Wednesday, 2 November 2011


 I was offered a link to Marianne Williamson Occupy LA October 12, 2011.

(The Youtube of a video of a recent talk).

I felt prompted to respond to the use of the word smart.


What does 'smart' mean to you?

Does it mean wise?

Does it mean clever?

Is the mixing up and confusing of these capacities the basis by which clever deceptions dis-empower the 100% of their True Inheritance?

The heart is wise.

The mind is clever.

I wrote something on this earlier in the context of the fall of a dictator:

I write into the mainstream news sites with a simple willingness to witness to a perspective that is usually not communicated or available in the mainstream mind.

I write in the trust that the desire for 'a better way', has not been altogether usurped or taken over, by reaction and the manipulation of reaction.

For unless we have some awakened understanding of the nature of our capacity for deception, all 'miracle impulses' will be distorted and misdirected.

Deception always involves hate, fear and judging against - or rejection.

In my experience, the blocks against seeing what is really going on (in our mind) are so self-wilfully impenetrable, that they often require the self-sickness, exhaustion and helplessness brought by war or fundamental struggle.

But in the willingness for Light - for an innocent awareness - we may find we are ALREADY 'painted into a corner' - from which the obvious and necessary path is ALREADY offered us; to release our futility and realign with the Movement of Being - that IS our life felt in wholeness.

To speak openly of our heart's truth is a power - because it is an extension of trust - with no strings attached - at one with the Movement of being.

All else is of the mask and witnesses or 'shares' the power of the mask.

But even a little willingness to drop the mask and allow love's direction, invites a spark to come through. And the nature of the spark is of the same nature as the Light Itself.

All miracles are maximal teaching-learning opportunities.

"A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another.
It is a way of loving your neighbour as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbour's worth simultaneously." ~ A Course in Miracles

If we think that 'Waking Up' is what we do after we have climbed Maslow's pyramid - then never will the 'Kingdom of Heaven' be established in our hearts, our appreciations and our world.

But this is not something to ask of others - but is for those who DO feel the Call, the stirring, the Movement - however dimly.

'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven' is to pause of our own thought or reaction, listen and feel for the Movement of Being - as the re-opening of the vital component of our every act, and not a 'something to do' that can be added later when everything gets sorted out ...

Because without willingness to doubt or challenge our own experience - questioning our own mind of its thoughts and perceptions - it runs as a blind program whilst giving the illusion of life to a 'special one'.

Blindness not only stumbles in its own confusion - but rides roughshod over the call of others to be heard.

Their call therefore becomes our salvation, because where we actually hear it, is where awakening to Wholeness occurs.

BUT our mentalizations of what their call is imagined to be, are the block to awakening - and allow us to not only avoid our heart's knowing - but use the 'plight of victims' as a weapon in a battle of wills that we are full participants of - and which constitutes a state of wilful ignorance relative to the nature of love, to your Original and True Nature - that you share perfectly with everyone, because you didn't make it.

In Peace


After a dictator falls ...

The symptoms of a sickness may exacerbate the condition and seem to be a cause, but the real cause of a fearful tyranny must lie in our hearts. The mentality that overrides an honesty and integrity of being is ever deceptive, but uncovering such a deception in ourselves is the opposite of our programming.

The heart's desire for a true and better way, must maintained as an ongoing spiritual renewal, for if the heart is allowed to be covered over, a spirit of willingness and real communication is lost to the warring of perceived self interest.

It is common sense to structure society so as to limit the excesses and corruptions of private self interest, but such does not inspire and unify.

The true heart may discern, despite complexities or deceptive presentations, and it is this faculty that is needed in us all. Such a cultural shift must arise from a refusal to use the old mind of manipulation.

It is easy to give up responsibility to others, to leaders or to external conditions and hope on them and then hate them, but there is a basis from which we can live that shares a present willingness to listen rather than think - and act our from a felt wisdom rather than a triggered reaction.

Tyranny runs deeper than we may realize, but depends on darkness to operate. Therefore cherish and protect our capacity to bring fears and difficulties into a shared awareness, by living from a guided and connected sense of the presence and wonder of being alive.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Climate change, sanity and staying open.

The issue for me isn't about whether fundamental change is occurring on many levels - including climate - but of being aligned with the creative energies of this change.

Distraction is delay. I saw two male pigeons fighting in the road. So intent on each other in their refusal to back down. A moment later an explosion of feathers as a truck hit them both.

Controversy and conflict are not where we find inspiration and connection with Life - but amidst controversy or conflict, we can pause our personal reactions and seek a communication that in some way serves a larger purpose.

I don't see fear as the basis for loving life or our world and each other - though it can set off the alarm to seek a true accounting of what the real values and priorities in life are.

For myself, I stand Maslow on his head - Seek a true sanity of being first - and in that context find what aligns with and expresses life. Such doesn't stop me doing whatever is needed - but does give a basis of living out from a sanity that grows and strengthens trust, patience, listening, and tolerance.

Fear, blame and coercion are not sane or healthy, no matter how cleverly we may conceal them. The real threat to our well being and our environment is a mentality that must be challenged in ourselves, shaken off and left unused. Not someone else's mentality - but our own. We each are responsible for our own part and only in fulfilling our own can we serve others by example.

The denial most deeply held is not about human guilt for climate as such - but about human guilt per se as the justification for unworthiness - which will pervade any practical issue and render it unsolvable. Trading in unworthiness is a contagion that becomes a 'way of coping' with what cannot be faced. But all that ever needs facing now is a practical step arising from a true accounting. Joylessness calls for correction - not for blame and a covering over with surrogate 'pleasures' or self assigned validations.

So much 'saving the world' is really working on an inner wound that we see reflected in our world. A split of heart and mind in which a sense of guilt or wrongness of being arises.

If we are honest we might find that what we thought to atone for or put right is not out there but in our own identification with guilt and judgement of our own mind. And if we deal with a problem where it really is - then we can become more present, focused and inspired in all that we are moved to accomplish - including personal, social, and cultural projects or initiatives that embody wholeness and well being as a basis for a life honouring way of living with each other and with our planet.

But without the awakening shift from personal investment to a unified willingness - what is there except an ego struggling to prevail by whatever seems to be its strategy.

It wasn't the truck that killed the pigeons - it was what they chose to make their focus of attention which prevented their natural capacity to get out the way.Technically the cause of death was collision with truck - but the data doesn't tell the truth. Keeping a full and present conscious awareness is a way of being in the willingness for truth that isn't so much defined and determined, but discerned and trusted.

Without trust, there is no society, no structure or basis of communication. Data doesn't do trust and true communication. Instead of gathering or interpreting data in fearful attempt to control life, we can share life's blessing. (Of course we can do science in such a spirit. Everything has its place).

What if we aren’t alone after all?

Curiously, I believe that we tend to operate as the alien 'intelligence' that cuts itself off from our Unified and Universal Being - in order to play out a fantasy of imaginative independence by which to experience ourselves as creators and determiners of meanings.
To release the distractive interference of self-will is to become receptive to the 'Music of the Spheres' - which I choose a symbol of the Universal Communion of which we are not at all separate, even if almost totally unaware.
Our notion of life is self-projective. Which is to say we tend to see through a 'self' lens darkly. If the self presumption is directly investigated, then the basis of thought itself is brought into question. Surface thoughts may seem to be irrelevant fluff - but the nature of thought, intention and desire cannot be in any way separated from experience. And thought is not unlike a field of flowing energies in which the mind constructs its models.
Perhaps, we approach a new stage of evolution, in transcending the proactive and reactive movements of life, and opening to a cocreative conscious relationship at-oneness with the Movement of Life Itself - which is not defined or definable - yet constitutes the totality of the experience of being - right where you are - as a node or individual expression of Is.

Because our language is completely inadequate, any attempt to even point to THAT anything is - as a Conscious Being-ness - which contains all that it is and needs within itself, reads as a nonsense.

Yet my first point is that the presumption of self evident being - as a disconnected mind in a mechanically existing organism/Universe, is a nonsense. Man usurps his very Being and believes it!

Our experience of and relationship with the Universe - as conceived to be outside - reflects our inner communion of being. When the model of what is taken as the self shifts - so will our cognizance of all else. Focussing on things screens out relationships. The scientific model is a divorce from the true heart - and hence blind.

The so called aliens that are yet dangerous to themselves and others, are like ourselves, very safely limited in our scope of influence. But that which could be said to represent our potential is also present in a supportive but honouring relationship.

The nature of progress is not of a special destiny of becoming something in our own image - but of serving the integration of the whole. Ideas and symbols and teachings have been given and largely usurped and degraded by the mind that thinks it thinks alone - and lives to get for itself. But energetically the seeds are available in the conditions for their activation.

Human experience is a teaching learning opportunity. It is our own mind that we teach - according to what we want to learn. This is a fundamental and unchangeable responsibility of Mind. Seeking and not finding is itself evidence of looking where the answer is not, or in terms that filter, distort or deny the findings. But unless we know the question that activates our consciousness, we will not recognize the answer even if nothing BUT the answer is in our face.

It is - as far as I know - quite possible that this writing embodies a shared intent - far beyond little binra's capacity to construct - but entirely within his capacity to receive - express in a language of concept - and appreciate.

I feel that Everything is alive - not organically - but partaking of and sharing in Universal Being. As we have judged our beholding of reality - so have we 'been judged'. Not by a God - but by the law of action and reaction.

In the way of resonance, we may yet unfurl our true wings - which is to say awaken at a deeper and more inclusive perspective of awareness itself. What is the speed of thought? Not a question because distance is inapplicable to mind - which is nonlocal - even if our human interpretive structures collapse the Infinite to a trickle so as to be able to resonate and relate to it.

The aloneness of man is not in time and space - but in his orphaned consciousness that has yet to awaken to its true Source - and so sees all things evidencing his own mind - made in his own image.

 Said Anthony:
It will be more sobering a discovery to find we ARE alone.

Now, that would be truly scary.

Take any relationship - any at all - with any one or thing, and see if you can allow it to be the intimate embrace of your full awareness now.
Aloneness is withholding the extension of your presence. (Your love).

This is a secret to the lonely - who think that something else has to occur in order to be distracted from aloneness - which is felt to be a painful existential reality. But an all oneness that intimately embraces all that it is - and is aware of - is hardly bored, disconnected or trapped in a mind in a body in a mechanical universe of death ;-)

It is true, we can subscribe to thoughts that seem to mean conflicting things - but what could this mean except that we are choosing to be conflicted and play both sides?

So in a sense I am agreeing that there is an aloneness that is associated with taking thought for oneself at all. But I do not regard the latter as inherent to a communioned sense of Self - for want of a better word.

Thinking - in the sense that I am using it - cripples the intuitive feeling being. Like being an anemone with its tentacles crunched inwards and knotted up in convolutions.

But yes - scary - that is the draw of the mind to drama, excitement. challenge and a feeling of thrill not unlike a drug - but that's not sharing life - though its on the menu to choose if you want it.

The thoughts that carry the feeling of alone do not have to be used. "I notice feelings of aloneness" allows a spacious relationship that can feel what is beneath the experience - whereas "I feel alone" elicits identification and reaction - resulting in leaving it unfelt and unrelated with.

We can only discover now.

Internet porn is a poison seeping through society. We can - and must - stop its spread?

Beware the self righteous seduction to hate and exclude!
Seek rather to discern the nature of a true sanity.

Pornography expresses a mind-separation of sex from loving, and reflects a fantasy of sexual or power relations without context of real relationship.

What one 'gets' from any relationship - can only be the disregard of love's sanity for the indulging of a fantasy relationship. To love a fantasy is to be worship loneliness.

It can be seen that those who indulge private fantasies make 'society' with fantasy 'others' who subscribe to the same kinds of desire. But such 'relationship' is actually an agreement to keep love, real communication, OUT - or limited so as to give priority to a private satisfaction. That such is destructive of real relationship and fails to actually satisfy, but instead invites desensitizing repetition and addiction - is DENIED by the wish to persist in hiding from real relationship.

The true nature of self in relationship is NOT consuming, getting or manipulating.

Inviting such true context allows all else to align of Itself.

In Peace


Gadaffi the human, the symbol, the teaching

Did Gaddafi not believe he actually was what he thought he was - born of a deeply felt demand to escape the terror of a mind at war with itself?
In this does he not share the human condition of identifying with thought, protecting it and projecting to exclude.

While it seemed he had power, he believed he was powerful and violated his own people to maintain and protect power for himself. And in the same mind, did he also deal with other leaders who see love only as a disguise to get what cannot be got with force more directly?
When it all fell apart, he was powerless against the very forces he had once thought himself master of - and which played out the same mind of vengeance upon his body.

When we see such a figure on the world stage, do we see the role he played in a war of conflicting powers? A madman who succeeded in losing his mind to a blindly fearful manipulation of life that embodied the very conflict that he thought to escape.

As long as fear is hidden so as to protect a lie, we also will suffer a tyranny by which we seem both served and suffer. We might think we can keep it ineffectually private and under control - but it permeates the whole house up from the basement in which it is locked - and leaks out to re-enact its ritual wars and diseases.

The Holy Spirit will not allow anyone to Really lose their true mind and works with every opportunity of willingness to restore faith and integration.
But a mind intent on vengeance will not cooperate in its own healing.

Hate enacted out upon the hated, is not a cause for satisfaction, celebration, nor justice - but is the ritual sacrifice of God's Son - the Life we recognize as one with our own - upon whose death a lie is raised as if alive. That is the tyranny which slips in and out of men's minds unnoticed while setting up new hosts as it abandons an old one.

Abiding in truth is to be without judgement or knowledge - but at the unfolding of the recognition of truth at the threshold of our awakening.
Let us learn to submit all seeming power to the love and wisdom of our true Holy Spirit. Again and again ... and yet again. So as to open our lives and our world to the power of love. Love unifies where fear and hatred divide. May love enter and work through the hearts of all who actively seek to share Life. May it cause us to pause of our rituals of hate and fear and instead - cast out the mind that insinuates itself as if our own, as a faithless deception of our own thinking.

And may all who call on love find mercy. For such Call can only be made by the stirring of love within.
Our hearts are the prayer of our communication - and are but temporarily blocked, while asking for what cannot be and yet insisting it be found.

May the stirring, wake us from distraction to the true desire that moves us and is our life.

In Peace


Steve Jobs last words ... Oh Wow!

Infinite Intimacy seems to be limited by a defining awareness experiencing its perception.  In wish to be a creator on its own thought, it loses universal awareness to focus within limitation, which is a temporal ideation construct.

Losing the world must regain the Soul - but Soul is never really lost - only obscured. That which never really left wakes to that it always already is.
The idol of i will - plays out as our world, but Universal Will or the Movement of Life remains our only true Source and Condition - even if the illusion of independence is an insanely great and addictive idea by which to think different from God, for a while.

The hardware is in fact running in emulation on many levels of binary thought. When our avatar identity is released, the light or awareness of being is revealed - knows itself - as is - instead of filtered. It isn't an object - its the living context all along.

Steve Jobs is becoming a symbolic function to the world mind - he is chosen as serving as an exemplar of success and vision - albeit within a narrow social technological framework. But Steve Jobs the man was the love AND the call for love - both -  like we all are, without exception.

Machine-minded man believes as his structural determinants dictate. But the heart's truth of man is love's expression - whether he knows it or not, cooperates with it or not, integrates with it while alive or not. Love is also embodied in excellence. Art is a process of expressing or embodying the Movement discerned within.
Cultural vision is the embodiment of ideas as fresh expressions rather than derivative template mentality.

He was in touch with Wow! as part of being who he was. His mind tuned into bridging inspiration into practical effect. Though it seems  a trite phrase, Wow! is a precursor to Awe, in which we can only behold and be silent.