Saturday, 5 March 2011

Business, true value and Governance

Sustainability is usually associated with finite resources and human survival, but in social terms I draw attention to the sustainability of our social order, if that order is usurped by principles that actively undermine trust, then it is not sustainable - and will draw forth the conditions that necessitate reevaluation at an appropriate level.

Fraudsters know that one can make a short term profit by abusing trust - but then they have to live outside the law of their heart, for they squander the capacity to grow trust within their own lives. The principles that are undermined or sacrificed in the reductionist and materialist 'perspective' of the modern market driven mind are principles that relate to the heart or soul of man. Soul-less existence is slavery to mechanism. And the attempt to mechanically manipulate life or living systems is to become both blind and insane relative to the actual living interrelatedness that is the embodiment of our living.

The church of the market-driven is effectively usurping governments - is it not?

This already has - and will continue to have - catastrophic results. In terms of the effect on our own life, on our social and cultural lives, on the world at large.

This is beginning to dawn on us; what we are doing doesn't work.

Breakdown of trust and erosion of structures of trust will accelerate a willingness to reevaluate on a far more radical basis than clever thinking can present.

We - all of us - who have the awareness of responsibility toward Life, need to grow a culture of responsibility to the Whole. To actively embody honesty, trust and relational responsibility - and disinvest in the masks and charades of a secretive and manipulative private self interest. The Law is not man made but humanly we are to discern from the nature of wholeness, that which serves to unify and hold us in Life - as part of Life.

Because our 'minds' are programmed to think along socially trained lines - does not mean that that the basis of such thought is either sound or sane. The need to bring forth shared values is all the greater as our human perceptions reflect a bankruptcy of spirit, thought and of our commonwealth of resources.

The evils of which humanity has always been in part aware, now have global reach and we may seem powerless. But that is because we ‘give’ our power to that which is defined powerful and suck on it for sustenance.

We may do so in blind trust or fearful hope that protecting our private self interest is our survival. But at a certain point such survival is too dispiriting to bear and the rationalisations and mythologies that support such a lifeless life wear thin and break down. If renewal is desired truly then it is already at work. It is simply a matter of aligning with a freshly revealed foundation instead of the fixity of thought based derivatives. As a way of being and not as some kind of fix. As a rediscovery of the true inheritance that remains Life - whether we share in it or not.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Happiness Is?

True happiness is allowed by not letting the activity of thinking block the flow of a shared sense of life.

Happiness is innate to a direct experience of Being - a present directly felt living appreciation.

Humanly we associate external conditions with a conditional sense of our self - a learned sense of self - and this becomes a set of demands that traps the mind until it awakens to the 'currently running program' and reevaluates its own premise from a fresh perspective. This can never arise from manipulating data based on the old program, though of course such rebranding or reshuffle of the same old basis - can seem to buy a management solution - such as attempting to be rationally 'happy' within a fundamental unhappiness. But unhappiness is a hurt or pain of dissonant life and leaks out into every area of our lives. It becomes the WHITE ELEPHANT LIE that (almost) everyone normalises to invisibility. True happiness then becomes anathema to the mind that is intent on managing its unhappiness successfully.(Which associates happiness with a its control and security rather than as a direct emanation of being).

The learned sense of self can be temporarily happy if its conditions are met - except it will then shift to new expectations. So it is easily provable as to where happiness is not really found to anyone willing and honest enough to test out their own life.
Abiding happiness is an expression of a deeper honesty and acceptance. This doesn't come about without some process of recognising and releasing what 'does not work - and can not work'. And such process is necessarily conscious - not something that can be applied or achieved through any kind of manipulation.

But, we can learn to promote the conditions that serve such learning and awareness - and to unsubscribe or withdraw support from the conditions that undermine true happiness.

In terms of governmental considerations of happiness, we would do well to reevaluate the true economy - not in order to please economists - but one that accounts for our shared commonwealth of resources and abilities and talents - and the time available to appreciate and enjoy our way of life and work.

Of all the steps that I could summarize simply, there needs to be a valuing and honouring of the micro economy. And the seemingly unstoppable or ungovernable demands of the macro economy need to be checked. Corporate dominance asset strips everything and kills its own host if not held in check by law.

The personal scale economy - the actual community of interrelatedness that has been increasing undermined and controlled as mere consumers or workers - is the seedbed of our lives and the nets of regulation and interference need to have wide enough mesh so as not to deny people the opportunity to live out of their own inspiration and shared worth.

It isn't big society - but a community based approach - where communities are actual relationships of individual and collective trust embodied and not mere database-able subsets of information to be mouthed about or manipulated as if they were 'things'.

It must be painfully apparent to governors, that when the happy candy is withdrawn and the stick is used to keep the governed from making too much trouble, that they can do so legitimately only on the basis of serving the greater trust of the governed.

To be willing to happily pass through pain, we need to trust the purpose and the process by which we allow a deeper happiness to share from a true basis. That process is in us as individual members of a larger community - and cannot come from Government - but those in Government needs to nurture and discern the will for true happiness as their own support.

Manipulating minds has become a sophisticated art - but its practice arises only from a mind that is already attempting to manipulate itself. That is essentially fearful, and driven by an unhappiness of dissonance which it seeks to overcome EXTERNALLY. True Happiness is not living out from such a mind because it has felt the dissonance and resolved it where it actually is - and sees the world as the field of relations in which to express a fundamental harmony of life rather than as a resource to plunder for-getting its self.

Focussing on the difficult makes fear the master, but to share the experience of the easy, grows the courage to move through fear. But only they can share or inspire who are inspired to share life rather than manipulate it.

Governors or leasers can learn to provide role modes of willingness that do not use tricks to hide or score but risk allowing their true presence of intent to communicate itself - while in office - and become known for better or worse for what they demonstrate.
The ego liability of a false self sense is in all of us. The blame game is manipulative nonsense. We learn through making mistakes but not by gorging on blame ridden analysis - which but perpetuates the underlying mindset that gives rise to mistaken self interest.

Honesty is the extension of trust and without trust - we are nothing.

Thankyou for inviting comment and for your attention.

Sold down the river?

The mind in us by which we are deceived is being revealed. But the mode of blame is itself a personal indulgence and not a true release of the deceptive mind.
Here is an opportunity to reawaken to the true nature of what it is to be alive, to rediscover a selfless love that shares out of a greater life than our own wishful but deluded self-imaginings.
To a bubble identified self - or nation - the cut or adjustment is painful, humiliating and renders impotent. But the Intelligence of your being is still with you and is the Resource that offers step by step guidance as to a true accounting. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his Soul who then finds but deception?
One cannot live on pretty ideas - but to personally insist on finding a true ground from which to live is of the utmost relevance whatever the external circumstance. At a time of harvest, the worthless chaff is discarded and the true fruits are separated out. Clever thinking promises self aggrandizement and a very few seem to pull it off and keep the 'dream' alive. But real economy or reckoning must express real values and not deal in mere thought based derivatives.
Whatever it takes to wake up is simply whatever it takes to break the spell of a fearful tyranny and release us into living this day well - and willingly - as the life in us is moves. In the fall of man is also his Remembering.
"I cant do it!" can seem the ultimate defeat, but the same words can shift to illuminate that there is no point to even begin to attempt what can never work - and become the realization: "Of myself I can do nothing".
The perspective I attempt to offer in here is not more thinking - and is not instead of acting wisely as your best sense guides. But the compartmented mind disallows a unified intelligence even though at root, Life is Unified Intelligence.