is not.

The concepts of God are very very many. Even where many apparently believe
in God there is division - so mere belief is not meaningful unless it has realisation and living practice.

Kindness is appropriate to those of a kind - who don't seek difference and division and extend honour and compassion because they recognize themselves in the other in some sense.

If those who live the willingness of such a love do or don't associate or profess any particular brand of religion or spirituality - so what?

The heart has not a language of articulation or currency in a society that believes its own rationalisations of autonomy and control because honesty is the first casualty of such war - and it is war because it seeks power over life.

Merely following the forms of accepted respectability whether religious or
atheistic is simply aligning with the apparent power of the day.

There is no need to prove or disprove God - is there? There is no need to
engage in one-upmanship or personal or scientific superiority over
others - is there?

There is no need to have and defend an opinion or point of view - is there?

Underneath any kind of presentation about anything one will feel where it is
coming from. If it has integrity one can feel it - whether it expresses
in terms one agrees with or not.

What is integrity - it is not bluster and deceit but a congruency of thought and word and deed.

The attempt to seem to have it means that people adopt and dress up in all kinds of presentations - without real substance.

Few leave the apparent safety and comfort of a herd-like huddle to actually
explore or uncover for themselves - because it always means stepping
outside the definitions and conformities of one's peer group or upbringing.

The need for truth doesn't rise in those who get comfortable in a world of distraction. It arises in the loss of the capacity to engage or maintain such a 'life'. Opening to honesty isn't so that one can then make a stick and hit people with or set up a scam - but people do that with or without any relationship to honesty or pathsof discovery because of the urge to regain some sort of power or status from a sense of shame and a coating of arrogance.

You simply seek the witnesses to what you have already decided to believe. To accept a sense of unalloyed worth will surely shift your evidence gathering. Its all here to be uncovered if you want it.

- - -

capa75 said:
I am an atheist, though I did for a while believe in Santa and Rudolf, let's get that clear now, and I have been shot at, and it did not enter my head at the time to " suddenly" believe.
I responded:

Oh No You're Not! (Panto mode)
Because you believed, it did not enter your head to suddenly leave.
Adding things to our self seems to be how we enter and adapt to the world. People try things on and some fit or stick.
When this self is recognized to be the mask and not the real you - then a different purpose awakens. I don't think that what we think we believe or present as our identity counts for much - it is what we demonstrate in our relationships and our living that communicates what we actually believe - even if we never have a label for it.
Santa knocked Jesus out from Christmas - ironic anagram there. Life doesn't fit or measure into little boxes but presentations can masquerade as presence in a panto - and the audience can join in without leaving their seat.
The control mentality has to learn to manipulate attention in order to seem to be needed and effective.
Are we ever really in control?
It's another component of the make believe. Maybe the issue is more about a quality of joy, peace and a truly shared sense of life. If our imagination serves to allow it - IT wakes up to its own value and is not contained in the means by which it was made welcome.
If a make-believe of Christmas giving is incarnated with an actual willingness to give - not just stuff, but real appreciation and attention then something true is shared through the props. Why seek truth in the world! There is none in the props of themselves.

New Cosmic Perspectives

Commentary into Independent article:
It all started with a bang, but the universe may not be expanding after all


Consider eternity as a timeless now, the idea of time and space are part of a consciousness construct within it. Not the fleeting now between a past and future but an edgeless awareness that seems to be contained or encapsulated within a virtual consciousness. Not a new idea - but an idea in which all things are ever new.
Is this not similar to at the notion of a field of infinite probabilities that is dimensionless (and thus pervades and includes all apparent dimensions) that collapses to an instant of perceived event.
The thing about new perspectives is that they tend to at first be fitted into the frame of the old. Like cinema at first emulated theatre.
Idea is like projectionist film in Universal Mind - and focus can shift within and among Idea so as to set intent.
Within our consciousness as currently experienced is a linear process of evolving ideas that tends to be selected to maintain a continuity of 'self'.
Because of the current denial and displacement of Mind/Consciousness the term is associated with the weakest frailest fragment of self-awareness. Almost as if it were designed to hide from its True Nature in a body as a temporary life in a world of dead stuff that is somehow exactly aligned to support it yet otherwise overwhelmingly hostile and inevitably fatal.
If we brought the scientific analysis to bear on the so called separate self - as we did with the notion of a separate external controlling God, perhaps the utter selflessness of the Living Universe might open the door to the self as a focal node of Universal Consciousness - a bit like an eddy in a river; a vortex of experience within a greater relation of vortices.
But as it stands the lack of vision or direction arising from scientism as practiced so far has hung back in victorian mechanical mindsets - although anything serving the weaponization of all things for the purpose of control is racing on ahead of any checks and balances.
Without new perspective to take up our bed and walk out from a dead stuff/mindless energy universe we well self destruct... or perhaps wish we had. Never dismiss imagination of integrity and serendipity to a willingness to notice for these are ways that information comes in that is otherwise filtered out which prepares a seedbed for uncovering the next step.
Theories that turn out to have profit or power applications are one aspect - but where is the truth that inspires, unifies, encourages, and heals?
Science is not a guide for living. Nor need it undermine the guidance for living that does fulfil the list above. It needs the dimension of participance and transformation and not the dissection of the dead by the dead!


Consider God as Singularity - a dimensionless Always. A nothing of which everything Is and by which everything is. Not an absence of thing but an I that cannot ever be object to Itself as so never a thing - yet all things are it as it 'be's all that is.

The indivisibility or individuality of God is the image of all individuality - not in form but in essential qualities - and all things are not things excepting to a consciousness that has thinged itself (embraced a process of limitation in dimensionality). They are all wholenesses of purpose in larger relations such that an integrity or integrated balance of all idea in expression remains and reflects and expresses a Singularity or Unified Purpose.

As in all Creation there is an economy of means serving an infinite expression with each expressing unique and complementary qualities to an ever unfolding wholeness.

The unified perspective is what we have lost or forgotten or indeed disregarded in our particular process of unfoldment - but it hasn't gone anywhere, we have. Or rather our focus of attention and identity has. The distortion of the channel of communication has given rise to the notion of free will as a self creating right - which is the idea of individuality preying on Source and on relations rather than extending and sharing identity through relations. This is the reflection also that insinuates our interpretations of everything. Only be choosing to release the distortion does the natural or original pattern restore true and unified consciousness.

Let free will be the freedom to be and to share all that you are rather than to become and prove a something in your own right. Listen at the level of intuition for I am not saying give all your things away - but allow the natural extension of the qualities and gifts that are yours to share and grow by sharing. Misery is miserly. Getting is a predatory intent that loses the value of relation for an evaporation. Everything is part of a giving and receiving that truly is One Thing going on, experienced in infinite variety. Always Now Always new. Open your mind from fear's dictate. Learn to trust and grow your deepest truth sense and don't give it to anything outside you but honour that which serves its awakening with gratitude. With honesty, honour and gratitude, the mind will not go crazy even if it has to go through fundamental reality shifts.

Attention disorder!

The use of prescription drugs designed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder sufferers has soared by more than 50 per cent in six years, new figures have shown.

The Corporate Pharmacy 'Industry' aka 'Big Pharma' wants to manage life manually in every way it can open a market in. The spiritually passive 'consumer' wants to have their life managed in whatever ways enable them to avoid real relationship and responsibility. It's not being done to us - we do it to ourselves. A false kind of scientism is used exactly the way a false religious sense was used - to manipulate and control - but it isn't really 'out there' in 'evil' people wielding power - it is a kind of thinking that we share as currency finding expression through the structures and technology that our thinking creates.

To be insane is to be deluded or dislocated from reality. This is the result of our thinking. When enough people get stuck in the same place they call it reality.

Manipulators know the power of thought and perception and if one looks within - one sees that our mind is expert.

Science looks out - even in studying mind it looks out. Looking out in such a dictate insinuates a separateness that is withheld or kept secret. This sense of self-apart is an experience of an insane world. Adapting to a loveless insane world shares it and sacrifices our Soul - our living feeling being - to it. Surviving such a world is an intolerable strain. Its breaking down is a sign of true health. We are not meant to live in secret isolated unconsciousness - buried beneath a managed existence.

When Life's messengers are denied, they escalate to get attention until they cannot be ignored! Piling up problems by burying them in complex hiding places makes for a global breakdown. But this is still the Message trying to gain your attention. Breakthrough is the dawning in our mind of what was always in it but had been denied.

Be healed in the wholeness of your being - your attention IS love and naturally follows the discernment of your recognition of true Good. Question the basis from which you live out from - because what we call our thinking is not as free or true or reliable as we are apt to believe.

It isn't that THEY are manipulating us - but that we invite and open ourselves to it without realising and they let us because it is socially acceptable to live lovelessly and expect scientific support to prop it up!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Beyond the box

I've just 'bumped' into this blog and skimmed and read a little here and there.
The forgetting is a tool-portal. In choosing ignorance of All That Is - is a 'private creation' enacted, through mutual definition, maintained and predicated on divide and rule. The mind of definition, judgement and rejection. This 'control mentality' is essentially a distraction device in which judgement can gratify itself upon the Living that it rejects or refuses to recognize or accept - or else it would be rendered functionless, obsolete, nothing. Insofar as we use and are thus used by meaningless thoughts presented so to seem true, so as to adulterate and usurp reality with a personal bias or distortion, or perception. In this we have the experience of power struggle and choosing between, the drama and the challenge and the excitement and of course misery of 'I WANT IT THUS!'. But whence the 'I' but from an act of self definition taken to be real and thus experienced over and against the Field of Awareness Itself in which and of which nothing but Is? And whence the 'other' but that which is essentially out from the sense of control that is now walled off from all that would seem to take back what has been taken?
And is the 'you' of relationship a means to get from? A potential ally in mutual reinforcement and a suspect who has a mind like mine that would steal life to keep it?

My basic input is that to truly look at this 'self' and see it without wiggle room, rebranding, further judgement from redistributed juggled points of view within the box or remaining capacity to make drama out of it... Is its nothingness.
Without an act or a thought it is replaced out of time by a true foundation - such that I'd have to say it is already replaced but one has to look within to accept - even though EVERYTHING that is taken to be one's self is dedicated to preventing and defending against exposure of the nothing. It will seem to sacrifice itself in all sorts of exposure as evil, or victim to evil, but its nothingness is 'divinely' protected.

Though some stick their vision out from the box and gather glimpses, they will gather and interpret through the mind of the box until the foundation has awakened to sharing true purpose. To a unified appreciation that does not project itself out in dream of conquest nor in seemingly unconscious denial and displacement of hateful intent. The mind but extends to share. "Know Thyself' is love's revelation amidst the Movement of awareness/event we might call Creation; Existence, Being.
The apparent overlay of a virtual self - likewise knows itself in all. But the self that seemingly separates and receives its own attack as if from 'Other' is a self born in terror.

How does one calm down someone in an insane dream so as to get them to recognize they are but hurting themselves by their choices and beliefs and definitions? One step at a time.
Where is this lost one who seeks vengeance and retribution for its grievance or a show of power to cover its nothingness - it is an echo in our collective mind and so it is in my mind when I recognize it in another. The what of a response needs to be a present discernment or else the past re-enacts by reaction. It is myself that is offered freedom, and if I accept it, then of itself is peace extending where before was judgement, hate and demand. The ones involved may choose not to accept or to only partially accept as their willingness allows - but the gift is given and received in the mind as one and the fit of the mask will be tighter and less able to function as a mask for those who are yet identified in the mask as their self.

It is not for me to demand of another that they choose as I say - nor to manipulate or coerce them. As long as I define anything or anyone outside and apart from All That Is I will be part of their prison and share it with them. For what we give, we immediately receive. It is only trick of the mind that seems to 'get away with it' and have someone else lose.
 Of course one can only imprison or hurt one who chooses to imprison or hurt themselves.
But our definition agreements go deep in our consciousness/reality such that we all chose to hurt and imprison ourselves in choosing the forgetting - and taking it in earnest.
I have arrived at my beginning!
But with new eyes.
The world becomes a different purpose to that which is not locked down in its drama. A place of miracle and awakening and healing the mind from which all else proceeds.
Where we focus our attention is our freedom, what we magnify thereby is our valuing. What we call forth is fruit to our seed. What we gather we share in one mind or suffer as if alone and apart. This choice is only a choice while darkness and confusion obscure its true nature. In the light it cannot be a choice because it cannot be chosen. One cannot actually separate and be an independent power over anything.

Fear can cut off the channel of communication yet communication will guide and support through fear. Fear itself cannot make a foundation or motivation that persists or abides.
The foundation is not a thought construct or definition or device of consciousness.
It cannot truly be defiled, lost or edited but by lies that CAN be corrected - because they are not true.

A time of fundamental change is unavoidably Now

In nature metamorphosis grows a new organic being inside or alongside the old one. The organs that served the old becoming redundant. The old is cast off.
Human metamorphosis is the development and evolution of ideas. Everything in human world is a reflection or extension of human idea as to what we are, what life is and what it is for.

To cut to the quick, a mentality of 'getting private gratifications', always operates in secrecy of fear, guilt and control.  This can be rapaciously or collectively implemented in social agreements but is effectively blind to the life upon which it depends and to life's innate qualities of self, other and world - though it will deal in concepts or symbols of life. This idea of man as manipulator-definer of life has exploited, negated and undermined the organic relations that grew in the traditional models, in which integrity and trust were qualities to be brought forth in a process of demonstration of good faith and communication, rather than merely being applicable to data.

The wheat and the chaff have grown alongside each other and now is a time of harvest, which is not a judgement upon persons but an awakening acceptance. Awareness and acceptance of Now cannot be deferred indefinitely because pain of dissonance has limited tolerance. Ingenuity of mind can redistribute energy and attention so as to redefine reality and 'buy time' but an increasing complexity becomes also increasingly taxing and unworkable. Powerlessness, confusion, lack of vision or direction amidst ideas that no longer hold meaning.

We suffer now a kind of social and political tyranny that almost no one can see or articulate and yet its symptoms are clearly evident. Although there will be those others who symbolise the evil or error, the mentality that expresses as a fearful and controlling elite is supported by and reflecting of the prevalent modus of self-governance; as a hidden separative intent that seeks its own above all else but artfully masks so as to seem socially acceptable or personally justified.

Its thinking is a distortion of life that uses fear and guilt to manipulate conformity to dictated agendas of control in gesture of apparent protection. It uses all things and relationships to serve its self which identifies over and against others. It will mimic 'love' in order to get and is a parasite that offers a particular symbiotic opportunity because it depletes life of true wealth, joy, freedom and communion, and then itself breaks down as a structure of meaningful or believable allegiance. So it discards its host to a desecration in which conflict, guilt and unworthiness call on war and death to escape and blot out such conflicted mentality.

This is the condition in which an awakening occurs from a new foundation; as the mind that seeds judgement and division is put aside rather than activated. Without a new foundation is only the  surface shifting of props in a game of the redistribution of guilt and leverage. Truly new ideas are not re-branding of manipulative intent that plays on shallow hope but truly express a fresh perspective. The lies stories and vanities by which we seem to live - as a structure of 'exercising control over' are covering truth.

Truth is not determined or defined so much as accepted and shared. Of course this calls for the release of the will to coerce and control our life and the lives of others and obliges trust and communication to be brought into play as an expression of shared integrity. This unpalatable truth to the perspective within a dream of power over life elicits the refusal to love. But when this fear of love is recognised as so, there is opportunity to see and evaluate from a new perspective. One that works within life rather than separating out and asserting coercion upon it.

Political and social structures will emerge from the honouring of a true foundation. The heart of discernment will be an expression of unpretentious honesty. Manipulative ploys will be met with honest reflection and enquiry rather than self righteous blame. Fear and shame is not to be scapegoated, but released to be undone by not energising with reaction. To feel what we feel but  pause and listen for the movement of being - for a wholeness or nowness of being. Letting go the urge to justify self by loving' to hate. Let go of self-righteousness. This is how healing is accepted and foundation restored.

But nothing begins until such new foundation is accepted in place of a false one... within our self. Hence the false is uncovered to light to be released or recommitted to in desire to persist in the play of power struggle. We may explore ideas as experience, but we cannot choose what we are not, and make it true. Working with life works. Nothing else can really work and costs more than we realise in order to seem to work. 'With life' means truly listening rather than presuming to know. But we can presume to uncover the truth of any situation if we extend trust and willingness instead of self asserting positions of defence.

To be without mask is to be in conscious discernment in awakened responsibility for thought and perception. The mask is reaction in a game of war but the first casualty is the covering over and separation of oneself from the simple qualities of love; honour, acknowledgement, recognition, welcome, communion and gratitude.

Nothing else will heal the schisms or inner conflicts that the world fleshes out as if to solve 'out there'. A Copernican awakening awaits us. Nothing is as it seemed to that which thought to separate. When the ideas that formed our image of our self and universe open to their true source and movement, they unfold a unified expression of integral inclusion. This is both felt and known as the qualities and nature of relationship itself. Thinking as we practised it in self-differentiating limitation is no longer needed to identify a 'stranger in a stranger world' and so is free to creatively express inspiration of that which enlivens and shares.

If the reader is only defensively filtering through their thinking, none of this can make no sense, because the defence is to protect the foundation from exposure. Ripeness is a condition in which a process is ready to spontaneously occur. One can cooperate with life or fight it all the way. This is a surface freedom but what really is that choice? The freedom to be and share in what you truly are - in what is truly moving and being all that you are, is profound and inexhaustible. While we deny Source, we fear and deny it 'unconscious' in hopeful virtual dream that turns to nightmare.

But in aligning truly in trust and honesty, we see clearly there is nothing to fear but the drifting of thought unattended. For a mind at war with itself must fear. Even as a child will learn to walk, or talk, humankind will learn to think as individuality within wholeness - as a conscious receptivity and channel of trust to a cooperative intent. As long as one looks outside for this as if others must be in place BEFORE risking into an honesty of being, then the perception of lovelessness will justify waiting. Only commitment opens the vision that the fence-sitter deprives themselves of. We all know that freedom is found within commitment and wasted in prevarication but are simply afraid or pseudo committed to a cover story.

The issue is this; how do we truly and deeply trust ourselves in the light of that we actually know we are liable to self-illusion as a self - justifying attempt to balance a sense of invalidity or dis-allowance? We start with noticing that we tell stories that are not true and being willing to notice what moves us to do so - and so uncover our personal or cultural fears or shames or sense of desire that we don't feel worthy or entitled to. It's all there in all kinds of configurations and it is simply an adaptation that doesn't work any more and so with fresh eyes of a cooperative willingness, of a desire to honour and uncover integrity, we listen and feel and open imaginatively and creatively to new ways that do express integrity and also share it.

This is 'cultural renewal' because it connects directly with a felt sense of life rather than recycling old templates of ritual behaviours. That one gets pulled or taken over and over again by an old habit doesn't mean that it is not an old habit, but that its momentum requires a persistence of self worth over time to displace. And there is the key, because without a foundation in which one's worth and the worth of others is maintained in awareness, one simply cannot effect any real change in one's own or one's local or global relations.

These are not good ideas to identify or associate with, but illuminate a brink from which the only way forward is to yield to one's being. To come home from pain in struggle alone. For we suffer but our own rejection, and so can release it to a greater embrace. As we think in our heart so are we experiencing. Look now and let it be good news to be wrong about ourselves and so be free of its burden.

'Watch and pray' is not a hopeful intent, but an abiding in a willingness of noticing and listening - as the natural expression of being alive. Life is already 'nigh'. We simply have to re-learn to let life in, so as to realise it was always here. Re-learning what was once natural because we wanted and learned to exclude it in an act of self-differentiation. An act of identifying thought and focus in which we lost perspective and connection. But life never left us or we would not be. The impossibility of separation is the end of guilt and the rising of a light the world forgot or thought lost or but a dream.

While we want it true, our world made in separation will not be taken away - but is transformed to a world in which healing, awakening and forgiveness replace and undo hurt, grievance and vengeance. So that life is released to be itself in full and free expression. Life more abundant! The purpose that we hold gives all meaning to whatever seems to arise as our experience. We are not powerless, but loved and trusted in our unfolding experience that shares far more than a little mind could compass.