Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cablegate - exposure and opportunity

In a world predicated on gaining or maintaining oneupmanship we are in a sense always at war and always seeking strategic alliance for self serving ends that we justify to our particular self or business or nation - as survival - as well as calling on our particular mythology of specialness.

I feel there is another way of communicating than with a two faced approach and that we cannot imaging what such an approach can bring in terms of benefit - because we are so deeply programmed to fearful and exploitative ways of 'relating' to ourselves - each other, and our world.

The Golden Rule is to do as you would be done by - and there is simply SO MUCH that is currently accepted currency of exchange that is less than that - that there will be considerable fear and reaction to the loss of privacy in terms of exposing a manipulative intent.

However, let them who are pure in heart and mind throw the first stone. The blame game is itself just another mechanism of manipulation. My point is that we are invited by circumstance to find ways to communicate that are really effective communication - rather than playing the game of deception.

I don't believe this is imaginable as a practice until some kind or heart awakening honesty pulls the lawless self-will into alignment with a Greater Purpose. But then again, the increasingly unstable scenario of our times begs the reevaluation of who and what we are and what life is - as well as our true function as participant expressions of life.

The contagion and disease of fear is not only poison to the spirit - but sets the scene whereby we are easily manipulated and controlled so as not to awaken and be expressive of our spirit. Yet the enemy is never really 'out there' but is a mentality that we think we can use and 'get away with it'. But it is a hollow path that brings loneliness, poverty and suffering.

Yes there are other aspects to the wikileaks - but the reevaluation of the basis of our relationships and communication is the aspect I feel most fruitful of engaging

I am sure to sound hopelessly naive. But the reality of love is not a matter of belief- but the context in which everything meaningful aligns truly.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wikileaking truth into the mind that thinks it thinks alone

Amidst the drama of our engaged attention and the outpicturing of fundamental aspects of the human mind. I pause to let leak into awareness, something of the nature of mind itself. To intuit upstream. To be released of the hack that runs as if who and what it thinks it is - IS what it is.

Truth is truth by being truth and not as as informational support or means for personal or private enhancement or gain. That truth is the first casualty of war should be a practical alarm for any who notice the engagement in war in their own heart and mind.

The conspiracy of fearful mind is one of shared purpose amidst a private darkness that gives preference to a private self interest above truth itself. It doesn't mind what political nature runs 'the country' as long as it owns the bank that controls the 'currency'. In this sense the currency of our love of truth is liable to be subverted by the false currency of derivative 'truths' - that appeal to our unquestioned, fear driven 'needs'.

When desires of a self-seeking nature are indulged, they bias or distort the appreciation of truth, all things will then automatically be used to support and validate the false perspective - and therefore justify an interpretation of reality that is presumed or believed to be true against alternate assertions that are automatically seen as adversary - and fought against.

We become the thing that we hate - because we feed it with our attention and identify it as real to us.

The truly personal dimension of truth is the intimacy of freedom to love.
But the personification of truth is a psychological or mythological overlay of story that seeks to create a personal sense - separate from truth. To - as it were - 'tell the truth' and acquire validity and authority from the telling, rather than share in the appreciation of and natural guidance within - a presently connected sense of reality.

When blame substitutes for responsibility, truth has been put aside for the game of denying and excluding the fear of guilt from our mind.

In self signed certificate of our moral righteousness we are phished by a blind and unloving intent to fight our shadows upon our unrecognized kindred.

Love of truth must remain rooted in the truth of love - or its simply a war game. War games are addictive to those who maintain their identity or sense of self from opposition, from the thrill of the sport and the drama of becoming.

The exposure of that which was hidden can serve a greater good than grabbing advantage or feeding a habit.

Our times are calling forth fundamental change - and require a true accounting of what we are and do - so that we can be in truth renewed.

The desire to know truth is the release of the desire to hide or subvert it. But it is not a witchhunt.

The resources that become available when fear loses it grip on the human heart - are unimaginably rich. Truth is not scarce - but witness for truth is the great need of our true heart.

May we discern our good amidst the noise of the world - and discover a world less dense, less lightless and more integrated; more sane.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Moving to culture of rehabilitation?

 Rehabilitation cannot be applied like band aid - nor can it effectively coexist with a culture of vengeance and punishment.

To wake up to - and find alignment with - our true home - our true environment and our 'true family' or culture of relationship, cannot be mere continuance of the mind of a passively aggressive but generally sublimated reaction, that inevitably arises from lack of any genuinely consciously shared sense of life or identity.

Our most fundamental metaphysical or philosophical self and world beliefs are involved and expressed in all that we do  - but are generally invisible unless we compare and contrast cultures and epochs.

We have 'wanted' to explore the belief and indulge the experience of being 'self determining authoritative powers in our own right - and have an unconsciously communicated societal bedrock of presumption of a 'God given' free will which has then become 'self and other destructive' and has disqualified us of true love-worthiness.

We have then attempted to live in fear and to attempt to become successful - yet without a real basis of shared worthiness - all our self-becomings are vain illusion.

Such lack of any real substance is accompanied by more and more concern with image and presentation and coercive pressures to conform to increasingly meaningless criteria.

That this breaks down is a sign of a deeper sanity - But the symptoms are alarms to wake up to having strayed and thus accept a process of 'adjustment' to become currently connected anew..

Unless we live and grow such a culture, we continue in a madness of ever shifting and conflicting 'self-interests' - that serve apparent short term interests of the mood or power of the day without ever engaging or addressing reality.

I write into such a forum in the faith that a deeper awakening of heart is called for - and not a continuance of tricky thinking and self serving opinion.

We have become prisoners of our own mind. The mechanism of 'the scapegoat - the dumping of our personal hate and sin onto others so as to then exclude them - is a childish magic that not only doesn't heal - but perpetuates guilt, fear and distrust and division.

Economic catastrophe brings with it the intelligence of energy use - of what in truth we can afford. Not as a financial consideration - but at a much deeper level of alignment with true priority.

If we want something that truly works - we can not afford to indulge in and manipulate the mythology and mechanism of guilt for personal gain.
This means we have to become willing again to honestly feel again - yet NOT react out of the interpretations that first arise, but instead grow a culture of support to move through pain, fear and hate, in order to regain a greater sanity.

Practical outcomes will never arise from imposed or applied thinking - no matter how ingenious the thinking - or indeed how inspired it is - unless the context of its working out is a cooperative willingness.

If our behaviour is truly undermining of and threatening to ourselves or each other - it is altogether appropriate that we meet with proportionate restraint and a process of education appropriate to the nature of the situation.

True citizenship is being usurped by a mindless manipulative madness that is its own sin and punishment both. Life lived truly arises from the law of love - and it is this that must be our compass: love.

It is seemingly impossible to reach those who are prisoners of their own thought - for they create an exclusion zone and will not listen. Yet it is impossible to suffer such exclusion of one's own heart and know peace, joy or true fulfilment.

We are all in this - life - together - but not in the way our thinking sets up. A change of heart is a change of the basis of all our thought.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Wikileaks - the mind of the mask undone?

Is it possible to be consistent in thought and deed? To not be false or hypocritical?

Is it possible that the left hand knows what the right hand doeth but chooses not to know so as to operate in secrecy and stealth with guile - and then automatically presume, experience and act as if everyone else is operating on the same basis - and act in such a way as to promote and justify fear in the other?

Is it possible for fears to be acknowledged and true communication - reached between parties who have historical enmity or rivalry - such that a heartfelt trust is felt as a pervasive presence?

I feel it is possible - and ultimately necessary - but runs counter to an existing identity and mindset of control, manipulation and mind control. Such a strategy is understandable - but blind. For by it the history of confusion, conflict and their related sufferings - is perpetuated.

The language and models that we entertain in our thought and language tend to express and promote private or local mythologies of a phoney sense of self. A special sense of self. Acting out a fantasy life at the expense of a shared or true life. This is now what we are offered for our consumption by our media at large, but we are not consumers - we are in relationship with, and participant in - Life.

Stealing life from life and from each other may be business as usual - but it undermines all that is truly beautiful and good - even if it works under the guise of worthy endeavour or temporary alliances against enemies in common.

The mark of slavery is fear - and is written on the brows of those who do not look within and find peace, nor look out with a blessing from such peace.

I do not expect any nation to put its house in order but that the culture of its people calls it to order. In this sense I use 'a house un-divided' as a house that can stand. To find a shared will amidst the differences that we all have needs an ever greater willingness to uncover communication - within ourselves - and with each other.

We need each other because by and of ourselves alone - we are blind amidst our own thought.

The reactive and superficial urge is to force outcomes in favour of oneself - or to use guile to maintain a secret agenda to achieve outcomes by stealth.

When superiority or dominance is imposed or coerced upon others it serves short term private ends at the expense of all. It kills it host and looks for the next opportunity to exploit - because it equates exploiting as living.

May your own personal wikileaks awaken you not to humiliation and despair or tragi-comic attempts of bluff and bluster - but to a reappraisal of the way the mind works and its blindness - when taken out of the heart that truly engages, listens and accepts involvement.

Dishonesty may mimic the forms of civility to mask its true intent, but exposure to the light of an unjudgemental awareness rewakens sanity as an entirely fresh basis from which to act.

We equate freedom with slavery and run from freedom as it it were slavery.

But to be and appreciate the very being that you are, remains your true freedom - and from that perspective, one can directly discern truly.

When truth outs us - don't reach to throw the first stone. Listen more deeply and abide with what is found in the heart in silence.

The tricksy voice that speaks as if for you does not know you, love.

Until you leave it unused, you accept it as your own.

Yes - I am leaking within your own mind that which you are programmed to reject.

As within - so without.

In gratitude for your attention - even if it seemed to render nothing of any consequence to your appetite!