Monday, 16 April 2018

Geopolitical Soap Drama

To commenting under an article on the geopolitical stage and its players.

Yes it does, but you are engaging in the soap opera with personal identity investments. From this moment with you, I now reflect upon the nature of identifying in personal narrative. (Of course you are not personally addressed or required to join me or engage in any but your own interest).

It is the nature of persona to mask, and then the mask operates as coded signals that run a bit like those financial computers that reacted back and forth in microseconds and generated all kinds of financial aberrations that had no basis in anything actual - apart of course from their programming.

The eyes of the world play in the mask, but the eyes of the 'Spirit' look at the mask so as to look beyond it.
The mask is always superficial - no matter how complex the rabbit holes of its own obfuscation in symbolic displacement or diversionary lure, because it is the covering over of depth.

The mask of personal and social identity is the development of a dissociated consciousness seeking survival and fulfilment in terms of defined self interest - where the predicates of such definition are split by the experience and reaction to 'separation trauma' that is by definition a predicate and not an object of the strategies that develop to mask out or use. Personality types are not better or worse, so much as archetypal patterns that are always entanglement in a fragmented sense of conflict or breakdown of communication. The personality layer can recycle or self-replicate the patterns of trauma and conflict endlessly under the belief it is pursuing power, protection or fulfilment in its own terms - without recognizing that the terms are in fact a kind of program running unaware and unattended as a kind of shadow power, in which our own denials operate through us  and call to us the very shadow experience that our personal consciousness was predicated to escape in the dream of overcoming it, vindicating our grievances, and exacting fantasy gratification in a personal sense of power over that which we rejected or found unworthy in our self.

If you consider the core theme of this, it is the universal theme of a personal sense of power and thus inherently defining a personal sense of lack - that experiences its sense of lack or loss in terms of attack, betrayal, rejection and abandonment by an 'other'. This is the core fear, guilt and grievance that fuels the attempt to empower or protect against the evil seen in the other as the attempt to escape the consequence of holding to a segregative and exclusive wish for power... and protection.

In personal terms the false flag operates to bolster the narrative 'self' by re-triggering the inner patterning of self-reaction in terms of a phishing ruse. The capacity for deceiving ourselves is the 'ability to see' the cheat in others - regardless their actual extending of communication. And so the fruits of the illusion of power - as a personal weapon or attribute - is cynical and paranoid isolation in subjugation to its own unrecognized and un-owned fear.

There is a monkey trap that uses a staked down gourd, in which is placed a fruit. But the hole is only big enough for the monkey's hand. The monkey has to release what it wants to free itself - and if it cannot re-evaluate the contextual priority - it grips the fruit as if it is its life - and is stuck - and collected by the trapper.

The willingness to re-evaluate our entanglements at our root is not the persistence of the strategy to 'win' and escape the consequence onto the 'loser', but to uncover our true self interests as a result of engaging in listening and speaking through such willingness as can be brought forward now.

To write this into the political comment section of ideas, actions and events that promise the unleashing of catastrophic destruction is not an attempt to make anyone else's choices for them, but to illuminate that the choices dictated by the mask all work the same core agenda and run on an unrecognized and untaken choice to look on the mask. While the nature of psychic-emotional defences is known, it is rarely used to serve the healing or undoing of the mind of the one who thinks to be the psychologist, or social engineer, but rather as a weapon of market (need) and mind capture.

That we are already running (or being run as) identities is not cause for blame and shame, but for a true education and rehabilitation from who we thought we were and what we thought the world is (or should be).
And we engage this amidst the baiting and triggers to all kinds of habits that are unwise to run without bringing to a true conscious appreciation. If we truly desire to embrace what life is, rather than persist in trying to force it to our own image even when such 'victory' is in death or conditions that death is called on to save us from.

Friday, 13 April 2018

The evil that hides in the forms of the Good

In reply to:
I don’t quite agree with Solzhenitsyn. He’s right, but it is still the case that human beings have a spectrum of relative good and evil, with a few being very good and a few being quite evil. The problem is the large numbers of people who have not achieved conscious understanding nor made firm and conscious decisions regarding the matter. They are easily led, easily influenced, and it is because of them we have the awful saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Due to this situation, those who are rather more evil can get much more traction in the world than they ought.

I recognize that what you say is the world of human judgement. I hold that such a power - wished for and engaged in as a a personal or private agenda - is the root of all evil or father of the lie - and has been identified as the 'choice' by which a Fallen nature replaced a quality of an intimacy of (communioned) being. Not unlike the loss of health to sickness management in fear of a true nature - and so as imposition of interventions and micro management.

This has been running for a few millennia as the conditioning within a more and more exclusive sense of physical definition supports personality fragmentation. Within the realm of persons - there seem to be good persons (with good intentions) and bad persons (with evil intentions), but looking only a little under the surface reveals that fear of evil within runs the masking in good intentions, and honest recognition and repentance of (or not choosing to act from or engage in reaction to) evil within allows the movement of a deeper sense of compassion in recognition of others in being - rather than as personally judged.

Consciousness as generally accepted is a specific form of UNconsciousness - being masked in persona as a protection against the evils that are met in infancy or before. Terror and rage, impotence and heartbreak are first met as the formation of the ability to focus in and become part of 'the human world'. That this is masked out by a (generally) protective family, culture and world view (of significance and adapted abilities) is not to say it is absent or inactive.

Childhood's end is the stepping out of protections that have become confining, possessive or over-controlling, to the conscious responsibility for decision - which is acceptance of will in the light of the true desire. But this intimacy of being is both inhibited and demonised by a world of human hate and rejection that does not see the being, but only the transgression of rules.

It would be impossible to exaggerate the complexity of human personality entanglement. And in some sense it operates like assigning impossible computations to 'hang' the (computing) processor.
That many who think they are more conscious seek to manipulate those they think are lacking is the extension of a manipulative consciousness.

Birds of a feather flock together  - for like meets like. Those who 'follow' others, do so for their own reasons, and use 'leaders' or even 'rules' or 'narratives' set by leaders while keeping the option to cry foul if they are then misled. This kind of 'conditional love' turns to hate in a moment if the conditions of its predicate are broken. That is to say it is merely a defence, mask or covering over of a hate that is revealed should the curtain slip.

Here is the evil that hides behind the mask facing out - but is itself a mask over the freedom to look within. Introspection, reflection and transformation are attributes of truly conscious living. But fear of change as the fear of greater loss (evil) works systematically to inhibit and deny introspection, reflection and renewal. I sketch out only to illuminate a basis for sane choosing. I have no desire to substitute for your own freely accepted will. Evils play a role in the re-wakening to wholeness as dissonance that wont go away until the cause is reconciled or resolved. the intent to force the good over the dissonance is a polarised split in consciousness, where a fantasy ideal or symbolic image is imposed upon organic communication such as to turn life inside out in reversal of the golden rule.

When I quote 'everything is backwards', I hold that it goes deeper than doctors, lawyers, educators, et al - as a systematic or institutional hate-fear of the 'other' as scapegoat for rejected or denied self. And the good intentions of enforced 'correctness' provide agency for this fear-driven hate to operate the mask of untouchable and unchallengable self-righteousness. I have to feel and own the hatred that is uncovered in my heart and mind to open the choice to repent of what I do NOT recognize true of me now - and put it behind me by aligning in what truly does.

Lockdown into the mere forms of 'good' works the lie of a life that sets the world of form as authority or 'reality' over the richly nuanced organic appreciation of reflective engagement and creative participation of genuine relationship. The achievement of making a monstrous and absurd complex of lies seem simply true - while rendering the simplest appreciation of life as impossibly complicated, mysterious and only yielding to the judgement of 'experts' in forms of mutual agreement, is to be believed to be seen!

(Of course there is a need for the rule of law of cause and effect - but as support for the law of love - else it runs as the sacrifice of love's innocence to the 'correctness' of the letter. Your personality can NOT be guilty for what lies beneath awareness. Freedom is not at the level of action, except to express or suppress the movement of desire, for you will always act upon the basis of what you accept true in any given situation toward the nutrient and away from the toxin as you define it.

Following collective definitions may work to fit in to social demands (real or imagined) but it is not consciously felt as acceptance of life - but more of an auto-pilot. The unwatched mind is vulnerable to trap itself in reaction to its own thought - and manipulators know this and so frame their suggestions and insinuations, smears or leading narrative to use you blind to serve their own agenda - running as their 'good' or least evil option.

When everything is believed evil, evil itself is invisibly normal - the only choice is the seeming lesser evil - and so there is no 'choice' but only a technocratic machine to yield to, that engineers the human animal to conform and comply within the rules of its existence. But notice machine is designed and wielded by the drive to dominate via define, predict and control.

A risk-less life is a form of death. Choosing life is what we thought we were doing, but we clicked into a phishing ruse, and are locked out of our true Identity by running upon a false flagged 'attack'.
Having made a false choice real to our own perceiving, we have set up the conditions in which the Given True has to be consciously accepted or chosen - and this is the art of listening discernment that all other abilities can align in support of; as the desire to truly know.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Love lost to a lie

(NOTE: The morning after I posted this, the page and article was removed by offguardian and any references to it on their site. The article was a very long account of Monbiot's articles and exchanges as a sense of betrayal and loss that focused to date in the call for war on Syria).

The feeling I get from Tim Hayward's article is of lost love - but not in the romantic sense - for Monbiot - who he used to feel part of, believe in, stand side by side with? Is this a long letter TO G.M?

There's another feeling I get over the incitement to war on Syria - and that is of the many being forced, terrorized, or convinced at least that going along with the pressure to act out the line or at least not challenge it - is the choosing of a lesser evil.

However I do not see any convincing actors on the stage in the 'case' for making war on Syria. Only of assets by one means or another.

We may be misled about most everything, perhaps because the mind from its earliest adaptations to sense of loss of love, support and connection, learns to mask pain and seek protection in strategies of self justification.

Since the earliest catastrophic beginnings of the development of this peculiarly split human consciousness, the gods that terrorised us from above were sacrificed to in supplication of appeasement. So that which sends fire and plague is entreated to save us from it. Nothing has changed but the costumes of its human reenactments.

I feel it is time for a New Story.
Don't fight over narrative - just read where it comes from with some compassion. The promise of  'power and protection' reveals a hollow and pathetic dependency. We feed a monster as if to 'survive'.

The capacity for introspection is also the capacity to uncover a fundamental humanity within even the worst of times. Everyone acts in self interest as in that moment they define themselves to be in relation to it. The lie is considered bad to be exposed in - but necessary to hide by.

But if everything is subjugated to serve a lie (too big to fail) then there is nothing true - excepting the power to say so and enforce it, and is that not the 'thinking' to which we have been trained to suckle?

I cannot make another man (or woman's) choices. I can only live my own and by tasting the results, learn to make better choices. But this absolutely depends on self-honesty. We cannot lie to others and be true to ourself nor lie to ourself and be true to others. And if we try to make the lie true - we will project the mind of it into the perceptions of others - whether they extend a true willingness or a deceit - we wont be able to tell.
That is the recipe for hell - because everything reflects a hidden hate that 'threatens' to destroy or violate our defences. But the enemy is not 'OUT THERE!' - even if there are many with grievance.

The lie and the father of the lie sets us against our Self - each other and our world.
"No it doesn't - it protects me from chaos, powerlessness, humiliation and loss of self!"
Yet all these things has it delivered while pointing the finger away.
There is a heart prayer from Hawaii...
The mind is erected against saying it:

"I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you , thank you".

Domination fantasy at cost of true relation

While profits are made from markets opened by new technology, the underlying investments in infrastructure for such technology have been rolled out globally at great cost, without much notice and without obvious or immediate needs being met.
So apart from anything else, I see a transgenerational, corporately driven intent to set up systems of definition, prediction and control through the meeting of scarcity-induced needs. Within the defines of a corporate profit, these may seem legitimate or natural practice, but this corporate is not the body of Christ - or a brotherhood of humankind - or collective embodiment of the embrace of Life on Earth. It is a segregating off from wholeness in the idea of getting from at expense of.
The insistence on gratifying such fantasy upon the bodies of others is a driven sense of lack, seeking fulfilment through domination. Any seeming profit is an evaporation to a terrible sense of 'debt' that drives the development of thinking and technology to package 'debt' in new ways - so as to persist in fantasy at expense of true relation.

I hold this is a mistaken choice, but one that brings increasing dissonance of consciousness and incoherence of experience to be maintained. The way of coping with such is the dissociation and displacement into deeper fantasy that effectively renders unconscious in endless replay of the same old good v evil narratives.

But the mind of the judging of good and evil is not the only fruit in the Garden of desire in fulfilment. Beneath the virtual masking is a Good of a different order. Of recognition through extension of worth, rather than getting a sense of self inflation at cost of true.

It takes one to know one - is a homeopathic resonance. The world of sense experience is running as an electric universe within a 'Field' of Intent. The attempt to replicate life is an extension of the very 'consciousness' that runs unconscious of its source and nature. There is no need to make life in our own image and then defend it against the very life we in fact, are. It is the mind or the thinking that is sick - and of course all that is downstream to false thinking is denied true relation and the dissonance calls for correction - not engineered unconsciousness.

Don't Look Back! 

If there is a false thinking that results in a fake life at cost of true, does the answer lie in the attempt to blame, shame and bring penalty of retribution upon the evil - as if to stamp it out? Whether seen in the 'other' or in our own powerlessness or impotency?

False thinking runs as if true, by being reacted to as if true. The pain of guilt seeks protection behind  freeze of fear, and the acting out of fears seems to protect a separated part, seeking some sense of 'relative innocence' to guilt projected, accused and punished in 'others'. And so the self-righteous hate does the very evil it accuses in others - and sees it not.

Denied guilt usurps the mind by making a mask of denial in which guilt-thinking runs a fear protection racket as a tyranny demanding sacrifice of life, joy and freedom. False escapes only seem to work temporarily, at cost of deeper entanglement in our own deceits, and shifting forms seem to indicate change in which a problem has been solved, or redefined in such a ways as to be pushed out of range of immediate focus. Self-evasion piles up denials that operate a charged undercurrent to narrative assertions increasingly recognized as hollow - and a hollowness that evils use as agency to effect their fantasy vengeances and gratifications over a hated and unworthy sense of life and world.

 The voice for guilt is vicious hatred. To listen to it is to feed it, and yet to blot it out is to let it grow upon you in the dark. A true correction is to listen to the voice for truth and abide there while the guilt rises up and passed over. The nature of the fruit of deceit is such that wisdom lies in not taking it as your own, or using it for yourself.

The sense in which a false sense of self and world is undone of the capacity to pass off - and thus be acted from  - as if true, is the release of a burden to a new chapter. As Dylan says (and you can feel for the voice for truth yourself), "Don't look back!

If your foundation wakes from mis-identification, you HAVE a basis from which to choose instead of being run by old habit. Old habit may run on a long time after you wake - but that is not the voice you want to listen to so learn not to be deceived. 

The thinking mind is NOT your friend - and does not speak for or even know, You. It is a masking adaptation to a world it unknowingly creates - not in the sense of a true creation - but in generating filters and meanings that run a corporate distortion and false currency of thought and perception traded as if true.

Withdrawing support and allegiance from the false by focusing fully in the true does not go to the thinking mind for the determining or 'proving' of true - but to the truly recognized match of giving and receiving true witness. We uncover an innate integrity by living from it, rather than 'seeing' only in terms of marketising and weaponising.

'The wicked shall perish' points to false or unsupported thinking, and all that fruits from it - not the living. Truth is not destructive to its own - and that which has no foundation in truth, isnt.

Fighting perceived and conceived evil appeals to the heroic self vindication of identity in the untrue seeking to become true, and may react in us before we have even noticed the baited trigger.
True witness brought present - is the idea of speaking truth to power, or saying NO! to a disintegrity as a witnessing to release of a false allegiance. These align in true power when they are held in the heart's discernment - but are easily subverted to hate agenda by divisive thinking born of guilt-driven blame.

To feel what we feel - and abide there in willingness for true - is the territory in which underlying beliefs and thinking that defines us, comes to the surface to be truly seen and evaluated. That which is not true of you, is then no longer entangled with what is, and falls away to an appreciation of wholeness of being - even to the sanctity of being. This is wholly worthy of defence by vigilance against deceit.

Regardless 'who' operates an agency of deceit, it is your own 'back door' that lets it run you, by inciting fear, guilt and division. Properly seen, your 'persecutor' educates you to maintain the integrity of your communication by rooting in presence instead of passing off in seeming.

Worth-ship of guilt and fear as power is a hidden worship. The masquerade played over the unacceptable seems to make it meaningful to those who want to play the illusion of power over life, even into the depths of subjection to a tyrannous demand for sacrifice of life to a fantasy of power.

Fantasy given power by false-flagged deceit is the nature of a self-dissociation into an arena of displacement for the psychic-emotional charge that would otherwise be felt at Home - but is diverted into trouble abroad. This is being shown on the Big Screen of a collective consciousness - but do we recognize it speaks directly to each of us - if we have eyes to see and ears to hear?

There isn't a simple way to communicate the nature of such complex defences in the terms OF the mind made for such defence. But communication in truth is life itself - and is lived in true willingness and desire, not under aegis of complex thinking of priesthoods of expertise in obfuscation. 

What is not used, fades from non use. What we share, grows by sharing. It is never that we are without choice, but more that we are blind to the choices we are already making, that frame us in a tyranny of false 'choices'.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


In reply to:

Fearism - can mask in hateism which can also mask in self-righteousness.
Identity politics where self is negatively defined - that is when you you are is formed on the basis of who you are not - or who you are against - which is part of peer social identity - in which those in fear of inadequacy or shame adopt behaviours in attempt to gain acceptance through put-downs (hate) of accepted scapegoats or feared rival groups.

Self and other is the most fundamental division within the experience of existence.
The negatively defined self projects its fear (hate or envy) onto 'other' from a profound sense of self lack. It may present itself in a persona of concern. But is essential defined by its conditioned sense of otherness as threatened by or to get from.
A positively defined sense of self is a reintegrative movement of the recognition of life in self automatically extending to our world and others, as a quality of 'brotherhood', family' or 'Self' as a compassionate recognition in shared purpose. The underlying energetic communication is of seeing, acknowledging and respect for being - not the mask of the wish of kindness, brotherhood, family or Self.
Hiding the feared beneath the presentation of a wish to pass off as or be accepted as - is also active in protecting others from our own emotional reactions or lack of emotional reactions.

Entanglement in the mask of persona operates the 'matrix' or scripting of the world. It is by definition a cover story and identity that can shift to an awakening within the script of the world, as a fresh and embracing perspective upon it. This is also to say one can observe one's thought and emotional state, and as a result open realms of choice that were previously hidden. This is where freedom is truly shared and not in the rampant egotism of a self-centred blindness to its own script, but that was the result of the drive to become free of intolerable psychic emotional conflicts.

Blame - as the assignment of judged guilt - operates the denial of conscious awareness to the script of the carrot and the stick under subjection to the demand for sacrifice of wholeness of life so that the part you identify in can live at expense of others and of the whole. This sense of predator/prey or fight and flight imposition, is the mind-capture to a prior conflict that cannot yet be faced and resolved or reconciled.

Mind-capture is the attempt to control our experience of self, other and world from a place 'apart and outside' life. This imagined separateness from or anti-life idea operates an 'alien' will at expense of native recognition.
The development of the subjection to the 'alien will' of disconnected thinking is the ability to marketize and weaponise any and every thing - whatever form it takes.

The egg of self-ism (whether overtly operating selfish or covertly running under 'for the sake of others' is part of the human experience and development - just as infancy. The patterns of bonding and regulating order in selves, families, groups and society are 'all the king's horses and all the king's men, who cannot put Humpty together again - and whose attempt to unify through inappropriate means - such as domination and control - only increase the chaos in the system that is inherent to a problem and threat-based sense of disconnected existence. The chaos manifests as 'shadow self' or denied self and is automatically denied or suppressed while fragmenting out into subtler personifications of what in truth belongs with you and cannot be got rid of - and in reintegrated recognition need not be got rid of.

Awareness of personal bias, prejudice or antipathy is essential to its release as a directive for the expression or suppression of hate - because whichever way behaviour is directed, the result is making hate real and being defined by fear of feeling and owning what it truly is.

No intellectual exposition can substitute for living your ownership of your experience, but hate covers hurt, and 'hurt' covers a love that is lost, broken, betrayed, abandoned, rejected, denied, and hated! Sympathy manipulates to separate in a sense of reinforcement of cover story that may seem to give power and protection while reinforcing a 'cover' story. Compassion resonates with what is here and is moved without personal manipulative agenda to acknowledge the true within the purpose of opening perspective rather than forcing it.

Self-interests need to find negotiated outcomes that move toward a multi-polar perspective instead of the mind-capture of uni-polarised self under threat against world - that is then starving in addiction to a a lack of completeness and power that can never be fulfilled in its own terms. The recognition of self in other and other in self, is at first a sense of justice and order for the world of otherwise rampant egotism, but makes way for a recognition where we do not expect. For the power and completeness we seek in the world is restored us in the gift of a real relationship. The nature of being with cannot be spoken or defined in mind-verbal or imaged symbol without the idols of substitution for genuine connection. But our use of symbols and words and behaviours can be guided or inspired as an expression of a connectedness that can be felt, received and resonated with. Here is the root nature of all communication.

The currency of thought became a disconnected or interjected block to a primary quality of our being, and so to restore a true worth to a world in debts of unforgiveness we release the false from its status as a basis from which to act or react - in the moment of our recognition - instead of running the 'blame' manipulation. But of course the desire for true has to be stirring or nothing but manipulation is 'occurring'.

What is made 'real' to our world is what we are using it FOR.
The purpose of fragmental division is dissociation and denial of the feared. To see this pattern of divide and rule only in terms of 'power in the world' is to neglect recognizing it in our self. Now you see what we use the world FOR. 
But seeking out fears so as to overcome them is shining the light by which they remain essentially hidden and that is the determination to seek and find what is wrong with everything. But living in the prompt and guidance of a wholeness of being - that resonates as a sense of joy and connection in the moment of our day, uncovers or makes obvious, where fears seem to interject, sabotage, undermine, deny and demand sacrifice of joy. This needs to become a vigilance of a trusting curiosity for what resonates true, in place of the learned behaviours of a limiting identity whose tightness of fit reveals an unwanted outcome and a willingness to 'change our mind'. 

Learning to discern the true, is opening to what we truly want in a recognition or honesty of not knowing - for what we thought we wanted brought us only illusion of freedoms, that give way to entanglements in confusion and struggle. To make a god of struggle over confusion and sacrifice to it, is choose to give up freedom for a false sense of power and protection. Can a mind give up its innate nature to its own thought forms? How much do you want your thinking to be the 'right' over all else?

And on the same page to comments:

 Racism isn't (really) expected to vanish, anymore than terrorism, poverty, or cancer. Rather a manipulative edict uses racism - and other fear-hate guilting device - as a means of leverage. As life (in this case psychiatrically) is medicalized in terms of sickness, State directed or protected mandates arise to 'treat you', to re-engineer your permissible speech and behaviour. And anything said or done that does not comply with the 'treatment' is evidence of a deeper sickness to be singled out for appropriate 'therapy'.
You are right, there is no conversation, relationship or willingness to be of service to a better outcome. It is all machine-mind of the ends being used to justify the means. Everything is backwards.

Sin as presumed currency operates the means of corruption by those who pretend to be free of it.
But a willingness to see what is right in someone is the extending of that quality - without making a claim to be 'right' or more right. I see you live that willingness and have often been met in like kind.

The politicisation of the 'person' uses the term 'person' as a weapon.
There is a hidden agenda that is not interested in any solution but that which promises to serve a private interest at the expense of the whole. So it uses what seems like promising 'solutions' to fool others into supporting their agenda. This site often refers to the psychopathic and narcissistic traits in 'vested powers' in the world but I feel it much more pervasive. Like a fungus is not isolatable to its mushroom.

The broken family of humankind, runs back millennia and to circumstance a mind was made to forget, yet re-enacts through the generations. But insofar as we recognize our true receipt of our being, we can live from it. Otherwise we have no light by which to see until perhaps the light from another mind shine into our own - perhaps some 'chance' encounter in a cab...

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Masked denial?

   Who knows what is happening here? At face value we see or are supposed to see intolerance denying the right of others to congregate around the sharing of ideas by seeking to coerce an outcome instead of communicating toward an outcome. But short term self gratifying righteousness plays into the hand of shadow support or misguidance. Fantasy identities can only conflict with life as it truly is. and so they work to rule out anything true by masking the forms of truth in dead symbols and concepts given worth-ship - while other living people are blanked and scapegoated.

If only what force allows to be said can be said, then what can be said is the mouth of tyranny no matter what appeal is made to hate figures, terrorists, rogues states, or any other blanket hate terms by which to deny perspective.

Tyranny embodies the fear of losing power, face, status and life. Those addicted to power at the expense of true relation and communication, operate deceit, justify and defend it as the only way they know to live.
Power envy is easily stirred in those who identify a sense of lack that can be enraged as the fault of others. And as easily directed in ways that confirm and reinforce such identities on both sides of any conflicted sense of self and reality.

Fascism is collective corporate cartel power working through various masking or fronting proxies.
It is always many steps ahead of the reactions that can then be used to promote its agenda, because it is organised, disciplined, transnational and transgenerational. It is the consolidation of the idea of power that segregates and subjugates to a personal gratification. The conferring of privilege in power, status or privilege has a hidden catch - like the Faustian pact. It hollows out to deny even the prize in victory - and drives an insane appetite.

Social and individual rights seem to be at war because mind capture requires a state of war to be maintained - that is, the trick depends on a darkness of no free awareness and attention. The very few may be willing or indeed feel compelled to subject the very many to an inhuman system of tyrannous overlordship as the logical expression of an unnatural idea. And the very many may consent to be thus conflicted in themselves and effectively subject themselves to an imposed idea of loveless intent as if their own thinking.

Is there something other than such thinking by which to be identified in life, power, presence, and appreciation for being despite its challenge to our comfort zones? That is - is there something we missed back when, hidden within the foundation of our thinking? Not a better weapon, masking or marketing technique, but a basis from which to live that is not fear-defined as getting and losing in power struggle?

And are the parts played out serving the meanings we give them, until we open to such a change of purpose? And is the media serving the directing of thought or the opening to the capacity to question and discover for ourselves, together? No cast-iron answers. This is a dance of a willingness to know - not a set mind in reactive lockdown.