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The Iron Cage of Hopelessness

Escaping the Iron Cage of Hopelessness
By Edward Curtin

- - -

When 'narrative control' can be recognized as operating 'fake news', it becomes possible to see that the model is fundamentally wrong - and grievously so. Our mind-model taken 'as if' reality can be held to 'as true' only as an act of perpetual war of assertion against truth - excepting filtered distortions that support our identified and believed investment - or such 'truths' as suit us.

In science we say we 'model' reality and theoretically know the difference between them, but investments of energy and attention in identity will not yield to truth and so instead operates the identity in conflict - as if victory over truth is the power to determine it. But all forms of mind-control are variations on the idea of limitation and diminished awareness in which a lie may be bolstered or supported by the sacrifice of life, consciousness and joy in freedom of being. False 'meanings' adulterate, corrupt and usurp inherent Meaning that is our nature and joy to live, give and share in - AS our living - and not as added or painted over 'dead' or fixed self-concept in substitution for life.

That we find ourselves 'painted into a corner' is the work of our own thought - which is given power by being acted from as if true and shared or accepted in mutual currency. In this way we 'create' our reality-experience - but almost completely unconsciously - as a result of limiting and masking off areas of consciousness associated with terror and rage, heartbreak and shame. The narratives of justifications for a gullibility of blind conformity agreements, or the cynicism of an active hatred in refusal to look, mask in seeming scepticism - but without any actual willingness to change our mind - but more to adjust and develop our persona.

Allegiance to the false is the only means by which to persist unaware of true. But while grievance and self-specialness paint the iron cage of hopeless and meaningless futility, a mind suffers as being done unto without any sense of what - at a deeper level - it seeks to 'do' to life in the very structuring of identity in image, in personae and in masked consciousness made out to be reality - period. That is - it is a brief period ending at a full stop. This is an accurate account of a wish held to be true and lived as such. It's inevitable yielding to true is no consequence of sin - but recognition of error as error and true as true. In this is no co-fusion between what has no existence and what has no opposite.

Identity itself is 'deconstructing' in light of exposure and 'reality' is not what it had so solidly seemed. Where we receive identity FROM is a matter of focus in desire and intention. The development of a capacity to hold an automatic or habitual focus in the false and assert it at expense of true is the 'mind, world and abilities' that seem both protector and self - and yet ARE the destructive and divisive thinking that paints the cage of a power it WANTS true and then suffers subjection to.

That which has been designated 'unconscious' rises to conscious awareness - and as the reliving of ancient hatreds - with all the triggered reaction given power to 'run as protection and survival' - in our name. But dissociated entanglements of recycled-conditioning operate the false matrix of a masked reality - where a mind of guilt and pain usurp a simple and honest curiosity. The power built upon hiding and wielding guilt and fear is the seeming power to hold back Life and Truth as if to be a creator in our own right - rather than co-creators in Light.

The former is always a state of conflicted self - no matter how forcefully asserted - and costs the feeling of the awareness of being - of connected presence that is always felt in being yourself - and drowned in the dissonance of the persistence in trying to be (or escape!) something you are not. If something 'rings true' it is no mere emotion-backed mental gratification - but a felt alignment.

The intent to discard Consciousness is not an actuality so much as a wish not to know - as if thereby to 'escape' - but the idea of limitation is made of this - as is the idea of lack from the a tempt to be 'more' in self inflation.

Despair calls on death (and war) to release it - where hope of change allows the idea of changing a mind given to recycling futility. To do only what aligns and resonates true of you, is not a mental exercise - but a desisting of mental engagement in yielding to the true of noticing the mind-in-act.

A negatively predicated identity is set in seeking to avoid what it does NOT want as a seeming positive spin of fear and lack of worth or power. A positively integrating attention is attending wholly in what it DOES want - as a FELT quality of connectedness being lived now.

The mind of the deceiver is not 'THEM' but will operate as such while you want it there. There is nothing new here in that whether we choose to believe untruth is itself hidden from us in the act of doing so. Therefore rewaking to make a different choice is against the force of all that has been learned before - yet not as a forceful opposition of assertive entanglement. ONLY the FELT quality of true connected presence (in whatever forms) will know again or re-cognize the true nature of the choice to align in the true of who you are. But the wretchedness of the pain of the loss of such can and will provide a means to release allegiance to the false.

When false is associated with self-betrayal rather than evil seen in others - the call to vengeance fades to a basis for the desire for truth to grow within us - as a result of yielding the seeming power to usurp our own Source and Nature of being. The 'mind' cannot 'do' this. That is our 'salvation' for only the wish and belief that it can, keeps us chained to its fear and guilt-driven dictate.

The attempt to escape MADE the error real to us. Reliving 'trauma' within a fresh and connected willingness IS releasing it. One doesn't 'DO' something TO it to change it. All the king's horses and all the king's men CANNOT put Humpty together again - but sure as hell will institute death and taxes as the dictate for sacrifice to an idol of power. Did he Fall? Was he pushed? Is it the father of all false flags? How much do we WANT our grievances  and the power in identity they seem to give? How willing are we to overlook and discard a Felt-connecting presence NOW? These two are the same in different form. Some forms of pain seem more 'real' or 'true' than others - and give rise to struggle to get a better place in the cage or make the cage a better place. Freedom is Firstly in being - and naturally extends when accepted there. One cannot escape guilt made real - no matter where it is projected, dumped or redefined as our 'nature' or as  'a viral meme of self-genesis. Guilt is the 'escape' from love's awareness now in the belief you created your own being and have the power to do so.

Steer into the skid - while feeling for true connected traction. We never had the control we took as if our own - and so we never lost it. Phishing cannot 'lose' what it seemed 'nearly' to catch.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Healthy brain function

Green Med Info offers depth of information but also magazine trivia - this page on 7 ways to keep your brain young prompted an extra 'tidbit' of possibly useful information - along with comment on the foundations of health - which cannot be apart from life or being as a mere system of mechanical relations however subtle and complex those relations.
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As a piecemeal factoid snippet, Vit K2 (mk7) is found to remove calcium from soft tissue deposits - arteries and brain included - and move it to where it belongs. So not being deficient in K2 may be a significant factor.
- - -
Synergies of effects can operate positively or negatively - and simply adding 'good' things wont in itself set a good foundation. A true foundation is where we live FROM.

if we are seeking 'health' as an evasion of fearful consequence - then we bring those fears with us in the very acts that seem positive. The call to wholeness is the call to joy and health is not an evasion or absence of symptoms - but rather a freedom from being negatively defined by conflicted self OR its symptoms. Focussing in what we don't want - as if a positive act is the nature of 'mind-capture'.

And focusing exclusively in the physically framed sense of life, deprives even our physical brain of its wholeness-as part-of a greater communication and sharing in Life. And so seem to be a brain, enclosed in a body, condemned in time to suffer and die and so understandably dissociating from such 'reality' in seeking to set a narrative over it.

In its chronic or persistent activation, fear operates 'mind-capture' by its fight/flight response. All else is suppressed by the sympathetic nervous response - but the balancing and restoring of a greater embrace works to protect even amidst such stress. Chronic fear works against this embrace or rebalancing, and blocks healing - so as to make stress a negative addiction rather than a positive catalyst to the need of a greater embrace.

In life a flexible mind can serve a relational integrity - where a rigidity breaks down and separates off. This fact has reflections in our biology.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Chemtrails blocking the light

Below is my comment into one commentary video among many upon the geo-engineering operating for decades now, without public accountability or oversight and for reasons undisclosed.

In reply to H. Vlad - who said:
This is the way of choosing. Thru out history there was a series of
puzzles that demanded attention because of results that changed (in
worst, most cases) the perception of reality, of life as we see it. We
as participants in this all around show that we call life, are
challenged to take a stance and make a CHOICE, utterly based, in
principle, to our convictions, our desires.

Yes - that's where I feel to be with regard to perceiving an 'insane' world. Step back and feel what the real choice is - rather than be conformed in false framing. If I write now on the theme of this - it is to (your) willingness to alight in it - and not as a personal response or expectation.

Giving power to hate, fear and death, is subjection and torment of such experience. The mind cannot think outside its conditioning but from a new choice, rises a new mind. The choice to hate and fear a negative... becomes the negative operating in mask or disguise. The choice to not align in, support or give focus of energy and attention in reaction is a 'releasing the mind' in which the true movement of an Original Nature aligns a choice I cannot make alone - for the 'alone-ness' IS the mind of the choice to give power to a wish - and believe it guilty of killing true - which in a sense it does while operating as the foundation of the mind.

The 'survival' (fear and war) script becomes an awakening script. Firstly to the exposure of the insanity as insane. A choice to hate and resist evil - unrecognized as choice - locks the mind into forcing its version of 'sanity' on top of perceived chaos under the guilt of fear - and the fear of guilt's penalty. From the point of the Projection called the Fall - this is where we 'came in' or were 'entranced' and so this is where NOT justifying re-investment in hate as word, thought and deed - puts the 'mind behind'. (releases a trapped or looped attention). And opens to all things new. This cannot be put into old paradigm concept without subverting the forms of new insight to the same old deceit.

This opening or disclosure may be imagined or surmised to occur in any case with physical death - but opening a House of Many Mansions while yet in the focus of physical sense is a collective shift - in a choiceless choice - for when the nature of what SEEMS choice is starkly illuminated, no 'mind' of 'choose-between' sits on its illusory fence. But the nature of the 'mind' of 'choose-between' is to know not what it does. Or in modern terms - unconscious of the nature and habit of its choices - in a world that seems to just 'happen' and to which reaction is already preloaded to be triggered.

To love in hell is a self-contradiction - just as is 'war in Heaven'. To be the willingness of love in hell is any instant of the release of the mind of self-hatred to the simple and native desire for truth.

If God so loved his Son that He gave him the world healed and anew - then to shift to the point of recognition of such calls for an alignment in like qualities - as the choices by which we accept a true Source and Authoring rather than assert an oppositional independence that only seems power by the hidden hate of a false self seeking.

The psyop of fear is at root the call to fear in denial. It calls for allegiance in sacrifice of wholeness to a reversal f Creation - under the guise of power and protection for a fragmented and dissociated sense of self.

The idea that humans do only what is in their own interest needs also to allow their accepted self-definition frames their perceptions and reactions. Self-hate is more than capable of operating a vengeance upon all that lives under an illusion of being a power above a hated life. For it supports not our self-specialness in 'wish' no matter how forcefully or how pathetically we play that out - and so a sense of betrayal is projected by the wish that is actually embodied in the choice of a wish over true willing. Knowing not what we do.

To raise the illusion of power, one must kill the truth and keep it so. But to the belief in such power does love seem total sacrifice - because the true power of life is not felt within such belief - being already the doing of the thing it fears.

This is a morning meditation. The sun here where I write is bright and today is at hand to be lived - one way or another. The feeling of being and the recognition of love's honesty is not demanding special forms and conditions to be itself, but rather a willingness of 'not knowing' into which the prompts and inspirations of the ordinary moment - become the felt movement of a flow of being. And yes - this will encounter 'unwillingness' or 'resistance' that can frame me in reaction or be released in discernment.

Why do I have a mind that can block the light - and cast all in its own shadow? When its victory is my defeat also?
Because I give it attention and allegiance and prominence in place of a true appreciation.
How might we wake to the nature and the act of what we do - beneath the mask of the world, but by meeting our Reflection at every turn? Are we damned thereby? Or released while the cock crows dawning by the grace of noticing.

If there seems a harvest of fear, is there also not a harvest of willingness for love? - through which love's recognition wordlessly extends - unblocked and truly alive?

The archetype of sacrifice to the god of terror

Comment into:

Scientific Safety of Vaccine Safety Research

In mythic terms, the people are coerced and compelled to sacrifice their vitality (their young) to the 'god' or 'terror' upon whose appeasement our 'protection' depends.
This story - and variations of it - are a deep archetype upon which the perceived world operates.

For we are coerced and compelled by 'conditions and conditioning' to sacrifice a natural feeling wholeness of being, for a mask of protection by which to participate , adapt and survive the human experience. The terrors or trauma of conflict that the masking covers are both the fear and the hatred of the fear, that demand a sense of power over life - where life itself is feared and assigned the projection of our own conflicting intent.

The division of mind to define, predict and control is itself ruling out wholeness - and seeking to interject a censor or control upon the flow of information - or the meeting of true need.
A tyrannous mind is a tyrannized mind that knows not what it does - and justifies itself in hate and fear of its own unrecognised reflection. It accuses those who do choose not to assault and sicken children of 'killing children' while doing exactly the thing they say they hate, under the banner of righteous necessity - that brooks no chink of light for revision, discussion, investigation or debate - and so takes on the qualities of an 'evil' mandate behind a mask. This triggers a polarisation of defiance against an un-owned hate. For to pharmaceutically assault babies and children (and adults) under the guise of a theory asserted as medical fact - as if the 'science is settled' - is State or indeed corporately owned state power.

Clinging to a dying model or image of self and world-reality is calling suffering and death by wilful ignorance. The attempt to control leads to a more and more out of control 'reality-experience' of narrative framing - pumping up the pharma, military-industrial and 'intelligence' structure like a cancerous tumour - sucking all the vitality from the whole to the priesthoods of 'control'.

While 'they' have our allegiance and support - as power and protection of our sense of self in life - they USE it to lose the patient while 'killing' the disease.

Pre-emptive attack is becoming the normal. The array of 'power and protection' against what is imagined, feared or subliminally programmed to happen.

I cant engage in reasoned discussion with the intent to only adopt the FORM of communication as  weapon against it. That mind is closed by design. But where any willingness arises - let it find a willingness in me to join with.

The 'evil' is set up to be un-challengable in direct terms - for it is foundational to the way we have learned/been trained to think - in place of a qualitatively transcendent nature that has been denied a structural voice. This is the work of an active willingness for wholeness of being - health and sanity - regardless the forms it takes.

Using the form of things to mask hidden intent is what we take to be a private mind. Identifying behind a 'fig-leafed' obfuscation pays the price, while clever accounting 'outsources' and redefines so as to displace pain and loss to 'other' or not self.

No one is blinded by science - but the wish NOT to see finds a match in forms of scientism. There is nothing about ANY human endeavour that is not ruled by the same - generally unconscious - archetypes.

Love of truth cannot abandon Reason and Science - but only release the confusion of masking forms to a renewal of a love of truth and the truth of love - which has NO place in the mind of wilful conflict and confusion.

If there is a first-born to give up in favour of a true foundation - it is our private separative and unloving thoughts - by which we rule out love in a sense of limited sacrifice as the mind of 'what do I get out of this?'

Well you get a sense of disconnection under an illusion of power that draws ever more of you to forget what Connection is and defend against it to protect a false investment.

If this is 'too long' I would post a thumbnail and link to the rest. But it arose in context of relationship at this timing - in this opening of communication - and so comes to this meeting of attention in such terms as it has found.

Law, loss, chaos, shame and lies

Comments into this page into the theme of (international) law and lies.

In reply to Stern Daler who said
... But what is the use when it does not protect the weaker. IMHO Law is to protect the weaker not the stronger.
The redistribution of force or indeed an underlying judgement of guilt, invalidation and penalty, can lead to 'weakness' being given power - while the Law ITSELF holds that power. The idea of law is fundamental - and lawyers, like priests, can subvert and usurp just as can the iron fist that says "Because _I_ say so!" and uses terror and deceit to push out any rival 'god' and prevail over or hold in check that which cannot be eradicated dominated or subverted. Weaponized 'law' is the lie and the father of the lie - for it serves vengeance and self-specialness regardless the mask of 'fairness' distorted to use forms of 'accepted truths' only as such agenda can exploit.

The idea of law has two facets - and one is of limiting loss or chaos and disorder - but according to WHOSE plan or set of definitions? The other is of a just and equal meeting of needs in a wholeness of being - and within the self-conflicted, there is no felt relation or recognition OF wholeness of being - but only a sense of the loss of such at another's hand - and the inability to resume or regain such a life until vengeance serves justice.

We have in these times a complex entanglement in 'power struggles' that are also identity conflict, managed under the definitions and terms by which we identify ourselves and our reality. Power resides in the capacity to recognize truly - for deceits - knowing or unknowing, breed conflicted and entangled outcomes - regardless any temporary seeming advantage to one over another. The narrative reality is a masking reality - indeed a kind of 'augmented' reality experience - and cares not what system of governance (identity) you think you have as long as it has this central currency control.

Law seems to be asserted and imposed upon us in many ways extremely unfairly, and to be often toothless in will or capacity to protect against violation as a result of its own corruption. I see 'power' put outside ourselves whether in grievance at being unfairly treated or in supplication to a power of vengeance brought 'on side' or co-opted to force into balance by equal and opposite reaction.

I often am reminded of the saying to give unto God what is due unto God and to give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar. Many cannot begin to feel into this because their identification forbids it. But the Law of our unfoldment of being is not narrative control - where worldly power is the 'jealous god syndrome' whether masked in the FORMS of religion, medicine, science, or political or philosophic discourse.

So the FORMS of things that symbolize truths beyond objective definition - are used to mask and protect a lie of self-specialness whose first consciousness is of being victim to abandonment or violation - upon which it build dissociated identities of entangled special 'loves' and corresponding hatreds.

I see the highest potentials of our healing in genuine communication - but mark that our conceptual currencies of thought have been built to DENY and defend AGAINST this - and that reclaiming a true communication within and among us is counter to millennia of conditioning. However, it rises from a point of recognition that is outside the 'box' of fear-controlled survival dictates - and grows a capacity of noticing and discernment that fear forbids - even while seeming to operate as protector. The idea of Law is of yielding to true - and this is not coercive upon anyone - but must be seen as such by any coercive attempt - for we see in terms of our own undercurrent beliefs.

Truth is not 'determined' so much as uncovered by a willingness for it. Identity politics - on any level - operates assertion over truth that distorts and filters only to allow what that identity allows. Because the manipulative intent of such 'identity' is becoming more openly visible, we may recognize the pattern at work in all - rather than exclusively fixated in target-others. The recognition of the deceiver - as I use this term - is of its futility and meaninglessness of persisting in. But the targeting of hate in the other, overlooks the hook within the bait - and willingly recycles a persistence in what can only deprive and deny a true inheritance of being in exchange for a false. Entrance the matrix of a 'managed reality' here - or put it behind in a fresh willingness for true alignment.

The outer can only reflect the inner and the denial or evasion of the inner can only play out as tyrannous denials of our right to be in external terms. I find hatred for the murder and enslavement of my fellow beings - and yet that toxic wish for the power to STOP it, has a correspondence in my own 'narrative control' identity.

Perhaps no one releases vengeance until its false god really hits home. Self-hatred - denied - mounts ever more actively us the undercurrent of a masking reality - and now that mask itself breaks down and 'chaos' breaks in everywhere against a futile and utterly corrupted attempt to 'control' it. These are one and the same.
Loss of control is really loss of communication - and the false world that arose like a fig leaf over such a shame is predicated upon terror that re-enacts  the breakdown OF communication in terms that set the compulsion to regain it.

If a choice is between lies - what choice is that but power struggle under rule of deceit?
But the nature of the mind of deceit to hide from shame of exposure and undoing is to 'know not what it does' by investing forcefully in a narrative dissociations taken as real. Who believes that the deceits of the 'Enemy' must be studied, acquired and used against them - is already the thing they say they hate. For the 'goal' is set to justify any means - but a goal set by terror is aligning everything negatively - as is becoming apparent even in 'mainstreamed-mind'.

In reply to CF's commenting:

The monstrosity that is the MSM, truly boggles the mind. How can they live with themselves? All these lies, false accusations and bullsh*t against Russia and Assad and for what? Money? Have they no shame? I guess not or else the would not be the MSM.
If it is seen as a weapon – no more, no less, then it serves that purpose in those who use it.
The capacity to lie with conviction is – in my opinion – the worship of the lie AS power over truth. Thus "Truth is Dead. Never Existed and is thus only what power dictates".
Power corrupts because everything is redefined in its terms and to serve its ends.
Money is also weaponised and is not an end in itself.
Bear in mind that the brutal suppression of others by conquest and enslavement is nothing new. It has not suddenly started happening – but the illusions that have covered over its acting out are disintegrating.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Heart Dis-ease

An article on Natural News on 'heart disease - a different perspective' brought my informational response but then a deeper reflection of 'what lies beneath'.
I felt to put the whole response here and link from the article

- - -

I expected information from Knut Sroka
I feel this is worthy information. I discovered via Dr Thomas Cowan - who has an interview with Dr Mercola.

NOTE also Vit K2 removes calcium from arteries and soft tissue to bones etc - so VK2 deficiency is something to remedy as part of the false food fallout.

My own 'take' is that terror, rage and heartbreak are lidded or covered over by a system of suppression we call consciousness - but which in a sense is an anti-consciousness of 'mind' as control over the true spontaneity of being. A spontaneity that is not control, but is Creation Itself.

While humanity may be seen as a fragmentation of dissociated trauma-reaction operating an attempt to force 'reality' into shape - and doing so in the same patterning that forced or induced fragmentation as the 'split of(f) mind' - we may also be seen as the growing willingness for acceptance and unfoldment of true appreciation rather than persist the patterns of reactive identity.

You don't need a doctor to see that un-held and unhealed psychic-emotional stress can kill you, as well as patterning our biology and relational identity to exactly replicate war on Self in false flagged disguise. Fear-defined self can only result in fearful outcomes - regardless the attraction to forms of war that seem to offer power and protection of status, privilege and lording it over others.

The war on Self is defence of a wish in place of true willing. An image of self in place of truly felt relation. A concept of truth in substitution for wholeness of being - that attacks the 'other' for what itself (blindly) does - AS the basis for operating a private agenda under a sense of sanctified or justified grievance.

The healing or re-wakening of the wholeness of being cant really be taken out of our relational context of reactive triggered conditioning. Living the willingness for healing meets the 'territory' that otherwise is associated with a negative and abhorrent sense of self/other. The movement of being is an Innate Innocence of being - and yet is framed with associations that effectively demonize with projected and denied hate and fear. So when our life Speaks or Stirs within us - we may not have the preparedness and willingness to accept and flow with or yield to our truth - which is nothing to do with the assertion of 'mind', but is the welcome to true hearted being rather than its control or suppression.

Opening to self-honesty is both to joy in being - and to the conditioned reactive hate and fear that are by design, 'unconscious' or dissociated in their re-enacting a false and forced sense of self power and protection. But the latter become the basis of a deeper or more integrated recognition and hence a greater joy in being.

Seeking to resolve psychic-emotional conflict out in the 'physicalized' world is the persistence of a displacement and dissociation that defines physical reflection as an Otherness of threat, treachery, abandonment and disappointment. And while this belief is itself too fearful to bring to curiosity, we have to accommodate to its 'reality'. It isn't just that fear hidden in guilt kills - but that it can be so painful as to seek death as escape or so enraging as to yield to hateful defiance of refusal to feel or own or know - anything hate rules out. But hate is a hurt love however it presents, and love is true freedom of being; given and received - so hurt is a covering over the heart that refuses the embrace of that which heals it when it directs blame in guilt.

True self-forgiveness opens to Presence now - that no image or concept can define, predict, or control. Nor within the movement of being the true of You - is there such a call to separate from Experience as if to lord it or hide in fear and subjection. But none can release that which they know not they do - so owning the mistake as mistake is the moment of its release as if true. Truth 'enters' freely to welcome as insight of expanded perspective in which re-integration of a shifted sense of self and reality acts in greater alignment or congruency of being.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Galactic Intimacy - unrecognized and rejected

Elon Musk: "If there are super intelligent aliens, they're probably already observing us"

To the article and commenting: (Not into the framing of 'alien intelligence but to the estrangement from our own):

Consider, the world you perceive is the the world you believe. The mind of fragmentation, conflict and dissociated attempts to redefine reality in narrative domination - is itself fragmented, conflicted dissociation from Coherence of being. This is the 'Fall' or the Separation.

Within the belief that such conflict can be won and that such victory is meaningful... is no remembrance of unified purpose. A state of Forgetting.

The labelling of evil as 'psychopathic' is another term for projected excommunication.

All relations and communications embody vibrational correspondences of thought at some level that may not be conscious, for the surface consciousness limits by design - so as to operate above the dark of unwatched and unowned unconscious.

The world you meet - the qualities you meet or draw forth in others - and they in you are not fixed, external physical entities - but so has the mind trained itself to perceive and believe.

Victim-hood is part of the tool-set for tricking the mind to believe itself split off and escaped from unwanted consciousness. It projects the cause externally (away) and WANTS it there with all the force of its intent to escape, amidst the reflection of such force as trauma of conflict - regardless of shifting roles - that becomes a self-perpetuating negative loop.

Beliefs that are professed to -  that are not free of need for validation - are seeking reinforcement. Which is the belief in lack, frailty and weakness - for wholeness is not self-conflicted doubt, seeking ascendency.

Realities ARE beliefs unrecognized. Operating at a level the surface mind was made to hide - because it is the unfolding of the belief in act.
Negative - and I mean divisive, segregative and conflicting self-definition - may cast itself in an apparently positive spin. Hence the wish of a 'positive' is a hidden or unfaced and un-owned negative. To will - that is to truly desire - a positive - or integrative, expanding and embracing perspective -  embraces the negative experience as part of uncovering its own correspondence or 'entanglement' within it. Releasing false self, releasing judgement of another - these are the same but seem not in a world of believing they are different. You cannot follow or recognize this thought this in the wish and belief you are 'different' - you can only receive the recognition in a 'sameness'. Attempts to fit or force the Living into the framework of conflicted thinking persists the sacrifice of Life to dead concept, image and symbol - for you are none of these - and never could be.

Re-integrating a conflicted consciousness is through a willingness - yet from the point of view of an attempt to conquer or possess and control Life, it may seem a violation, insult and ultimate defeat - AS IF at the hand of another. You can align in true will now, or defer to delay - but a false will cannot but make dissonant. This dissonance has been made the call to guilt. But it is simply a Call to wake - and realign in joy - for such is a unified wholeness of being.

The Plane you resonate and focus in - in any given moment of acceptance - is your 'chosen' reality experience. This 'choice' is not truly choice so much as freedom of being you. But the choice to be something else has made 'freedom' of slavery that fears true freedom as if it were slavery. So what you want, what you desire and prefer, is operating either from a heartfelt honesty - or a routine of sub-conscious responses of attempt to escape a self - and world - defined in conflict and fear of loss.

Insofar as 'evils' mark the way you say you DO NOT want - use them as waymarkers for thinking you now choose not to give allegiance and support to. Remember Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' - and know that what you resist, persists. If an evil persists in your reality-experience, then it is serving some meaning or function for you. Let this stir curiosity instead of blame.

Your worthiness for love's awareness and embrace requires no one else to be damned or demonized to be all that you are. What then of blind, hate, malice, envy, vengeance then? Attend the cause to let  the causeless be revealed.

In the nature of mind or consciousness - truly - giving and receiving are one; As you give so shall you receive - for nothing can prevail against your will. In giving false witness - you receive it, and in treating life as slave or lab-rat, so do you find yourself subjected regardless the mind-spin of being the right to power. True relationship has to yield assertion, to truly receive. Are you in any degree willing for an intimacy of being the mind cannot interject, much less control? If so - then you are such an awareness unfolding - and if not yet - then you insist on seeing and interpreting Life in terms OF an interjecting control, in conflict, fear, struggle and destruction. THAT is where we came IN. But now are you in some willingness of new eyes to see?

If you could go back in time to where it 'all went haywire' and make a different choice... well here you are - and the choice is already made FOR your acceptance. Self hate or rejection makes non Sense. But making is not true Creation so much as an anti-Creation in wish, given allegiant identity.