Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Galactic Intimacy - unrecognized and rejected

Elon Musk: "If there are super intelligent aliens, they're probably already observing us"

To the article and commenting: (Not into the framing of 'alien intelligence but to the estrangement from our own):

Consider, the world you perceive is the the world you believe. The mind of fragmentation, conflict and dissociated attempts to redefine reality in narrative domination - is itself fragmented, conflicted dissociation from Coherence of being. This is the 'Fall' or the Separation.

Within the belief that such conflict can be won and that such victory is meaningful... is no remembrance of unified purpose. A state of Forgetting.

The labelling of evil as 'psychopathic' is another term for projected excommunication.

All relations and communications embody vibrational correspondences of thought at some level that may not be conscious, for the surface consciousness limits by design - so as to operate above the dark of unwatched and unowned unconscious.

The world you meet - the qualities you meet or draw forth in others - and they in you are not fixed, external physical entities - but so has the mind trained itself to perceive and believe.

Victim-hood is part of the tool-set for tricking the mind to believe itself split off and escaped from unwanted consciousness. It projects the cause externally (away) and WANTS it there with all the force of its intent to escape, amidst the reflection of such force as trauma of conflict - regardless of shifting roles - that becomes a self-perpetuating negative loop.

Beliefs that are professed to -  that are not free of need for validation - are seeking reinforcement. Which is the belief in lack, frailty and weakness - for wholeness is not self-conflicted doubt, seeking ascendency.

Realities ARE beliefs unrecognized. Operating at a level the surface mind was made to hide - because it is the unfolding of the belief in act.
Negative - and I mean divisive, segregative and conflicting self-definition - may cast itself in an apparently positive spin. Hence the wish of a 'positive' is a hidden or unfaced and un-owned negative. To will - that is to truly desire - a positive - or integrative, expanding and embracing perspective -  embraces the negative experience as part of uncovering its own correspondence or 'entanglement' within it. Releasing false self, releasing judgement of another - these are the same but seem not in a world of believing they are different. You cannot follow or recognize this thought this in the wish and belief you are 'different' - you can only receive the recognition in a 'sameness'. Attempts to fit or force the Living into the framework of conflicted thinking persists the sacrifice of Life to dead concept, image and symbol - for you are none of these - and never could be.

Re-integrating a conflicted consciousness is through a willingness - yet from the point of view of an attempt to conquer or possess and control Life, it may seem a violation, insult and ultimate defeat - AS IF at the hand of another. You can align in true will now, or defer to delay - but a false will cannot but make dissonant. This dissonance has been made the call to guilt. But it is simply a Call to wake - and realign in joy - for such is a unified wholeness of being.

The Plane you resonate and focus in - in any given moment of acceptance - is your 'chosen' reality experience. This 'choice' is not truly choice so much as freedom of being you. But the choice to be something else has made 'freedom' of slavery that fears true freedom as if it were slavery. So what you want, what you desire and prefer, is operating either from a heartfelt honesty - or a routine of sub-conscious responses of attempt to escape a self - and world - defined in conflict and fear of loss.

Insofar as 'evils' mark the way you say you DO NOT want - use them as waymarkers for thinking you now choose not to give allegiance and support to. Remember Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' - and know that what you resist, persists. If an evil persists in your reality-experience, then it is serving some meaning or function for you. Let this stir curiosity instead of blame.

Your worthiness for love's awareness and embrace requires no one else to be damned or demonized to be all that you are. What then of blind, hate, malice, envy, vengeance then? Attend the cause to let  the causeless be revealed.

In the nature of mind or consciousness - truly - giving and receiving are one; As you give so shall you receive - for nothing can prevail against your will. In giving false witness - you receive it, and in treating life as slave or lab-rat, so do you find yourself subjected regardless the mind-spin of being the right to power. True relationship has to yield assertion, to truly receive. Are you in any degree willing for an intimacy of being the mind cannot interject, much less control? If so - then you are such an awareness unfolding - and if not yet - then you insist on seeing and interpreting Life in terms OF an interjecting control, in conflict, fear, struggle and destruction. THAT is where we came IN. But now are you in some willingness of new eyes to see?

If you could go back in time to where it 'all went haywire' and make a different choice... well here you are - and the choice is already made FOR your acceptance. Self hate or rejection makes non Sense. But making is not true Creation so much as an anti-Creation in wish, given allegiant identity.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Is it bad for you?

The dietary video this was written to is without merit but the comment has a general message:

When fear tells you what to do - and what not to do - you no longer need a mind of your own or a heart to discern true - for you can now spout from - or hide behind - a presumed 'authority'.

When diversions keep your attention locked in what doesn't matter - and assigns it undue importance - you get a world where everything is backwards!

Balance from within is your living responsibility - where trying to force balance from without... is false - and futile.

Not blame but a true ability of response within the gift of being.

Taking some bits of some information that has some merit in some circumstances as if it is a conclusive knowledge is dressing up in play clothes. The desire to me more than you are is the fear you are less - and the release of such fear allows the more of what you truly are to embody. Having learned to seem to be what you are not, makes a situation of the need to re-learn or re-cognize who you are.

The biology is very complex synergy - just as the life-denying 'control mentality' sets up negative synergies. We are still uncovering radical new perspectives that cast all we THOUGHT we knew in a different light. So keep some brackets around ideas that resonate true with you so that there is room for expansion and change.

Confusion is a useful tool for the need to evade clarity - when clarity is confused with a fearful exposure. Clickbait keeps you clickin like a chicken licken - so do what you do and choose as you choose - from a truly connected place in yourself. If you don't know what that is - you are lost in a thinking-matrix as if to protect from feelings you buried back when.

Let anyone and everything 'tell' whatever they like. You are the quality of recognition as to what is truly resonant to you. Why trade your life in for a fear-minded sense of self-inflation?

Energy and joy are more than related. If you have to force yourself to perform or fear that you wont or cant - get down more honestly with what you really want. The mind can make symbols for connected being and seek to act them out - but then find no connection there either. Start from where you want to arrive in a more expanded appreciation - like gratitude - for example.

Living without Free Will?

 Living Without Free Will ; Susan Blackmore

at the Science and non-duality conference. What does she think she is doing?

The usurping of the will by a split mind operates an illusion of freedom to choose between - as if independent from. This sense of self is the so called waking conscious mind - which is largely defined and predicated upon what it is unconscious of.

Clearly actions arise from a formulation of reality and a triggering of past conditioning that runs as a subconscious routine with unconscious elements. In fact the action of keeping unconscious what is not acceptable operates as the primary defence OF a masked presentation of self that is hardly 'in control' - and is yet invested with the need and obligation for control and compliance within its accepted reality - because it is disconnected from true willing by design. True feelings, true desires are not generally felt safe to embody in a world of judgement, blame and rejection.

But the word 'accept' is where choice truly exists - for in choosing to accept a masking off or dissociation of self for whatever reasons in early life, one now has the freedom to own that choice as a choice and change it for another. So if finding social acceptance and validation from others has driven your behaviours - you can notice this as  pattern of dissonance if indeed it is not really living the life that moves you (free will) but conforming to beliefs and ideas that do not (or no longer) serve you. So you are free to refuse to accept what you recognize is not You and costs you the fuller experience of your living - as the more aligned focus in who you do recognize yourself to be. But you are not free to become what you are not, though you may be free to attempt it - and defend the attempt - while it yet seems meaningful to you to do so. But freedom to submit to a compulsive or tyrannical substitute will is hardly a conscious appreciation of freedom!

Until thought itself is observed in act - there is only the term 'conscious thoughts' assigned meanings within a currency of thinking that operates the blocking of free awareness.
So what exactly is meant by free and by will? The mind in its act of defining, predicting and controlling outcomes is a conditioned reaction despite assigning itself to the pinnacle of evolution. It operates blind to the reality of who you truly are or who anyone or anything truly is - and cannot but be so while employed for the purpose of control.
Free will in its true sense is an allowing and balancing within a whole of which the mind in judgement cannot know.

The story of Jesus is of the yielding of a false sense of will for the alignment in the true. He called it the Father's Will - for it is of the whole for the whole - through the particular needs - that may not be what social mores dictate or expect. For true needs are denied by society predicated upon evading the fearful and diverting from the knowledge of the evasion in surface gratifications and observances.
Always your experience is the result of definitions you have accepted true of you in any particular situation. If you get this - your acceptance of your own recognition is your freedom to be curious as to exactly what core beliefs and definitions are playing into or setting up experience or patterns of relationship you say you don't want.

Your natural desire is 'prayer' in that it aligns and attracts to you the pathways that bring fulfilment. It doesn't need words or belief in a religious set of ideas - but being truly acknowledged consciously is no longer hiding or downplaying something that moves you.
The moment of suddenly noticing yourself in act - at the level of belief or definition can come in any kind of way and in different timings - but it is the awakening or stirring at a level the surface mind generally denies you - until you more persistently and consistently choose to release the illusion of control that fear triggers the need of - and embrace what you will freely. Even such an honesty aligns choices from otherwise drifting in self-negative habits - no matter how well camouflaged in apparently positive forms.

Life does not call for interference from the surface consciousness to unfold lawfully - in terms of being true to its foundation. It is the loss of the awareness of true foundation that set a mind scurrying for fig-leaf thinking in which to seem to be self-existing and self-determining. Uncovering this is an illusion is not another basis upon which to make a more subtle fig-leaved model of reality. The subjective experience of void, is a restoring of a true Unconscious - that is the wellspring of Life and not a well full of corpses with a heavy lid over it. Graphic metaphors, but terror operates the loss and denial or usurping of Will. And the only 'life' it permits is the sacrifice of your Sovereign will for a set of rules that become you. Or rather operate a placeholder where your true presence would be - were you to accept who you are - and live as if it is indeed true.

PS: God Gave You (created You) Free Will - so you are stuck with it eternally - whether you align in it for joy or determine to prove you have none or have a corrupt and evil will, or anything else your focus in thought and feeling of being generates. The subset of freedom regarding true and false - which is masked in the idea of good and evil, is simply that Reality, God or your being is NOT coercive upon you. But in coercing the will - you will generate dissonance that you may interpret as guilt and punishment - and seek to mitigate or out-source.One way of offloading guilt is to go around 'correcting' or undermining others - so as to be the one - or aligned in the power to deconstruct others and tell them what is true. But destroying is not creating - no matter how much gratification ones derives from the will to sacrifice others.

Hanniffy Dinn said to the video:

They don't get it. Your soul is in a higher dimension, your brain is quantum biology. It's just a receiver.

But they get what they are free to choose to tune into - just as you are in your experience. So Perhaps they are also serving your deepening recognition of how your consciousness focuses and 'tunes in'.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Consciousness, space time, and reality

The Death of SpaceTime & Birth of Conscious Agents; Donald Hoffman

I didn't resonate to the push of the presentation linked above but offered a perspective to the theme:
(and joined some of the comments down the page).

The desire to blank out Creator - is the wish to spin your own. Creator and Creation are not two - but the wish to spin a different Theo-ry is the 'survival to propagate' urge - that Act-ively blanks truth by the play of apparently conflicting truths. The development of abilities of such a masked and masking 'reality' experience can be ascribed to an 'evolutionary narrative' or any other continuity narrative. But the obscuring of Creator is For-getting that loses the Soul of true Feeling Awareness for the mind of a sense of dissociated definition, prediction and control. This re-definition of a Living Inheritance as a private possession operates a focus within scarcity, struggle and loss. Time winds up to Now - when no more time can be interposed between Who you are and what a conditioned sense thinks to be. Creator is - and nothing Else is, but the capacity to know and appreciate Existence is given to that which is created to receive and share it.

So regardless the mapping of definitions of any local 'reality' the only Thing Going On is Always no more and no less than Infinity represented in finite terms. Look for the edges or boundaries to your experience and see there are none. Where are you not? The personality construct is a tool of instrumental focus of an 'Upstream' purpose that cannot be more than partially and therefore falsely defined in downstream terms - but can operate its true function through the synchronicity of such function - for wholeness of being is not a goal or a theory or a composite of fragmented and dissociated parts. It is simply Given to the quality of true receipt.

The sense of the lack-desire of the power to give (create) develops the mind (of) for Getting. As a usurping of power under another Name and Nature - that of the image and symbol of self. But this unfolding of experience in time - as continuity in time, for the split off (disociated) 'consciousness' of a surface waking focus, actually folds up to a recognition of the powerlessness (omega) that was and ever is its foundation AS a split-minded reality in which a partiality seems separate from its Whole - and active upon it as the idea of power - and the subjection no less to such power.

The recognition of error is is undoing in terms of passing off as true. Your self never was what thought took to be - no matter how many millennia of conditioned impressions generated its 'survival' AS You. The tools and abilities of developed consciousness may be associated with a fear -based and indeed gratification-based urge - but the re-Awakening (to) Creator as a quality of synchronous or timeless alignment, replaces the imaged thought-based purpose of 'me over and against the reality of Other' with the original Function revealed - rather than masked.

To ask what the meaning of life is is to demonstrate a dissociation from its unfolding fulfilment. That true meaning can be covered over with a shifting fragmentation of conflicted 'meanings' given identification and allegiance - and defended as one's self is evident - as is the transitory and hollow nature of such gratification. yet there is an alloy in our seeming love-hate world in that the false takes image or forms of true by which to pass off as if true. And so even in a life of struggle and suffering - intimations of the true of being rise and share as the function of Life fulfilled - regardless whether the egoic personality recognizes and appreciates this YET.

Timelessness is an inherent Quality of being and time and space are rendering of Now through a lens of a passed-mind made and held in secret - by which to act out its 'personae' as the drama of a sense of lack and loss - defended and presented in terms of power to persist and prevail over the 'other' that has been false-flagged as the cause of loss, of denial of deprivation. Reading the signs of the times as one's own reflection is not the persistence of a self invalidation seeking validation - but the feedback by which to re-integrate from a fragmented of split off sense of self to an integrative quality of being - that is already 'awaiting' recognition and acceptance, while the drama of a self at war with itself delays such re-Membering through the 'creation' of distance between - of space and of time.

I write this as a sketch from which resonance may stir. Truth is never the result of a contest - but narrative control is the assertion OF continuity in continuity in space and time. Continuity of Joy is of an Upstream discernment. The willingness to align in joy is not outer-defined but truly felt and truly embodying the unique signature vibration that is recognizably and intimately verifiably You. Simply being who you are is the unselfconsciously receiving and giving - of That You are. They are not two. The interjection of the mind does not come between - unless you want to believe it has and live that in place of true, as a temporary distortion. The capacity to NOT notice and indeed NOT know what Is, what You are, and all that is - is a highly developed tool. The purpose that set it up becomes redundant - but all tools and abilities can be re-purposed. Use time to re-waken awareness of the Eternal - instead of making 'processes' for a tomorrow that never comes. Different constructs and tools will arise as a result of true desire - but aligned to the resonance with joy-lived - rather than image-protected. The purpose of Communication makes Everything a language of being. Power is yielded to its true Source - from which it could never really leave or be taken - for there is no lack or loss in Creator/Creation. The acceptance of this is the willingness to give what you believed you lacked or were denied and deprived of. Feel the insult and the reversal of thought that this represents - and also the inability of the ego-sense to give anything BUT limitation - for it 'gives' but to get.

Creator is of an intimacy that none can come between - the generation of experience within the Infinite is not 'sin' but the persistence in a-tempt to prevail over true desire in false mind - generates the belief in 'sin' as it foundation in a 'justified' sense of power in opposition to a feared true.

- - -
Adur Alkain wrote (to the main article):
Very interesting! But if spacetime is not fundamental, "fitness" can't be fundamental either. I think the new theory should get rid of utitilarian notions like fitness (which as Hoffman explains is a very complicated function of the state of the world and the organism, etc., which again shows it's not fundamental) and adopt some more abstract notion like creativity. All spiritual teachings I know say that creativity is a fundamental dimension of reality, probably as fundamental as consciousness itself. To explain that we all seem to have similar perceptions of the world we don't need to resort to evolutionary explanations (we are similar organisms, the product of  a long evolution, etc.), but realize that on some (mostly unconscious) level we all share one same awareness or consciousness.

Mr Reply to Adur Alkain:

Fit for purpose - allows a fitting in with a wholeness - even when expressing in appearances of conflicting or competing parts. The usurping of a true whole-part recognition is the idea of separate powers in a separate 'world'. The Creative can be 'sacrificed' to mythology - but only while the focus in such a role is fed or supported by a sense of purpose accepted meaningful.

The purpose in establishing such an experience is having the experience for what it yields. But when that purpose itself yields to true creative being - the definitions that frame an UN-fitting and un-fit reality rise to be re-evaluated in terms of resonance and relevance to the true of you. Nothing (no one) else can fit your part BUT you.

But I agree. taking parts of the new wine perspective and yet stuffing them into old paradigm bottles is a way to make more time - or delay recognition and appreciation for being - in sacrifice to some idea of a future becoming - set by a past conditioning. Creative is being. But patterns of conditioned response operate the same 'choice' as if a freedom to choose apart from and without the Creator-Nature of all being.

Love wists where it will - but it is not random - though of course our reality experience includes experience of what seems random within a limited framework. Unconsciousness is in fact the shadow of what is assigned and accepted to consciousness. Stuffing reality 'out of mind' is a clever way to seem to create a separate mind. Clever because it is not a true creation that extends shared Conscious Reality - but rather a derivative of a conflicted or contradictory idea.

The persistence and propagation of idea given focus is natural enough - and yet the compulsive dictate of fear and its derivatives is not the true movement of support for being. Until yielded to the Creative, mind usurps everything. That was its job description when we thought to climb into the movie frame.

Investment in (or suppression of) outcomes via force, rather than unfolding of being through communication (on all levels and dimensionalities of being). The latter remains true while the former seems to 'run the show' - but seeming requires force to pass off as true - and thus all that would not 'fit' is suppressed, inhibited, denied and blanked to 'unconsciousness'. Forced reality is a private protection racket - that seems to share by enforcing compliance.

In a sense everything experiencable is a 'reality' but not everything resonates relevant to who you are being the movement or focus of Now - and so accepting all of who you are will release some of what you thought true and accept the embrace of much that such a false sense denied (rendered unconscious). This is experienced as a shift of perspective from time to timeless and the conscious appreciation and gratitude for the sharing by which experience itself is beheld - or co-created.

The 'floor disappears out from under' and yet a deeper quality of balance is uncovered within the flow of the whole. So as the extension of a true recognition and appreciation of reality - we are not asserting and projecting the idea of conflict and then receiving its reflection AS our world.

R Littlefield wrote (to the main article):

I tried to listen with an open mind.  Sorry, this guy's god is evolution.  Little does he know that if there is no God then it does not mean evolution happened. In fact the evidence is against it. The evidence is for punctuated equilibrium.

In Reply :

It really depends on where you are looking from. A mess of a fragmented mind 'sees' a mess of random stuff OUT THERE to maintain a semblance of inner equilibrium - as the assertion of its definition of 'reality'. But consider, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Consider that 'garbage in; garbage out, is also an example of equilibrium. What you give out is what you get back - as ye sow so shall ye reap. Of course anyone CAN experience reality in whatever way their model, beliefs and definitions dictate - which may be more or less coherent - but does incoherence change your mind? Perhaps - but not while projecting mind OUT THERE ad disowning it.

Messi The King wrote (to the main article):
space cant die. it isnt a thing to is pure vaccum. time cannot die either. time didnt born to die. time is real tho.

My reply to Messi:

It is the belief in space-time as fixed and fundamental that 'dies'. While something receives focus of acceptence as true for you - it 'lives' in you because You are Life - and give it to everything in your experience - (just as it gives you).

Gregory Baillie wrote (to the main article):
Unconvincing. It's brilliance is the avalanche of seemingly related but interesting conceptualizations in the delivery. Just more convoluted abstraction dressed up as brilliance. Another theory. If I don't duck the cricket ball in time I might sustain a fractured skull . If I duck the ball in time I will not sustain a fractured skull. For all intents and purposes in this part of the spectrum of reality, there is a ball to duck.The rest is just clever conversation.

In Reply to Gregory Baillie:

IF you duck and IF your don't - is another theory... ?

You are ducked out of what is NOT meeting your awareness now and you ARE meeting what is. Always. How you choose to interpret and relate to what is - is not a theory - in its results - so know by your fruits - that is check the feedback as feedback - rather than manipulate the feedback as if IT is the cause and not a symptom.

I was once hit by a cricket ball smack in the forehead - did a backward somersault - which I had never done before or since. I noticed a 'stage' to play in a microsecond - without any hesitation or thought of injury - is that weird - that's how I recall it (50 years back now - and no injury).

The word misalignment is just a term for the alignment of something unintended, unexpected or unwanted - but it arrives perfectly on time. But I don't argue with you - there is no need to be convinced by anyone's show.

I don't resonate with the vid overall. That's all I need to know - and move on to what does. Trying to THINK or define reality is an absurd arrogance - but a willingness to share - really - can join in ideas that reflect inner recognition.

Scot Turley Sayeth to the main article:

Conscious agents cannot be something separate from the external reality. They must be part of it in order for evolution to work. Evolution is a causal process, so how can evolution be real, while causality is not?

In Reply to Scot Turly:

Are 'conscious agents' that resonant facet of an apparently 'external reality' that is synchronous with Who/What you truly are - regardless the temporary limit of a focus associated with your 'internal reality'?

Another way of putting this in A Course In Miracles terms is "The Holy Spirit uses everything in your mind (experience of reality - and therefore your world) to teach you about your mind. For a mind operating its conditioned belief is unable to see or change its programming until something reflects THAT reality is NOT what you think - but that what you think MAKES your perception of it and sets the terms of your response.

If the programming was an attempt to GET free of a feared or hated reality - then EVERYTHING following on from this is operating a negatively defined sense of self, life and freedom.

Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". (Michael Ellner).

Everyone can blame everyone else - but that heals nothing and only persists the same old same old.

What are 'unconscious agents' but your own projected denials - be they fear, rage or shame - that operate as 'black ops' in your name, with your energy under the ruse of power and protection.

Embracing your 'shadow' is owning what is yours - so as to let it align in who you NOW accept and choose yourself to be. For I am not who I once believed I was - and thus open choices my mind ruled out - or hid.

Scot Turley replied to me:
Seems that you are very sure of yourself. You've got the whole world pinned down. But how can anyone else know that any of what you said is true? They cannot. That is the difference between that type of thinking, and the scientific world view. The later can be independently verified. Many people use that phrase "what we really are." Yet, they cannot provide any explanation of what that is, and how it operates, or any way they we can test the hypothesis. Maybe we are all are exactly what we appear to be, an accidental chemical process, occurring on a tiny little rock, in a vast, empty, and meaningless universe. The only reason that this explanation is not completely accepted by the general public is because the majority of people are uncomfortable with the idea that their entire existence can be reduced to a couple pounds of fragile transitory gelatinous tissue.
 To Scot I replied:

If equating the true of your existence with "a couple pounds of fragile transitory gelatinous tissue." works for you - why not go for it and have your experience that-a-ways? If you limit your self to body - then mind is not creative and feeling is not felt - for everything is sacrificed to the model or idol - of your accepted belief - regardless how many measure your body and proclaim the truth.
When a model requires sacrifice of life to protect the model - it is no longer serving life-function - but an anti-life or destructive function.

The positing of existence upon any kind of thinking is an absence of the feeling of existence. Feeling Existence is not an emotional state - but a Quantum state. The mental programming associated with the physical personality runs as an overlay or virtual reality upon the Totality - and is completely divorced from awareness of its actual underpinnings unless and until a resonance of 'contact' occurs - in which the stirrings of being - (for which there is no basis on mind to understand or relate to) - grows a channel of communication through the reconfiguring of the personality. It doesn't matter what narrative form this takes so much as that it serves purpose of opening to the movement of one's being. This communication is not acceptable to those whose sense of self, security and identity lies in their being private, independent of autonomous - all of which are illusions - for in every thought or act the Whole Universe participates - at every level - because ONLY in thought is there a sense of separation - and that thought is 'safe' in the idea of frailty, littleness and death - for all these things 'prove' its temporary limited existence - as separated off from a Totality that is denied to a surface awareness BY the very nature of the personality structure - for that is the 'ticket' into the focus of an 'incarnation' or human lifetime.

Equilibrium is always the Nature of Existence - but the awareness and recognition of that is by definition excluded by a partiality accorded exclusivity. You don't appear to me to be an accidental chemical process - but a communication of an energetic in which I open and share in. Communication includes quantum entanglement - and our verbal-mental is no more determining of the quality of that communication than are genes to the instantaneous communications through the DNA of every part to every part within the whole - at once - billions of times per second...

The thing about looking at the mechanism - is that at first it reveals the Mind of Creator, then it reveals the mechanism running innately - with no external Creator, then it reveals the Creator has NOTHING external to it - in any instant - ever! The fear of Totality is a fragmented incoherence - like a jamming signal to fully open knowing. I don't ask or expect you or anyone to believe anything I say, but I invite you to consider expanding your definitions instead of locking down in them as if they save you from your worst fears. They embody those fears and persist them - until these become truly conscious - which cannot occur while the mind operates the attempt to separate or dissociate from them and overcome or resolve them 'externally' - which cannot work - because the cause is not external reflection, but the inner conception. As a man thinketh in his heart - so is he. The surface mind masks the heart and substitutes for it - until it runs out of ability to make more 'time'. Our true thought is hidden from us - in the main - by a cover story.

The 'public' are generally armoured and conditioned to a conformity whereby not to attract pain asociated with rage and terror. So a world of mutually reinforcing 'forms' masks as reality and is sacrificed to as true. Research where society (corporate cartel monopoly) supports you and don't go in the directions that expose or challenge the model they are invested in (and too big to fail) - or you will be persecuted or blanked off and denied for the truth - as always.

I have the whole world opened up - not pinned down - but only join in this as a free willingness - and never by coercion, deceit or persuasive manipulation. You can recognize 'who you really are' by the total absence of coercion, deceit or persuasive manipulation. Everyone has the capacity to feel this. But the 'world' we learned and adapted to, is not one of unconditional recognition and acceptance - but of blind masked presentation - to survive and to bear surviving. Who wants to re-view 'separation trauma' that society operates to conceal? Yet the underlying script operates regardless the forms of evasion. Fears operate humanity - even through the very attempts to make sure it wont happen again. It's in our template as a conflicted sense of self and existence. Hiding from this does not resolve anything - but hiding so well as to forget - and defending the forgetting as survival - is the belief we are alone and the exchange of an intimately relational Creation for stuff and others to exploit, use up and gratify a passing sense of self-inflation upon.

Open-minded Skeptic sayeth to the main article:

Space-time, it's been good to know ya. But you are no longer fundamental. Get used to it.

In reply to Open-minded Skeptic:

Welcome to Time-space. NOW opens to Joy Synchronicity instead of sausage-moments joined together by fear-narrative. The fundamental nature of reality is that you can never get used to it - because it is Always New. Clearly Ideas unfold their own inner quality to experience - and hold all the time they need.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Are wars what they seem? - ACIM - Hidden hate

Does this 'ruling power class' actually fight among its own - or does it enact a sacrificial blood-letting upon which to engorge and gratify a sense of power over life? The very idea of power - as we generally use it, corrupts.

Is it meaningful to regard corporate or national 'powers' or their apparent leaders as discrete entities?
Are they puppet masters or themselves puppet to ideas they know not of?

Do we in turn align in a similar posture of 'someone else must pay' so that not to lose our face.
Do we hate the hidden hate and fear that our masking, faces away from, so as to seem or pass off without exposure?
Is the human story of discovery, possession and control, a cover story over a great human evasion - the fact of which is the last thing we would notice?

To what degree is an autonomous sense of freedom and independence (from such exposure) an automaton or golem, driven by a willingness to sacrifice for power in blame, rejection and denial?
Does the acceptance and enacting of a false mind or usurping narrative identity, align us in support of the very thing we say we hate? As in the metaphor of the 'Matrix' where what seems a 'life' is part of a battery system of support for that which feeds illusions in return for life-energy?

I cannot go 'deeper' in anyone else's perspective. I can only look within and be listen or feel there. Intimacy is associated with the despoiling, loss and betrayal of love and life. But an actual intimacy is none of these things.
The generation of conflict keeps us 'safe' from knowing anything true. But 'someone must pay'.

- - -

 Are wars what they seem - a struggle between powers? Or are they the mind's power to assert a conflicted state upon the power of life, so as to sow division and confusion by which to exploit and manipulate fragmented and polarised minds, unlike and other?
Is not much of the trouble abroad a means to divert from and persist in trouble at home?
And the trouble at home presented as provocation by which to be baited into intended and directed reaction?

The 'US' is being used - as most else is being used - by the purpose of deceit or self-illusion.
Deceit frames and suggests illusion as true. But our investment in the illusion of power demands sacrifice of true in allegiance to its god - as our 'self'. False-framed reality is increasing obvious as a narrative that 'controls' the setting and range of choices available. To react within the framing is to have taken the bait and chosen to play out the role accorded by unconscious urges through which manipulators work.

This next para from my daily reading of a work I find a greater sense of communication than words:
"How does one overcome illusions? Surely not by force or anger. Nor by OPPOSING them in ANY way. Merely by letting reason tell you that they CONTRADICT reality. They GO AGAINST what must be true. The opposition comes from THEM, and NOT reality. Reality opposes nothing. What merely is, NEEDS no defense, and offers none. Only illusions need defense, BECAUSE OF WEAKNESS. And how CAN it be difficult to walk the way of truth, when only WEAKNESS interferes? YOU are the strong ones in this seeming conflict. And you need NO defense. Everything that needs defense YOU DO NOT WANT. For anything that needs defense will WEAKEN you." (ACIM)

Sovereignty of will, (freedom in being) is usurped by the attempt to empower a separate mind as a body over other bodies and over its world. What is a separate mind? Secret or masked intent and agenda that SEEMS to relate and communicate while actually operating to obfuscate and disrupt communication so as to redefine reality in its own image and terms. If this program should pause even a moment - the true will rises as the recognition one does not want it, and this truth accepted, releases allegiance and resort to it for self.

Does a war-based mind seek war? Always and in all ways. Rule out division instead of the tempt to rule out from it. The war-minded cannot turn this around. Our mind-set has to be re-evaluated from a perspective beyond its own framing. This is the choice we do not know we are making... until such perspective finds our mind un-clothed - despite all presentations to the contrary.

The wish for war is the refusal to open to a true relational communication. The wish that overrides true desire is the father of the lie. What else but war can come of forcing against your own will as the wish for power over life - in place of living within the power of life? No one wants to lose this power - and so no one sees the true cost of pain and loss that its allegiance demands. For such exposure is denied by 'seeing' the fault in others and war must force them to comply or deny them life.

- - -
David S asked me - in two separate posts on this page: what is ACIM?
# 1. A Course in Miracles. ACIM. A tool is not more or less than the purpose for which it is used. While the active purpose is a desire for true sanity of coherence and congruity, of being, then not only will everything in our mind and world be fitted to such purpose - but we attract into our life, things, relationships, events, thoughts and teachings that resonate with our desire. ACIM is an example of such for me - but there are as many forms of the Universal Course as there are individuals to recognize and accept truth because it is true.
Inspirations can serve as a tuning fork by which to recognize and release the dissonant - rather than persist in the struggle of seeking to make true as if to gain validation from struggle.
A Course in Miracles is released from copyright and can be freely accessed online or purchased in print. Resonance and relevance to who we truly feel ourselves to be is no necessarily the linear development of a set identity.

#2. I answered somewhat in another post reply to you. What it is intended to be and what it is used for may be at variance - that is the freedom to accept or delay. But in terms of the world A Course in Miracles is a Text, a Workbook and a Manual for teachers, by which to recognize and re-align the mind to teach and learn from an unconflicted source and nature - even amidst the results of having taught and learned conflict - and taken it to be  our world or reality. So among other things, a miracle in this context, is a shift of perspective when a false sense of causality is released... along with the symptoms that it embodied - in timing of willingness to accept.

While the Course may seem abstract or otherworldly - one can see example in such things of our world as fake currency of narrative invested and believed from which outcomes follow as inevitable effect to the believed and accepted cause. One can point to this with the term 'ego' or 'WW3' - but one is the wish-belief from which the symptoms arise and witness to. Only in general we don't call or see such beliefs, while they operate as (accepted) reality.
I know I answered twice. I simply enjoyed doing so. But your joy is your own path of an unfolding discovery - if you will - and meets what serves you in who you are the being of. I say this because I don't see different sources of inspiration as being of conflicted purpose - regardless their form - if the embodiment of them in our lives is a receptivity to and honouring of the freedom of each other.

- - -
Seraskier responded:

[[ Are wars what they seem – a struggle between powers? ]] 
Oh no, all that stuff about powers is long forgotten.
Wars are the means by which multinational weapons corporations keep their businesses running smoothly. No-one cares about countries or powers any longer.

My response:

You are somewhat saying what my ‘question’ implied, for the acting out of competing ‘powers’ is nurtured as the narrative for public consumption – by which indeed a population may be literally entrained and consumed.

The mind-capture beneath market share, asset stripping and power fed thereby, is subtler and more pervasively inhibiting of freedom to live and grow from within. Indeed such a technocracy of systemic imposition replaces the relational field with the ‘mind’ of the automaton. Life lived is out of bounds – save as a carrot by which to come under the stick.

The consolidation of power – as the world worships power – operates corporately across boundaries and beneath and behind the scenes such that in due turn – those means that were used to break the old patterns will themselves be broken – so that no threat or rival will exist or rise but to be cut off or shut down. This creeping paralysis holds a horror that turns a mind away to focus instead in the dynamics of conflict – as if it can be won, or in distraction – as if it can actually escape.

Perhaps it becomes clearer now, that the power of illusion, operates an illusion of power, that baited carrot by which to forget the true by eliciting investment in the false and the accepting of its framing as our thinking. Fear of loss of power to not suffer further hurt or loss, sets the mind into unquestioning compliance, while compensatory identities express rebellion along the various templates provided or subverted.

But the power of illusion is the embodiment of creative imagination – and does not have to be focused within and harnessed to the war-mind of a weaponised and marketized identity. Nothing has built in or fixed meaning – unless your mind says so and you choose to believe it and act as if true.
RT says ‘question more’. I suggest to ‘Question Everything! For the basis upon which we think and feel, provides the perception-experience to which we automatically react. Becoming self-aware of our conditioning is an expansion of creative possibility – but not when addicted to the fix of an old identity-investment. I see that running dry, cutting off its own supply and masking powerlessness with every kind of nonsense – to which sacrifice must be made so as not to allow exposure. Yet what is that but fear of pain and loss! Is this actually the god we seek to appease? Is this the thinking that is given priority beneath our scenes?

Running on a negative self-definition can only result in a negative result. Imposing and enforcing an overlay of apparently positive spin not only compounds the error, it fakes, dilutes and undermines the true positive. A demon-fear given protection, becomes the demonizing of our joy. It turns life inside out and back to front. Everything is backwards! (So take of the mind-adjuster).

What is the ‘self’ exactly? For we are in effect acting from what we accept to be true for us in each and every moment. …Is it true…? How much exposure to self-honesty can we access or allow?

- - -

Dead World Walking commented into this page:

The insatiable, avaricious psychopaths who rule the planet will not rest from their quest of complete economic domination. We, the people, must resist.
For the sake of our children and the Earth.
I empathise with your feeling - but I call to resist the temptation to align in hate. Feel it...? Yes; there is hurt within hate and a deep sense of violation of life being different than it 'should be' . So heartbreak is beneath the pain that set a heartlessness of unfeeling to anything that triggers the threat and pattern of the violation or betrayal of trust. The journey I sketch is what the 'psychopathic' mind embodies the denial and refusal of. You can recognize your own resonance with any energetic by its triggering your own sympathetic vibrations - for hating the hater is the propagation and reinforcement of a focus in hate.

Economic domination is a false economy. True economy balances and flows and works or not - and there is only limited capacity to argue with the truth of what fails to support life - for we kill ourself to do so.
So I call on 'King Midas' to remind us that if we make a symbol of wealth the context of our world - and sacrifice all else to its 'rules' - then we lose the Living of a relational dance in life - for the static and meaningless idol.

You can only free yourself from tyranny of fear (hate) or false thinking (idols instead of the Living) - by truly living this moment and this day. Yet you can't do that alone in isolating thought that rules out the felt quality of your relationship with others, with your world. So for the love of Life on Earth - resist the temptation to engage or persist in loveless thinking no matter how it presents itself. Love isn't as the deceit-mind says - it is the movement and presence of life - free of the deceits that sacrifice true to have to keep up a masking compliance.

Making a new name by which to deny others is seeded by the energetic of denial - but once established, expands its usage to include others who don't comply with imposed rules set to 'save us' and therefore are associated with the evil set against us.

But for sure, address criminal behaviour and call out deceits for what they are.
Beware becoming framed and set in terms that hack your own life to operate a hate agenda.
Pathology of psychic-emotional relationship and communication is basically the fracture of trauma that re-enacts itself through the millennia.

- - -

PsyOp defences

(Further activity on the off-guardian on 'Russian hacking' psyops):

(To a commenter who wondered what the diversionary tactic was defending against being uncovered)

Psychological defences operate against exposure, feared and believed and lived as a 'reality' to never be repeated - ie: associated with conditioned psychic-emotional trauma.
As long as one engages the defence - one plays the same game in shifting roles.  I don't believe it possible to understand the nature of such 'defences' without meeting and moving through our own. The name, blame and shame game persists a narrative assertion upon one's reality that overrides the true in a movement of self-survival - within the conditioned framing of the mind-fragmentation passing off as 'self'.

For political issues there will be a variety of causes that are themselves symptoms.  In a sense there is the 'way things work' at the level of social agreements - that one usually conforms to as the parameters in which to NOT attract penalty and perhaps to find a measure of success. Corruption is systematic. The system itself has to be challenged - alongside whatever else we are moved or obliged to do. Systems are ideas  accorded currency by adoption and acceptance. So challenging the system begins with suspending allegiance and agreement to a pervasive insanity regardless the fact that it will make you seem to be the insane one.

First, change the world you perceive and react as real - and then you are in the territory of discovering what is operating beneath the masking that you used to simply blindly operate as if true. Name, blame and shame wont allow this to happen - and the crab-barrel world will pull you back into its own. So one has to WANT truth enough to pause and challenge the mind of guilt - which may seem mostly everyone else's - but then that was what it was assigned to do. Self-guilt in any pervasive belief, operates a crippling and self-destructive agenda - generally under 'good intentions' as the spin of seeming to offset or validate an invalid sense of self. Exposure to your true nature may be felt as damning of healing - depending on your alignment with true - or an attempt to make something true that by definition sacrifices truth to a seeming - that doesn't become any more true no matter how many and what force is invested in pushing it.

The whole global 'Economy' - and all its agencies - is a pack of cards. This is not just banking, but pharma , military and energy cartels, and the whole of the institutional establishment that has been subverted to their influence. The world we think we know is false. But this disclosure is itself potentially psychotic. My sense is that everything is coming up (from a suppressed and denied unconscious) ANYWAY - and so guardianship or guidance is for those willing to learn to swim rather than isolate within 'protection' from changes that are felt dangerous or threatening. A false kind of protection is costing the Earth - and on an individual level costs a true appreciation of Everything while we are alive.

Instead of seeing the world crash and burn - take a crash course in self-knowledge. The only difference is a willingness in place of cursing and damning. Regardless such behaviour can be presented as if rational or as if wise.

What is hidden is not just our fears and sense of lack or guilt - but the true movement of our being. Think like the fairy tale; the true love is protected by terrors. Therefore something has to truly MOVE you to move past the boundaries set upon your consciousness by a negative conditioning loop. That calls for a cease and desist of the false in some moment of willingness for true. The fruits, grow the shoots by illuminating a different pathway than define, divide and control. Because it is different, the mind of the old paradigm cannot and will never - see it. But what is left unused fades, while what we appreciate, appreciates (grows).

We are obliged to grow a different mind by acting from a fresh 'take' instead of subconsciously persisting a mis-take. No one else can accept for another's willingness - but we can extend faith in another's capacity to choose by honouring this instead of seeking to manipulate them to align our own private agenda - (regardless the good intentions).

Labelling something is not a diagnosis or cure - but rather a way to package and normalize a dissonance calling for attention. This reminds me of disk software that maps out bad blocks - ie: just don't go there! It is also the basis of a fraudulent medical paradigm.

The matrix mind is wrapped in multiple complex layers of wrappings that all share the intent NOT to know - and in this purpose it works very effectively - while seeming to be busy managing the every more complex and insane symptoms as if realities in themselves.

But twilight as the crack or cusp between worlds - is a bleedthrough portal for consciousness denied by the mapped out definitions of daylight focus - so observing an increasingly fake and crazy world can only stir the deeper currents of an otherwise discarded or denied consciousness.

- - -

I honour your feelings as part of you. I responded as a noticing of the way mind operates - not yours in particular but the mental-emotional patterning that MAKE the 'parallel world' we say we do not prefer - yet persist in unconsciously or subconsciously generating.

A self-protective gut reaction can still express via a partial or mistaken sense of self - so fear of loss can and does drive a world of war and lies. Who sees the breakdown of what at least seemed sane without meeting a fear of loss?

I don't have an issue with that we feel - as we feel - but how we interpret and act as a result. Mind-manipulation is not just applied externally - it's built in as an invested identity. You took personally what is not addressed or intended to deny or invalidate your feeling of being you. Blame is a fake currency of exchange as far as I am concerned so I also don't go out of my way to protect you from your feelings - which are valid feedback for you - no matter what is actually being believed and experienced.

A sense of a 'fake' or shifting reality is the basis of the curiosity as to what truly is. That is my interest; opening the curiosity as to what is going on - and especially what is going on in the mind of the perceiver - because that is where I see the deceiver or manipulator emanating from  and I state that without implying guilt. For if I am in some measure participating in my own suffering, I am no longer powerless under any kind of 'Caesar-driven' (parallel world) in which hate sacrifices love to preserve its self-specialness.

No offence is intended. Feeling what we truly feel is the only way to uncover what we actually believe... and be free to change it.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Fake masking and mind as creative


The above inspired my comment:

The 'ego' hides in pointing out the fault in others - and in this case in forms of  'spirituality being used as a mask'.

The form is not the reality - but the meanings you accept, you give.
Assigning or associating forms with meanings is fantasy interposed over what is.

That forms of mutually agreed definitions are used to mask in so as to keep secret, and mask out so as to protect a fake narrative reality against true, is simply observable. The invitation to focus exclusively on errors as if escaped or judging over them - is the playing of the game of separation in place of the healing or undoing of the error.

Mistakes are inherent to learning. When new perspective opens - an old sense of self as un-owned habit - will at some point attempt to reassert the new wine in its old bottles. This will operate every kind of egoic mind-trickery that is now more open to noticing. Noticing the 'default' choices of past learning AS choices is the awakening freedom to choose or align in the presence of a true acceptance. So in this sense the 'errors' are not the source and means of blame and penalty - but the breadcrumb trail to an expanded and embracing awareness - in freedom to focus within a true sense of worth or integrity in place of attempting to force a false sense of self in struggle.

When communications are employing the name and blame and shame modality - they are invitations to play self-superiority and self-righteous hate under the mask of seeming to be correcting the error in others. But the ONLY way to correct an error in another is to correct OUR perception of them. For unless we first accept correction for ourselves - self-rejections go forth to find their target in every justification for the withdrawal from and withholding of love. Love is not what you DO - but what you ARE - when nothing is taken away (judged and rejected) and nothing added (narrative overlay of self-inflation).
The capacity to accept love for your self is the extension of worth and recognition of love in the one who seemed 'other'.

Love is simply being - but what the mind in egocentricity has made of love is fearful indeed. Fear of love is replacement of self with a stranger - by which a world of strangers arose. Fear of love is an evasion of intimacy that acts out in forms of separation, distance and delay, so as to focus in an exclusive sense of split-off self. And a love-hate alloy of polarised self-experience that is all based on conditional or 'special' love. To make special is to separate from - not in truth - but in wish.

You CANNOT bypass your true being indefinitely - for pain has limits to tolerance. When the game is no longer felt as 'worth the candle', it fades from even the seeming of meaning - and the stirring of the desire to embody meaning finds movement in conscious awareness as the noticing of recognition amidst the mind and world such as to shift or align toward reintegrating to what and who you simply - and always already are - which is a relational field AND its embodiment in thought and form. But don't take my words or any words, for your recognition.

- - -
(On the same page)

forestkitty said (to the article):
everything you need is right inside of you. it is how you project it that counts.

My comment:

Yes, as need-lack or wholeness of an unfolding need-fulfilment. True desire is connected movement of being. Not a state of lack or disconnection.
Projection of need-lacks 'makes a world' of separation, struggle and loss.
But true need recognized at source is already a true movement in being - and abiding as and in alignment with true being releases the 'mind' of lack to recognition of living presence in act or flow.

The mind cannot NOT project the thought accepted there - so the nature and the quality of the thought we accept is either aligned with our true signature vibration or not. Taking in or taking on who we are not is part of the human experience - as part of entering and attuning to a world in which to participate and share in. Yet the developed ability to learn a world of separation and lack is the forgetting of our true being - until - the mask of the personality becomes too tight, painful or joylessly meaningless to WANT - and then the rewakening to the true of you rises through the seeming breakdown of what you are not.

Releasing what doesn't work LETS in to that which does. But while a sense of lack seems to bring me a pay-off - it will be protected for what it 'gets'. As I recognize what doesn't work CANNOT work, the 'pay-off' becomes irreversibly associated with futility and suffering - that I know I do not want - and so find willingness to truly look at and let go the persistence of.

We can always and only meet 'where' we are coming FROM, and so in true and in false the Law applies equally - that can be said as 'what you give out is what you get back', or 'As ye sow, so SHALL ye reap', (shall being a present choice and not a future tense).
Determining to see worth in another counteracts the habit of seeing what is wrong with everyone. It may seem 'unrealistic' or denial of reality - but it is changing the projection and the frequency of one's thought. True vision is always a gift - and so the willingness to see a different world (than fear made) is not the forcing upon it of a 'nice' version.

The sickness of a world fear made needs to be felt to allow it to be challenged. But projecting blame hides the feelings as 'at the hand of another' in a sense of victimhood and powerlessness. Collapsing blame upon oneself is no different in error but horrible and hateful to experience, so the thoughts of guilt - are the dissonances to be truly looked at and questioned.

Freedom from guilt is the gift of our true being - that moves through us to others and reflects a world of a different order.
What I wrote here arose as a meditation upon your sharing - so I thank you.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Belief in helplessness

While relating to a specific point in a current narrative spin the off-guardian article on the nature of the 'Russian hacking' investigation - the issues that I see underneath the specifics are addressed below:

Belief in helplessness or indeed asserted fear of powerlessness is a foundation-belief to the human conditioning. A sense of lack seeks to cover and inflate itself as if to guarantee and justify its assertion of identity. It seeks to take or get what it feels denied or deprived of by the 'enemy' - that is this life cast in is envy, fear and hatred seeming justified.

"Frantic and loud and strong the dark ones seem to be. Yet they know not their enemy, except they hate him. In hatred they have come together but have not joined each other. For had they done so, hatred would be impossible. The army of the powerless must be disbanded in the presence of strength. Those who are strong are never treacherous because they have no need to dream of power and to act out their dream. How would an army act in dreams? Any way at all. It could be seen attacking anyone with anything. Dreams have no reason in them. A flower turns into a poisoned spear, a child becomes a giant, and a mouse roars like a lion. And love is turned to hate as easily. This is no army, but a madhouse. What seems to be a planned attack is bedlam.

The army of the powerless is weak indeed. It has no weapons, and it has no enemy. Yes, it can overrun the world and seek an enemy. But it can never find what is not there. Yes, it can dream it found an enemy, but this will shift even as it attacks, so that it runs at once to find another and never comes to rest in victory. And as it runs, it turns against itself, thinking it caught a glimpse of the great enemy which always eludes its murderous attack by turning into something else. How treacherous does this enemy appear, who changes so it is impossible even to recognize him!

Yet hate must have a target. There can be no faith in sin without an enemy".
You can read the section I quoted from at:

As the stark insanity reveals itself obvious, Reason either awakens or hate and fear dedicate to yet deeper dissociation and fragmentation.

The need for the belief in the 'enemy' is not confined to the article's 'experts' - who can as easily themselves be cast as liars operating evil agenda of the 'Enemy'. If the true 'enemy' is a faulty formulation of reality - then the correction is not in the effects or symptoms of that faulty formulation. However, the identification within adaptation to a world predicated on error, is heavily defended AGAINST exposure - above all else.

Everything is sacrificed to the survival of such a sense of self. And the mind operates the justifying narrative to hide and cover such a self-betrayal. The breakdown of the narrative mind can expose the raw awareness of a deeper need than conflicted self makes symptom of, and this is the heal the conflict - or correct the error - where it is - and not out on the world of 'other'.

Regardless where hate and fear drive us to assign 'enemy' - all such operates the allegiance to the belief and faith in 'anti-life', and its magnification as the driven narrative of subjection or hollow and pyrrhic 'victories'.

"Do I desire a world I rule instead of one which rules me?". (ACIM)
Such is a true sovereignty of being - for what you accept true of you IS your received experience - and your gift to the whole. Polarities are embraced by their true context. Problems have to be seen from a perspective beyond or outside their framing, to be truly resolved. The re-packaging and re-distribution of problems, is the business of self-evasion - not progress.

When the 'guardian or protector' becomes an insane prison guard, is it not time to release their employ?

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Existence, History and Culture

A thought on Culture as an Integral Part of the Conditions of Existence
by Norman Pilon
- - -

My Comment to the theme:

One need not understand how life works to align in its movement and know the fruits thereof.
Indeed the attempt to understand life, may be usurped by the mind of define and control - upon a life, a world, a relationship - unseen, unfelt and unshared. Understanding in the heart does not deny or exclude the use of the understandings of the head, but knows itself an integrative movement of thought and feeling - and not a coercion operating the deceit of control over a denied sense of subjection - for the true of such being is invalidated, deprived, used, discarded, suppressed, denied.

I feel the nature of our conflict and suffering , arises from false currency accepted, identified and defended as true - and reinforced by acting forth from mutually held definitions of unconscious, subconscious and so-called waking or surface conscious assertions and defences. What we made  - knowingly or not - is made upon (and depends on) that which truly moves us. The substitution of a truly felt life for a mind in story is to trade sovereignty of being for subjection under fear and division under the belief one is getting something better or that without one will be lesser, and so is getting away from something worse, in fear or belief of greater pain or loss. The conditioned and conditioning identity of getting, overlays and substitutes for what in words I can only call receiving and giving - which is the gift of the current through the focus or choice of our recognition of living in its terms... or getting in terms of a segregating self sense.

What happens is always only current. Even to say Now is to separate or collapse to a focus within an imaged reality. A seemingly possessed reality.
Happening is a totality, an instant, a knowing or wholeness prior to mind. To feel and know this is to release investment in a sense of possession or identity in getting - and fear of loss. Because life is never somewhere else - excepting to the mind that takes the bait of believing it has become something else and has such power - and suffers in the measure of its own making.

To make story is to subject Current... to a framing mind of accepted meanings, and open the consciousness of subjective differentiation.
This sense of self existence is the thought-feeling-knowing "I am". This is the First - unqualified acceptance and expression of self-awareness. Prior to time and space that operate within unfolding Idea-experience of the qualities of being. And beneath the coverings of conditionings arising from a sense of betrayal and loss of such intimacy of experience to a mind-capture that seems instead a subjection to unchallengable external power.

What happenED is story that arose as a getting and fear-conditioned pattern.
The living current is represented by currency of symbol, imagery and concept as a 'short-cut' to the actual intimacy of true currency. And the identification of love and self with what we thus make is like unto a cuckoo concept that kicks our true creations out of the nest. Our life functions become aligned to serve a parasitic, destructive - or un-creative deadness that grows self-illusion upon the living relations we no longer have time or permission or consciousness to recognize, live and share in as the knowing and being of our living.

Conditioning substitutes for living response and response-ability. A mechanism imposed upon life constructed by disconnect-thinking that would give it life in its own image. That would posses by consumption, domination, and usurpation, that which it feels denied and deprived of by a sense of life unworthy and treacherous, and which is thus defended against with rage and defiance to the very last.

The story can take every and any forms, and yet the core content is the same in all. Yet the story of self-struggle over and against a sense of loss is history-defined. And where history carries the charge of betrayal, rejection, abandonment and denial - its imposition upon the Current is the re-enactment of the past in terms of retribution and vengeance. History but repeats the original separation patterns of experience in ever new clothes. But at what point is the futility and fruitlessness of using life thus - and being so used - unavoidable?

Perception is selective. You see what you want to see and disregard the rest. That this happens so fast your 'waking mind' is unaware of its operation is part of the defence that made the masking off of what merits focus or disregard. Yet this reveals what we are believing to choose to see and experience as we do - and in reclaiming this awareness we can re-evaluate if it is true of who we Currently accept and feel and know to be. When formerly unconscious framing thought is released - a fresh perspective opens as a greater participation in the true Currency of life. Life more abundant - in terms of integrative aligning of self, and world in life. Ideas or core beliefs in fear and lack are no less abundant in their fruits - but are not recognized as fruits - but insults and failure amidst an abundance of fear and lack.

Everything I write is toward reclaiming - or being found - in true foundation that naturally aligns thought and feeling from which natural responsibility follows and indeed flows one with.
"The more acceptance that technology gets, the harder it is to change. If enough people are stuck at the same level, they think it's the truth." ~ (Bjarne Stroustrup).
I rephrase the above quote as the more acceptance the mind of defining, predicting and controlling life is given, the harder it seems to challenge it. If conditioning sticks, its symptoms or effects are accepted as the human condition.

In a love hate mind and world, everything is an alloy - and yet a willingness to know does not have to be perfect to align in and receive of what Is to be known and the desire to change a poor experience for a better one has roots deeper than a manipulating mind seeks to re-frame and harness for its own attempt to get for itself from what others are willing to give away - if tricked and conditioned to do so.

When the model or construct of self and reality - for these are two sides of one Current Event - no longer serves purpose - and operates destructively as a sacrifice of purpose to a fantasy played out upon a mechanical 'life' - then all basis for thought and be-life has to be redeemed in true Currency - as willingness allows and accepts.

It is conceptual - image or idol based thought that divides and rules out Sanity - in the self-illusion of ruling over. But its acceptance as true is its righteous defence against being challenged or exposed as a narrative control wearing the masks of power, prestige, learning, and any other culturally institutionalized idol.

To demonize the mask is to be baited and diverted by the mask - and so in that way the mask of life operates the denial of the living - while claiming righteousness against the perceived wrong of the other. Indeed even suggesting the disengagement from the mask is to trigger all sides of every conflict to reject, attack and invalidate the common 'threat' - because the masking belief is the identity of power and protection - without which is the belief reality will reject, attack and invalidate.

The nature of receiving/giving is made obscure by belief in the value of getting. But the measure we set in our giving is the only limit on our receiving. Everything else is a trick in the mind - but surely, you have noted, the mind is not the tiny thing that thinking has made it seem - and suffer real.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

End of the Story or vengeance as usual?

Under the article:
Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson
jerseyg said:   

If “they” didn’t want Trump to win, he’d have never gotten into the WH in the first place. Their high tech weapons could have taken him out long before he even won the nomination. Let’s get real here. Attributing all the power to the Rockefellers and Rothschild and then acting as if they created such a monumental blunder of letting him slip through to the presidency is a ridiculous assumption. He is beholden to the zionists. They financed him through his failures. He is their puppet. End of story.

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"End of story?"
Rather, the continuation of 'Story' as 'narrative control'.
Look how everyone takes a part in the framing of events. Are we being manipulated? Or are we suckling the juices of our own emotional investment?

But your point is that Trump - for all the 'outsider' status - (true within certain levels of identity aligned within Establishment Was) -  was/is being run by 'insider' cabal - even if as a 'controlled explosion' or shaped charge.

No asset - allowed or installed into agency of power or influence - is to be allowed to out-serve or out-grow its purpose. Nor will such a notion of power itself out-serve or out-grow its purpose.

So while we invest in Its framing as our own aligned identity - such purpose serves out its time in Story.

One of the realisations of noticing (aka mindfulness), is that attention WAS scattered and fragmented in preoccupation with fantasy of past and future imaginations. But the 'continuity manager' or ego of self-sense runs the automaton of a fantasy life or subjected virtual reality of adjustment to its lack of presence - so as to present worthiness, love or power - as if one had it. Possession is the name of the game - for who would possess, is thus possessed or entranced by the game until played out.

Story calls for sacriface in justifiction, which is backwards. Original nature creates from a just or true awareness in which no one has to deny or be denied, to behold it is good - very good.
A false sense of rightness asserts and propagates the very 'evil' it sees in OTHER - as its own blindness. Some carry this role to extremes - but it takes one to know one. Noticing allows awareness of choice and change in place of an apparently unchangeable self, mind or reality.

But the wish something be true... or not true - resets and reinforces the conditioned imprint of the golem. Fantasy fulfilment has one outcome - no matter how often repeated... unfulfilment. Be that structured upon the symbols of love or power.

In a book I appreciate is the line: "There is no life outside Heaven" - and yet of course what passes as life, is traded in and exchanged and made real to such mind-drift into unreality - is viciously defended against wholeness of being, against a light in which a mistaken identity is no longer accepted or accorded real. Gone!

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A further comment in the page:

"The people spoke loudly enough"... (referring to Trump's election)

Was that rage seeking vengeance or a refusal to accept false power over true sovereignty of being?

I'm not asking anyone to speak for anyone else - but to ponder that these can be co-fused and reversal operate such that the demonic is accorded faith - or the true healing messengers - demonsided and killed.

The Lie - and the identity trick

The Corbett Report "Why do people lie about climate change?"  (and lots else too).


The question ' why do people lie'' is posed within the surface assertion that freedom exists at the personal level and presumption that we have it.

The answer is that fear (terror) operates beneath and within - and upstream to the personality focus, AS the basis (along with victimhood) for the personality led (sic) experience.

Top-down or externally imposed fear of pain and penalty, conditions the mind in conformity to evade threat - and much of this occurs beneath the waking consciousness - so that the moment of choice is given a blind eye. Any sense of Self-betrayal is then associated with the failure and treachery of 'others'.

The 'lie and the father of the lie' - aka the 'tares among the wheat '- is untruth given power of acceptance and allegiance as true. This operates a 'Forgetting' or denial of our true nature in creative freedom that operates an 'anti-life' principle or agenda... until Awakening from the spell of the illusion of power as falsely framed by fear or lack.

Within awakened responsibility, 'negative agenda' is repurposed to serve the opening of new perspective upon creative freedom. For such is the implicit nature OF Creation. However, a false sense of freedom is the power to override and exploit Life under mis-taken image, symbol and concept of self/reality- which is a use of mind in denial of Life - that then declares the denying sense to be life! This is a reversal that accuses everyone (else) of what IT does.

Power in the world can make and break you - in the world - and the making of such a self is the subscription to its world of conflicted reality, because the persona masks the un-owned and unhealed conflicted self.

So why do we lie but because it serves a purpose in that moment that we believe saves us from pain or loss of self. This is what the mind was made to do as a protector and defence against fear of pain and loss of Self - with the instruction to never let it be lived again. ("Hold that door Hodor!"- Game of Thrones ref).

BUT there is no freedom or joy in a substitution-life - excepting in a vanity and arrogance of exploiting and using life (our relations) for private gratification, and thus become hollow. The reluctance to accept this takes time to recognize - so timing is everything.

The replacement of true with false was a blind self-serving self-belief - bolstered by a sense of adversity and enmity (and secretly dependent upon it - because only persistent conflict establishes the conditions in which truth is denied awareness) - But the re-awakening of true is of a different foundation that does no violence to the false foundation - but simply shines to knowing. This quality of being establishes a different consciousness than what increasingly is now recognized to have been reactive conditioning (while believing itself free).

The pathways of mutual entanglement and individual responsibility set up a dream that turned to nightmare, and have persisted as further dissociation and fragmentation ever since. And so within each of us, is a timing that honours our free willingness - or power of acceptance - whilst illuminating the illusion of self to its increasingly recognized checkmate or futility and facilitate the clear choice between alignment in true and the submission to false.

The desire to persist as the dream operates to keep such awareness out of focus. For example; if something calls your attention and you follow it - and persist in that while ignoring the call to a wholeness of being, you are not disconnected from wholeness of being - but the dissonance of such persistence brings that belief and experience as a result.

Our submission to fear-reinforcing 'reality' is the submission to Narrative Identity. But the yielding of such mind to the true movement of being is to be graced with a mind renewed - and living AS this (of this movement in being) is the way to grow and share and thus abide as our waking life.

In a recent Corbet report discussion:  there was a shared appreciation of the need for a true foundation FIRST - because otherwise the error goes forth to multiply - as if getting everyone ELSE to change is the prime directive. See how the sacrifice of self appears and appeals in the form of an evasion of having to yield to true. Why do we - any of us - evade, avoid, deny or block out truth? Because the mind is Already the act of so doing and we follow it as our self.

Within our relationships in the world - this is because feared truth terrorizes or conforms us to false 'self-presentation as a sense of self-preservation' - and operates as 'natural' strategic self-interest. But within the denial or masking of such fear is the WISH that something-be-true that embodies the denial as a mitigated or limited sense of pain and loss. Again this is experienced as self-inflation and self-importance and not in the underying terms that set it.

The lie is thus a 'convenient truth'. For those seeking insulation from pain and loss - as the embrace of a crusade that gives them some sense of righteous or powerful or helpful identity.  This operates the motif of "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story'.

We are each invested in our own 'story' and that is not wrong as an exploration of teaching/learning and uncovering of what we find in such a  journey experience, (and not necessarily in terms of the goals of the characters. Life is for living - not for-getting or for using up!

I find that I CANNOT interfere with or change another - I cannot 'tell' anyone anything they are not already of a willingness to know or a vibrational match to the communication. So the narrative frenzy of an attempt to TELL (others) what to do, substitutes for sovereignty of will, as addiction to Story - and to the power of the telling. For regardless the 'powers that be' - the secret judge within operates the same in all.

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My response to a climate change exchange on the same page - with regard to 'conspiracy of controlling agenda' vs pumping toxins into the atmosphere.

You bring up (retch?) another facet to the Climate con's piracy - and that is the capture of the true environmental movement (regarding actual toxic effect/fouling the nest) to a demonisation of CO2 which is absolutely essential to Life on Earth and to life more abundant! You may notice you breath is partially under your control - but you are not in control of breath. Likewise covert weather modifications can and do effect weather but do not control climate.

The Universe is essentially electromagnetic resonance - not gravitic - in nature - and Solar and Galactic influence are airbrushed out or hidden by the agenda that rides the gravy train of an induced scare-city.

Common sense - as I see it - pauses from ANY thought of reaction or identification to FEEL what is going on here - as the context to 'facts' being thrown about, colluded in and made identity of.

You can tell when a fear agenda is being used to manipulate a response - IF - your identity is not already running reactions that prevent you from pausing to see, hear, feel and know.

I don't care if the end of of the world is nigh if such news is being subverted and exploited to serve a fear agenda - a toxic agenda - a death agenda. No thanks!

Keeping a channel of Communication OPEN - is abiding in a connected presence WITH whatever is going on. This means NOT falling for the trap of a fearful identity - and that takes practice over time to get your life back - if you let it drift into a false sense of power and protection that you must start to realize is a racket you ultimately subject yourself TO - regardless the manipulators or the force of common illusion as the allowed reality.

Conspiracy is a poor term to use because it is coined by CIA and used to invalidate critical challenge to Narrative Control - which is going on in the open - but hardly anyone sees it - because they think within its framing. Half of this is that people WANT unconsciousness relative to their fears, shames, rages, that grow out of a deep sense of guilt and terror. No wonder - but it doesn't WORK to stuff toxicity out of 'mind' when it still runs covertly ALL THE TIME. The other half is that a power structure - and a market, arise from meeting the demand for unconsciousness, that fuse to become a slave-owning elitism - though it may start out as shepherding the flock to hold the balance of needs of the tribe and society.

Just below the surface reality is hate of private agenda that justifies itself by what they hold as done to them - or even the threat that it might be. So it doesn't seem like hate - it might feel like saving the Planet! But anyone NOT in that self-righteous compulsion can Feel immediately that these people are driven - compelled - fearful and coercively demanding - and there's no talking to them in the terms they set except to become entangled in the same nonsense!

Tell me when change HASN'T been the nature of life in the body. Show me anything that does not rise and fall from awareness as part of the always changing experience of being. There's no such Thing, but the wish and the grasp and the defence and the fear of loss all make an identity that loses TOUCH with its own nature - and periodically has to re-align with what is actually here - rather than running on Narrative Control.

Everything is Changing - and the basis on which we 'think' is changing - which feels like the breakdown of reality (but it's the dissolution of unworkable identity). In the true flow of our joy in being - no 'identity' needs assert its right or justify or apologise for being all that it is. Identity struggle is the adjustment to being out-of-true instead of living out-from-true. Struggle resorts to every kind of coercion and deceit - but true being is a no-brainer. No need to call in the dark arts of obfuscation. Feel your way - and all your resources align as needed.

It is true that those focusing on 'conspiracy to wield power over us' tend to also become fearful and polarized in identity Against Them. One can only start with where one is at, and the disturbance of uncovering a fake world is the beginning of an unfolding 'journey' to true apprecaition - a real world we can actually meet in and work and play and rest in - without all the armouring and fakery of masked intent.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

NASA to Announce Alien Life?

NASA to Announce Alien Life?

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 The pushing of this meme in the main stream, to prepare the way for "we are not alone in the Universe" - may serve the fear-drip..drip..drip that frames attention in stress chemistry (in which a sense of disconnect from true feeling being operates the fight or flight response). But it can serve the recognition that the belief "we are alone" - which is a collective expression of a personal sense of isolation - is NOT true - and that the framing of an exclusive sense of defence against fear COSTS us our true being.

The 'alien'-ation of our true being makes us stranger unto our self. As for top-down consensus - how else could a lid be kept on the fear of loss of control. But - if you are following this - how much of what we assign the term 'control' to, is in fact an investment in illusion of control that actually generates or feeds disorder.

Life that is not within our sense of definition and control is often feared - because we contain urges or motives that are fearful and hateful. Including the manipulation of others by leveraging their guilt and fear.

What to believe and who to trust in these times? Without a true foundation, one can be in effect 'phished' or hacked by someone else's thinking running as if your own. Especially when this is an emotionally triggered reaction.

Meeting the reality of an 'other' Life can only be through the true of our own. Or else we simply 'meet' our fears or 'shadow self' and recoil in horror in attempt to kill it - shut it down - put a lid on it - hide...

But whatever we deny is only pretended away - and is no less active in our reality for being redefined or re-assigned. The desire NOT to know is the mask - and yet the desire to know and be known is a movement of being. Disclosure can be a wonderful surprise or a traumatic dissociation. Are we preparing for a life more abundant - or to compress into further fragmentation? We are beings of choice - but only within conscious awareness.

The kind of people we attract into our lives is not random and the qualities we draw out of those we meet is not random. Fear given negative imagination is mis-creative or as they say - a self fulfilling prophecy. And wishful or good 'intentions' are only a further mask over un-owned fears.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Is Marriage the power of the State?

The case for civil partnerships for heterosexual couples is refused

I commented into the Guardian paste up of an article:

When the State legislates 'marriage' - that 'marriage' becomes a matter of state legislature.
So the state 'marriage' is in fact a civil partnership status called 'marriage'.
The expropriation of living relational participations and indeed freedoms - by the state - are its controls in the name of 'fairness' or evenness.

When the law is made into a weapon for private or elitist agenda - it is no longer the Law - but the demand of 'Caesar' regardless what system is apparently in place.

"The other two judges effectively said ministers can have longer to review the situation."

What is the missing phrase here - 'be allowed'?

I feel the patriarchal issue irrelevant. If same sex couples are free to obtain legal rights and protections in civil partnership - why not ANY couple? What exactly is to lose here? Is the institution of marriage being used as a weapon of social engineering? Where are journalists in these times?
The idea of controlling people is never recognized to be the basis for creating more disorder in ever more complex forms - leading to bankruptcy and exhaustion. Or is it?

- - -

Further to the above, The Guardian ran an article - of 'reader opinions' but no comments open beneath titled:
"Should heterosexual couples be allowed to enter civil partnerships?"
Please pause to notice the way this is framed. Do you pick up when language is manipulatively framed?
What reason is there for denying civil partnership status under the law to consenting adults?
Who decides that heterosexual partnerships should not be allowed access to the same rights as extended homosexual partnerships? Apparently, two out of three judges.

Social engineering operates a kind of mind-control in many ways and on various levels.
I appreciate the recognition and support for relationships of commitment and yet assigning these  - and all else - to the State - is a false religion.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

What lies beneath

I read the following article

How to institutionalise the world
by Darren Allen

and felt glad to meet Off-guardian's willingness to give focus to the issues addressed - but felt it presumed too much that was already conflicted - so wrote my own offering to the themes of what lies beneath...

Inner conflict embodies separation trauma; the denial or suppression and evasion of which calls up the masking persona  as 'survival' within a world of split minded conflict to which the living is sacrificed and lost love and power are sought in substitution of 'external' conditions, gratifications, validations.

Mind as evasion operates the persona in terms of positive achievements but always secretly defined or framed in negative belief. Such is addiction or identification in externals by sacrifice of self as the means to 'get' what they are believed to offer.

Until an addict recognizes and owns their addiction - they live the denial of it and their minds operate self-justification and shifting evasions of diversion or presentations of listening or understanding that are simply ways not to listen while seeming to be in relationship. I could say everyone is addicted to their own thinking - until the lack of true foundation for such thinking is seen and accepted - not merely thought about. We do not recognize the addiction when we react as if it is in fact our true function of mind when it is conditioned reaction - whose conditioning traces back to the imprinting of fear in guilt, hidden by denial, protected by thinking that embodies the strategy of 'surviving' in terms of the particulars of the separation trauma of its core beliefs.

The use of thinking - which at root is communication - for the limiting, defining and control of communication is a breakdown in communication. The very attempt to define and control operates the lack of listening and of truly spontaneous response. It systemizes and manually overrides a 'fallen' nature - where the error of mind is projected onto nature and attacked - and then validated in all the 'proofs' of guilt that a preset belief puts there.

Key to all is the nature of mind as the distorting filter of the true - and of joining in ideas - many of which are tacitly induced and communicated - is how they are strengthened as witnesses to a reality of interpretation - where the filters of that interpretation are hidden and covered with defences of diversion and taboo to ensure against exposure to reliving the pain or terror of the mind our thinking rose to blot out.

I have written of the covering over of our sovereign nature and its sacrifice in 'gaining the world' - but the quality of our true nature is a directly felt recognition that cannot be defined or described nor needs any such mind to perfectly be itself. The reintegration of the belief in fragmentation within the felt recognition of being exactly You - is of an abiding in and of this quality of being - that in simple terms is the call to joy rather than the call to sacrifice.

Because fear and guilt were hidden in the evasive manoeuvre - the reintegration or undoing is an exposure or bringing to light of what was denied within the desire for healing, wholeness of being, sanity of true presence.

The shifting from fear-defined self to a conscious recognition and acceptance will generally meet extremity of conflict. Particulary while the old mind-framing is used to 'make sense' of (demand sacrifice of) the new.

Releasing the mind is simply not using it as a basis from which to act until and unless it is within a clearly felt recognition of being. If you want to fool yourself, you can and you will - but if you have opened relationship with true, you will not tolerate self-betrayal regardless how good the alibi or the cover story by which to seem right.

Fake news is the mind that wants something ELSE to be true - and gives that priority over true. If one only looks OUTSIDE to resolve what for each of us is an inner conflict then we seek to make sure never to find. If we look inside without the context of real relationship we are certain to find endless conflict upon which to make fantasy of escape that likewise has no real intent or capacity to be truly found but makes the search into an endless diversion from simple self honesty now.

Losing face is a socially invalidating experience - but the mask is not the source of worth - so much as the need to act as if you had it. True worth extends and is recognized in reflection. False presentations assert or impose to be validated in reaction. Conditional 'love' says "if you break my conditions, you will meet withholding of worth, the receipt of guilt for causing pain and rejection or open conflict'. Society operates collective agreements and conditions - some of which are consciously acknowledged, most of which are tacitly asserted and conformed to.

Consciously held culture embodies the worth of Life even if alloyed with the fears and limits and distortions of fear of loss of worth and life. True culture is not a system but lived values that are uncovered in real relationship. Systems that truly serve Life do not demand the sacrifice of life to protect and maintain the system!