Friday, 15 June 2012

This Defamation Bill is a disaster for free speech

Comments on the issues around the 'defamation bill' of which I have not studied in detail - but anyway felt to comment on the theme and issues as I felt them.

In exercising freedom of expression here I risk being understood or appreciated by none and perhaps of offending many! - but as I am airing reflections for your consideration or to be passed by according to your desire, I have no investment in an outcome beyond an enjoyment of exercising a freedom to speak.

Opinionating tends to be defamatory and lack honour by its self-serving nature. We are used to being private or unpublic in our personal mythologies of praise and blame, but the world has changed.

Communicating is lost when using mere forms of communication (of no intent to actually open communication) - as attempts to dump blame or shame on others, set ourselves off in a relatively self righteous contrast or distract attention from what we do not want to be made aware of.

Is there a way to communicate a lack of integrity without attacking the person of another? I feel there is, and I have embraced the discipline of feeling for clearly positive ways to say things that otherwise tend to be encoded in story such as to convey mixed messages - that simply add 'my story' to an already conflicted and confused situation. (Of stuckness or standoff).

The nature of a lack of conscious appreciation for life is a personal sense of powerlessness - and from this sense are we liable to grow a persona/identity that gets a hit from the fantasy of power played out - whether in a socially supported role or as an Internet troll. Powerlessness feels bad. Piling blame on top validates the shit to the shitty for the temporary satisfaction of others who enjoy your humiliation. But all that is needed is to restore the true appreciation for life such as to undo the basis for a fantasy self.

To own what we say is to demonstrate the courage of our convictions - as is to retract when we realize we are wrong.
Anonymous or masked identity may play out all kinds of fantasy roles - but should not be allowed to remain masked when there is a clear and reasonable case of dishonesty and injustice.

Whether we can get Corporate PR companies, and Government 'spin doctors' to stop distorting and manipulating our information stream is another level.

The law is often blunt and blind. The spirit in which a law is meant to serve may not at all be that in which t is applied.

There needs to be discernement between hurt feelings (hurt ego) and a loss of reputation that has substance.

Without discernment, made up stories are taken for real, and get to displace actuality.

Our true word is an extension of our self - and our false witness is an extension of our ignorance of truth.

A wilful ignorance of truth is made to serve a freedom to privately and mutually determine reality and fight over it.

Reality does not sue - or retalliate against illusion - for It remains unchanged even if the mind turns upon itself and spins. There is always more going on than our surface realites suggest - but where an illegitimacy is accepted in the name of truth, it shall be uncovered and undone. For it never truly WAS, nor IS, nor Shall Be

Reality remains completely non-stick. But when we give value to shit by dumping or casting it out onto others - we set up a false sense of self validation - and base a whole society on it.

When we look to the world to get our identity we (set ourselves up), and hurt ourself. But our word is our deed and speaks directly of our thought and intent, like to like. If our words, thoughts and deeds do not align as one, then no amount of PR or spun presentation can make an iota of difference - though illusion can make for delay in protection of a well dressed suffering.

Another throw of the monetary dice

The mentality of the prodigal son was always one of 'what can I get out of this' - even while his Father is alive, though ignored.
Religion at its root is not a magical wishful attempt to make nothing into a seeming something and then trade it so as to kill off or hollow out Something as it is turned itself to a nothing - all for the fleeting moment of power and possession.

Rewakenening to true values is waking up from a deceptive voice in our heads that we call 'my thinking' on behalf of 'my private interests' - (albeit presented so as to appear to be wise, kind, protective, benevolent and neccessary).

When the system of guidance fails - or is realized to be a scam - then the obvious step is to listen for an alternate to madness in the simple trust that madness is not inherent to being alive or being human.

What wakens the heart is simply listening in the heart. While the head can peddle deceptions amidst a maze of distractions and a mist of (heart) denial - little wisdom can get through.

The manipulator does not/can not know what is meant by the heart because it only knows its own thoughts and 'understands' only in its own image.

What are the activties and projects that embody and support life's true and truly shared value? These are our true economy.

Midas turned all to gold and starved for life. It is nothing new to be so deceived. When there is no way for the ego (self illusion) to remain hidden, it seeks ever more depserate means to hide its (lack of) foundation, including war and death.

But yielding into Life while alive is to 'remember the Father' that is the ever present Source, Nature and Condition of be-ing - in its Own terms and not in the 'value added' sense of a privately manipulated outcome.

Investment is what you give yourself to - in energy of attention and comittment. There is NO scarcity of human resourcefulness but for the folly of false investments in which we believe we are trapped.

Truth seems fearful to the liar or to that which has investment in the lie. But Truth is the Condition of truly appreciating anything! - and is also the touchstone of a rested sanity of being regardless of the headless chicken syndrome amidst what after all has always been a transient matter.

To meet in a shared sense of value is not a manipulated outcome - but is bedrock to any real cultural exchange or embodiment.

Enjoy this day and every day as today - that is - don't poison it with thinking of a nature that sucks out the joy and wonder of being. Or at least wake up to such habit and determine to see it for what it is so as to become free of tyranny.

Start always now, because now is the closest to where Life is being you. Take no thought for what you are to do - but listen instead to the true guide - that can always be felt or heard when the false is passed by unused.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Politics at the brink

What is missing - in my opinion - is a process of real communication.
Communication has to a large degree been usurped by manipulative deceptions, presented in the form of a communication.

When we think we already know - we cease to be receptive and merely assert ourselves blindly in a template fashion with little sense of meeting or sharing.

The basis for a true renewal of culture is in those lives in which a willingness to listen or discern beyond all self-invested thinking, connects with an experience of a different order than asserting a personal identity. And we will learn to live out from a different premise than the old presumption and will seem foolish or irrelevant to the problem-locked mentality of the old - until the masks and deceptive distractions are laid bare and true nature of the problem is revealed.

Identification with the mask is inherently conflicted. The masked persona was made to hide and look away from fears and guilt that were intolerable - as part of a 'self protective' mind.

Whenever our controls break down our identity evaporates and our fears and guilt are exposed. The old way uses the 'other' as enemy and is defined by adversity. But to abide amidst the dissonances of human judgement without resorting to the 'mind of a self protective lie', is to see the fear and guilt evaporate - and regain a fresh perspective from which to truly act, communicate and in which to abide.

Before religions were usurped for purposes of manipulation, they sought a vocabulary of being that was not of or for the rational sense - but for the intuitive sense.

Honesty is essential for trust is essential for communication is essential for sanity, harmony and health.

The fearful cannot afford honesty and employ fear itself as protection from truth. But they thus enslave themselves to a lack of any true ANYTHING!

If we are indeed as bankrupt as I see we are - and I do not only speak financially - then the truth of that is better faced sooner - so as to activate the next step.

The Prodigal Son is a very simple story - and yet contains profound pointers.
To wake from a dream of self-delusion by remembering our Source - through a willingness 'to serve in our Father's House'. (Willing to serve the Life in all), and leave behind the attempt to separately spend 'an inheritance' of a yet Living Father - (For Life is not absent from where you are and where you meet your fellow man and your world).

It is the Father that calls us 'Son" - and not our own thinking. And in this experience - which is not of a separating mind - we find ourselves in a true communion with our brother or sister and world - rather than using them for private selfish intent.

Thankyou for your attention.

Leveson Enquiry: Media and State reflect our cultural mentality

In a willingness to free my speech and give witness to my voice:

An (ultimately) fearful intent and attempt to seek or maintain control for private and personal gain, will autmatically operate as a 'conspiracy of interest' and is simply the nature of the politics of power. One could equate this with crude Darwinian sanction as 'the way the Universe works' and see all cultural values as simply the stories we tell to ourselves and each other whilst actually being under the power of lovelessness, meaninglessness and inevitable destruction - within which the urge to become something in one's own right grabs and uses whatever and whoever for its own appetite.

Alliances shift amidst such players, while power seems to be theirs or within their reach.

Media and politicians both attempt to control perception through posture, presentation and propaganda (public relations), and will believe it is for our own good, for they will feel justified in protecting from even worse evils than we (are allowed to) know about. Or they will believe that the other lot are much worse for us than they are. Or simply that the system is helplessly and uncontrollably corrupt, and that they simply try to survive and prosper within it.

The War on Truth is a played out amidst a false counsel of fearful distrust, that no longer holds any value or principle in the realisation of the heart, but seeks to use any and every inherited value as a part of its own mask.

Of course I am not only talking of politicians and media owners - or even the less visible powers that use these as their tools. I am talking about our culture.

What is healthy in broad democratic principle is of communication being allowed to occur. Without truth,  communication is but a deceptive manipulation or attempt to control an outcome, dressed up in the FORM of a communication.

Truth is not democratic nor even consensual. Truth is not owned or controlled by state or priest, nor defined by religious or scientific law. Honesty and Trust are the foundation of a true sanity in which everything is known as it is - and not as it is told in story.

The practical expression of this is the willingness to listen; to be truly receptive to the movement of being that is both within us and in the situation we meet, and to discern and give both welcome and trust, to the movement of expression that comes from such a listening - which might be our act or our speech - or it may be our silence and rest.

Children can discern truth - as can we all - because we know the atmosphere of a lack of fear and coercion as one in which joy and freedom to feel and communicate are natural. True direction amidst the fearful is felt as a presence of peace in which authority serves the whole.

Humanity becomes enslaved to its own investments in what turn out to be  self-illusion.

We are all in this together - but not as defined by our story or by media and state. We are all playing our part in willingness for truth - or apart in wilfullness of self-illusion.

The 'war' against real communication is investment in (identification with) fear and guilt.

No one else can walk out of such a mind-set for me (or you) - but every witness serves a greater remembering.

May such managed sacrifice toward accountability and transparency expand awakening to the true nature of our sickness.

It is never to late to begin.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Why the iPad is a waste of time

To an attention seeking article on the cusp of Apple news

Disingeneous promotion here!

A waste of time is time given to a purpose that is not your heart's true desire.
That we can waste time is evident because we can become infatuated with and indeed devote ourselves to or become mesmerised by that which we do not really want.

Those who have a clear sense of value and purpose - however that is expressed, are less liable to be seduced and manipulated by distraction.
The culture of modern media and consumption makes war upon our mind in attempt to win and manipulate and keep our attention - but it only only finds our attention where we are willing to give it.

The purpose we hold consciously in our Heart is the guide and protector of our day. The mind can wander - but in anyone Conscious, this will set off an alarm of dissonance, by which we pause, check in, and realign with our true desire.

'Ten thousand apps' was a reason not to get involved! But amidst any complexity or overflow of information, is called forth discernment in sorting and navigating what is actually relevant. (I didn't say productive).

There are many who want to get lost in distraction, because it allays a deeper dissonant sense of being out of true and the feelings of powerlessness or wrongness that are associated there. But such strategy is delay amidst suffering - albeit in disguise.

The joys of life are indeed joyful - and all the more lovely for being embraced without attempt to feed or validate self image.

Time can waste as well as being wasted. Have the time of our lives - not by cramming stimulation - but by relaxing into the moment that Is.

Thinking is the original virtual reality, and robs us of the glory - (the light of beauty) of our being. yet we are all mostly addicted to it as if it was our real self and not a virtual avatar experience we play out in form.

The issues of trust, privacy and control are brought out in our new technology. No one knows how this thing is working out but that it is bringing us to a place where deeply buried issues will be inescapably in our Face.

Thanks for your attention.

Blame or Responsibility?

Ultimately blame is simply an attempt to offset self hatred, but them becomes a kind of 'pass the parcel' game in which everyone seeks not to be the one on whom it lands, and the more one plays the game, the more currency blame seems to acquire by the fact of its usage.

The framework in which blame seems meaningful and useful, operates unquestioned, unconsciously, as if it were our self protected.

Blame is to true responsibility what punishment is to a genuine rehabilitation, that is, it substitutes for and undermines any true communication or outcome. Blame it is a feel-good ritual at the expense of truth - indulging a self righteous hate on a part at the expense of the whole.

We are not independently being, but we ARE cocreatively expressive of the life that is in us, and this is to say we share a mind - whether it be one mind in self-illusion or one mind in truly shared purpose. The attempt to serve two minds that are mutually exclusive of each other, is to perpetuate the 'human condition', of limitation, suffering and loss - as a mutual basis of all our experience. But there is another way of looking at everything than this, and another outcome follows.

The use of imposed or insinuated guilt as a leverage on behaviour is always a manipulation. Coercive intent is an expression of fear. It is not honouring, does not extend and grow trust and denies the living presence and worth of the targeted person or group by asserting the framework in which they are judged.

Love also knows how to say "No!" - and how to use proportionate force on behalf of the wellbeing of all. But to do so, it must be expressing a willingness for health and not a righteousness against a believed or percieved evil other.

To communicate truly is to allow to awareness all the perspectives and beliefs that are energetically present in willingness for honest relationship. Whenever we allow this, we experience a shift in the situation or relationship, that is more aware and more inclusive than what was operating before.

An honest relationship must be both within ourselves and with others. We are either congruent or playing a mask. We need each other's witness as we need to offer true witness to all. (Or we blindly believe our own presentations). The fear of real communication is of shameful exposure and rejection. It is also the belief that love is weak and has been, and will be, killed by fear. Yet both of these beliefs are fearful imaginings of loveless thought.

The idea that one can define and then control life has some merit at the stage of holding a point of reference amidst a fearful chaotic uncertainty, but that point of reference is not more than a stepping stone in which to access a greater perspective. The true dominion of the heart is not coercive, but it an expression of wholeness in all its parts.

A natural harmony of relations is never a result of coercion or dominion of one part over another, but of a shared purpose.When we are individually and collectively 'sharing' conflicting purposes, the parts seem to war. This is not a condition to be overcome but a condition of alarm in which to recognize we are out of true, and listen or recconnect to life at the heart.

None of what I write can translate meaningfully to a mind that sees itself as autonomous, independently authoritative and separate from life and each other. For such a mentality, wilfulness, fear, guilt, conflict and pain reflect back to the mind its own foundations - and justify the continued practices that give rise to their reoccurrence.

Wisdom is a matter of discernment, and this is a higher or more primary quality of the heart. A complexity of thinking is the natural ally of manipulative deception - whether within our own mind or in the world at large.

Honesty of being is not something that needs propping up as it is simply already true - and will extend itself naturally whenever conditions of exclusion are released of allegiance. Truth is not ours to judge but is ours to share.

An imaginative, wishful and deceptive intent is personally enacted and often socially supported, but has to be constantly maintained and protected from exposure - or it is undone of validity.

The mind of the self in its assertion of specialness, is a highly vigilant and capable defence mechanism. Though it seems to promise protection and fulfilment, it undermines peace of wholeness and hollows out our lives, our relationships and our world of the inherent Meaning, that has been called the 'Soul'.

When we think we see the mind of deception, division and attack in others, we become certain of our self against them or what they stand for. This is where we need vigilance for truth rather than against evil, for in this primary error do we cast out our own shadows upon the other in attempt to be free of a self hatred.

Self hatred is mistaken, no matter what circumstances are associated with its exposure in our mind. For our living self is not ours to make and groom, to a becoming of something greater or more worthy. Such is the imaginative play of self concept or self image. We can become willing expressions of witnessing to Life according to opportunities given us - and this embodies a transcendence of self-specialness.

When what we have cherished turns out to hurt us, do we not reevaluate Everything anew? Putting aside our own thought and all experience associated with it - to presently enquire with a fresh curiosity, finely tuned for truth?

Blame is always self harming. The sacrifice of life for the raising of an illusion to prominance is a temporary 'hit' of a sense of self vindication.

We each and all teach and learn by our own choice. In our social agreements as to what constitutes truth or life or the good, we find ourselves out of true, for the current situation is not designed or intended to fulfill our own definitions of reality.

Life in concept is no substitute for the Lived and the Living. Awakening at the heart is not describable to the mentality of control, but is altogether recognisable as it is, to its own.

Love's awareness is neither earned or deserved. Nor is it withheld or disallowed but our thinking makes it so. Judement and blame is a way of maintaining an illusion of control amidst a loveless intent.

For every action their is reaction.
But as the mind of reaction is left unused, it weakens from disregard.

The Movement of Wholeness is discerned only in active extension of trust. But this need only be an instant, in order to allow a shift of perspective and a step in which integrity of being is embodied.

To seek for the willingness and light in another instead of the blameworthy, is to undo one's own defence against love's awareness, now.