Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Materialism isn't stuff - it is what matters.

Guardian article: Materialism: a system that eats us from the inside out
Buying more stuff is associated with depression, anxiety and broken relationships. It is socially destructive and self-destructive

What 'matters' to you?
If your answer is living for the approval and acceptance of 'others', then this materializes for you.
If sharing the honest joy in your very existence with others who share it with you matters - then you materialize this.

For many, the substitution of our self for a mask occurs in childhood and becomes fixed in adolescence. With grace we outgrow that enough to regain a true sense of value in our relationships - rather than reactively defining ourselves externally.

The mask is a deception and entrances us to a world of deceptions. Its a kind of dark magic that can on the one hand make you invisible when you don't want to be 'exposed', or can so corrupt the mind as to make it a slave to the lust for power over one's life, over others, over Life.

Doing what you want is what the mask aspires to - but it doesn't want YOU to take it off! Doing what you truly want is a deep self-honesty.

Presence is lost to pretence. Why keep up the charade? Because the mind of the mask was made to escape a lovelessness it could not cope with - and reopening those fears is unthinkable. This is where a little love goes a long way.

How to get off the rat race? Presence not pretence. What really matters is what we choose to value. Regardless of the past this is a new moment because we have the power to choose what we value anew.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

Bunker mentality is fearful. Fearful is withdrawal of presence and involvement, which invites fearful projection onto what one is no longer communicating with or part of. Which communicates as rejection, judgement and distrust to those who are excluded or rejected. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It also robs one of joy in life.

Trust has to start at home - within one's consciousness. Until the identification with external validations has failed or fallen away, the mind is driven to prevail and survive as a disconnected sense that unconsciously acts from the sense of lack or disconnect in the attempt to overcome it and become valid in its own right. The only trust in this mode is a faith in the 'evil' nature of others and the strategies to either control or seduce, defeat or ally with, in order to impose order. To such a mind, trust is a transaction. 'I love you as long as you meet my conditions'. Often with the veiled implication 'I will not reject or hurt you as long as you meet my conditions'.

The true basis of trust is of being unconditionally loved - because you exist. This is inconceivable within the mentality of a self-assertive wilfulness - that is always founded in some sense of lack; of being denied or bullied or hurt. Vengeance often underlies ambition; some sense of righting a wrong at a deeper level of one's psyche.

The transactions or rules for trust work for those who agree them within the conditions that support them. Life happens. Rules break. Some will hack into such rule-sets for their own private agenda. Nothing is what it seems. Anyone might turn into a threat at any time. Pre-emptive strikes kill the possibility of developing more than working trust within specific task-sets. Everyone becomes expendable. No wonder paranoia rises out of the bunker to call a mind into a reflection of what it has made of itself anyway.

Unconditional love is not on the bargaining table, nor the strategy rooms, has no market value and doesn't confer power. It is not an act of will but more an act of willingness. Everyone meets the world that reflects their vibrational state and the bottom line is we choose the world we live in, share and die in, regardless of conditions, by the consciousness we grow and share. The fruits of a sense of connection and communion with Life are not marketable, but offer the basis of just trade and commerce. Unless a fundamental honesty is trusted to bring forth sanity, then it is dis-honesty and insanity that are trusted, nurtured, propagated, suffered.

Fear drives the world... to distraction and destruction. So why not trust that there is a way to transform or use fear in an entirely different way than reacting from the belief its definition dictates. Look within consciousness to see what the mechanism is. The clever do this only so far as to gain leverage over others, and so they do not see anything but weapons of deception and shields of obfuscation. There's a great projection of the way fear works writ on the big screen of the world. We can learn about ourself from everything, if we are free from the spell of our own self-certainties. I enjoyed writing this. Trust the joy in life and let it lead you. Others will resonate with that integrity because they share it. Its a different basis - not a different power base.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Biocentrism opens a door in the mind?

Is there an afterlife? The science of biocentrism can prove there is, claims Professor Robert Lanza

(on insistence humans are unimportant)
If you are not important to your self - then you will extend that to others and to your world. Albeit with the insistence that it is important you are RIGHT about your assertion of unimportance!
You have proof in your own pudding! Every moment of your life. If you prefer to predicate your existence on externals, then you accept its definition of your being as you. Yet everything 'external' is already a cultural and personal construct of definitions in human consciousness. That is a self-conditioned loop.
The comfort that a self-dissonant mind seeks in the world may be pursued in science as much as in any other activity.
If coming back into your wholeness is realized to be easy, then anyone can be easily pleased. Words don't come into it unless they serve as a reminder to what one already knew but had not fully allowed in until now.
Science once sought to uncover truth. Have you given up? Or are you only seeking 'truths' that reinforce and confirm your consciousness definitions?
(on scorn and ridicule)
A similar sentiment can be found in those religiosity types who imagine Heaven to be the self-righteous 'joy' of looking down on the suffering of those they NEED to be wrong, in order to feel a heavenly 'justifiction.'
I suggest that whatever you believe will be given full rein and full support when you die - including experiencing nothing happening at all.
Whatever YOUR mind creates will last as long as you choose to persist in it, but as soon as it becomes clearly irrelevant or meaningless to YOU, you 'move beyond it.
The body falls away - I'm still here. Mind active in a much greater freedom!
Mind falls away - I'm still here. Soul active.
If your Soul exploration is complete - Soul falls away - I'm still here. Oneness. That doesn't mean stasis, it means Infinite Renewal.
Everything is very much more complex than that. Stories cant do more than stir latent perspectives.
What you choose to believe is your will on Earth. But there is more to you than the surface, whether you believe it or not.

(On being asked what consciousness was doing for billions of years before it appeared)

Human consciousness experiences time as if it is a product of the past. This is a peculiarity of the consciousness construct. 'Always' is not in time. Time is one potential experience of 'Always'.
Put it another way - that Infinity can experience itself in and through finite distortions of itself. Eternity can experience itself in time - indeed in any moment.
If you are serious in your interest as to how such a VASTNESS could possibly support YOUR existence, even as you read these words, then you are opening to that you are in fact Consciousness - rather than merely a programmed mental object 'suffering' imposition of forces VASTLY beyond its capacity to recognize let alone control. And yet the drive TO control is the very thing that disconnects the synchronicity of Consciousness. Thus the existential 'anxiety' is a deeper aspect of the human consciousness construct that is beneath the religious OR scientific superstructure.


Does consciousness exist in a body in a physical universe? Allegedly so, but there is no direct evidence for it. All experience is not only experienced within consciousness, but is the result of definition and perception that creates perspectives within which to identify partially. The idea of separated existence, demands an external 'otherness' Universe. The existence of which is scrutinized by scientists to uncover no actual 'stuff', but an energetic which responds to being 'seen'.
Everything is Consciousness - nothing is separately existing. Instead of the clever thinking of all the King's horses and all the King's men, one may simply yield to Consciousness so as to uncover a prior communication/communion. But as this does not embody nor reflect the coercive will of control and survival of the separate self sense - Consciousness is discarded and usurped in order to persist in terms of the current identifications of belief and desire.
But of course, one has not actually wrested control from Life Itself. One is simply exploring the nature and freedom of consciousness in expression. How anyone chooses to see/interpret Ultimate Reality is entirely a matter of choice, always. Home with God by NDW has some sentimental interferences - but is otherwise an excellent summary - if one is open to consider life and death in terms of Consciousness.

(on 'I am an evolved organism...')

Well if that is not a mental definition of a living consciousness - what is?
These definitions function like an eggshell. The sense of 'I' that is reflected from the shell is a conditioned mind - the conditioning is not the mind, but it is the 'reality experience that is being chosen. The belief that IT seems to be creating you (IE the evolutionary adaptation of life to its environment, is the basis of the physical sense, which is magnified and reinforced as the 'shell'.
I only mentioned anxiety - because you projected it on others. It takes one to know one. If you feel comforted by 'truth' but feel smug relative to comfort others find in what you call falsehood - then I suggest there is an opportunity to identify and integrate at a more unified perspective than is currently active - if you want it.
Scientific perspectives are useful but it is always wise to see what purposes they are being employed to serve. For egotism is 'legitimized' or 'sanctified' by crass Darwinian interpretations!

(on mistaking consciousness for 'your brain).

The brain is a receiver - not unlike a tv set.The self-special or egocentic sense believes it is the 'controller' and that it 'has' or 'is' a brain'. Science has shown this is nonsense. The processes of consciousness can be observed before ANY sense of personal volition rises as a thought of 'control'. So in many ways the ego-controller is in its virtual reality in which it dramatizes itself and oblivious for the most part of anything that is actually going on.

I don't use the term supernatural, but simply expand the term 'natural'.

The virtual reality of egocentric drama is a significant aspect of our human experience, but it is only a surface. Insisting that only surface definitions which confirm such an existence are real is simply 'playing the game of the personal sense' amidst physical reality. But physical reality itself is not at all what it seems - as science uncovers. While science limits itself to empirically verified current theory, it plays into the mindset that seeks to use it as leverage in the game of war and manipulation of the world and of others.

You biology - for example - will soon be the property of Corporate interests, as well as your use of the mind and the body.

The trick of the 'ego' is in possessing or enslaving its subjects by seducing them into believing they are free.

The old fashioned thinking is 'self-deception' and our modern idiom is of of unparalleled technological capacities to manipulate mind, biological processes and energy systems within the material realm.

My core message would be that we are consciousness itself - and as such ALWAYS have choice as to the perspectives within which we see. Only by recognizing what we ARE choosing can we choose in alignment with what we truly love. The refusal to love is the insistence that one has no choice and is compelled by victimhood to operate within a darkness of mind under a coercive will to 'survive and prevail'... only to be used and delivered to death by one means or another. One CAN choose this. But if for a moment one realized what one is actually choosing beneath the deceits of the mind - then one would NOT choose it, because it is a meaningless futility, set within justifictions of evasion.
By all means embrace scientific endeavour with a whole heart and enjoy your life! Because what you love is open to your involvement. If 'love' is not your word, use your word. Love of life is not a coercive clinging - but an expansive generosity!
I welcome more of such happiness in the world.

(on not being willing to consider life and death in terms of consciousness).

You are not conscious? If you don't care then the Universe reflects that. It is a reflection of a Non-Physical (Consciousness) that you are integral to or you would not (could not) exist.
There isn't REALLY an afterlife or before-life. Only an ALWAYS or Now-Life. Our notions are temporal perspectives to a consciousness that persists as identification within its own forms of limited focus.
You exist, The One is being all that you are and you are uniquely part of the One.
WhatEVER you give out, you get back - and so are free to think and focus and believe WHATEVER - without penalty, excepting that if you define yourself negatively, you create a negative hostile interpretation-experience of All That Is.
Everything changes apart from the above three facts. You will find the attempt to 'hold onto the changing' and exercise control over it, is more of a death than a life - in the sense of Conscious Recognition and Appreciation.
There is no escape from the 'Equation', nor is the idea of escape itself a meaningful proposition.The physical sense is in some ways like a virtual reality experience in which Consciousness seems subordinate to unconsciously defined parameters.
You have almost defined yourself out of your own existence, but the word almost, in this case means have not. You exist. As you define yourself, so you are experiencing. This may seem coercive upon you from your past, from the acts of others, from your 'genes', but it is chosen. There are other aspects to Consciousness than what we call 'conscious waking life'.

(On derision, and ridicule in place of discussion)

Thankyou for offering such clarification of your consciousness into this discussion.
Human consciousness is not necessarily conscious of its nature AS consciousness. It could be considered a sort of sleepwalking.
Life and death can be considered merely as functioning carbon units and non functioning units. You can choose to see life purely in terms of bio-robotics - and if it pleases you - why not?
That is only to demonstrate that your choices are creating the experience that you prefer of whatever is actually present TO experience.
This is no different before the event called birth nor after the event called death.
It is the nature of consciousness in action, because everything happens THROUGH you and not to you.
Because our choices can define and limit our options, we can in a sense give our power away to others, to institutions, governments, families, ideologies, belief systems. That which serves survival and prevailing over has its place - as does that which serves the joy of exploration and discovery. The first is part of anchoring and maintaining consciousness in the physical focus, and the second is of uncovering the more of what IS from the unique perspective that is you now. That is you now. The 'now' is an indicator of you as conscious - now and not merely reacting from a database of learned responses - or 'sleepwalking'.
Thankyou for sharing a blessing. I'll keep it. The attacks on the person are not deliverable to this address and so remain with you.

(On being accused of flowery language)

Not flowery at all!
Existence IS. What you make of it is YOUR choice. By your choices YOU create YOUR experience. You are the centre of YOUR Universe but not as you are currently choosing to identify in concept, image and symbol. That aspect is essentially unimportant because essence is beyond mental construct.
Anxiety is the energy of LIFE experienced through a filter of negative self-definition. Because energy is neutral to your CHOICE.
'It' does not create meaning - that is YOUR gift to share - which It supports. This is 'hard' fact because it strips to a stark existence. The 'mind' is a lens of conditioned definitions, the body is a magnifying device for such definitions as intend a 'physical existence'. One may choose to enjoy and explore such experience in whatever way we choose - including every kind of struggle and limitation. We can close 'our mind' but Consciousness remains Wide Open.

(on considering belief in God as an afterlife insurance)

If there is Divinity to what your life truly is - why wait until you see what you've missed so as to recognize you had it all along?
Believing in God is a very limiting category - to live the life that is alive in you to be lived is what will serve more than superstructural assertions upon variable definitions.
There is the believing that presents one's persona - and the believing that one acts out from in full confidence. Not many choose to release their personal identity and channel the life that then flows more clearly - but our lives often involve some degree of this process.
The consciousness we try to enact or assert in our life is often one that distorts, limits and blocks the clear and full communication and appreciation of life. Not least because of an exclusive and fearful identification with a physically derived and defined sense of self.
Bio-centrism may serve a reopening from the dark ages of psych-emotional tabboos as to the true nature of Consciousness - of which our own tiny version, is an expression.
So called sanity has demanded NOT to look at the foundations of our own self-definitions.
I suggest that the various strands of our planetary insanity are insoluble UNLESS we shift to a perspective that CAN and DOES observe our basic beliefs and definition from WITHIN Consciousness rather than as if it can only be dealt with empirically. This is transformational and this is part of what the taboo protects - because it fears the transformation to be invalidating of its investments.
If you were an 'oil magnate' would you welcome free energy? It applies no less on a personal level.
The investment in scarcity and control consciousness reflects as society, politics and industry.
(on being interpreted as equating consciousness in purely personal terms)
The term 'me' or 'you' is interchangeable to what Consciousness is. The implication I feel in your comment - of self specialness - is simply egocentricity. This is a vapid delusion whether expressing in 'scientific' or 'religious' clothes.
When one releases their involvement in egocenticity, they will see no war in such apparent divisions, nor seek to assert self righteousness.
The key is a shift in perspective from thinking, to knowing. You could call it a 'eureka moment.
Any apparent dilemma has a transcendent perspective from which new directions emerge.
The mentality that persists in dilemma as if to 'win', is simply an expression of a desire to remain in the devil it knows, rather than open to the unknown. Yet this futility actually serves to awaken a desire to grow beyond current limitations.
(on matter)
Perhaps what matters is the Mater or Matrix of one's consciousness.
I don't sense it minds what we think - but such focus is a selection and a rejection both.
Energetic relations of interpenetrating communications may appear material as a specific act of focus - and continuous to a persistent focus. But what actually is the substance of energetic relation?
And what is the activity of focus upon such relation that the relation occurs within - or else it could not be known?
Oh you could dig deeper than that if you were bothered.

Do you really believe that humankind has been stupid until you came along?

If you would understand other cultural expressions, you have to be humble enough to listen and learn.

But when you believe you are right and the natives are stupid savages, you attempt to stamp your own ideas upon everyone.

I quite agree with you that 'God' by whatever name or no name - is beyond definition, and so any concept we entertain will say more about our self than 'God'.

The god that we make in our own image is made in a coercive image. Be it Mosaic, or gene machine. But the God that embodies the actuality of existence - at whatever level of consciousness we perceive it - is not coercive upon us, in any degree, way, shape or form.

The mentality of the image of our self-definition FORBIDS or disallows God. It is literally as if a coercive intent can only 'live' from the 'death' of God. But coercive intent is not the true nature of our being  though it has been a dominant feature in our consciousness.

One does not have to wait to observe the nature of consciousness - and in any case the future never actually arrives - why? Because it is always your 'now' passing through time.

The mind can set up expectations and find them unmet - dis-appointed. But that is simply something else one can observe. One does not have to BE disappointed - one can simply notice the feeling reveals that an expectation-appointment was set up.

If what does unfold as experience is infinitely more than anything imaginable - then no one will tarry long in a mentality that has been rendered redundant.

A human consciousness at a surface level can flit amidst innumerable distractions and never know, simply because what it believes to know is always something past or something yet to come. Its mind is set to make a 'continuity' of whatever can be used to support its justifiction - and downplay or ignore whatever does not.

Consensus reality is a broad mutually agreed set of definitions, in the mind of each. It has never been static and is not in any way solid - yet it offers a framework within which certain life experiences can be accessed and explored.

We perhaps recognize that our consciousness changes - and perhaps presume to see that as being the pinnacle of a rational evolution over the childish and foolish past. But it is simply the ideas in reflection that are held as our core beliefs and definitions or what we are and what life is for.

Very few are obliged or allow themselves to stand naked in their own thought in life... until their death. Without mutual reinforcements and reflections, the true nature of one's consciousness is revealed undisguised. NOT to judgement - but to a truly revealing awareness.


It is true that if one is to speak of what cant be spoken, one still only has words to attempt it.

Everything is simultaneous and within that is the opportunity to experience sequentially - as a 'lifetime'.

The theory is just a theory. But if your consciousness expands, you too will be unable to articulate it in linear conceptual terms.

If you experience anything directly you can immediately see that you cannot actually define or articulate it either.

But you can also observe how what you define and believe colours your experience - indeed creates the context in which you experience.

I'm not familiar with Lanza or attached to his ideas - but consciousness is not actually objectifiable. Yet is inherent to any and every experience no matter how dumb-assed or how highly disciplined its thought.

I appreciate that one can only 'explore' or uncover the nature of consciousness by yielding to the movement in consciousness that is self-revealing. When the self-assertive consciousness relaxes or is still, inspiration occurs as a natural revelation - that is as a gift.

Anyone involved in creative endeavour has noticed this. Much of such gift is usurped by the persona level. It is true that we may struggle long and hard to come to a point of letting go - and then 'break through' - but that is simply because we define ourselves such as to not be able to accept a gift openly, freely and without struggle.
For how could we put our 'name' to it if we all knew it was gifted to share?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Manipulative intent exploits a conditioned inattentive mind

Naive Faith in Natural Medicine. A Dangerous Example of The Risk Perception Gap
Have you heard about the Echinacea that was actually ground-up Parthenium hysterophorus, an invasive exotic weed in Asia and Africa which doesn’t do much for a cold but causes serious skin rashes, problems breathing, and makes you fart? Or the St. John’s Wort that was actually a plant called Alexandrian senna, which does nothing for mild depression but works great, as a laxative. (What a drag. You’re still depressed AND you have the runs.)

(DNA tests of many natural remedies uncovered deception as to true ingredients)

Note: My first reading of this article missed its central point and the headline inferred to me that it was in some sense about natural remedies - which it is not. Poor choice of heading except to use provocation as an attractor? Naive faith in my first impression?
I've amended my comment!

The article is only using the example of deceptions that the recent DNA testing of some such remedies brought to light- and noting a lack of alarm or outrage as compared with the distrust and opposition to such hegemaniacs as Monsanto. I think my word-play indicates why I have a different reaction; I buy hardly any natural remedies (or any remedies) but understand Monsanto seeks to 'patent' or control biology in ways that are catastrophic in effect upon our world.

Cheating is cheating and has nothing to do with what one is cheating about to be deception. However, if the deception comes from an institution that is very powerful and pervasive in social or economic activity, then it is much more alarming than if some marginal business cuts their product with cheaper alternatives.

If there is a predisposition to trust or choose certain things then a deceptive intent will market to such prejudice and even use it to sell ideas and therefore products or services that would normally be seen as contra to the view that gave rise to the prejudice, before it was blindly adopted as a conditioned response.

The manipulation of perception is a dominant theme in ways the religious mind couldn't imagine - because it sells the idea of freedom by setting up the hoops that the population will jump through for you - at whatever cost to their wellbeing, their culture and community and their environment or planet. But this cost will awaken and the awakening will lead to the transcendence of the mind - because no one will trust it as a source of their own thinking. It does however make a good servant.

So it is a wake up call to realize that trust is not something to simply give away without discernment. If we give our power away, it will be taken by something or someone else that may not be attuned to our best interests.

Integrity is an honesty of self that knows itself enough to become aware and responsible for its own perceptions and acts. Merely good intentions do not substitute for our true presence and so in such sense we are no less deceptive in our mind than those who meet us in a manipulative 'entente cordial'.

I am of the sense that we allow healing to be - in the way and the manner that represents our particular 'permission slip' - based on our core beliefs and self definitions. The belief that healing is not possible is endemic in modern materialistic Soul-lessness and so mechanical interventions that manage have replaced the belief and experience of healing.

My points all point to Consciousness; of the totality of the being - which is not only the mind of belief and definition and their emotional and physical resonances - but the aspects of consciousness that are lumped as 'unconscious'.

Our reality as generally believed is a highly specific and narrow focus within facets of Consciousness that are reflected from the experience of our physical senses - as if that is the source of all information and therefore definition , of what we actually are.

While naturally growing remedies may be ill-advised or mis-diagnosed, any course of action can be undertaken as an attempt to evade responsibility, block the life force in its movement to heal or correct and prop up a negative self definition that is itself the 'disease'.

It is only a derivative of this to lean into a manipulative farming of such lack of discernment for personal gain without honour.

We need to have faith in our Selves in a truly honest sense and in the life that - one can say - Lives us! This then extends to our freely imaginative engagement in whatever methodologies serve the feeling-sense of that Life in our moment of living - that is - to abide and choose the joyful and be open to new ways of such fulfilment in our uncovering and experiencing and sharing of our life.


Consciousness is what is changing - hence EVERYTHING is changing

An article: Typhoon Haiyan: there is worse to come - led into the idea of Climate change.

Now I cannot say I know whether Climate change is significantly influenced by human behaviour. Nor do I know if the weather is influenced by mass consciousness - for the relationship between Consciousness and Experience has not really been allowed into anything except quantum physics yet, though Seth and many others point to a deeper Cosmology than materialism. Nor can I say I know much about HAARP (look it up) and its effects on weather - whether intended or unintended. It's all secret. Secrets and lies.

What I do know is that human consciousness has a manipulative aspect upon itself such as to seek to attempt to control any aspect of Life it can get a handle on - including perceptions or minds of others - and is riddled with deep guilt for exactly that reason - as the religious archetype shows, and which resurfaces in a climate change guilt-driven agenda.
How to know where to get information from when science is so heavily distorted by its marriage with corporatocracy - the new church and state. The dog that fetches the wrong stick is made into dogmeat! Survival of the fitting in?

I feel to discern the coercive intent - or lack thereof - as a guide to the underlying intent. Truths can be used to deceive after all, and fictions can be used to reveal the truth. Truth is in the heart and mind as one and is uncoercive upon you.

Science without a heart is like a mechanical heartless mind. It can execute 'logical' programs without any actual connection to anyone or anything - including those who at the top of the pyramid, who are abused and hollowed out by such mentality amidst seductions of power. Is it not so, after the 'rush' wears off?

In my heart, I feel that Consciousness is what is changing - hence EVERYTHING is changing. We each choose to unify our consciousness or to be fitted to a machine. But we cannot BE a machine because choice is our most fundamental nature as consciousness of existence.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Rape, rage and protection

Reading comments on a page about anti rape underwear prompted these thoughts.

Coercion, fear, manipulation, loss, guilt, hatred,vengeance, bitterness, isolation, powerlessness, dependency.

These bedfellows belong together, and appear in all kinds of experience.
War on terror in any guise is bankrolled by vengeance and fearful self protection.
Where there is a demand there is a market opportunity to serve a perceived need - but it can reinforce the perception. Some marketeers have been known to cultivate demand - as a study of marketing and PR would reveal, but a compassionate society would hold a proportionate sense of what serves health and healing and what works against it.

Sexualisation is objectifying, but a body is not an object or plaything to be taken out of living context, but is a communication of intimate presence and worthy of honour.
What the mind of humanity can interpose upon our true nature is limited by social mores and laws - but the real law is to uncover our true nature. Sometimes we uncover such hatred, fear and shame in our own mind as a result of events that violate our sense of reality - that they move us to uncover our Integrity at a much deeper level.

There is no real justification for loveless use of another, but there is a real basis for honouring love's presence as the correction of such insanity.
A loveless society normalizes its manipulative gratifications in all sorts of areas of fantasy. The line between fantasy and reality is frequently blurred in media manipulations. The propagation of a negative self definition feeds the dependency on unreal associations. The orientation to and depiction of the feminine in society is a mark of its consciousness of self worth - in my opinion.

I personally do not appeal to guilt to manipulate my consciousness nor that of others. I feel that guilt is the engine of all lovelessness. Self-honesty and self love are deep treasures that no one, NO ONE can take away. I believe that most all of us carry unconscious negative core beliefs that 'sabotage' our lives and that we are all much more interconnected than we consciously realize.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


(This was written into a Mac - chat forum where I had quoted Joseph Campbell's 'follow your bliss' and was asked if such a mentality doesn't play into the Tesco webcam world of being manipulated - in so many words!)

Oh I suppose to begin with they can be proven and monitored to be anonymized, strictly determining a type that switches the appropriate ads on. But its a step of normalizing - as we already are in GB to being filmed in public. Petrol stations often already have cams that often also check number plates. It seems inevitable that privacy in public is a lost cause - and that privacy anywhere is also disappearing as all sorts of ways of surveillance are already in place if not activated.

Theirs a good film, 'The lives of others', set in East Germany, but that like many films focuses on something horrible by showing a heroic exception.

Terrorism, unfortunately is more often wielded by a state upon its own. This is so unthinkable that most hobbits wont look outside the Shire.

The State today is wedded with and very strongly influenced by Corporate powers under the aegis of the Financial Powers - who most don't even know of and that is an example of what is already in play.

Of course its all making sense - to have targeted ads means more revenue from those who have to pay huge sums to just keep their bit of brand and product mindshare from being usurped by their rivals.

The whole ad culture - whilst giving employment to a few - is an enormous overhead or tax upon business and is becoming the engine of society at ever deeper levels - such as Facebook and Google's model of making profit from selling customer data as well as selling customer mindshare to advertizers.

And while some use lighter more refreshing ways to invite attention most of it is a stark coercive intent with some kind of candy or bogeyman symbols.
And all of it normalises us to live within a coercive intent and be distracted with surfaces of mental implants - because it is not talking to the conscious level - excepting to grab a moment of exposure - even peripherally- they know that doesn't work. And so do politicians. It is talking to the unconscious - using symbols associations and repetition repetition repetition - you get the drift.

So it all points and moves to a herded, managed, underclass who are not required nor allowed to determine their own choices - and thus become ever more dependent on being managed. A very few who are completely above any kind of rule of law and can use anyone and anything at their whim. And a small serving class of those who have skills of a nature that the ruling class need - especially those who can institute the replacement of such a class with automated systems.

I think HG Wells saw it ages ago - though not in all its nuances.
Just as supermarkets are simple logistical solutions to dense populations and road vehicles, so our society is programmed by the factors that are actively operating - some of which is the management of mass populations - but within a mindset that has not been updated or refreshed, so much as mechanized and externalized.

Survival of the fittest means that that which fits its environment and expresses itself as an integral aspect of that environment, is selected.
Man imposes his own thinking upon life and upon the environment in a way that exploits it and undermines his own basis of existence - as well as overriding his own innate function of existing for his own definitions of himself that have been conditioned into his mind so as to make him blind to the Life that he is and that is all around him.

To end on a positive note - did anyone watch the BBC program Metamorphosis?
I felt it offered a real synergy of the arts and sciences in a way that carried a deeper message for us all - and for our times.

The word emergency is pointing to emergence. There are innumerable example in nature where very specific and extreme situations trigger the catalyst or the seed of a transformation.
I feel life is always about the difference between a hollow shell or a vibrant flight - but that sometimes everything comes to somewhat of a singular unavoidable point.

So while advertizers will use the phrases of your highest realisation - they will use it to deliver a coercive intent. It's the Real Thing, Coke Is.
No it's not - Is, Is!
Because you're worth it? Spot on - but your existence gives you worth and not your image - much less a plastic barbie doll who cant keep her head still!

Your highest sense of who you are is worth it - and brings you always into the Is - where there isn't a gnawing sense of lack and where all sorts of things line up naturally - and serendipitously!

But what about all the fears and sense of inadequacy and unworthiness that I have acquired since I cant remember when and which are very uncomfortable when they come into my awareness so I do whatever keeps them away?

This is the driving force of our society; the demand for unconsciousness.
You'll find Steve Jobs uncovered the same thing. It isn't really the evil bastards who take advantage of using power to get more power to get more power - they are just a variant of the same root addiction. It's the power we give away by not accepting and living our own responsibility for our lives. We make ourselves 'automatons' by not living our humanity.

The key to reclaiming it is a true self valueing that is not narcisisstic - but acts from the discernment of joy (One can use any of the inherent qualities of life if joy doesn't fit your vocabulary) - but what really excites and draws your interest and enthusiasm brings you alive in your integrity and connecting in ways that let others meet your actual presence.

Reclaiming one's life is not 'resisting evil' it is being true to oneself - and this is a basis to communicate from with integrity to others who have lost sight of their own rather than from a grievance or hatred.

I appreciate that I only managed to get Steve Jobs in as a sort of token connection to Mac Chat - but if the slide into a Grave New World is as blind and as suckered into a scam as seem from where I stand - I felt to share a bit of a perspective that does not succumb.

hey ho!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

"I cant believe it's not toxic!" The industrial porcessing of humanity for consumption.

A Telegraph article on the true nature of butter relative to margerine
'Have the butter every time,' says cardiologist. Should I ditch my statins?  

Perhaps... an awakening to the kind of consciousness that perverts all things to its own manipulative agendas, is at hand?

That which has a vested interest in your destabilised, fearful and divided dependence on what it then provides. (Bad cop/good cop).

The term 'myth' is devalued by being used as a substitute for lie, falsehood or error.

But the understanding of the power of myth and symbol in our consciousness is highly developed in those who seek to manipulate perceptions, identities and achieve undue influence thereby. Propaganda is war and PR is it's peacetime epithet. A state of war has been waged within consciousness by the subverting of scientific discoveries to the financial and corporate power structures of our day. But unlike the religious manipulations of the past who coerced populations that they would be free IF they obeyed - in some future state of being, the modern sophistication delivers the belief you are free while choosing to conform to a state of serfdom or slavery. Mindcontrol is the result of understandings of the way human consciousness works, in the hands and intent of the few.

But to be fair I also note that the 'consumer' (so defined and so acting out), DEMANDS unconsciousness, by neglecting and giving away power, to those agencies or corporations that it elects (by its actions) to manage and supply it so as to leave it free to explore and express its 'identity' within the safety net of a reality in which its own consciousness is NOT implicated and therefore all the evils and threats to wellbeing can be painted OUT THERE. Yet this is only a smokescreen for what is feared to be true and which advertising and media examples reinforce relentlessly to those who suck it in.

Unless we get our house in order, it is open to thieves in the night and guests who outstay their welcome and who have no kind intent beneath a veil of 'helping'.

The botnet in digital terms, reflects the infiltration and control of remote servers and computers. The same applies in terms of society. It has been going on as long as manipulators could find the technology to effect it - but technology has advanced way faster than any honest openly shared conscious accounting for its use.

When a scam is uncovered - damage limitation works asap to obfuscate and redirect attention. The true scale of the scam against populations is fearfully mind-buckling and THAT is why there is such a deep urge to UNCONSCIOUSNESS! But that only plays into fear and doesn't allow a shift in perspective in which clear steps of practical self-value make a significant difference.
Without a true and clear self valuing - nothing meaningful can be achieved. But the defensive and segregating attempt to manipulate ones own consciousness is not and cannot be a true foundation - and so it must disintegrate when one no longer has the capacity to prop it up.
But that is Good News - even if not recognized yet.

Is the Mummy keeping mum? - or waiting the conditions of maturity and readiness to grow?

An article on 'Egyptian secrets' and the 'curse of Tutankhamun'. 
(I didn't explore the article itself so much as feel a relevance to the issues around the revealing of perspectives that do not fit or support current 'reality' - that also show themselves in any apparent conflict between an emergent discovering and an existing investment in maintaining the status quo).

One possible basis for the 'curse' is simply that information is not ABLE to be uncovered in a Consciousness that refuses to accept it. That is - the Underlying overall conciousness will not permit the disclosure of that which would undermine its currently active identifications of focus.

Exactly how 'information' becomes (and remains) hidden and how that status is maintained, can be readily observed in the actions of any example of human consciousness. One's self.

'Psychological defence mechanisms' are considered valid mapping tools for the 'doctor' to apply to the 'patient' but the fact is 'we are all in this together' whatever roles we play in the larger script. It's complexity is beyond unravelling from within the locally defined consciousness, because that is a part of the complexity and not 'outside' as an observer.

'Trailblazers' may be that which holds open the door to reveal a greater perspective and conservators are that which seeks to protect and maintain the status quo - as points of identity and perspective within it.

Yet both aspects work out from the same 'Mind', and most are an alloy of the two - in which certain aspects of each work against each other and cancel out.

To the conservator, 'seeing is believing' provides defacto defence and stability, but it refuses to see what threatens existing beliefs. To the revealer, believing opens seeing, because it refuses to believe the closed consciousness or limiting filters and distortions of a closed system. It therefore opens perspectives 'outside the box' of current thinking. The apparent conflict of these movements is itself an aspect of maintaining the dynamic for the purpose intended.

As such purpose is fulfilled or ripens, there is a shift that inaugurates a reintegration or awakening of the mind in the heart and the heart in the mind. Such a shift unfolds in place of a 'divide and rule' obfuscating mentality - and does so through the exposure of such a mentality as a false basis from which to live - and a wholly impractical and undesirable one - when honestly acknowledged.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Security scams and snooping hacks?

Snowden's released information on snooping - which can hardly be trusted not to be used for economic espionage, and high profile hacks such as the recent Adobe - (many of which are not publicized), as well as schoolboys, criminal gangs and foreign governments - suggest that anything digitally stored and accessible can be in one way or another accessed or leaked if the price is right. The price being the cost of bothering along with the value of the hacked asset.

And on the other hand, security 'experts' are only to ready to promote a fearful confusion in which their services or products are required.

Being so dependant on digital resources is hardly the 'free' website to promote your business to millions that was once touted. Nor is the constantly changing environment of devices and systems and protocols one in which to reap the economic and productivity bonanzas, but yet another monkey on our back that taxes us in not only our cash but in our attention capacity and our time-perspective.

Unless of course one is one of the many who have been disenfranchised by the technology and systems that now emulate it as human 'relationships'.

So much of 'progress' is the default persistence of patterns of thinking that no longer fit.

Our conflicted consciousness creates extensions of itself (the Internet of Things) that perpetrate the ancient conflicts of secret self interest at the expense of the whole.

It would seem that one cannot ultimately guarantee digital secrets, but one could perhaps institute a Net that was transparent such that the caller ID was not secret or able to be hidden regardless of rank, status or function. No one really is attracted to this because they cant conceive of not being hidden or secret in their thought and intent, and have every sense of others abusing or stealing or penalizing them for their acts or assets.

Our own consciousness appears to be able to keep secrets from itself no less than our body politic - as is witnessed by 'psychological defence mechanisms'. These issues are rising up in our new technology whether we like it or not and I don't know that the genie can be put back in the bottle!

Issues of integrity and trust are at the very foundation of our sanity - and society. Especially of course in a context in which deception is everywhere and real communication lost to propaganda or simply drowned in noise.

Power grabbing in the dark

A Telegraph article:
The energy market is still mired in mystery
The exchanges in the Commons between representatives of the Big Six energy companies and MPs were hardly enlightening.

A commenter asked; "Could some one here have me enlightened who/what countries exactly own the Big Six?

Your answer would need be more than the next level in the hierarchy : to reveal who is at the top. Power is concentrated in the hands of the powerful.  Nations are not the power or the entity that popular imagination supposes. If freedom is doing what you need to do when you need to do it
then you and I probably have more of it than national governments - who certainly cannot break from the most powerful lobbies without a real groundswell of public suport.

The modern practice of confusion 'packages' and the different faces presented to prospective, actual and migrating customers - speaks of consuming the consumer, does it not?

Business could be a service or product in a marketplace of just dealings and mutual benefit - but it has become a war - or indeed predation upon the population - and designating us as 'consumers' is part of a substitution of a relationship with a mechanism.

Where in all this is government? Where indeed is citizenry?
We are dependent of energy and power to live. The private sector is increasingly operating in a 'free' market - that is a market in which the biggest corporations are free to engage in parasitical practices. But then they are of the same consumptive getting mentality as the general populations - excepting to be higher up the 'food chain'.

Darwin has been grossly misinterpreted. Survival of the fittest is not an individualistic supremacy of control - but a fitting with one's total environment - including each other. Our ills are all emanating from the beliefs and definitions that we found ourselves upon. A negative sense of self cannot and does not 'fit in' but undermines, exploits, manipulates and seeks to control.

To find a more cooperative society demands a cooperative consciousness and this has to dawn on an individual level as preferable to predating on and being predated upon. The consciousness of humanity is split off from awareness of its true power source and therefore fearfully seeking to grab it or build defence against having it grabbed back.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Behold the Great Prostitute!

An advertorial on porn in the Telegraph - and its varied comments - invited another opportunity to reflect on some of what is within the idea of porn, association-addiction and manipulations of experience.

One can discern the quality of any civilisation, society or person by the regard in which they hold the feminine. If the power of the receptive is denied, subjugated and overridden by a disconnected assertiveness of 'power' over - then slaves to fear seek to make a slave of Life and believe they are free thereby.

They already have their comeuppance. There is no punishment but what we make-believe ourself and together. But that said, if our make-believe is believed to hurt and hate and kill the truth of our love - then that belief will dissociate us from ourself. This is part of the human conditioning. The split mind does not know its source and is fed and feeds on adapting and exploiting life rather than being and sharing it.

The nature of addiction is similar to that of manipulation - indeed the manipulation of one's experience (one's relations and one's world) for a private experience in place of a truly shared one, is the way one cuts off or 'protects' from an intimacy of being, for the sake of a PRIVATE possession or satisfaction. Mutual private satisfactions pass for relationships in a masquerade.

Such then is defined (by its act) as 'joy' - or indeed protection from pain of boredom, doubt or discomfort. A 'joy 'that is not integrated or unified, but is conflicted, dis-integrating to a segregated sense of a temporary 'hit' of an energetically felt connection that is immediately gone and thus calls for repeating or indeed expanding so as to prolong its dedication and association. The pattern of desire, stress and release becomes a ritual compulsion when choosing to persist in a mechanically joyless act whilst at the same time insisting one is a victim.

Wherever there is a giving away of power, there is no shortage of other 'hungrys' willing to 'take you over' - whether imaginary or corporate, for what you give out sets the value by which you get back.

The world offers many examples of being taken over by ideas, beliefs and definitions of self that are negative or disintegrating. But to affect you, you have to subscribe to them. Joy and truth are in bed together and there is nothing secret or shameful in yielding into a wholly embracing love.

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Snowdenball gathers momentum

Spain summons US ambassador.

The dynamics of power are not news to those in the know - but it is news to be in the public domain and is a loss of face to those who maintained some credibility with their respective populations.

Power is wielded by controlling perceptions, by holding information advantages that can either make or break careers, by inducing 'partners' into corruption or reputation shattering complicities and then holding that veiled threat amidst 'preferential' treatment for compliance. Or simply into believing the 'enemy' must at all costs be defeated and secrecy must sacrifice integrity to a negative self appreciation.

Power is wielded by undue and often hidden influence upon the systems of financial governance and regulation, by the dominance of corporate and shadow government hegemony. By the massive dominance in arms both conventional and secret, biological, technological, and neurological - but all of the above share the necessity for fear to be induced and maintained.

Power to control and manipulate does not share. It may create hierarchies of obedience with inducement and penalty - but is does not communicate or share Life. It is blind to Life in its attempt to possess it.

True power shares. true power lies in not using coercion, deceit or force for merely private advantage. Honesty and integrity may be considered naive for the 'real world'. But they are the ONLY basis for any real world, in which a co-operative intent can hold a diversity of creative expression in a shared sense of value. The only unified intent of the power hungry and the power dependent is to remain secret. The addict is in denial - but has trashed the family relations, stolen and squandered the money and given all true power away for a deceit that makes all things hollow - a prodigal wasteland.

So what about our consciousness then? Is the world not a reflection of the way the mind works. Is what we see in the world a reflection of our own conscious involvement? Blaming and hating works to deny this - but that is merely a redistribution device - not a healing. That's the means of self-deception. Accountability is an honest accounting for and not an Inquisition.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The exposure of a secret intent to a shared attention

NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders

This breaking of a such secrecy is not merely 'out there' but is reflective of a shift 'in here'.

Privacy, properly speaking, is given and received as a matter of honour - but secrecy is the concealment of what is without honour.

The concealment of dishonouring intent has been 'legitimised' by the pseudoscientific thinking that projects its own limited consciousness onto its interpretations of such data as genetics - as if 'survival of the fittest' has nothing to do with fitting into a living environment and everything to do with an urge to prevail over and control everything.

Our actions reflect our beliefs and our beliefs arise from the way we define ourselves and our world.

The more we try to control, the more out of control it gets and the more we divert of our energy and attention in ever greater sacrifice in order to maintain such illusion of control.
When the price outweighs a never arriving goal, a shift occurs.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Faction versus fiction is a tweedledumdrum

Pseudoscience deals in a world of facts. There is a sense of solidity and dependability and security in facts. You know who you are in a world of facts!

But the nature of existence is not schematized into a tidy construct of facts. It is a vortex of flux - and it is being you no less than all else.

The attempt to take the personal consciousness out from reality, so as to have the facts without the fiction, underlies such pseudoscience as to render it meaningless, because Consciousness Itself is the Always Fact to every instant of anything defined, apprehended, measured or evaluated. It is not only the 'elephant in the room' it IS the room - and the game of pretending it only has subjective existence as given it by the facts that are determined about the room.

Is this or that healthy or unhealthy? It depends.
The context in which something arises is part and parcel of its arising and THAT is what it depends on.

There is no one-size-fits-all reality. The faction versus fiction is a tweedledundrum. The multidimensional nature of reality is not coercive upon us - but if we do not align with our true calling or joy in life we will betray ourselves to a sense of deprivation and conflict - some of which will manifest in some of us as health issues, relational, financial, or as dysfunction and mis-alignment and thus breakdown of communication and trust in every arena of living.

The 'patient' is not served by compounding his or her self-convictions, but by sharing a compassionate presence in which choices that are actively dis-integrative to wellbeing can be owned and changed.

The pseudoscientifically constrained are noticably hateful of anything that reeks of love - and which must be heretical and which, above all else, is it their mission, their duty and their vindication to destroy.

You see, the pseudoscientifically disposed, have a problem with love that is nothing to do with science - which seeks to uncover truth - and everything to do with hidden self-agendas that are tacitly reinforced by using scientific method in such a way as to only seek and find the validations of their own presumptions. Namely, that reality is a material physical phenomena in which consciousness is an anomaly of chemicals and electricity, albeit a brief moment in which by some anomaly, life is aware of itself.

What we call consciousness is in some sense a mastery of limitation whereby conditions seem to 'matter' and our state of being is mere effect. This is a reversal. Your state of being is what materializes your selection of reality as your experience regardless of the circumstance.

"Take up thy bed and walk!" is symbolic to the recognition of your existence, from the perspective of existence - free of the definition whereby you identified with the changing, as if it were fixed, or fixable.

Heal Thy Self - healthy self

Eat butter and cheese not low-fat spreads, says heart specialist

Aseem Malhotra says saturated fat is not a problem, low-fat products are often full of sugar and statins are over-prescribed

The medical racket is a kind of 'insider dealing' for there are private agendas of self interest that work against the well being of the whole.
The scope and scale of it is unimaginable to the ordinary hobbit that lives in its Shire and knows little and cares less to know more.

But what is underneath even the tacit conspiracies of profiteering and manipulating the perceptions and beliefs of others who 'give their power away' in the belief it makes them free or safe, are personal and cultural definitions of self, other and world which bind us into negative self belief. Vicious circles of self harm that seem to be caused and justified by external or past conditions. Yet such causation is attempt to displace a sense of 'something fundamentally wrong with oneself. Something invalid, lacking, worthless, inadequate, or even hateful and toxic.

The dissonance of being out of alignment with our being is not a surface condition that can be manipulated away - and yet every kind of such attempt is invested in and then we become hostage to our investments.

Some recognition of what I offer can resonate with a realisation that responsibility; 1. Is not blame in any way shape or form. 2. Is inescapable. 3. Is the ability to respond rather than react - and is therefore innate to our foundation as conscious existence.

In order to respond, one has to first be receptive - which is undefended - to What Is - without first judging or interpreting into terms that express and protect a negatively defined sense of self. This calls for a focus of honesty, willingness and curiosity amidst the enactment of hitherto unconscious choices and is not compatible with laziness of mind that masks and normalized being so much less than you are in some misplaced identity in reaction.

But it is simply true that to value yourself by acting out from your highest sense of your joy, your passion - with integrity - radiates health.

In the process 'toxic sludge' or negative belief and emotion, will be loosened from its unconsciousness to be released, lived through, integrated and transformed. Everyone has their own unique versions of whatever 'conditions' arise as everyone has their unique viewpoint within existence. Attempts to externalize and rationalize existence at the expense of owning and integrating our own experience, are simply 'running away from Life'. But 'wherever you go, there you are!' Existence does not go out of existence. But the forms of its reflection are ever changing.

One cannot 'save' oneself from transformational change but by wholeheartedly embracing 'What Is', one can share the changeless; That you Are, and existence Is - and always now. That what we put out, we get back. Radiating presence is not something we 'do' so much as something Life naturally Is - when we do not block or withhold our nature in guilt and fear. Living out from fear makes a currency of miser-y and deprivation.

No one else can choose for you. Nor can we choose for another. But in living our choice we resonate with others who are also waking up. The 'crazy' ones are in fact opening to sanity, and the breakdown of the structure of control is a symptom of rising health - the instant we accept ourselves guiltless.

It  may seem that the 'bad guys' have the power to control and manipulate all things to be subject to their own terms of 'solution'. But this is only in tandem with a demand for unconsciousness in the terms the mass of individuals give value to.

A managed, processed existence within which a 'virtual world' plays out in a surface life that does not really wake to know and share the love and beauty and wonder of existence - as a participance in which we are transformed by the renewing of our perspective.

One does not have to 'fight' what one has not chosen to validate in one's own belief and desire. But one does have to be living on purpose to maintain a focus in what we do value rather than become sidetracked into focussing on what we do not want.
'Dont look where you do not want to go!. If we choose to re enact old choices then recognizing that opens the way to choose with what we truly are. For we already are worthy of existence or we would not Be.

additional comment:

This song came to mind regarding the attempts to manually manipulate life so as to become a slave and then a victim to a manually manipulated life. Children's wisdom is too deep for the learned.
Here is a longish article that takes a slice through history of medical consciousness on Earth. It is grim reading. It doesn't have to be wholly true to offer a perspective on human consciousness that we do not like to own.
That interventions can be helpful is not worth arguing, but surely it is obvious that the 'life-style' that corporate technology seeks to protect and maintain past its sell-by date is not merely external factors of diet and exercise - but inner causative aspects of self definition…from which all else proceeds in an infinite expression of variety.
"Go forth and multiply" applies to conception; idea. There isn't any choice in the nature of what Mind is - but only how we use it and what we use it for.
Look at what we use it for - without moral judgement - and find out what we actually are choosing - then ask what would we have to believe true to want to choose thus? And the limiting or negative beliefs and definitions will be revealed. For we ALL automatically choose toward pleasure and against pain - as we define it!
Free will means we can choose even to believe we do not have a choice, but it also means we still have free will regardless of what we currently choose to believe.
What we choose to define and accept as our self will 'go forth' in intention and desire - and deservability, and will be acted out from unquestioned. That is - until our feedback experience of our world causes a pause in which to re evaluate the basis of our choosing.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Charity begins at home - naked truth

Warwick women rowers strip off for charity. But is that okay?

What does 'exploited' mean?

Are the women exploiting the known trigger points of cultural ideas of attractiveness in order to sell more calendars and attract more money to an un-unrelated (to naked women) charity?
Is not the idea of 'raising money for charity' a device that is exploited for its own reasons?
Perhaps the term exploited is more associated with coercive force, or of being manipulated such as to be unaware of the choices one is taking or of other choices available.
Exploiting is an aspect of 'getting'. One might say we all exploit ourselves, each other and our world, in that we will all seek to get something for ourselves - unless we are already happy, whole and connected, in which case we share rather than 'get'.

A key issue is whether we receive and give in a sense of honour and trust, rather than 'get' at another's expense without any real relation.
But the key issue to the women's project might be 'how do we raise money for xyz?' - and feel for their comfort zones and sense of adventure both. Because 'charity' is the remaining avenue of 'justification' for behaviours outside social conformity.

The 'getting' mode, is seemingly innocuous and harmless - but it cannot be employed without a psycho-emotional disconnect, and the 'justification' mentality rises as one with it - as is symbolized by fig leaves in the myth of the Fall.

"Ye have not because ye ask not" - is a reference to a direct self revealing extension of trust and communication. A true intimacy shared. We sacrifice the power of love in a darkness of forgetting, in order to 'enjoy' the private sense of power in 'getting' - except we then suffer experience of being 'gotten from' and loss and fear of loss replaces trust, and a mask replaces our true presence, in which praise and blame war - so as to deny a clear and heartfelt acceptance of our naked living being.

Moral coercion feeds a libertarian reaction. Guilt is the driving force of morality - for the innocence of our being does not seek to justify or validate itself. But nor is it defined in reaction against such cultural impositions.

To do something because it is the true desire and movement of our being, does not bring with it the associated overhead of conflicted self - or its reflection as a conflicted experience of our world.

This is true charity - because this is the gift of our true presence into our relations. When our presence is witheld we deprive ourselves and others - and yet look out as if it is denied us by others and our world.

Charity begins at home. If we do not truly let love into our lives - we will not have it and be it in our relations. A deep self acceptance is not a justification slip for doing what you do not really want! This issue is the most important in all else that ever occurs because it is foundation for what comes next. Self-rejection - no matter how disguised - will not bring a better world for 'others' or ourselves. Love knows what thinking alone can only hide.

Controversy is a sport. But one doesn't have to play it.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Tesco's Secret Weapon In The Christmas Android Tablet Wars

Tesco look to dominate a tablet 'Christmas'. Hudl up around a fake tree and get some entrancing sweeties. Not that the device itself has any major drawback - but the models that are driving the market are the effects of a consciousness of our time.

Yes, Microsoft demonstrated the power of marketing Windows. Apple redefined it in their comeback as a cool device/ecosystem/identity. Now almost everyone is offering ‘Apple’ presentations and displays as their own grab at mindshare.
Mindgrabbing is the name of the game in an emergent informational proprietary.
Who controls or owns the mind owns the game…
But I feel this new (dark?) age of management, manipulation and milking all things for simply more wealth and dominance will be a surprisingly short one.
meanwhile the dealers are giving out sweets and cheap highs – and it is an exciting time to be alive amidst what would a while ago have seemed magical powers – as long as your device is charged, connected and not hijacked or hacked by terrorist states or criminal corporate interests or teenagers with identity issues.

The shift of power

Energy price hikes 'inexplicable'. The Archbishop of Canterbury has slammed the recent energy price rises saying that they look "inexplicable."

Companies are not reckoned by law to have moral obligation and exist not as personal entities but as systems of making profit. The idea of market forces achieving balance falls apart in any monopolistic dependency and is only a small facet of a complex system that has largely developed from manipulative thinking rather than of serving the whole.

Blame and shame is part of the mentality of manipulative thinking - and if a large enough emotional reaction were generated, companies might indeed be influenced and also new legislation made law - but trying to balance off separate and conflicting interests is no way to 'balance' because it is being applied to, or imposed upon the system by force.

For every action there is an opposing reaction. But the action within the wholeness is called a 'shift' because it is an awakening from an expression of false premise and undesirable outcome, to a unified expression of willingness and intelligence.

How we organize our society is not dictated by those who fear to lose their apparent wealth and power over others, it is dictated by how we think!

Now thinking is made out to be an ineffectual wishful thing - not unlike imagination. With no power to effect change - unless one is ingeniously capable of devising complex financial instruments for the financiers of such manipulative intent, or any other specific intent to manipulate via the interference in discovered mechanisms of causation.

But 'as a man thinketh in his heart - so does he perceive' is no less true now that ever - for the unified power of thought and true feeling is the basis of all experience of existence.
"How will that keep you warm?". Well for a start it will shift you from a self protective dumb-terminal, easily managed and manipulated, to a greater awareness of what and who you really are - with everyone and everything, rather than apart from it.

We can often come to recognize and appreciate what resonates true, by first opening an experience of what is not. Think 'true' here not in lofty definitions but in terms of truly worthy of wholehearted commitment, appreciation and gratitude.

The 'church' has lost its voice if it speaks from within the cage that modern thinking has 'put it in'. Perhaps I could have said 'within the prodigal trough!' - not in blame - but in recognition that there is always a payoff for our choices - regardless of how hidden or disguised they are as our apparently but not very conscious agreements.

Fearful insecurity and rapacious racketeering go hand in hand. The answer is not war on evil (sigh) but a profound commitment to an honest self accounting. Call out the behaviour by all means - but in a way that elicits an opportunity to shift.

"Shift Happens!"

Will machines ever be able to think?

Will machines ever be able to think?

This BBC article promoted a brief consideration of Consciousness and 'machinery'.

If you can accept that Consciousness in its raw or native sense is all pervading energy that informs and communicates or harmonizes itself in all that it expresses as manifest and self-aware reality - then what we call consciousness is already in a sense an instrument or machine in which a 'portion' of a greater 'mind' explores its creative expression. To mimic the programs of our lower mind will not really make 'alive' but if we give our consciousness to them - they will be an outsource of our own. To let the Living be self-aware through 'machinery' requires all of the elements of consciousness to be received and communicated. That is both Feeling and Thought. The Feeling or intuitional knowing is not emotions, which are merely thoughts that limit or distort the Feeling dimension. Our current 'split off mentality' from Feeling tends to seek to replace Life with a model of mimicry (and gimmickry!) and of manual usurpations and interventions. Because the Feeling Consciousness is 'upstream or beyond the focus of a conceptual focus, it cannot be witnessed or demonstrated within the terms of a physically focussed consciousness - excepting to note the difference in the quality and reflection of one's own consciousness experience and relations.

The question 'Why?' is meaningless at the level of the meaning of existence - but is absolutely pertinent to the level of consciousness expression because to go forth and multiply what one does not love, enjoy, or appreciate truly... is to create a world of deprivation, isolation and conflict - as can be readily observed.
So the primary basis of foundation of choice or decision is not the responsibility of programmed thinking!

Monday, 14 October 2013


Happiness at its root is a core function of being - of our being.
Happiness always expands and gives permission for being - but tends to then be associated with the forms of the situation or event.
Egocentricity, is the sense of identifying with the persona and its mental chatter - which runs like a virtual layer of interpretive imaginations on top of what actually is simply present. It is conditionally happy - that is it defines itself such as to define happiness in specific conditions and by defining it negatively as unhappy conditions. This conditioning of nurture and nature - is founded on a sense of there being something fundamentally lacking, invalid or wrong with our self. This is a psychic divorce from our true nature upon which we construct a mask or persona - and attempt to make it valid, solid, respectable, powerful or loved. No supply of which actually satisfies more than momentarily - such that unhappiness is defined as the 'standard' where each seeks there consolations or distractions of choice from a dissonance of being that does not go away but must be kept at bay.
This is of course a crude and general sketch - but those who have opened within also recognize the territory, even if they have become more aware of the basis out from which they live.
Happiness paradoxically comes from giving it away or releasing the desire to get it. Abiding with and through boredom, doubt and discomfort is the releasing of the surface mentality that is not generally directly connected to anything real - being a mentality of conditioned reaction that believes itself free.
Freedom - to be what you are is happy - or rather the full acceptance of what is actually present always connects to a quality of being that is free of unhappiness. It also re-establishes a perspective for choosing or discerning that aligns with your joy.
Yet to wake from the dream of a life that is trying to become something in its own right - one has to become aware of the definitions that actively create our experience of any given situation - including the opportunities that are present within it.
Decide to be happy and then everything that arises can be used to serve your decision. Disappointment is the result of appointed expectations being unmet - and so one uses it to own the thoughts and feelings.
Most do not want responsibility of mind and so choose to protect unconsciousness by giving power to external agencies to supply them with substitutes or justifications.
Guilt or blame - self invalidation - is the undermining of well being. It is easy to see in act - and releasing it a Gift of Life to oneself and others. The attempt to coerce and control via guilt is never going to result in happiness, because self-betrayal is a poison that can only be healed by 'going straight', and honouring yourself and others with honesty of being. There is apparently no market to exploit in such wisdom apart from writing books perhaps - and so it has no relevance to a 'marketized and weaponized society'.
For fear can be spread in ways that 'create' dis-ease which then can be sold 'protection'. There is a global trillion dollar market for this and it has our definition of profit and value - running cancerous with a parasitic intent that has corrupted our body politic. Happiness is the antidote. True and free and joyful happiness as our ordinary now.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Wisdom, science and waking up

Article on Independent.co.uk "Scientist who mapped human genome says we will be able to 'print' alien life from Mars

J. Craig Venter says the next revolution in genetics will come from synthetic biology, as we learn to design and 'print' organisms with computers

Biotechnological interventions and manipulations coupled with a lack of wisdom fuelled by corporate greed...
Why do I say a lack of wisdom?
Science is bereft of wisdom - in fact it does not really recognize it exists nor indeed any of the heart's qualities.
It put everything that it could not measure to one side and ignored it while getting to know an awful lot about an awful little.

peterainbow responded to my original comment:

sorry but you can't tar everyone in science with that, some clearly are idiots, the man above being one of them, but he was stopped from patenting and making it closed knowledge by the human genome project which was carried out by other scientists opposed to his views.

so in conclusion just like everywhere else there are good people and bad people

A1: to peterainbow

Of course individuals exhibits varying characteristics - including those of an integrated consciousness - or lack thereof. So blame is not my game - but simply to point out that a greatly increased capacity to mess with fundamentally powerful aspects of our Biosphere - with a greatly decreased capacity to deal with the wholeness of any given situation. Good intentions pave the way to hell! Wisdom can discern where the motivations that are within the ideas are coming from. Private self interest uses 'public works' like a trojan horse! But while everyone is essentially playing the same game - they think its the only game in town! Responsibility is a capacity to respond - but without first discerning WHAT the current situation IS - reaction plays out a programmed plot of blind self-interest. Perhaps you have faith that balancing of powers of a 'free market' will result in the best world for all concerned??? It is not free, the winners make the rules for a corporate hegemony. 'People', good or bad, become the stuff to use for whatever purpose suits the current imaginations of those in 'power'.

Q2: A_Stone enjoined:

Science is a method, a kind of tool in a sense. The wisdom must come from us.

I do often wonder about what we can't measure, whether there is 'something' that is simply too nebulous and subtle to grasp with our big sicencey man-hands (albeit that have measured the voltage of a single electron), or whether such things are mere side-products of our consciousness (presuming that the latter quality is what brains have developed and not some kind of non-local cosmic entity in which we partake).

I suppose I can be a little chauvinistic and say there is science and the rest is just the human imagination and 'spiritual' mumbo-jumbo, but it behoves us all to keep a more open mind than that, however. We don't know everything, and it may be that I've just watched one Twilight Zone story too many, but there may be things in that 'evertything' that will surprise us.

A2: To A_Stone

Yes, a tool. Wisdom would be the intelligence as to whether or when and in what way to use it. Wisdom is not something that science can act or be brought to bear upon because it is a higher or more fundamentally inclusive intelligence.

The tool of science - operating at its most basic level, divides in order to rule. yet Actuality is an Indivisibility or true Individuality that the imagination can 'divide' out from so as to make rules. That is to say Consciousness is a self-programming expression of a more fundamental intent.

Now you may not follow me - or want to! - but in my way, I am in a similar business to the bio-geneticist - excepting I am observing within consciousness - not merely manipulating a structure of accumulated conceptual data - but the movement of consciousness itself. Whereas science - so far - imagines that it separates from what it observes (and exempts its personal consciousness from its findings), I feel consciousness is naturally revealed to a more fundamental awareness - IF it yields into a truly integrated purpose. This last sentence can include scientific purpose - if that is where the passion of your motivational interest inspires you. Rather than try to fix a 'broken world - that reflects a 'broken' self-sense, rewaken back into what actually and wholly works - is working now and always works. But we (humanly) tend to be addicted to our egocentricity - regardless that it 'breaks' our innate capacities and qualities of connectedness and communication. Where folly leads to a fall, humility, reconnects at ground zero. But perhaps not to repeat the same program in yet another disguise this time?

(I also added)

I cant verify this quote myself - but it is possible to explore it further:

"Science has developed electron microscopes that get resolutions measured in millions of diameters, yet they cannot research life processes, because an electron microscope kills what it looks at":http://www.ahealedplanet.net/m...

fabcat responded

No. You probably confuse business with science. Science is a method - the most successful and 'true' philosophy in history. Amongst other things it provides things that immoral and amoral people exploit. They have always exploited people - slavery, murder and cannabalism go as far back as the archeological record does - and they continue to do so. They do this DESPITE science, for behavioural psychology, amongst other disciplines, shows better ways to behave. It is the politics of the stupid against which you rail, not science.
And do you really think religion is wise? 
A3: What is the business of science? It exists within Human Consciousness and is a specific focus. The philosophy of science is conjecture or imagination - that is... thinking.
Moral integrity of a system is different from moral codes of attempt to manipulate or control a mind externally.
Science is one aspect of a movement of consciousness toward uncovering truth. Like everything in a polarised world-consciousness it has both wheat and tares - that is the search for truth and the manipulation of what it takes as it 'divine or given' inheritance to exploit along the lines of its own private agenda.
I would see science draw back from arrogance and re-Member itself to a wholeness of being. To annul the imaginary divorce with the heart and express a unified intelligence.
I do not seek to undermine the gains of either religion or science. While a polarised session fails to communicate, the 'government is shut down' (to use a current metaphor). Any kind of war between aspects of One Thing is to use your term 'stupid'. I don'tfeel to use such terms for living beings - but only to the thought processes that repeat errors without gaining insight to correct them.

fabcat responded:

'Wisdom' is a post-hoc self-referential approval of something of which one approves. It is not in itself a real thing and nor is it 'bigger' or 'greater' than science. That is like saying that hunger is 'greater' than farming.


Fools may pretend to be wise.

Folly has faith in its own preferential thinking and is like a virtual layer running on top of reality - like a story about it that has become self-engrossed and focussed only on that which reinforces whatever story it identifies as itself.

Wisdom is a capacity to pause and question one's own story - including the cultural authorisations of one's story - by actually shutting up!

Wisdom and science cannot conflict because they are different orders of reality. But one can exercise science wisely or foolishly. One can also be blindly subscribed to prevailing ignorances that distort the foundations of a true understanding.

Unless one becomes wise to the way the mind works, one is merely running within a set of identifications that have more to do with mask than real presence.Science unmasked the control mentality of the Dark Ages - but do not for a moment expect that it does not play both sides of every conflict. The attempts to copyright or monopolise living systems and undermine and dominate alternate cultures via genetics and biomedical 'solutions' - as well as other weaponized financial and comms technologies, is well under way.

Science is 'married to' or very heavily distorted by the Corporately owned 'state'. Which is much more sophisticated than anything the Dark Ages could have imagined - for it runs hidden within the idea you are free-thinking- yet extends such thinking with a technological reach that will be able to determine what you are thinking and adjust it - whether you are aware of it or not or like it or not! Fitting you to a 'machine'. Perhaps you already believe you are one! Belief is not the mask of extra differentiation-validation - but the very 'fig-leaf' mentality by which we experience all things in its template.

fabcat rejoined:

I am afraid that this is drivel. Science is a particular approach to reality. It is a method of inquiry that provides true answers, rather than childish ones. It, by definition, studies only questions which may be answered, and that means that they must be falsifiable and amenable to repetition. It does npot address the kinds of questions that occupy some people, such as what it all means, or whether their dog bowl has a spirit, because these questions cannot be answered. It is arguable that these are non-questions, more properly considered from the viewpoint of mental health. Whatever the truth of that, the fact is that science has nothing to say about these artificicial quandries.
The exploitation of knowledge, for example scientific advances, is not in itself science. The problems arise not with the knowledge but with the misuse, which is firmly the responbsibility of the greedy and stupid business community, politicians and so forth. If you want to prevent it, overhaul politics and capitalism.
Sometimes one meets calls for scientists to somehow prevent this idiocy. They try, with various initiatives aimed at education and sometimes calls to reason. But these generally fail. It has for a while - a decade or two - been fashionable to asy that scientists should be 'responsible' for the misuse of knowledge by other people, and so should not learn things in case others behave as unprincipled parasites. The problem with this viewpoint is firstly that whatever 'our' scientists do, you can be sure that elesewhere others will do the research, and secondly that this appeal is basicaly the complaint of the spoilt child that blames someone else because they ate to much chocolate and then were sick - despite the admonitions not to.
Well, tough - there are 7 billion of us, and we share responsibility. If some people in Britain don't like seeing science budgets spent a certain way, then trhey have every right to educate themselves as to the science and to the public problems being addressed, and then enbgage in the political process to influence the funding. They do not do this. They also have a legal (but not moral) right to carp in complete ignorance and frequently drasticly ruin their own well-being and that of others as a consequence (and then blame someone else of course). But this has the consequence that we live in a stupid, chaotic and ignorant society.
Still, that is how it is;.
You can proclaim anything your want! - as you clearly demonstrate.
The one true path eh?
It only studies what can yield answers to its terms?
It approaches 'Reality'? No it deals with the external reflections to a mind of which it is utterly ignorant - because it is turned AWAY from what it sees as childish fears in adolescent presumptions of independence.
The exploitation of religious or spiritual discernment for manipulative or imaginative intent is not really religious either.
I see you DO have an axe to grind. But is it with me?
Science can be talked about in all sorts of ways and perhaps practising scientists who engage a spirit of curiosity with a passion for discovery and a methodology of exactitude - who are not compromised by peer pressures, funding incentives or personal ambitions to become a something in their own right - will be the first to say that science is greatly misrepresented. If they tried to speak out they may find they have no platform from which to speak.
I propose that the society we live in is not what it seems - but is the result of clearly identifiable thinking. As long as one 'wars' within the thinking, one cannot observe the 'battlefield'.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. But this is true of an action of one aspect upon another. It is not true when the whole system shifts as one.
For every level of 'reality' there is the level which is aware OF it.
Putting reality OUTSIDE the process of its focussing, the templates of definition and meanings, and the actions of its discovering, is the IDEA that every thing is a thing in and of it self - and that the consciousness that has awareness (by whatever means) of a thing is itself a thing in and of its self, and that this 'self' is independent of its Source Nature, free from its defining relations and able to act out ITS OWN 'reality' via the extension of its own variants of meanings that are archetypal to its founding IDEA.
Now one can see a replication of this in 'discovering the Americas' (sic) - as if native intelligence has no validity. As if European IDEA is the one true Right to dominion.
Science 'discovers' according to scientific validations. It has its own 'ego' as a movement of institution and reputation. It therefore has its own filters and distortions - as well as some reactive tendency to engage in debunking what it feels superior to and self-authorized to
declare to be false - and in terms that reveal the personal agenda behind the act.

fabcat also responded to the quote above on electron microscopes:

Complete fallicy, from someone who understood nothing and thinks in childish allegory.
The electron microscope is just one tool. Since electrons collide with air molecules and hence bounce off in all directions, an electron microscope requires a vacuum. It is a tool very useful for looking at, say, a silicon chip or a dead moth's wing.
The processes in a cell are usually halted in a vacuum and hence it is an inappropriate tool for looking at a cell in action, but it can be used for looking at cell components, and has given much knowledge of structure - so even in the terms of the aphorism it is false. We also use other types of microscope, from the optical type with lenses to atomic force microscopes. We use other techniques, such as molecular biology and biochemistry, to study the biochemistry within. Life is a chemical process, so we use the various tools of chemistry and physics to study it. We can now build from scratch (ie from little tubs of chemicals bought on-line) functional cells that work, so we really do understand more than that author thinks.
The quotation makes as much sense as saying that Man has made gorgeous jewelry for religion but spends almost nothing on clean water for the dying children it purports to 'save'. There are detail problems with that - for example, it is not Mankind that makes religious ratifacts, but particular power structures within societies - but the statement is in fact more true than the noinsense about electron microscopes.
We could say that I like strawberries and yet know nothing of the language of the mountains from which the plant originated. That is true, but a falose comparison - just as comparingf electron microscopes with the state of our knoweldge of living things is a false comparison.
Whenever you meet an aphorism of that sort, you can be sure of two things - the originator does not understand what they are talking about and they have an axe to grind.
As for you, you carefully described your lack of scientific background so as to avoid giving undue weight to the aphorism. That is either a reasonable and good thing to do, or a cynical use of a fallacy together with a trick to avoid censure. I suspect (and hope) the first and would strongly encourage you to explore science - it is interesting, beautiful, and not at all 'hard', merely badly taught.

I respond to fabcat:

I didn't say it was verified - I said I hadnt verified it but had read it. I gave the link to the article where I read it. The context of that article leads me to be open to the idea that the means of 'observation' can influence or affect the 'state of the 'observed'.
So I do not feel to dig myself from a situation that you are 'seeing' me in for I feel your mind is 'putting' me there - and it simply is not true.
The essential foundation of taking things apart to understand them can ONLY discover crude mechanism. As instruments extend the senses, subtler aspects of crude mechanism are uncovered - that are in such multiple processes of communication and function as to be quite beyond a linear cause and effect model.
I don't have an axe to grind so much as a desire for a larger cultural conversation. When comment becomes personalized as to invalidate others for having a view - then a 'defence mechanism' has been activated. Once a polarized mutuality of self righteousness is enacted - an apparent barrier is erected and maintained as if it were actually there!

fabcat ends with:
I think perhaps you need to return to your therapy. You may find a concrete program of study helpful in distinguishing between reality and fantasy, so that gives two reasons to try it sometime. In the meantime I wish you well, in both senses, and good-bye.
I respond:
Thankyou. I accept your well wishing - for there is something to join in. But to close off with personal comments of a patronizing and derisory nature does you no service. Descriptions of reality 'work' or don't work for the purpose intended. Reality ITSELF is not something we can directly perceive because it is also being all that is present as the experience and abilities of our present local experience. One cannot turn around and see what awareness is to see what awareness is of. One can only become aware of its effects or manifestations. The positing of awareness as some freak that matter picks up along its 'evolutionary' path to becoming a scientist amidst a Vastness in which its insignificance is somewhat mitigated by an ongoing experience of becoming something valid (in its own right).